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Taking Klout Scoring to the Next Level

February 15th, 2011 by Philip Hotchkiss

Continually improving Klout’s measurement of online influence is our core focus. Social networks are dynamic. As a result, we continually enrich our data sources and evolve our algorithms to measure people’s ability to generate content and conversations that drive actions across the social web.

Today, we’re pleased to announce several improvements to the Klout score and its platform.


  • Enriched our data sources
  • Re-engineered our data collection and influence signal parsing platform to capture a broader set of key influence signals across an even larger population
  • Improved the quality of our scoring algorithm by both adding new influence inputs and adjusting the importance of inputs for individuals and their influence networks

So, what does this mean for my score?

As a result of these changes, your score may change. On the Score Analysis section of our site (free registration required) you will see an event marker on your Klout Score chart. This marker shows you if your score went up, down or stayed the same as a result of our improvements.

Thank you for the support and the passion so many of you express around your Klout score.

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  • Shane Harmon

    Ah well, not as influential as I thought. Down a bucketload of points

  • jameshicks

    yes Yes YES !! @Klout is definitely moving to the next level – great stuff team

  • Joval

    Is Klout really tracking my facebook?, My numbers haven’t moved since I first used it.

  • Josh Davis

    From the accounts I follow, it looked like numbers dropped 4-10 points for most of them. I did find a couple bumps in scores for accounts I thought were influential, but unnoticed until now.

    If the scores can pick up more influencers that were previously unrecognized, it is an improvement in my mind.

  • Russell Christopher

    Will charts on the the Score Analysis page be modified / changed to match the change in the overall scoring algorithm? All my individual charts show an upward trend, but the overall Klout Score chart moved downward today, which is counter-intuitive. I would have expected all of my individual charts to trend downward which would in aggregate explain the drop in my score.

  • AKIB

    its awful i approached a potential employee today saying i was 62 and could interact well with my audience. I’m now worse off than i was 4 months ago. These changes have no value and more so a negative value to the current user. A new user however is at an advantage


    A Facebook fan page is another great source to pull data from to measure one’s online influence, and should add more points to someone’s Klout score. When will this be available?

  • Kadi Prescott

    I went up one point where most of the women in my FB group who are major influencers online, went down a few. Interesting. gonna go check out the deets now!

  • Molleeb

    This is awful I went from easily over 1400 mutual follows to zero overnight — this is an impossibility — I think that klout needs to double check their math. AWFUL!

  • Evert

    10 points down… :-/

  • Matt Merritt

    Still need to work on the mutual follows stat, but I think it’s good to refine the process and weed out bots.

  • PamMktgNut

    My score dropped 3 pts? What is the frequency for updates on data that is part of algorithm? It is still showing someone who influences me who I haven’t retweeted but a few times in months!??

    Also, what happened to LinkedIn networks? Are they still a factor? At one time I thought I connected the two via the Klout site but don’t see anything on it now??

    Also, it use to say I had “no mentions, and should get more” and same for me mentioning other folks (which is false)? Now it says I have some? Unique mentioners never seems accurate either?

    People I influence seems off too? I know many folks who I influence much more than some of the folks who show up on my Klout profile?

    Would love you to come chat with us on #GetRealChat to explain some of this. We meet at 9 pm et every Tuesday.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    Yes we are if you have connected your Facebook account to Klout (you can check on your dashboard). Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    Hey AKIB,

    We’re sorry you feel this way. Perhaps you can send them this blog post to explain there was an algorithm change? In any case, this new change better reflects the influence of the whole system and will be useful to new and old users as they can more accurately compare their scores to others. In the long run everyone will benefit from this increased accuracy.

    [email protected]

  • Anonymous

    We’re working on it, but we don’t have an exact date for you at the moment.

  • PamMktgNut

    I think I got confused w/the mentions. It use to say I needed more mentions and showed none. Now it shows a good number but numbers still dropped.

    AMGorder for example although I love her does not highly influence me? She has been on there for months yet many of the other folks who truly influence me aren’t? Just wondering where, how and when you update the data?

  • ed han

    I dropped about 6 points. I don’t really mind the drop much because a 59 isn’t exactly terrible. However, I was very surprised to see the change in score, which I was expecting to be higher today than yesterday–not lower.

