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+K for Google+

July 20th, 2011 by Ash Rust

Google+ is probably the fastest growing service of all time, and is certainly the most discussed launch of the year. Benefiting from Google’s unique distribution position, it’s already changing the landscape of social media, amassing 10M+ members in just a few weeks. It took Facebook two years and Twitter three years to reach the same milestone. Here at Klout, we’re taking a closer look at how it can help provide our users with a complete picture of their influence.

Our internal testing of Google+ has already demonstrated some exciting potential. Simple post-by-post privacy is undoubtedly a reason why so many feel more comfortable with who can access their content. We’ve also noticed people are sharing more, perhaps due to a more intuitive interface. A good example of this is the YouTube sharing integration, which allows users to search for videos, pick from their own uploads or enter a video’s URL.

That said, the most engaging element has emerged from the ability to post publicly (even to users who aren’t logged in) and receive responses in the form of in-line comments. Now users can follow and contribute to conversations in a way that wasn’t previously possible. Here’s a great example of the Gmail team using this feature to get suggestions on how they might integrate Google+.

We’ve already started work on ways to assess your influence on Google+, but we need Google to provide us with a system to access and identify your data. We’ve heard an API for Google+ is coming soon and we’ll be ready when it launches.

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