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Designing The Klout Score

August 26th, 2011 by Ben Ramirez

38In the past few months Klout has undergone some serious changes, not least of which is a complete site overhaul and a huge brand transformation. This is not a small feat, given the timeframe. Time Magazine has even selected us as one of their top 50 websites! It’s really a testament to the hard work of everyone here at Klout: the engineers, product managers, designers, and the executive team for steering the ship. So when I was asked to sit down and really think about what the Klout brand is and what it should look like, the core of that concept was pretty obvious: The Klout Score.

The Klout Score is one of our most recognizable and valuable assets. Everyone sees it; it’s plastered on people’s blogs, it’s all over TechCrunch, and on hundreds of other media outlets. If you are “in social media” you can’t escape it. In reality, it’s the culmination of years of hard work put into crunching data, analytics, algorithms, APIs, and it’s what makes Klout Klout. It was an interesting process getting to where we are now. I’ve included some early renditions of the score here, a small peek into that process. These are basic sketches, meant to lead us in a direction that really highlights the score and promotes the Klout brand. After what seemed like hundreds of iterations and lots of back and fourth between product and design, we’ve come to what you see on the site now. The nice bold numbers (we chose DIN as a typeface for its really killer numbers) sitting on Klout Orange, in a friendlier (rounded edges) shape that still firmly represents the original Klout flag logo. More work on the Klout brand is being done everyday, and we won’t stop until everything is 100% awesome. Hopefully these changes have made Klout more accessible, simpler, a little more stylish, and overall a better experience for you, our Influencers.

Klout Score Exploration

Would love your thoughts!

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  • Chris |

    Nice – reminds me of the early Pixar designs that became a series of huge blockbuster films.  I wish you the same success.

  • Mike Morales

    Awesome. Dig the logo too.

  • Mike Morales

    Awesome. Dig the logo too.

  • Mike Morales

    Awesome. Dig the logo too.

  • Tim Ngwena

    Fascinating insight. 

  • tichaelmucker

    Out of curiosity, what happens with a max score of 100? (not that I have to worry about ever getting there myself)

  • Dan Richey

    Ask Justin Bieber @justinbieber:twitter bro. My online presence @danrichey:twitter is putting my Klout score at 48 right now. He is at Klout score of 99 and apparently in the Klout world we have
    nothing else to aspire to other than to become Justin Bieber. He is classified as Klout perfection.

  • Social Media Guru

    How about the option to not be included automatically, and an easier opt-out process?

  • Kylie Hodges

    Deeply worrying!

  • Douglas Crets

    Still so many questions about how you make the Klout score relevant, how it is geared, and how you make something so subjective have such resonance. Eager to learn more. 

  • Alexandra Williams

    And orange is, and always has been, my favorite color. Maybe due to the red/orange hair I had as a kid (right up there in my avatar).

  • The Basis Point

    Hi Ben, can you (or someone else) comment on how Klout determines whether you’re Sharing or Creating? 

  • Joshua Muñoz

    I definitely like some of those other logos, maybe just for my blog. I think the current main logo is great.

    More options for HTML embedding later?

  • Michael Q Todd

    Anton Perlkvist has a higher Klout score (82.30 vs 80.77)You have a larger Network Influence (100 vs 86)You have a larger Amplification Probability (100 vs 72)You have a larger True Reach (24k vs 24k)Hi BenHow does this work?My 3 scores have not altered in 6 months though my score has gone up and down.One day it dropped from 82 to 76 but has slowly risen back. Is it possible to change the Influence and Probablity scores to say out of 200 so I can see if they are going up or down or not.Michael

  • tichaelmucker

    Oh, Bieber. Is it possible that this whole time Klout has been lying to us and Klout scores are in fact more, shall we say, “follically”-based?

  • Arthur J Mukembo

    I’m still very impressed by Klout – an elegant solution (and quite addictive) :) 

  • Petr Bednář


  • Jorge A. Mussuto

    For me is perfect:)

  • Peggy Brennan

    no too shabby

  • Eric Dykstra

    The ones with the Klout-bubble inside the Klout-bubble are a little extreme; I’m glad you guys decided to go with simplicity.

  • Anonymous

    Pretty fascinating. thanks!

  • Nelson Eguizabal

    Cool story, bro! The design is nice, lean and clean.

  • OFErOne (Erwin Ocampo)

    Can we actually have an alt style of the @Klout:twitter website which is in pencil drawings?

  • gotham

    The latest design is simplicity at its best!

  • Jan

    Outstanding staff.

  • Rob Bertholf

    Love the insight!

  • mauricio

    I like the post. The post is very Useful. I wanted to thank you for this excellent read!

  • Pacslim

    why not give us klout lovers a way to customize our own klout colors and looks? Because I love them other logo’s orginality is the key!

  • Anonymous

    Rather interesting  to see how this is evolving

  • Webmindset

    Love it and surprised to find that some of my friends (whose scores should be WAY higher than mine) still haven’t signed up!

  • Shadrach White

    I have found that if you stay engaged and include Klout in your overall daily social media activity the score stays steady and will climb the more engaged you are with your social networks.  I recently posted a blog on my personal experience 

  • Joe Bartolucci

    I love that these were sketched. Too many times designers and art directors go right to pixels. It’s much better and easier to generate more ideas through sketching first. Love to watch the evolution. Fun!

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  • Elise Boisquillon

    Congratulations !
    The Klout Score is a very good tool !
    I agree with @acslim. It would be great to customize ourselves the logo, background… in order to feel more engage with Klout and to be 100% awesome :)

  • Luxury Pets

    Such a power post! Thank you for the insight and all your hard work.  You are making me a better at social marketing by giving me goals to improve and grow.


  • Davidpschaeffer

    Thanks for sharing. Sometimes we forget all the hours of hard work that goes into such a small icon. Great work!

  • Thomas Hawk

    Question.  You had us hook up our flickr accounts several weeks ago but these accounts seem to have little influence on our score at all.  

    Have you not turned on the Flickr api yet?  Will this be forthcoming in the future?  How much longer will we have to wait to see this flickr analysis?

  • RealEstateHet

    I’m more interested in my Klout score than my weight (there’s a change!)

  • Marcia

    Appreciate the information re Logo design but would like to know more about the actual process of calculating the Klout Score.  I am making a few remarks about it in the now in progress book re mobile social media.  Klout may be interested in partnering on a give away chapter :-)

  • Faintlyridiculous

    Who gives a shit! What’s wrong with you people!

  • TCManiacs

    love the orange color…stands out among all the SN blues. like the soft rounded corners around the simple easy-to-read bold sanserif. i am totally addicted to tracking it and comparing it with others.

  • Heather DiPietro

    The different klout logos are definitely cool. I appreciate them. I like goldish looking one. It makes KLOUT seem super impressive and awesome.

  • Betto Valle

    This resource is realy nice. We can ad more customization to the profile

  • Patricia Logan

    why the negativity, in fact why are you even on here if you do not like what people talk about?   It is really annoying when people read something, and give a comment like the one you just gave.  People are interested, that who care.   If you don’t have nothing nice to say about the subject, delete, do not read, or comment at all.

  • Lois Creamer

    Congrats on your site and everything you do! I’m a fan. I presented a program a few weeks ago at the Natl Speakers Assoc convention and even talked about you! Keep up  the great work!

  • Lois Creamer

    You are a really thoughtful guy and obviously a deep thinker.

  • Ceasar Allen

    Thanks for the information, one never know how you do what you do.  Keep on improving, I believe in you.

  • Kat Haber

    Love measuring influence!

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