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From Hackathon to Market – Klout for Chrome (beta)

February 17th, 2011 by Philip Hotchkiss

Recently, we had a joint hackathon with the teams at and Klout – it rocked.

Combine great energy, awesome developers and a company culture that values rapid innovation and what do you get? Products like Klout for Chrome (beta release). Using your Chrome browser, you can install the Klout extension by clicking here.

Klout for Chrome places a Klout influence score next to the people you follow when using From the moment you install the Google Chrome browser extension you’ll see Klout influence scores in your stream.

We’ve found it particularly useful when applied to Twitter lists. Now you can check out people’s relative influence within any Twitter list. Or conversely, it’s fun to build new Twitter lists based on people’s Klout scores.

Enjoy! This is a beta release, we looking forward to hearing your feedback.

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