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3 Tips for Increasing Your Klout Score

March 24th, 2011 by Megan Berry
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The biggest feedback we get from Klout users — Kloutizens, as I like to call them — is that they want more actionable items on how to understand and increase their influence. As a company, we believe part of our mission is to do just that, we want to help empower people and grow their influence. You’ll start to see us do more of this, both here and on

Of course, there isn’t a magic bullet for increasing your Klout Score (like, if you post at 7:59PM every day, you’ll see an increase), but I can offer some general tips that should help.

1. Create content worth sharing. “Duh,” you may say, but this is worth pointing out. We believe influencers are those who create high-quality content that is shared and spread throughout many networks. What’s high-quality content? That will vary based on your network and audience. If you have an audience full of devoted foodies a picture of what you’re eating for dinner may be just the ticket, but that same picture to an audience focused on business would likely fall on deaf ears (so to speak). My suggestion is to experiment with different types of posts and topics to see what resonates the most with your audience, i.e. generates the most Retweets, likes, etc..

2. Start discussions. One of the factors we’re looking at are the conversations and discussions surrounding you and your content. If a friend or follower posts something you like or want to know more about, start a discussion about it. Don’t just put out content and then disappear – wait for any responses from your network and engage with them. Try occasionally asking a question of you network — I’ve personally found some great tips and products that way — and it’ll foster a closer connection with your audience.

3. Register and connect your networks. This is the simplest tip for increasing your Klout Score, as it doesn’t involve changing your underlying influence, just allowing Klout to better understand it. When you register and connect other networks (we’ll be adding more regularly, but right now that means Facebook), we’ll be able to understand your influence on that second network and and add it to your score. That’s as close to a magic bullet as I can give you.

Now, I want to open it up to you. No one knows better than our many, many influential users how to increase their influence. Share your tips in the comments!

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Marketing Manager for Klout

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  • Lilly Hunter

    Personally, I think being on Facebook should decrease your Klout score automatically.

  • Frank

    I am having trouble adding my facebook business page. When I try it seems to only allow me to add my personal page. Is there a way around this and if so how?

  • Andy Gonzalez

    I think these three tips are GREAT I would like to offer a tip on what NOT to do. I wrote a blog that was published by Social Media Today on Twitter and the tweets of others. Here is the link –>

    I believe telling twitter users what NOT to do is as helpful as telling them what to do.

  • Megan Berry

    Hey Frank, right now you can only connect a personal Facebook profile. We’re looking to add Facebook pages in the future. Thanks!

  • Arie Rich/KMP Blog

    Thanks for this post. Explains it a bit, the rest is pretty much on data, I guess. I’ve noticed my Klout score has increased or remains at a good level, as long as I continuously engage with my audience, by replying, RTing, having my posts RTed and interacting with others. I’m sure there’s more to it, but this seems to be working for now.

  • Anonymous

    I guess I will start commenting here then. I like your service and like the fact that you post stuff to help your users raise their influence. What many users have asked you, and i haven’t found any answers yet is how can you get a very high score without even posting a single tweet or Facebook status ?

  • George L Peters Jr

    I think it is simply about being social in what ever way is right for you. Connecting and communicating in a meaningful way within your circle may not give you a Klout score of 90, but that should be ok. I don’t think that most people should have a super high Klout score, just like not everyone is cut out to be an Astrophysicist. That being said Be You. People tend to respond favorably to real. @mobtowngeorge

  • casiestewart

    thanks for sharing guys!

  • Andy Gonzalez

    Frank, you currently can not add your Facebook fan or business pages. This is something they are working on.

  • Andy Gonzalez

    Lilly … that is just silly. :)

  • Spiro Pappadopoulos

    I made two dozen Klout Cakes does that help?

  • Andy Gonzalez

    I would like to see an example of someone having a high Klout score without having ever tweeted or posted an update on Facebook. I keep hearing about this happening but have yet to see it with my own eyes. I’m beginning to think that this is an urban myth. =/

  • Megan Berry

    absolutely! :)

  • Dustin W. Stout

    it seems like i’ve been doing a lot more discussion and interacting, but my score doesn’t seem to budge… =/

  • Christopher A. Craft

    Okay. I’m on my way.

