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Spotlight on MutualMind

May 25th, 2010 by Megan Berry

Just about every company has a social media presence these days, but not many of them know how to make it work for them. You have to listen and understand your industry and customers before stepping in and talking about yourself. MutualMind works to solve this problem by helping companies and marketers monitor and promote brands on social networks.

In their latest release, they integrated the Klout API into their product. Companies need to know not only who’s talking about them, but understand who those people are and how far their influence spreads.

Mutual Mind CEO, Babar Bhatti, says “Klout, a recognized measure of user influence, is an important part of user insights provided by MutualMind. Combined with trending and sentiment analysis, Klout score allows our clients to drill down to influential users. User level intelligence is key to handling of large volumes of social media conversations. Our clients tell us thatMutualMind and Klout integration provides a highly effective prioritization mechanism for their social media work.”

Screenshot of Klout integration:

This latest release (which includes other updates like Facebook monitoring and keyword alerts) takes MutualMind to the next level. We’re excited to be a part of this process and encourage you to check out MutualMind.

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