    I’m curious to know if there was much discussion in-house re: announcing this change. Obviously, you make these available free of charge, so I can’t complain, but I didn’t know to expect the new algorithm.

  • Gerard F. Corbett

    I thought we outlawed the use of the phrase “Next Level” as in “Taking it to.” Please cooperate!

  • Dave Peck

    So.. I got questions: Can you elaborate on these:

    Re-engineered our data collection and influence signal parsing platform to capture a broader set of key influence signals across an even larger population (What are the signals? )

    Improved the quality of our scoring algorithm by both adding new influence inputs and adjusting the importance of inputs for individuals and their influence networks (What are the influence inputs?)

    Did most scores go up or down? Just wondering

    If its part of the secert sauce and you cant say I understand

  • Perry

    Any updates coming to TrueReach? Our score has been the same for months now…

  • Charles Taggart

    I find the information odd… In my stats, One of the people in the “Influenced By” Category hasn’t tweeted since March of last year, another “Influencer Of” only tweeted 4 times in all of last year… How can they still be included in the Klout ranking? Why aren’t people that I most often click through or tweet with listed, or those I would think would be my influencers?

  • Aaron Lee

    Fell 3 points. Time to be more active and drive more conversations (dreaming…)

  • Elyse Klova

    Question: how is true reach being measured under the new algorithm? Right now when I look at my organization’s analysis there is nothing factoring into True Reach, it just took a nosedive. I remember it used to be followers, mutual follows, and something else, but now there are no stats.

  • LisaCrazyAdventuresinParenting

    Wow, my true reach plummeted 1000, my amplification 15-points, and, as a result, my Klout score dove almost 6 points. How is this algorithm supposedly better?

  • Joel Smith

    I’d like to stop for a minute and call out people like Molleeb that spit nasty energy while startup companies, like Klout, work super hard to innovate and solve problems that simply make life easier.

    It makes my blood boil to see such spoiled responses when a company of very smart, intelligent, hard-working people are bringing you a free service. Stop and think before you post. Have some compassion and patience.

    Anyway, Klout, keep up the good work. I’m a fan.

  • Amy B.

    Kadi, you actually went down three points from yesterday.

  • Bob Roble

    Curious, when is a YouTube channel score going to be part of the Klout algorithms measurements? They are owned by Google and we do live in a video world now. Thanks.


    New algorithms, new score, less 6 points :-/ glurps…

  • tdhurst

    You have to be kidding.

  • tdhurst

    It’s more honest. You were obviously overrated.

  • Christian Amauger

    LinkedIn is not taken into account anymore?
    Also several stats seem to be missing from my score analysis.

  • CDC Dev Solutions

    Hmm well we went from having 0 @ mentions to 3, but we in reality have much more than that. I love the idea of Klout and it is a great way to keep track of our social media presence, but why does Klout consistently underestimate @mentions and retweets?

  • Anonymous

    Its hard to tell you are a fan Joel.

    I don’t think Molleeb deserved to be attacked in such a manner for expressing to Klout their concerns in such a passionate way. Klout, to their credit, immediately addressed it in a professional manner.

    Judging from the reaction people are having, they are obviously not alone and it looks like Klout has some work to do. It doesn’t seem that the users were prepared for the negative change in scores that came with this change and that has shocked a few. If you don’t want honest feedback, free service or not, don’t go social.

    Regardless, you could do with some of your own advice. Stop and think before you post. Just sayin’.

    Not meant to be an attack mate, but at the same time, i don’t like seeing others attacked.


  • luclodder

    I don’t understand the new math!
    Since a few day’s I increased my usage and strategy on twitter. Increased retweets and mentions! But my amplification drops today after the update.
    So does my Klout score!

    Can you explain the math?

  • Grace Simrall

    Given that I have zero mutual followers post “enhancement,” I’d say that klout needs to re-check their code for bugs.

  • uɐɯʎɐ7 uɐıɹq

    I have the same thoughts Charles.

    My influencers included an account that was active for only 60 days at the end of 2008 and another was someone with 129 tweets who had last updated 4 months ago. Influencers needs to be weighted to somehow account for one time conversations with people.

