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Klout Scores Now Update Daily

November 17th, 2010 by Megan Berry
We are pleased to announce that Klout Scores are now automatically processed every day. With over 950 application partners integrating Klout and some of the biggest brands doing Klout influencer campaigns, we are building the standard in measuring influence across the social web.

Along with daily score processing, we have improved the Klout scoring algorithm. We will continue evolving our influence scoring algorithm to meet the ever-changing dynamics across social networks like Twitter, Facebook and beyond.

How will this release affect my Klout profile?
You no longer need to manually update your score, we will do that for you automatically each day. On your score analysis page you can see the new daily score data going back to October 21st.

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  • Brett Schulte

    I’m still not sure I’m a fan, there are SO many people with huge followings of inactive accounts. How deep does Klout crawl those accounts?

  • Jorge Purgly


  • Karen Lopez

    Wow, that’s a amazing. Love when technology can deliver value.

  • richandcreamy

    Active accounts are worth more to your Klout score.

  • @steveplunkett


  • Sean McGinnis


  • Anonymous

    This is awesome. Great work guys.

  • Jason

    Love it! Now I can get my stats fix in a steady, daily intravenous drip, instead of the 6-day fast followed by the morning binge.

    Thanks guys!

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  • Jen

    That’s Awesome!

  • TVKel

    Exactly – I try to block accounts that haven’t tweeted in over 6 months and those very annoying auto-piloted, one tweet over and over again marketing accounts. I also un-follow accounts that don’t tweet in 30 days. I’m had a 63 score today.

  • alikoh

    this is great! no more returning every 6 days

  • Mark Frisk

    Seems as if everyone’s scores have leapt quite a bit higher since daily updating was introduced. I’ve gone from 46 to 60. Also, the daily score graph has me at 60 going back into October, when I was actually in the 46-49 range.

  • Ber|Art Hosting SEO

    Wow that 6 time faster! Great! Thx…

  • Calvin Lee

    This is like when you’re on a diet. If you check everyday, it will stress you out. Your score (weight)will be up or down depending on how much you engage (eat). haha

  • Mark Frisk

    Calvin, this is definitely beyond normal fluctuation. I see people who were in the mid-20s are now in the mid-40s.

    I’ve never cracked 50 myself (I don’t think), and I’m suddenly at 60, with no change in my normal pattern of engagement.

    I don’t check Klout everyday, and take it as just one indicator, albeit one whose approach to measuring influence I believe provides more value than that of other providers.

    Perhaps someone from Klout could explain the across-the-board increase in scores.

  • Anonymous

    Hahaha.. I haven’t check in about a week or so and was quite surprised this morning to see myself go from a 53 to a 64

  • Anonymous

    Actually, I kinda liked reading Klout better when I could see what percentile of influencers I’m included in rather than just a generic “… is in the top quartile of influencers and is able to drive conversations.”

  • Calvin Lee

    I’ve notice many people with lower scores jumping 20 points. Where higher scores dropping a lot like Mashable, from 96 to 89 or Brian Solis from 94 to 86. I dropped few points meself.

  • Achint Parekh

    Interesting how the new (higher) Klout scores seem to apply with retrospective effect. Wonder why though? (not complaining… just curious :P :))

  • Jeannette Baer

    You no longer need to manually update your Klout score, Klout will do that for you automatically each day! #UsGuys

  • JenSinger

    How did my score go up, stay the same way for a few days, and yet I went from a Networker to an Explorer? How can you be exploring with a 63? Anyone know how that works?

  • LisaCrazyAdventuresinParenting


  • Jermaine Young

    Right! I used to wait for Friday at 6pm just to see where I ranked for the week. LOL. Its hard not to treat it like a game when there’s money involved.

  • Jermaine Young

    I’m confused too. They said they changed their algorithm. Its probably not even comprehendible by human minds.

  • joegrimjow

    cool, keep upgrading without leave the basic=)

  • Anonymous

    EXACTLY! Although I’m quite happy about the jump in my own personal score, how can I be sure of the credibility when I see such known influencers actually drop in score? That doesn’t make sense..

  • Anonymous

    Please type your reply at the top of the email…

    Megan | NOV 22, 2010 09:30PM UTC

    Hey Brett,

    Follower count is not a good indicator of influence. We look at the engagement someone is getting (i.e. RTs, @mentions etc.) and who those people are to get an accurate picture of your engaged audience and how much influence you have.


    Disqus | NOV 17, 2010 09:53PM UTC | Original message


  • Leslie

    The Klout score does NOT update daily! My follower count continues to remain the same according to klout, all the while the actual count goes up. I contacted klout about this and got ZERO response.

  • Matt Medeiros

    I was a Socializer now I’m an Explorer nearing casual? Something isn’t right here.

  • Ahorros Con Cupones


  • PVtexmex

    Still doesn´t work for me. My score hasn´t budged in days.

  • Pvtexmex

    Same here. I have sent two emails and no response. All of my numbers are the same as the day this new innovation began.

  • PVtexmex

    Hello–is anyone home? No one answers my emails. No one fixes my problem.

