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How to Get Klout Perks

July 28th, 2011 by David Temple

One of the most common questions we’re asked is, “How do I get Klout Perks?” Finding the right Perk for each influencer is not an easy process and we’d like to share the key principles behind our selection process:

1. Everybody has Klout
One of the biggest misconceptions about Perks is that only people with high scores are eligible. That is not the case. Our goal is to provide Perks to the people who are in the best position to speak intelligently about a product to an engaged and interested audience. While some of those people will have high overall Klout scores, it’s just as frequent that it will be somebody with a score in the 20s who has a lot of influence on a relevant topic.

2. Topics are key
Your friends and followers want to hear from you on the topics that you know about. Your topics of influence are therefore an important way that we determine which Perks are right for you. Be sure to check your topic page regularly and ask your friends for +K in the topics that you feel match your expertise—it helps us find the best Perk for your interests!

Behind the scenes glimpse of our Perks selection tool

3. Location matters
If I’m looking for pizza in San Francisco, I turn to the foodies I know who live there. We use your location to help us find the best Perks to match your influence. Help us out by keeping your profile up-to-date and connecting your Facebook account.

4. No spam
Finally, we strive to make sure that you only hear from us when we have something great to offer you, not just another daily deal. We’ve built a variety of internal tools to make sure that we’re sending Perks to the right people at the right time. It’s a delicate balance and we won’t always get it right, but know that we’re working hard to make it better each and every day. And if you haven’t gotten a Perk from us yet, don’t be disappointed—it just means we’re still searching for the perfect Perk for you!

If you’re eligible for a Perk you’ll be able to opt-in on our Perks page which also features a showcase of current Perks you can check out.

P.S. You can help us get you more Perks by encouraging businesses or brands with cool products to get in touch with us.

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  • Brian

    How do you get “topics”? Every time I look you simply say ” We do not have any topics for you at the moment”. 

  • Saul Fleischman

    Will be nice when your ystem does not notify me that I qualified for a perk – only to take it back when the actual perk-provider IP-sniffs that I’m in Japan and takes the perk back.

    Also, any way to add topics for our own acct? I see that we can only remove them.

  • Michael Mesich

    How do we trigger Topic refresh?  Mine has been stuck at “Topics last refreshed: Never” although now that I look at it, I’m a couple days short of a full month in.  Is this a monthly refresh?

  • Jennifer Mitchell

    How do I activate my One King’s Lane perk?

  • Jennifer Mitchell

    How do I activate my One King’s Lane Perk?

  • Gloria Stovall

    Pretty sure it just accumulates over time. I didn’t have any for a long time, and within the last couple weeks, I have gained two topics. It is self generating based off of how people respond to what you post/broadcast. :) Hope this helps!

  • Gloria Stovall

    Pretty sure it just accumulates over time. I didn’t have any for a long time, and within the last couple weeks, I have gained two topics. It is self generating based off of how people respond to what you post/broadcast. :) Hope this helps!

  • Saul Fleischman

    Yes, but any idea on when you will make perks – any of them – available to people in Japan?

  • Dado

    I have been writen for a long time. My question is: how can my friends help me to get “perks” which correspond to my real subsjects?

  • SB

    I was influential in “subway” yet didn’t qualify for a subway card, now I’m influential in “sports” “basketball” and the ” los angeles lakers” but don’t qualify for the dick’s sporting goods card. If these topics aren’t good enough, then what is?

  • Justin Freid

    Thanks for giving some insight into how people can get Perks.
    Are there any that are topic neutral and rely solely on score?
    Could you explicitly state which topics are associated with a Perk?

  • Hockey Broad

    Some of the topics I’m listed as “influential” in, I’m not sure if I’ve ever discussed! How does that happen?

  • Susan in the Boonies

    Thanks for this. I am reluctant to ask my friends for +K.

    Either I’ve got klout, based on responses to my posts, or, I don’t.

  • Debi Adam

    I’ve done two so far – great perks!!

  • Smythe001

    Still yet to receive a perk.

  • MingleMedia TV

    Have gotten a few perks but I’ve also enjoyed the partners products as well!

  • Jonathan

    I had a topic in “pasta” which I only once said when I was tweeting and eating at the moment. Not funny and I still have no idea who was the idiot who made that an influential topic.

