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If Your Score Dropped, Don’t Worry

June 21st, 2010 by Joe Fernandez

We’ve noticed a few accounts have experienced score drops recently and are looking into this issue. The Twitter API has been having issues lately and we think that may be the cause for these irregularities. This is our top priority right now. If your account has experienced this, don’t worry, we’ll rescore affected profiles once we figure out the issue.

Furthermore, if you’re interested in a Klout Perk, like the Virgin America campaign, this issue will not affect your eligibility as we are handpicking accounts for the program.

If you think this has affected your account, please shoot us an email – [email protected] with your Twitter username. Let us know if you have further questions.

UPDATE – June 22nd: This should be fixed now. If this issue affected your account you probably need to be reprocessed. If it’s been 6 days, you can use the refresh score button in lower right, otherwise send us an email ([email protected]) and we’ll do this for you.

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