  • justinstoned

    This kind of snark is why I loathe our field. Give someone access to a keyboard and they think every random thought needs to be shared.

  • Courtney Parham

    Are you on Facebook?

  • ecoRI News

    Great content? Check. Starting conversations? Much of our content is controversial. Added networks? Check, but waiting for FAN PAGE CONNECTIONS. So few of our tweets are retweeted, it really burns my arse. If I could eliminate the “like” button from facebook and force people to share or comment, that would please me. Granted, we are a regionally oriented website, but jesus, c’mon people!

  • Andy Gonzalez

    If you score isn’t moving at all you should email them and ask them to reprocess your account. It could also be that you are interacting with the same accounts over and over again. In which case your score wouldn’t be affected as much as if you were to create a new connection with an influencer.

  • Andy Gonzalez

    If you score isn’t moving at all you should email them and ask them to reprocess your account. It could also be that you are interacting with the same accounts over and over again. In which case your score wouldn’t be affected as much as if you were to create a new connection with an influencer.

  • Lilly Hunter

    Of course not.

  • Lilly Hunter

    It is not a random thought. It is an opinion, based on my observations of what FB is. When I find out someone uses it, I think them unwise due to the security issues among other things, and therefore in my *personal* klout score they descend.

  • Lilly Hunter

    Andy, I note that you are in the music business. I have several friends, including some who play classical music, who find FB of use in promoting their bands/ensembles. IMO, this is one niche where facebook seems to fill a function, but this function is very different from the parameters that klout uses to measure your reach.

  • Lilly Hunter

    My Klout score is 62. I am not, and never have been, on FB.

  • Bodhijones

    I love all of you. I also love the social network. It’s brought all of us in this big crazy world closer together and I’m grateful for that. Keep on doin’ what you’re doing and stay gold! Let’s hang on twitter @bodhijones

  • Bodhijones

    Woooops….went a bit sideways on that positivity rant and forgot to pose my question to you fine folks. Question: I have a score of 53 and am considered an explorer, I’m curious if your “Class” changes every 10 points ie. when I hit a klout score of 60 will I move up from explorer to something else?

    Thanks 1 000 000

  • Anonymous

    Triberr is going to help you improve your klout score.

  • Denis McC

    Good for you /sarcasm

  • Andy Gonzalez

    Lilly … Security issues? Do you work for the Secret Service?

    People who use Facebook are 10 times more involved on a social level and their willingness to engage. In fact, at the very least, facebook is not the spam engine that twitter is. Until I un-followed people who are considered “influencers” (Like: Brian Solis) most of my timeline was dominated by tweets on mortgage rates and news links to articles i could care less about … Spam.

    Honestly, what would be the point of being involved in social media and NOT engage the largest, most engaged population social media has to offer? If you are going swim laps in a pool it would not be wise to use one arm.

  • Andy Gonzalez


    I am a musician, but I also work for a social media marketing company. I can tell you as someone who has been the architect of many successful social media campaigns, Facebook is a VERY important piece to a clients social media infrastructure. It’s is by no means the most important piece because there is no “most important” piece. When I consult with business owners, they often ask me what social media channels they should utilize … My answer is “All of them. Do everything.” It’s ridiculous not to. Why exclude yourself from the branding possibility Facebook and its countless users offer?

    Do everything.

  • Andy Gonzalez

    Wow Lilly … Just imagine what your Klout score would be if you created and operated a facebook account! I’m a 53 (pushing 54) with 300 twitter followers (about 700 less than you) When I reach 1,100 twitter followers I may be in the 90s judging by your success. :)

  • Adam Price

    Can you get Klout to also see your Facebook profile if you’re a normal person? If so, how?

  • Brad Bogus

    Lilly, I realize many people don’t see all the value in the world in particular networks. I am a little bit confused as to why you think Facebook so invaluable. First off, more people use Facebook than Google or Twitter. Especially so for Linkedin. Each has a particular function and purpose, and I use all of them effectively for the brands we represent. Some in greater concentration than others.