    Also, I went up 6 points, so the new algorithm obviously is an improvement. ;)

  • LisaCrazyAdventuresinParenting

    I asked Klout a question, not you. Get a life, troll.

  • Aaron Andersen

    If they aren’t even going to say what the group of “influence signals” consists of, how are we supposed to believe in any of it? For all I know, the “influence signals” include chicken blood and monkey bones.

  • luclodder

    Same here… My score dropped 5 points. Even if I increased twitter usage a few days ago. My graphs tell me my retweets and mentions were rising steeply… however my amplification and kloutscore dropped today after the upgrade.

  • tdhurst

    No, you posted a comment on their site. Nowhere was there a real question, for you asked it rhetorically. It’s reactions like yours that bring down the perceptions of these sort of sites and the legitimacy of the people that use it

    Grow up. Most people’s scores went down.

    Your numbers were inflated. Now they’re not. I don’t see the problem with that.

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  • Aaron Andersen

    So, I’m willing to acknowledge that my score should perhaps drop 6 points if the algorithm changes. Especially when I don’t even know what the score means in the first place. What was the percentile score for a 54 yesterday, and what is the percentile score for a 48 today? I have no idea, so what can I be upset about? Oh no! the opaque black box thinks I’m less influential!

    But you do give us some composite info, which should theoretically help us understand this better, right? But when you show an amplification score dropping by 10 points with the recalc, and the only components of the score that you chart (retweets and @mentions) show big increases from yesterday, you aren’t providing enough information. The blog post above would suggest that you must have de-emphasized retweet and @mentions quite a lot if big increases in both of those scores are coupled with a big decrease in amplification, right? So what are the new factors that play into amplification? This blog post does not, remotely, provide enough information on that.

    I know this is a free service and we get what we pay for. However, people are actually using Klout in the real world, and you congratulate us for our “passion” about our Klout scores (which I interpret with my own set of proprietary black box metrics as “frustration”).

    Bottom line: If this is a public service being used in the real world, more transparency is required.

  • Kelly Lux

    Great to see you’re working on continuous improvement. Klout continues to be a valuable measure of influence for me working with both professional and personal accounts.

  • Selllerness

    The stats are whacked, mine has been for weeks, the ‘improved’ algorithm makes the data less and less useful as the weeks role on.

  • BenCOGrimm

    My Mention count went from 5 -> 367 …
    My Senders went from 5 -> 203
    My TrueReach in the Summary is 15, in the graph it’s actually 145 (always had a 100+ point difference there …)
    And with all that my Klout score dropped 5 points.
    Don’t get it ;)

  • LisaCrazyAdventuresinParenting

    Again, my question was for them, not for you. You do not work for them, therefore, you have no right to answer for them. Besides, what the hell did I ever do to you, anyhow? I don’t even know you?

    My question is, and I’ll restate it since you seem to want to gloss over it with needless insults, is: “How is this algorithm supposedly better?” Meaning (for the Klout folks), how are we to understand that today’s result is more accurate in comparison to, say, last week’s, or last month’s, how exactly has it improved, and why should we consider *this* score to be the more accurate one people consider when gauging our influence with Klout?

    There’s been a lot of news about Klout, being the more “accurate” gauge of one’s influence using social media. Considered the new “Technorati” (from a couple years ago) of social media profiles, if you will. If they’re going to be held to such a standard, I’d like to know just how accurate they are, and whether or not I should continue to use their metrics to share with others while encouraging others to care about their score, too. Are they still ironing out all of the kinks or is this only the one of many changes we’ll see before our “true” scores will appear? Don’t I have a right to ask that question without someone like you disparaging me?

    Are you capable of answering these questions for me? Are you a programmer or creator? No, you are not. Do us all a favor and keep your comments to yourself. It’s unwarranted, unneeded, and senseless.

  • tdhurst

    I didn’t disparage you. You disparaged me.

    Nor did I say you didn’t have a right to ask, nor did I insinuate that you shouldn’t have asked the question. Your inquiry was more than a bit whiney, but if that’s how you ask questions, I have no issue with that.

    If they changed the algorithm and your score was lowered, then previous system obviously overrated you. My score was dropped as well, but seeing as how they’re is no one way to gauge influence either offline or online, I was content with it. This is how Klout does it. Do you question Google when your site drops in ranking?

