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Do you have Foursquare Klout?

August 4th, 2011 by Ash Rust
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Just a year ago, Klout only measured influence on Twitter. Today we’re happy to announce we’re adding a fourth network to your score: Foursquare. Here at Klout, we believe influence is topical and temporal. You have influence on certain subjects, at certain times; Foursquare adds another dimension to our concept of influence: local.

In Foursquare’s “tips” we’ve found a wealth of data on how our users drive a very important action: purchases. In most cases tips inform users how best to spend their money – we’ve included some examples below.

Our science team has uncovered some very interesting data on how important tips are:

  • More than 2/3 of active Foursquare users post tips.

  • These tips have a ready audience with each tip being done, on average, at least once.

  • 80% of active users have “done” tips.

The importance of tips for a venue cannot be underestimated, as the data shows, tips are loved by users and change what customers want.

Those of you who have already connected your Foursquare account should see this update reflected on your profile today. We’re extremely excited about this new area of influence and we’d love to know what you think.

Q & A:

Q: Who will have Foursquare integrated into their profile?
A: Everyone who has connected their Foursquare account to Klout. If you want to add your Foursquare influence to your score, it’s available on the dashboard or on your profile.

Q: How will the Foursquare integration show up on my profile?
A. Your Foursquare influence will be added to your Klout Score.

Q: How will connecting Foursquare affect my score?
A: Your Klout Score will be more accurate. For instance, you may not use Twitter or Facebook that much, but have a rich and engaged network on Foursquare. There is no risk that your Klout will go down. Once you’ve connected Foursquare, your Score will be updated in 72 hours or less.

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