    If you want to limit yourself to just one network and just one method of communication, rock that plan. It keeps the competition off of Facebook! =) I like what Andy said about swimming laps with one arm. If your one arm (Twitter) is ultra strong, you still may complete your laps, but my two strong arms will always out race you. In fact, (not to abuse the analogy), I also use my two legs as well. To each their own, do what you think works. There’s just no possibility that you can use just Twitter as effectively as I use all networks combined. I’m not trying to compete or be dominant, it’s just a fact.

  • Rick Liebling

    Curious why PeerIndex is able to pull in LinkedIn, Quora and my blog in addition to Twitter and Facebook and Klout doesn’t. I find PeerIndex to be a fuller, richer account of online influence. Does anybody else find PeerIndex to be superior? Can someone tell me why Klout is better, because I’m not seeing it. I’m open to discussion on it though.

  • Stephanie Bogus

    What’s a Klout Cake … I want one!! Do they come in a Gluten Free option?

  • Stephanie Bogus

    I think this relates to big names like Jenna Jameson ; )

  • Spiro Pappadopoulos

    Flourless double chocolate K’s – yes gluten free ;)

  • ~3B

    Lilly, I’ve read all of your comments, and I understand your specific statements regarding security and etc. My opinion is that 1. You are not on facebook, as you stated. Therefore, you are not actually totally qualified to pass a judgment of any kind. 2. It isn’t as though everyone who uses facebook has contracted viruses, had their identity hacked or otherwise. In any platform where there is open sharing of any kind, there will be security issues. Recently there was a worm active in twitter that corrupted many users. Twitter itself is often experiencing issues and I have a personal friend whose (twitter) identity was not only hacked, but also stolen. Point being, any social media platform leaves you open to invasion so, based on your theory, anyone using any social platform is foolish? 3. Some people are out here in the social world to meet new people, some want to re-connect, some are trying to build a new network of influence.. we all have different purposes. If you have a “goal” then it is logical to utilize all avenues, including facebook, twitter, even (dare I say it..) myspace. I personally enjoyed great success hooking up with musical talent as I operated a non-profit musician’s group entirely from myspace for over 5 years.
    If you are just a casual user who has a small or tight network of “friends” and you are content with that, why are you even checking out klout at all? Does your level of influence really matter to you? Some people come here to learn how to be more affective for their jobs, bands, groups of any kind, or simply as individuals who want to make changes in the world.
    I don’t believe for one instant that my “rant” has changed your mind, but I appreciate being able to deliver my reasoning to you and everyone else. Because I like to be heard, and weigh in on issues that matter to me. Which is why I use social networking, and why I am on
    Good luck and thanks for your opinions.


  • Carlos Tobin

    I’m an explorer with 35. So there must be other factors.

  • Håvar Fredriksen

    Regarding … What tells me Klout is rubbish is not the fact that Beyonce’s score is 50 — or that she has been awarded the 500 total retweets achievement — while her tweet count is zero, it’s the fact that she’s influenced by three people without ever having tweeted.

  • Håvar Fredriksen

    I’m with you, sir.

  • Rob Burns

    Some interesting conversation threads, with healthy dialogue. I’ve been on LinkedIn for some time now and have engaged with Twitter recently, at the end of the day I am a tenured and successful Business Development specialist. Essentially, I have been reading and sharing high quality or relevant content with my networks on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter who may not have access or the time to find that content on their own, my networks appears to appreciate the value I provide. Ultimately, I would prefer to create my own content; however I would need to ensure I can offer the high level of quality which I have been reading and sharing. The comments in this thread and the 3 tips have enlightened me.

  • Andy Gonzalez


    First of all a score of 50 is not the most amazing thing in the world. Even though she has never sent out one tweet, her score is 50 because she has over a million followers and at a moment notice could engage that many people and tell them to follow @AudioRunnerAndy (for example). Chances are, I will have a huge spike in followers. Klout is also measured by Facebook activity … so you must keep that in mind as well.

