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Don’t miss the Klout Panels at SXSW!

March 9th, 2011 by Megan Berry

Klout will be on not one, but two panels at SXSW this year. You know you have to check them out to learn why influence matters and maybe even a few tips and secrets about what we do. The panels are back to back on Sunday so it’ll be easy to hop from one to another.

The Science of Influence: Sunday, March 13th, 11AM

Ramya Krishnamurthy, our Director Research Engineering (aka our Chief Scientist) will be joined by Michael Wu from Lithium and Dan Zarella the “Social Media Scientist” to discuss how we can measure influence and why it matters. This panel is moderated by Marshall Kirkpatrick from Read Write Web.

Influencers Will Inherit the Earth. Quick, Market Them! Sunday, March 13th, 12:30PM

Our CEO, Joe Fernandez, will discuss how to market influencers (and why you should try) with Mike Yavonditte from Hashable and Sloane Berrent from Answer with Action. This panel will be moderated by Anthony Ha of VentureBeat.

As for what else is on the Klout schedule at SXSW, we’re hosting a lunch party on Saturday at the Klout Krib and we’re co-hosting a brunch with Cotweet on Sunday.

See you there!

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