  • Rob Gould (bobbbyg)

    This has been my most reliable tool for tracking social media user influence. With the addition of automatic daily updates and the integration Facebook and Linkedin, in addition to Twitter, it gives an even more reliable, complete and easily accessed picture of of social media users that may be interesting and influential to me for an important number of reasons. Well done. Thank you. rg

  • Elaine, Nicholsons Jewellers

    Mine dropped from 45 to 32 overnight despite an active twitter day

  • Matthew Hurst

    if Klout has changed their algorithm, that helps explain why historic data isn’t included (although i’d find it a useful reference)

  • wesy

    Question: my True Reach score dropped significantly on Nov 15, is that due to the changes that were announced on the 17th?

  • Brainessa

    I was happy when I read about the automatic daily update of score data. However I noticed that my score data and my profile data have not been updated a couple of days. In due course my klout still shows outdated information, e.g. in terms of profile bio/followers/tweets et cetera and therfore resulting in an outdated klout score. :-(

  • Brainessa

    Same here. No updates on klout score at all. Furthermore … the figures in the score analysis which are shown for “today” are not correct but also outdated. :(

  • Brainessa

    Recent observation: My score slightly changed during the last few hours (since my last post) – BUT the information processed obviously is not uptodate. In other words, my score still reflects old data from several days ago, this applies to follower numbers, tweets posted et cetera. Still very disappointing.

    @klout: anyone listening to the complaints? anyone fixing them?

  • Zach Cole

    Except that it kind of doesn’t update daily?

  • Tonya Winter

    Has the new twitter restriction posed a problem for this? I notice my score hasn’t updated for a few days.

  • Robert McKenney

    You say that Klout scores are updated daily, but my information is definitely out of date. How can I trust the information on other profiles.

  • Recholes

    What tool do you use to track inactives ? And better yet any tips for how to unfollow in masses ? I tried Twit Kharma but it no longer allows you to drop in batches.

  • Reach Out Job Search

    Loving it Klout! I have been working hard to improve my score. Connected with FB today and the score jumped slightly from 50 to 53. My goal is to be in the mid to high 60’s within the next three months!

  • stefan noordhoek

    Sadly also true here. My data (profile, keywords, followers, following) is all over months old. The Flash-charts sort of do better, or at least show (be it) old data up unitl Today. To me it feels like my score has left NOT UPDATED at all since app 2 months.

    Can’t @Klout fix this? Surely doesn’t have to be that difficult?!

  • Tim Joslyn

    did anybody ever get a response, my score @timjoslyn is definately not updating, and all the metrics are incorrect?

  • Noah Echols

    erm, except for mine. The summary numbers havent budged for days despite the detail numbers continually rising. Very annoying.

  • Megan Berry
  • Megan Berry
  • Megan Berry

    Hey Brainessa,

    I’m going take a close look at your account and see what’s going on — you should see this updated soon. Thanks!

    -Megan Berry
    Marketing Manager, Klout

  • Megan Berry

    It is updating daily — you can see the changes on your score analysis page. Oftentimes though it won’t change by a whole number so will appear to be the same.

  • Megan Berry

    This class issue should be fixed. Thanks!

  • Megan Berry

    This class issue should be fixed. Thanks!

  • Megan Berry

    Your score is updating daily — it may not change by a whole point though. You can see details on your score analysis page.

    Megan Berry
    Marketing Manager, Klout

  • Najlah

    How do you find your klout score?

  • Kathy Gori

    My True Reach dropped from 250 to 79 in one day for no reason whatsoever ..meanwhile I keep having people continue to follow me…530 followers I follow 78..what happened

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  • Beautifulthebeast

    My score does not seem to be updating, everything is the same as the last time I checked it like two months ago. So I was looking for the button to update my score, then I googled and found this article. Is this being fixed? Can we just have the option to manually update since this new idea seems not to be working properly? – @BeautiTheBeast

  •!/the_prbb PRBB

    Hi, I have a question. I can see the ckout score of my company’s twitter profile, but I cannot add the facebook and linkedin because in those platforms we don’t have a company ‘profile’, but a group or company page. Is there a way that the info on the pages (not profiles) can be included in the klout? Many thanks!!!!/the_prbb

  • Klout

    Please type your reply at the top of the email…

    Klout | Feb 21, 2011 12:31PM UTC

    Thanks for emailing Klout! We love getting feedback and are here to help with any trouble you’re having but we do ask that you check out to make sure we haven’t already answered your question. If it’s not there, just reply again to this email and we’ll help you out.

    For media requests — email [email protected]

    For partnerships requests — email [email protected]

    If none of these fit your needs, reply again to this email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Thanks again!

    For your reference this is Case #: 10110

    Support powered by Assistly (


  • Sam

    If it updates daily, then why is my “Influenced By” section still completely populated by people I haven’t followed in months? And why does the “Content Analysis” look like a snapshot taken from Thanksgiving of two years ago?

  • Klout

    Please type your reply at the top of the email…

    Klout | Feb 22, 2011 07:01AM UTC

    Thanks for emailing Klout! We love getting feedback and are here to help with any trouble you’re having but we do ask that you check out to make sure we haven’t already answered your question. If it’s not there, just reply again to this email and we’ll help you out.

    For media requests — email [email protected]

    For partnerships requests — email [email protected]

    If none of these fit your needs, reply again to this email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Thanks again!

    For your reference this is Case #: 10211

    Support powered by Assistly (


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  • Iwitrepk

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