    As far as the “retweet badge”, it is probably just a malfunction. I had some issues with badges I have earned not appearing. All one needs to do is contact Klout and they reload your info. This usually fixes badge issues. You should tell Klout about it … they will probably take her badge away from her. ;)

  • Rob Bertholf

    Is there an estimated time when Klout will include LinkedIn data (or do they already)? Also, does anyone know of any good Klout Mashups? I built a mashup specific for Hawaii ( and would be interested in collaborating with other developers.

    … and I think its silly so much time was wasted speaking “at” Lilly, some people just dont get it in time they will fade off of the social map.

    Aloha, Rob

  • Andy Gonzalez

    Peerindex does seem more robust at first glance. However I and many people I know have been plagued with an unbelievable amount of incorrect/non-related information popping up on our profiles. A friend of mine is supposedly expert in Israel and Lipo … two topics he has never tweeted or updated or blogged about.

    The thing I like about Klout is that they are a team of perfectionists. Not saying that they do everything perfect, but before they roll out a new algorithim or change a part of their service, most of the buggs have been worked out and things run perfectly. I received a message from peerindex the other day telling me they are still working to refine their processes and generate accurate influence details. So, I wait for my Peerindex score to get right while my Klout score reflects my actual influence and has from day one.

  • Brad Bogus

    Wow, what a great reply Bonnie. You truly sum up the real philosophy of social media as a communication medium: we can share information, inform, instruct, or simply disagree in ways that can be constructive and often times, both right in judgement. And in the end, I now get to follow you and share thoughts with you in the future, which makes it all worthwhile in the end, be it on Facebook, Twitter, or in a bar somewhere =). Cheers.

  • DaveZ

    Facebook is my private domain, whereas Twitter is my public one. Therefore, I’d rather share my YouTube channel or Feedburner count with Klout as another data point.

  • Joan Stewart

    It seems the next two sites that should be part of Klout’s algorithm are LinkedIn and Quora.

    Experts are sharing tons of great information on those sites, and they should be rewarded.

  • jhatchdj

    If you are seeking to engage influencers consider taking advantage of (or perhaps hosting) twitter discussions in your area of expertise or interest particularly those that will feature Q&A with a well known authority figure… then be ready to comment intelligently and without any self promotion. No “I’s” that is.

  • Chris Hunter

    Agreed totally. The integration of FB into Klout at the moment is fundamentally flawed for all but a few users.

    If personal FB pages are skewing the Klout scores of ‘business’ accounts, it reduces the credibility of Klout.

    And Klout can’t pass that off as FB’s problem — it’s a bad move on Klout’s part to integrate unfocused data into the calculations.

  • Dirkjan Vis

    One way to increase it is by just being more active on social media. Instead of having one tweet that can be retweeted or start a discussion, be more active and login and post several times a day. Getting a reputation or a score of whatever is like “work”.

  • Megan Berry

    It is based on other factors such as how often you are sharing links vs creating original content, inbound to outbound message ratio, etc.

  • Sillygringo

    I’m with you Lilly – The FB phenomenon has run its course and we’re going to see it start dropping off as people turn to more wholesome niche networks. Sing your song.

  • Sankar

    Dear Team,

    Is it possible to look at the “Score Analysis For” section for users other than oneself ?

  • sam harris

    then you dont understand anything about web2.0, or what influence means at all…

  • sam harris

    really, run its course, dropping off… more people use facebook that the total population of the usa. and it still hasnt hit the vector mark in the s curve in either china or india. fb will directly or indirectly change everything about how you live your daily life. in point of fact, twitter, and therefore klout, would not exist if fb hadnt paved the superhighway of social media, and given birth to web2.0.

  • SAC

    “more people use facebook than the total population of the USA” – unproven argument – the facts are that there are 500 million + registered users – this does NOT mean they are using it. Keep that in mind.

  • Lauren Hopkins

    Perhaps this has already been answered elsewhere, but is it possible to connect more than one Twitter account to your Klout profile? I maintain both personal and professional accounts, and I think it would be interesting to measure my overall reach as well as each individual account’s Klout score.