    There is no true score. That was my point.

    Take a deep breath. I’m sure you’ll be okay with this one day.

  • LisaCrazyAdventuresinParenting

    Thank you, exactly my point!

  • LisaCrazyAdventuresinParenting

    Try again. The play-on-words you used by your term “overrated” with me? Yeah, you think you’re funny, but that was *you* disparaging *me* first. Nice try, though.

    As for your consideration of my question being “whiney” or otherwise? Yawn. Stop with the child-like digs, man. Grow up, already. How old are you, 12?

    Now, with (most of) the rest of your comment? “.. I was content with it. This is how Klout does it.” Oh, really? That’s great.. except, exactly, what does that entail (as far as what’s changed)? Or, wait, wasn’t *that* my original question? I’m happy you’re content with it, but, considering *your* score has been the same all along, until now, when suddenly dropped, you wouldn’t be here if you weren’t concerned, too. Did you engagement online change? Did you suddenly drop off the face of the planet? No, you’re here, commenting (rudely, I might add) to me, and continually active on Twitter – so what changed, then? Them! And, their response here warrants a little more transparency, that’s it.

    I, myself, have been highly active as well. So if they aren’t gauging activity in the way they were before, and there’s an obvious flaw to who we’re “influenced by” along with “who we influence,” (as is mentioned by other commenters) then why can’t I (along with others) ask that question? Why shouldn’t we? And why do you feel the need to try to berate me and continually pick a fight? I saw your comment to others, too. Seriously, don’t you have anything better to do?

  • Anonymous

    Hey Ben,

    We increased those signals across many users — your score is normalized against the whole population so it represents your relative influence

  • Anonymous

    Mentions are counted over the past 30 days.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Aaron,

    We appreciate your feedback and understand your frustation. We’re working on making the scoring more transparent to users, with the caveat of course that similar to Google Page Rank we can’t reveal without risk of people gaming the system.

  • Anonymous

    It is definitely something we’re thinking of, thanks for the feedback!

  • tdhurst

    I’ll be glad when mommy bloggers aren’t popular anymore.

    Nice talking to ya!

  • Anonymous
  • LisaCrazyAdventuresinParenting

    Thank you for answering me. I do have a few more questions, and I will be emailing you since, it seems, I can’t ask them here without being attacked by “tdhurst” – thanks for taking the time!

  • Aaron Andersen

    I’m glad to hear it. On the topic, I think the presentation of your influence matrix should be redesigned (maybe get Edward Tufte to do it). You have four dimensions indicated by the labels, but on a two dimensional space, with no cues for how the extra two dimensions are to be understood (I’ve read your blog post on the influence matrix, and it did not offer any deeper explanation).

    All in all, I get the impression that you are trying to take very complex data and present it very simply. This is an admirable goal, but I think that instead of simplifying the information, you’re actually just leaving a lot out.

    One thing I recommend: bring back the little distribution curves, so people can see where they fit in the universe of scored users. Or if the numerical scores DO represent percentile in a normal distribution, just say so.

  • LisaCrazyAdventuresinParenting

    Thank you for proving my original assessment of you. Good day.

  • Jonathan Wilson

    I understand the tension between clarity of what is being ranked, and keeping things close to the vest so that the score cannot be gamed. But I wonder if there might be some things to learn from games. I like your badges, but found that after seeing them the first time there is very little change to motivate me. I think it would benefit us greatly to have more clarity on the “gamelike” parts of Klout – so that someone like me could conceivably have a higher ranking in “interaction” than Justin Beiber

  • Charles Taggart

    Hmmm… That would seem very odd to, with someone who had so few tweets and time used…

    I also noticed the that one of the Topic Summary list is so very off, I have never talked or tweeted about Gold, but it shows “Gold” under influential topics.

    There are a rather large group of people I very often tweet with, and link through and who retweet my links, but they don’t seem to be showing up, I find that very odd…

    My numbers have gone down some, as I haven’t been online as often with my doing an office renovation, know I will get them back up once I am back online more often… Just seems odd the same faces show, like there hasn’t been any updates…

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  • Kristopher Wong


    Are you saying influence is a normal distribution? I work with stats all day and can tell you not everything in nature is normally distributed. I am not concerned with my decrease in klout in fact happy with it. I worked in Call centers on that statistical metrics team and can GUARANTEE from everything I have seen the human condition/behavior is not at all normal.