  • synical

    The perks would be nice if they work outside the US. Just saying.

  • jonnichols

    I’m really curious as to how topics are determined…mine says I’m influential about “robot” when I’ve only mentioned it once or twice.  I talk more about “ghostbusters” than anything on twitter and facebook.  Yet, I see a friend who isn’t into Ghostbusters who tweeted a picture of me in my Ghostbuster costume once is listed as being influential in “ghostbusters”…WTF?

  • dad blog

    International perks will also be a good idea, as the latest perk for the Chevrolet Volt is not applicable to someone like me in Australia :-(

  • Spiro Pappadopoulos

    Dope Perk.

  • Baycat57

    I wish my perks would include self-publishing or independent writers!

  • Marcus_036

    How Can i get Stephen Kings New E-Book

  • Akharis Yuli

    Information is very good for me as a new member. Hopefully I get more
    Klout Perks!

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  • Annie

    How does someone in Canada take advantage of the Perks? I just tried and my province is not listed in the drop down menu????

    Someone in Alabama may be getting my Perk!

  • Annie

    Same here!

  • Anonymous

    I checked the box in my profile to be notified of perks but I’ve never gotten an email. Only way I know about perks I can get is from friends who also got the same perk and tweeted about it.

  • Gina

    I thought so too, however I HAD several topics (although they were only somewhat accurate) and I thought “great, finally making progress”…then, suddenly, they disappeared.  wth?

  • Marc Brooks

    I would love to go to NYC to claim my Windows Phone.. now that I’m a 56+ in technology. Just saying.

  • nottonyharrison (Kim)

    You are aware that the US has only 4.48% of the world population right?  Might be time for you to add a ‘country’ option to our profile settings.

  • ResilientMichael

    Look forward to North American perks for those of us that live and work outside of the USA Hope that can happen in 2012!

  • @MimiBakerMN

    so, the new Sonic perk…I have a Klout score of 63 (you need a 45) and the topic of Music (which I have). Did I need to have ALL of these topics: music, technology,travel and tourism to be eligible? Makes no sense.

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  • [email protected]

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    Located in Jacksonville, FL this Saturday from 10-6
    many small business owners work at Craft shows.
    With out people shopping crafters may not be able to keep
    traveling to sell products. Just like in a farmers market they own this small business.
    So please shop small business and local if you can.
    Big stores are corporations that make things cheap and the empoyees are
    just there to check you at the register and make sure your not stealing stuff.
    Thank you,
    A Small Business Owner

  • Kathleen Brandt

    I meet all the requirements for Eye-Fi perk, but it says ineligble. How do I get this corrected?

  • eRenan

    I have the requirements for some of the Perks but nevertheless it says that I’m not elegible, why that happens?

  • Libby

    A perk says I’m not qualified for the perk. I  hover over it and it says I need to have a klout score above 35. My klout score is 53. What am I doing wrong?

  • C. Charles

    I should be eligible for the current @PersonofInterest:twitter perk, but I have not been awarded it? I have a Klout score of 51 and Television as a topic I am influential about! Help?!

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  • Nicole @ Some Call It Natural

    I don’t know if this is the best place to ask this, but I qualify for the Gaylord perk, but it says I’m not eligible.  It says it requires a klout score of 45 (mine is 51) and at least medium influence in moms and parenting, which I have.  I live about 30 minutes from Nashville, so I don’t think location would be the problem.  Could you please help me understand why I am not eligible for this one?

  • Drmalrob

    Perks are fine if you live in the USA ! just saying.


    I am brand new to KLOUT. I received a PERK — and somehow was unable to access the business cards. As I was trying to download or upload from one of the choices — somehow I pressed a button and ‘escaped’ the program without cashing in on my prize!!?? It now says I’ve ‘skipped’ this perk — which was my very first perk. I would really love to get back ‘in’ and make use of the business cards. How do I do this? Help and suggestions and clear instructions would be most appreciated. Thanks.

  • peggy

    why do i never qualify for a klout perk??? what the sense in being a member if i never qualify for anything?

  • Klout
  • John Cockerill

    Completely agree. Most Canadian live within 200 miles of the American Canadian border. Canadian are one of the most connected countries in the world. It would be nice if we could participate in the perks. Most brands are the same.

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