  • Talkingbees Onlinehindibengali

    My score is 1 :) and I just found it today :D

  • Dana Neuts

    I have been on Twitter for awhile as @VirtuallyYourz and have built up an audience of fellow writers, editors, freelancers, etc. I am content with my Klout score and my following, but I found out today that my 16 year old daughter – who is fairly new to Twitter – has more Klout than I do. Are there objective measurements to the Klout score, or is it all subjective?

  • Jeff Solomon

    Getting Quora into the mix is essential in my opinion. It has the best “conversations” going on.

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  • Ryan Feltman

    is there anyway to link twitter accounts if you manage more than one?

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  • Tara Husband

    Edgy Klout Trick!  
    My klout jumped 3 points when I created this engagement.  I was at my daughter’s Science Fair I was an upset mom because my daughter didn’t win.  :)  I decided I created my own winner and post it to my 8000 twitter fans.
    1.  Created hashtag #mysciencefairwinner and tweeted what I was doing
    2.  Took pictures at the science fair and uploaded them twitter using #mysciencefairwinner with additional titles and possible hashtags
    3.  Did this for 8-10 pictures while tweeting in between
    4.  Posted on Facebook with a link and said what I was doing
    5.  Posted my daughter as winner (of course) 
    6.  Wrote quick blog about the even with hashtags and pictures.  Fed blog to several places.

    This took me less than an hour.  At that moment, I was just a mom, maxing out my voice while having fun.  People loved it and retweeted plus wrote me back relating.

    The lesson I learned was Klout want live, real information.

    I’m trying a very sneaky behind the scenes way to gather more klout followers.  Come connect with me at if you want to know what I find out.  It’s coming out next week!

    Tara Husband

  • Chris Hunter

    A discussion about the failings of Klout’s methodology is hardly the place to promote a social media company and become a Klout apologist in the process.

  • Tara Husband

    Chris Hunter,
    I have taken your comment to heart and deleted anything to do with my company.  People are always telling me to “add helpful content” places.  That was my intent.  
    A Klout Apologist?  I love that someone thought that I was trying to be a Klout Apologist. I love that someone used the term “Klout Apologist.”
    If you have any suggestions on how to add content without sounding like I’m being self-promoting, only helpful, please let me know.
    Tara Husband

  • Rich Wells

    I think it would be great to if you worked on some integration with Disqus.  Imagine not only the likes and dislikes from Disqus comments being used for a person’s Klout score, but their Klout score also being displayed on their Disqus profile and hover cards.  It would be even better to see commenters’ Klout scores right beside their avatars and usernames when they left a comment.

  • Anonymous

    FYI: I built a Klout ranking board at which now features a topic cloud and ranking board for each topic.  Let me know what you think!

  • Chris Hunter

    +1 Brilliant idea.

  • Rich Wells

    @Klout:twitter  should partner with  @Disqus:twitter  to use comment ratings in the calculation of Klout scores.  It would be great to see Klout scores on Disqus profiles, as well as beside a commenters avatar and username when they left a comment.
    You could use the commenters total number of comments, average number of replies per comment (with heavier trafficked sites weighted) or a ratio of replies vs. content views, and thumbs up(like) vs. thumbs down ratio.  If you worked with Disqus closely enough, you might even be able to track how many socially-shared comments were clicked to bring people to the content that was commented on.

  • Rich Wells

    I had a glitch when posting. I posted a more detailed comment about how they can work together. Thanks for the feedback.

  • Håvar Fredriksen

    According to Megan Berry, Klout’s marketing manager, the average score is 20 …

    About follower count:

    “The final Klout score is a representation of how successful a person is at engaging their audience and how big of an impact their messages have on people.”

    In order to measure someone’s online performance, that someone has to be online, performing.

    The problem is that Klout is unable to distinguish between influence and virality.

  • Guest

    Increase Klout’s ‘klout’ … add the Disqus network to the calculation.

