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Philip Hotchkiss Joins Klout as Chief Product Officer

September 30th, 2010 by Joe Fernandez

At Klout we pride ourselves on our ability to understand how people influence and impact each other through social media. About a year ago I noticed a tweet about Klout potentially being the of Twitter (!/PhilipHotchkiss/status/6573560274) and responded. That tweet from @philiphotchkiss led to multiple offline conversations that deeply influenced the way I think about our product and company. Today I am happy to announce that Phillip Hotchkiss is joining Klout as Chief Product Officer.

From my first conversation with Phil I was blown away about the insight he had into our goals, strategy and challenges even though he was living in Minneapolis and we had never met. Phil previously was the founder and CEO of where their focus was being the standard for financial charting. BigCharts had a strong consumer facing presence but was distributed across many of the biggest media and financial trading properties across the web. This focus on “being the standard” and driving consumer interactions along with B2B data partnerships resonated deeply with me and our mission here at Klout. At BigCharts and then as President of CBS Market Watch after the acquisition Phil ran the company from a deeply product centric view point. This mixture of passion about product and overall leadership quality is something that was extremely exciting to us.

Phil will be overseeing our product with a focus on making the Klout score rock solid from a data perspective and that we continue to establish ourselves as the standard measurement of influence. For such a young company Klout actually has a huge product offering that Phil will be overseeing beyond just the score. We are investing deeply in our consumer experience to help users understand and leverage their influence. Our API is exploding with more than 750 companies now using Klout data. Klout Perks campaigns are being used by many of the biggest companies in the world and we have barely even scratched the surface in terms of what we can offer.

Since founding Klout two years ago our product has always been my baby. There is no better person I can imagine to take the Klout vision and push our product to the next level than Phil. The whole team here at Klout welcomes Phil to the family and are thrilled about the future we are building together.

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