    I would love to help and can provide you with a framework that allowed us to tackle this problem while still helping drive performance. If you would like contact me or DM me on twitter.

  • Jonathan Wilson

    I went down 5 points – just when I was set to break into the 80’s

  • Kip Ferguson

    I have been looking at several scores and it seems like a consistent drop. Earlier on Tuesday it seemed like several people were seeing some Zero values on some of the metrics such as follow backs. I noticed the Klout response to those was that they were fixing the issue. It now appears that the Zero issues weren’t the problem, but the drop in scores was just the algorithm. The mixed response from Klout is what threw me.

    There are other items that perplex me. One is that I have had things show up in my topic summary that I have never mentioned. For the longest time “Yancey” was listed and now “FLW” is listed. I have no clue what either of those are and why they would show up in a topic summary.

    I also just noticed that it looks like I have fewer achievement.

    My general feeling is that Klout does a great job. However, it probably would have had less impact if the algorithm change had been announced as “coming soon” as opposed to “look what we did”.

    Keep up the great work!

  • Sociatech

    I think Klout has made some good starts on matters, however I agree entirely with Kip that you didn’t manage this change well with your fans and supporters. We don’t need a personal letter each, just something saying what you hope to do and what impact it could have during the change.

    Secondly you’re set yourselves up for a fall with a strapline that says ‘the standard for influence’, as right now that’s not true. For example I don;t wake up each morning wondering if the centimetres or miles will have become longer or shorter, they are always the same, just as is a Kilo or a pound – the standard remains a consistent standard.

    If however you are saying that standard may change then you need to ensure it doesn’t happen very often and that the results, even within change are consistent and transparent.

    At best right now Klout is/are ‘a standard of influence’.

    My own opinion is that until you iron out the disparities and anomalies, that claim is best avoided so that Klout maintains credibility.

  • Aaron Lee

    You’ll get there mate :)

  • ThinkInNewAreas

    Great to see that you are on your toes to keep improving the value of the scores!!

  • Craig Kelley

    I’m curious as to when the API will be corrected. The Klout score matches the website but TrueReach, Influencees, and Influencers are rarely in sync. Is that particular data only updated “every so often”? We’re trying to integrate this into our site but right now the API data returned (again, other than the actual Klout score) is out of sync compared to the website. Thanks, Craig

  • Joel Smith

    Mistakenly, I failed to make the distinction between giving actionable feedback and people being insensitive/spoiled. You know there’s a difference. Molleeb’s comment was insensitive/spoiled.

    And, to be clear, I am a fan of Klout and I’m just as devastated as everyone else to see my score drop 6 points. I’m just not being mean about it.

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  • Jean Parks

    6 point nose dive here, I have no clue how this all works, I’ve been more active on Facebook and Twitter, have more unique things being retweeted and my scores fall?

  • Anonymous

    Trying to figure out how a 200% increase in RTs and @s in two days has managed to drop my Klout score 5 points? Not sure I understand…

  • Maxine

    I dropped 5 pts, not entirely sure why yet but if the new calc means that the auto-tweeters drop more than that then I’m happy :)

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  • Mcbsmith

    Hello Klout – In my view what you are attempting to do is create a Standard. You ask, invite, message, cajole, offer people access to be held accountable to that standard. It is no more or less the adult version of School Grades with evaluation criteria.

    As a startup, you are betting your future on the willingness of your users to adopt your criteria and adapt to the changes you make.

    It seems that every “system” gets “worked” by people who want to shortcut or inappropriately control a dominant position. For that human weakness, it is important for you to keep the playing field level if you want to be credible.

    Facebook and Twitter assume the worst when their criteria is violated and the user has to show that they didn’t violate it or didn’t do it willfully. I think this is a position you can take very effectively.