  • Gcommiso

    It seems like active rain has done wonders for my klout score…more than facebook

  • Nancyn

    What is the value of making a “List” ?

  • Greg Chirinian

    I agree if you are trying to promote a company Facebook is invaluable Some companies have realized the potential and have in fact gone to Facebook and no longer have a website. Both Twitter and Facebook have their pros and cons but  from a marketing standpoint both must be utilized. With both these methods you must engage people by asking opinions or just being helpful by passing on good information . What goes around comes around, after all it is social media

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  • Krissy Knox

    The lesson I learned from what you just said is that while Klout and Twitter want “live, real information”, you are a very dishonest person, spreading falsehoods, and I for one don’t want you’re so called “real information” on twitter if it is not going to be the truth.  Please keep it off as we have a code of ethics on Twitter (the honor system). If we can’t even know if what we read is true, then why even bother to be on there?  If you want to see if Twitter and Klout will work, and want to get more blog readers, twitter followers, and raise your Klout score fair and square, then try doing it the same way the rest of us do — by tell a “real, live” story full of “real, live” information.  I for one am offended at what you did bc if everyone is going to do that, we won’t know at any given point what is true and what isn’t.  Thank  you for being fair in not messing w Twitter for the rest of us in the future, not falsifying your Klout score, and not teaching your child poor sportsmanship and to be dishonest.

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  • Mel Ahlborn

    Cheers for the guidelines Megan – time to get to work! 

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  • Courtland Smith

    If you’re into social media influence, be funny, and pose open ended questions to your network that everyone will have a different clever answer to. Give you’re followers an outlet to feel smart. Alternatively, just say something stupid and controversial…that never fails to start a conversation…

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  • Anthony

    Great suggestions, I will be sure to put these into play! Thank You Klout for helping us better understand where we stand with social media. 

  • Johnny (G) Scott ™

    I have a 64 without facebook. But I don’t think 64 is a high score. 

  • CJ Powell

    Does commenting on this stream improve my Klout score?

  • Greg Makuch

    Why not Twitter???????

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  • Chris @Webmindset

    Any tips are welcome and yours is appreciated :) Glad you didn’t mention the sneaky stuff!

  • Elliot Ross

    Anyone can tweet RT @beyonce and post anything.. Infect I’ve seen it done. If 500 people do that (eg. It only takes a viral joke like someone tweeting “RT @beyonce thanks for last night”) then I imagine the system would hand out the badge

  • Elliot Ross

    A good read on this page – my two cents is that a good klout score should be a by product, not your aim- social is about engaging with people and sharing content, and if you do that well, the chances are your klout will go up, but IMO theres much more to benefit from engaging with people than having a high klout score, so isn’t it best to focus on that?

  • Elliot Ross

    Garbage. infact, having influence over a few hundred friends is often more valuable than influence over many more random Internet people

  • RKCS Learning

    I am just learning about/exploring Klout but from what I’ve seen so far, it seems that if you are serious about focusing your reach or even your business niche, its really good tool to get you thinking.

  • Weiland

    I’m concerned about adding FB because I am less active and less focused there 9just hit and miss silliness with friends/family). Should I leave it out?

  • Weiland

    Oy. Typo. I hope those don’t hurt my score!

  • Anthony Rivera

    Haha.  Fantastic.  And speaking of that, would would having a MySpace page do?

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  • Political Psychic

    Okay, while I don’t agree with Lilly’s argument that FB is worthless, and people are so-called losers for using it — I -DO- strongly agree with her on one point (because it’s widely known) that FB is used for intensive data-mining (i.e. spying and hacking). That might sound a bit extreme to those who don’t want to hear it, but it’s true. Take it or leave it, you can’t change that fact.  And Lilly has every right to be concerned about her personal information. It’s that simple.  If you don’t know it’s happening, then you’re outside that realm and want to avoid appearing like a “conspiracy theorist”. People should be concerned – even so – I still use it and take my risks, wisely (?).

