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Klout for Google Buzz

May 19th, 2010 by Megan Berry

At Klout, we believe influence exists everywhere people create and share content. Therefore, we’re excited to announce integration with the new Google Buzz API. Google Buzz’s powerful data stream articulates influence across millions of users and our goal is to understand and measure that influence.

Our Google Buzz API integration will enrich Klout’s capabilities and extend our position as the leader in understanding online influence. Klout users can now authenticate with Google Buzz, allowing us access to Google Buzz data to better measure influence. Google Buzz users can also share their Klout score with the Google Buzz button. Over time, this data will become more and more integrated into our scoring calculations and overall feature set.

Screenshot of Buzz my Klout:

Buzz Screenshot

Enjoy and let us know: Do you use Google Buzz? What do you think gives someone Klout on Google Buzz?

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