    The other interesting proposal that I make is that you publish the consequences for violating the letter or “spirit” of what you are trying to build by eliminating a user account or flagging it as a violator with a certain period of time to fix the problem. Stuff happens, but well intended people will be responsive. If they aren’t, then follow through. But talk about the downside consequences with the upside rewards so that people know what game they are in.

    Clout (in your case Klout) references the ability to be influential. Your Standard should make it easier to understand the range and degree to which a person is influential in a given environment. If you withhold criteria and create a cloudy subjective platform, you mitigate the trust being placed in you and your system. So you have a dilemma here.

    I invite you to consider a purpose on a platform that is clear, ennobling and invites people to perform at a level that is useful, contributes and adds value. Anything else makes your offering unreliable and reduces its worth.

    I wish you great success, but I think you have some work to do. Startup or not, it is the value you add that keeps your doors open – hard work and sweat is nice, but the world doesn’t recognize it. I wish it would, but it gives only a little extra credit.

    Go ahead and take a position, draw a line – but make them both clear. I want to see you succeed because it can help clarify the real value of Social Media. It has to be more than simple popularity.


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  • Anonymous

    Hey Russell,

    We’ve improved our inputs for individual numbers for many, many people went up. Since the score is normalized (graded on a curve, so to speak), this meant that even though you’re getting more @mentions or RTs, it doesn’t mean you’ll have a higher score. Does that make sense? If you look at yourself relative to others it should seem intuitive.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Charles,

    We are still working on improving the influencer of and influenced by part of our report. We appreciate your feedback (and patience) as we continue to make Klout better!

  • Anonymous

    Hey Luc — take a look at our response to Russell above. The Klout Score is normalized, so it’s rating you relative to the whole population, not based on absolute numbers.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Dave,

    You are indeed approaching into secret sauce territory :) If you take a look at your own report you’ll probably get an idea of what was improved — catching more mentions and RTs and if you compare yourself to others in your social graph you should feel like the score is more accurate overall.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    haha, we’ll keep that in mind :)

  • Anonymous

    Yes, it’s something we’ll be working on.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Kristopher,

    It’s normalized but that doesn’t mean it’s a normal distribution.

  • Mark Moreno

    Is it really true that a very exclusive nightclub granted access to the club based on Klout scores?

    If nothing else, Klout’s efforts to improve and refine it’s proceses has garnered at least a few comments (81) as of this post on this post. You must be doing something right! Keep up the good work, the world needs more lessons in objectivity. Businesses need an objective tool to measure their efforts and benchmark themselves and at least for now it looks like Klout is the deal for now.

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  • uɐɯʎɐ7 uɐıɹq

    The “Influence of” makes sense now. I think I must have read “Influencer of” as “They are an influencer of me”. I still wish it had more recent people on there.

  • Jasminka Griffin

    Dear Klout, for how many weeks is my number of total likes going to be the same? It hasn’t changed for weeks, so I really don’t understand how you calculated (and lowered down) my score by 7 points! Really upset about this. Can you please explain/review?

  • Sjvconsult

    Yes, but what about LinkedIn – I am going crazy waiting for this ….

  • Sam Kimbrel

    There’s a big difference between “normalized” and “fit to a normal distribution”. If you truly work with stats all day you should probably know that…

  • Dave Peck

    Is there an easy way to compare myself with someone else? Im looking but dont see it.. that being said my wife says I never notice when she changes her hair either..

  • Anonymous

    Hey Dave,

    So you can look up anyone’s Klout Score, but there’s no handy compare feature. It’s def something we’re working on for the future.

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  • IDisposable

    And fixed our @mention count.

  • Reach Out Job Search

    Umm…confused! My Klout score dropped 5 points. With the various ups and downs…Klout has been taken off my blog for now. No offense but consistency has a huge standard on influence. Food for thought….

  • Cotton Rohrscheib

    Amy, I finally get one of my friends to start paying attention to influence via Klout for his business and then Klout hacks the algorithm up and screws the pooch. He calls me this evening trying to figure out why his neighbor w/ 100 followers and 300 tweets is his influencer and why his clients he was tracking had their scores whacked -10pts… Thought you would get a kick out of me trying to explain that one. ??? haha.

