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Measuring Influence #kloutchat with Joe Fernandez

May 31st, 2011 by Megan Berry

For this month’s #KloutChat our CEO and Co-Founder, Joe Fernandez (@joefernandez) will be joining us to talk about measuring influence. We’ll talk about what influence is (and ask for your opinion), what measurable indicators of influence are, and talk about how Klout measures influence. We’ll also be asking your for your thoughts on what indicators of influence you’d like to see in Klout.

Measuring Influence #KloutChat

w/ @JoeFernandez

Wednesday, June 1st at 3PM PT / 6PM EST

What questions would you like to ask Joe? Let us know in advance and we’ll do our best to work them into the chat!

If you’re unfamiliar with Twitter chats, check out the article “What is a Twitter Tweet Chat?

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  • Steven Weldler

    To what extent do Facebook accounts affect a Klout score?

  • Lin Humphrey

    I’d love to know from a marketing perspective if brands who do a kloutperk (like the Virgin America or HP promos) see an increase in Klout score following these promos (and if these increases are stable or drop back down to a baseline).   Really fascinated by the potential here.  

  • Tim Adams

    Does Klout take into account the number of tweets a user has favorited by others?

  • Tim Adams

    To piggy back on Steven Welder’s question – Also what Facebook indicators are used to measure Klout score?

  • chickhuber

    I’m not sure i understand the og badge – are there plans in the future to “gamify” klout?

  • Jonathan Gunnells

     When will you be adding influence for other sites? Like Yelp, LinkedIn, etc.?

  • Midlife Singlemum

    BritMums lists the Klout scores of its members every month and ranks them using numbers to two decimal places. How can we see our scores like this – it would be nice to know just how near I am to getting the next number?

  • chickhuber

    Ugh. Sorry for that. I’m not sure I understand the OG badge. Are there plans in the future to “gamify” Klout?

  • Ross Pearsall

    Are Facebook fan pages included in the score?  If not will they be anytime soon?

  • Midlife Singlemum

    When is Klout going to include  bloggers’ stats – you may have thousands of people reading and commenting on your blog but not tweeting you? That’s still a lot of Klout.

  • akronohiohomes

    Need better advice. My Klout score goes up and you say “keep doing what your doing!” Please tell me what I did right to keep it going up, if that is possible.

  • Lilly Hunter (@LillyLyle)

    Hi Joe, I wondered to myself the other day why no one had thought to include Flickr as a network one can include in one’s klout score. I have hundreds of contacts on Flickr, that I later on sometimes add to my twitter clan. Flickr is truly social, with emails, comments and “favouriting” of pictures.

    I’m no Faceb0rk user.  I have much more fun discussing photography, places and people on, or via, Flickr. Give it a thought :-)

  • Megan Berry

    If you look at your profile and mouseover your graph you’ll see your score to two decimal places. Thanks!

  • Brice Liesveld

    I’d like to see some kind of IMDB algorithm added to the mix.  

    Maybe something like:

    (Credit * IMDB movie rank) * Release Date ScalerWhere:Credit is weighted by credit type: (Producer is more Klout than PA)IMDB movie rank (popularity of the movie as rated by IMDB)Release Date Scaler(This may or may not be redundant as it might be figured in with IMDB score, but some kind of scaler that add/reduces klout based on how current a credit is)

  • Anni Bricca

    I’ve noticed the key words Klout assigns to our influence are either spot on or drastically wrong. Mine are mostly inaccurate and a friends is ridiculous, yet we do both continue to climb. I’m playing around with changing it but I have to wonder how my friend is listed solely as influential about Poems when she constantly and solely tweets, photos and blogs about knitting and the yarn/knitting industry. She’s come to believe Klout is garbage and has dismissed it entirely. Due to this and I have to say, despite her extreme focus on her topic, I have to wonder how we affect our stated influence.

  • g. c.

    Why do not you give to the klout OG achievements user only a score base under which klout may not go? :D

  • Syd Barron

    How do you become influential about a topic?

  • Alexander Braunstein

    Facebook accounts seem to be too heavily weighted and adding one seems to ALWAYS increase your score. Is this true?

  • Popephoenix

    what can be done to increase your overall influence in your industry?

  • Ellie Guscott

    The ‘type’ button, “Dabbler” in my case, seems to be somewhat slated toward focused tweeters/social interactions.  Is being multi-faceted a detracting value in the klout system?  Also, is there any documentation of the types included in that system and how that value is reached?  I understand that might be difficult as it deals with the presumably proprietary system that runs klout – but any insight would be welcome as a honing tool for effective social focusing.  @JoeFernandez:twitter #KloutChat

  • Paul McAllister

    I think that you should some how include the influence of YouTube accounts with views/subscribers. I also would like to know when Foursquare and LinkedIn will be added. They’ve been coming soon for a bit now. :)

  • Megan Berry

    Facebook fan pages are not currently included in the Klout Score. This is something we’d like to add in the future. Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    And how many PM GMT? We are in France :-)

  • Debi Adam

     how does klout calibrate what your influential topics are

  • Joe Employee

    Is there a Klout plugin that I can see scores when viewing my Tweets or FB wall?

  • Dustin W. Stout

    Is connecting a Facebook Page IN ADDITION TO a Facebook profile a possibility in Klout’s near future? Meaning, one can have their Twitter, Facebook profile, AND Facebook page connected simultaneously.

  • Dustin W. Stout

    Is connecting a Facebook Page IN ADDITION TO a Facebook profile a possibility in Klout’s near future? Meaning, one can have their Twitter, Facebook profile, AND Facebook page connected simultaneously.

  • g. c.

    Here is the old tweets (I hope will be available yet) for who missing the chat:

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