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Klout Leads to More Sales

July 26th, 2011 by Megan Berry

Online marketplace Addoway gave sellers the option to add Klout Scores in April of this year. Addoway believed Klout was an important component of trust and would help improve confidence in their network, but they didn’t realize by how much. They found “sellers that display their Klout score on Addoway are 5 times more likely to make a sale than sellers that don’t.

The Klout Score is an indication of the trust your network puts in you and Addoway has shown that consumers value that trust when they’re looking to make a purchase. Fredrick Nijm, CEO of Addoway adds “Klout is valuable information because it indicates advocacy and that trusted relationships have been formed. Bringing value to eCommerce by indicating an individual’s social status will only lead to safer buying decisions, because shoppers can make more confident decisions.”

We’re excited to see Klout used more in purchasing decisions, as a valuable indicator of reputation and influence.

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  • elaine ossipov

    I’m not sure why this was posted in applications.  Should be in Shopping or Marketing or on your front page.  Especially since we’re on third base, and “home” (christmas) is coming up really fast!  I’ll post the article everywhere.

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