  • Jonathan

    I question some of my klout statistics as well, but because I cannot see the math I cant be sure. My network dropped from 46 to 23. My retweeters went down from 2 to 0 but my @senders went up from 5 to 9 and follower ration went up as well. How does that create such a huge drop in network? does having retweeters carry that much weight?

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  • Mauro

    I feel good that Klout algorithms evolve, but still seems wrong. A person moves from explorer to expert (and back) for quantum and subjective criteria. In this change (evolve) I have lowered my score incredibly, which I do not care if it’s in clear terms. But I’ve found that even still listed as influential people who do not follow or follow me.
    I want to cancel my account and can not find how.

    M. -

  • Reach Out Job Search

    Dropped kid you not 11 points since the ‘introduction’ of the new algorithm. If this is the case, how to I completely take myself off of Klout. This is crazy when people that Tweet and RT less than I and for sure have LESS FB shares have a higher score than mines. Seriously, maybe this this algorithm is punishing regularly individuals and awarding the ‘celebrity’ ones. If that case, please re-title ‘Klout’, to ‘Klout for Celebs’ instead of being a ‘measure’ of fairness….because it is not.

  • CDC Dev Solutions

    Are retweets also counted over the past 30 days? Calling the metric “total retweets” seems to imply that they aren’t. I still can’t really make sense of where the retweets and mentions are coming from. Does anything that has RT @ us show up for a retweet or only the unedited retweets made hitting the retweet button on twitter?

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  • Anonymous

    That does not make sense, by the way. Increased rt’s/replys/mentions somehow yields a lower score? This makes sense how, prey-tell?

  • Alyasha

    I do think they still got it wrong. I am managing two accounts and they are both about the same how ever one has : 16 10 10 and another 28 10 10 but the less prominent one had higher klout score. I find it bit strange:)

  • Hoped

    this is a good discussion to have. 

  • Mcbsmith

     I think your comments regarding appreciation for the “passion so many of you express” is disingenuous.  I think your reference to Passion is to mask the range of emotional response that you have generated which seems to go from mild irritation all the way to rage.

    Had you been truly connected to your user-base you would have approached your changes (needed or not) more openly and transparently.

    You guys are attempting to set a standard with the equivalence of a Report Card.  The implication in a standard is that it can be intentionally met.  Changes only need occur when the playing field of achievement becomes uneven.

    I put some (not a ton, but plenty for me) effort into accommodating your standard on the belief that it was fair and inclusive.  I no longer have that experience and have lost extreme trust in you as a provider.

    Since you got more funding, you may not feel like you have to care about your impact.  There are many examples of companies who get full of themselves when they get a little success.

    I think you have deeply hurt yourself, but mine is just one opinion.  I can tell you that I am now actively looking at your competitors to find a more reliable and sincere platform for measuring.

    To say that you keep part of your criteria hidden is juvenile.  Your job is to produce a fair standard that is reflective of key performance criteria and then monitor and adjust based on abuse or unfairness.  I think you believe you are something else.

    The real unfortunate element is that I no longer trust you.  I took you at face value before and now, think you have lost your way.

    It’s too bad that you let some scammers take your eye off the ball. I have lost any interest to understand your new system, to make any attempt to comply with it and achieve anything on your judgement platform. 

    I don’t object to your changing things.  I object to the manner in which you did it and for wasting my previous efforts to participate.  THAT is truly a waste of life and I won’t get those hours back.  Am I angry?  you bet – but there is no justice in this situation, so adiós.

  • Hoped

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  • Anonymous

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  • James Ferguson @kWIQly

    Hmmm, I am skeptical. Klout serves narcissistic needs for many people, and I do not see anything wrong with that per se. 

    It also fascinates people who have energy to waste on issues that are not important. (like me right now :)However, anyone sufficiently needy and disciplined to focus on building their Klout score as an end in itself, gains a merely pyrrhic victory.

    They corrupt the value intended ( an objective feedback of other efforts ), and are automatically denied any rigour in their result.  They can do better standing in front of a mirror and telling themselves that they look good, because at least the mirror won’t lie.In the end anyone disappointed by a Klout algorithm change can cheer themselves up by walking our the door and helping a neighbour, an elderly person cross a busy street or any other social good.  They may get stronger feedback and the inner certainty that they have done something of value – if not they will have learnt something about themselves .

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