  • Political Psychic

    Lilly, you are correct to be concerned about personal information security — but it is a VERY powerful tool on every other level outside of that.  People take huge risks – but the benefits are immediate and easily gained — and that’s why people use it.  I think about personal identity issues EVERY DAY — and that’s the only reason I agreed with you in your initial argument. Data mining, hacking, spying, etc. It’s a serious problem.

  • Political Psychic

    I rarely use it anymore. It’s way too insecure and I’m constantly having to remove information from it, because there is such a security risk while using it. The more secure you feel, the more you use it. Twitter has become my primary tool now.

  • Political Psychic

    There are 290-300 million people living in the US.  There are 500 million users. The statement was meant to demonstrate how FB has more users than the number of people who live in our country, and how globally powerful it is.

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  • Kenda

    Re: “I’m constantly having to remove information from it”

    Therein lies the main flaw in the security argument: Stop putting sensitive information on your profile and you eliminate the vast majority of unsolicited exposure. It’s the law of the internet. But people seem to believe that Facebook is going to secure their info FOR them. It doesn’t work that way. 

    As for the other discussion that someone who uses Facebook lacks sense…well, I’ll just say this: there is a big difference between an opinion and an educated opinion.

  • Political Psychic

    Kenda:  The flaw in my argument? I don’t advocate – or practice – putting sensitive information on FB.  However, FB policy requires users to use their real name.  Such information gathering is way too much to ask – and it prevents people from using such networking tools.  If you read the whole thread, you’ll see that that was what I was arguing about. People go online to get public info – not private info.  

  • Michel Plungjan

    Logged on with twtter.
    Added facebook. No change. Added linkedIn, no change. Clicked around, facebook was forgotten so I clicked connect, it told me I was already on FB with one profile and if I wanted to merge (same account) I said yes. Went to home page. Only twitter was highlighted. Seems you do not save the knowledge of connected socials across the pages.

    1) Connect with Twitter

    2) Connect with Facebook


    3) Follow Klout on Twitter

    I did all 3…

    Profile:connect with facebook for more accurate score – I am already connected as you show half way down that page… Sometimes…

  • Pingback: Kako dobra online reputacija može donijeti besplatnu večeru u hotelu : – Public Relations – Odnosi s javnošću

  • Shimworld

    How is it that some of my friends have the [K]lout icon below their name while mine doesn’t even though I am registered with Klout, have connected with Facebook Profile, Page, Twitter, YouTube etc.

  • Caren Spitler

    I found this debate interesting. I’m not adding to it to change anyone’s mind. Though I do think that any social networking programs can be used wisely. for me being worried about this is equal to being worried that big brother is tracking me on my electronic devices. If you aren’t putting anything sensitive out there what are you going to lose? I see a lot of annoying spam passed around on FB, and perhaps there is an equal amount of mining. I am just not sure you are at risk if you are vigilant and careful about what you put out there.

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  • Heath

    I think all of you guys took her comment way too seriously.

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  • Pingback: You As Celebrity: Influencing the Influencers | Viewser

  • Caelan Huntress

    “Connect your social networks” can actually DROP your score.

    After using Klout for a few months, I added some other networks I don’t use much (Youtube, Tumblr, etc). My score immediately dropped 10 points, and never rose back up, even after I removed those networks from my Klout profile two weeks later.

  • Princess Dominique

    I think it depends “what” you’re doing on Facebook. Everybody isn’t playing SIMS and Sorority Life.

  • George Beverley

    I’m new to all of this but spikes in my score have been down to being, well, erm, ‘social’. That is to say that by asking questions and giving genuine answers or doing the old ‘I don’t know but I do know someone who does’, people have gained at least something from my interaction. Am I getting this now?

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  • Rob Isaacs

    Even if the above tips increase my Klout, surely in the long term there is no reward for this, apart from ego?

    Or are companies like Windows really going to continue giving away free phones?  Maybe, but only to internet celebrities, and just because it’s called Klout, and makes me feel macho, I have no desire to be an internet celebrity.


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  • Jack Gibson

    Does Klout Look at my Facebook Page or just my Facebook Personal Account?

