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Top 15 News Outlets with Klout

March 29th, 2011 by Megan Berry
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In today’s world instead of sitting down with a paper we find often find our news through Twitter and social media. It’s become essential for media outlets to understand how best to leverage these platforms to spread their message. These top fifteen news outlets really understand how to drive action on social media. Number one is nhk_News in Japan – likely largely to do with the recent tragedy there sparking interest in that area. The second, @cnnbrk, was actually started by a CNN fan and later acquired by them.

Here’s the full list:

1. NHK

2. CNN (breaking)

3. Reuters

4. Metro TV News

5. Mashable

6. Huffington Post


8. Time

9. New York Times

10.La Patilla

11. CBS News

12. Globovisión

13. CNN

14. TechCrunch

15. BBC News

(16.)  The Guardian

When the scores were the same we went down two decimal places to determine the correct order. Questions or comments? To learn more about how we score influence online check out “What is the Klout Score?” Let us know!

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