  • Yogesh M. A.

    thanks for such a important  info

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  • Michael Musgrove

    As you also demonstrate. If you loathe your field find another one you like and leave Lilly alone. I read her comment as tongue-in-cheek, because anyone who is the first to post on a Klout blog most likely knows there is some value to be gained from FB.

    Life is short. Don’t live someone else’s life, as the overquoted SJ said.

  • Degsy

    I like you Lily… Stick to your guns.

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  • Pingback: Tip Sheet: Improving Your Klout Score

  • William Doonan

    Help!  My Klout score is going down.  What do I do?

    William Doonan

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  • Vreedwrites

    I too would like a tutorial on what not to do.  I find every one of my scores steadily increasing except network influence. Puzzling since two in my network have increasing influence in the real world but klout has not successfully measured their success.
    Additionally, I would like to add my other networks and topics I interact on. 

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  • Albert Lewis, Jr.

    As a slow, steady and ongoing exploration of all things social, I signed up to Klout and saw that I had a score of 38 and am considered a socializer. Interesting.

  • Simon

  • Simon


  • Tina Fotherby

    I’ve notice an increase in the Klout score when discussing live events.  It certainly cleverly registers the level of conversation.

    It is fascinating how old fashioned face to face contact, when communicated via social media too, can boost the Klout score !  Clever Clout !

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  • George

    One thing people seem to forget is that the quality of YOUR experience on any social network is going to be either limited by or enhanced by the quality of those you engage. If you had a bad experience on Facebook, perhaps you need to examine how you are using it and who you are interacting with. It is like trying to blame a phone network because you get crank calls.

    The problem is that everyone is going to have a different experience and no one is qualified to judge the whole network based on their limited experience.

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  • Henrik

    I cannot think of single way in which social networks could be useful for me doing my job or for my employer as such. I have more than 200 connections on LinkedIn – I’ve never communicated with any of them and never been offered or given any opportunities. And what should we communicate about? Are you people really engaged in industry-relevant debates at 11 in the evening? Or are you doing this on your working time? (because that’s not an option for me. There’s work to do, you know?) When I am evaluating candidates for a position I go thorugh the CV that they sent me (and which they want to be judged on), I dont spy on them on LinkedIn (my own CV which I use for candidatures reflects the one on LinkedIn1:1). And I consider it unprofessional to judge people by their facebook profile. Maybe I shouldn’t post this comment (if you don’t have anything positive to say, don’t say anything) – it’s just that after these 5-8 years of social networking I still haven’t seen any examples of its usefulness. 
    Regarding Klout, I simply don’t understand the concept. How can a person have influence on Facebook? My friends influence me and their other friends but that is a rather small shpere of influence I would say. Like most Europeans I am not on Twitter (what is it for?), i.e. I have an account but I’ve never used it.

  • Chris

    I actually use Twitter for my business. I sell insurance software and every day post “an insurance fact a day.” My followers (people who work for insurance companies) get one post a day with a stat or quote from research that aligns with their job. At the same time, I am building relationships. Sure at this point in time the relationship is pretty loose, but they will at least know my name if and/when I ever want to contact them.

  • Jason Davis

    As a developer, twitter is a HUGE resources, Me and my peers share great tips and tutorials via twitter daily ans as such my Klout score has gone from 40 to 65 in about a month. I agree LinkedIN is not that useful but the other networks are invaluable

  • Linfcor

    Thanks for the information. As a newbie to Klout, I thought the information was great. I will be working on my Klout score ! Thanks for helping me get started !

  • Lisa Cash Hanson

    Not sure I agree with what you’ve said- my followers are very active with me and I am with them I’m in tribes they share my content I answer questions etc; and if I dont’ get on Klout daily and give k+ my score drops it’s a little dumb it went from 58 to 53 and the only thing I changed is not hopping on Klout every day  not sure I get how you account for interaction

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  • mogwaipr

    when I realized one week ago how much time I wasted through fb, I deactivated it. I don’t feel needy of it. Instead starting using Google+ because I thought nobody used it so I wouldn’t end wasting too much time and to my surprise the wall’s content is much more relevant to my interests.