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Featured Perk: Drive Home a Chevrolet Volt

August 23rd, 2011 by Megan Berry
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Imagine getting a chance, not just to test drive a new electric car, but to call it your own for three days! Top technology, entertainment and social media Influencers in Chicago will have the opportunity to do just that with the new all-electric Chevy Volt. Chevy let us know that the Volt’s combination of an awesome driving experience with electric fuel-saving capabilities was something Influencers had to try to believe.

Twenty-five Klout Influencers will get this Perk and be one of the first consumers to drive the new Chevy Volt (let alone take it home with them) and get a $50 gift card for expenses. We can’t wait to hear how it goes!

Look out for more great Perks like this one! Also, if you want to know how we choose people for Perks, check out How to get Klout Perks.

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Megan Berry

Marketing Manager for Klout

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  • Alexandra Williams

    Dang, I wish I lived in Chicago just now! But I shared it so that my CHI friends would have a chance! Go Volt!

  • James Ochweri

    Fantastic idea for a perk. But what happens to international Klout users? I feel that we’re left out of the meritocracy…

  • Richard Brown Photog

    this is a cool promo.. very nice 

  • Richard Brown Photog

    this is a cool promo.. very nice 

  • Brenden Wright

    pretty dang cool if you ask me….

  • Brenden Wright

    pretty dang cool if you ask me….

  • Brian_M_Carr

    Why would you need gas paid for if it is an electric car? and why isn’t that exclamation point inside the brackets?  Not that I am a pedant..

  • Megan Berry

    Fair point — it’s a $50 gift card so you can buy some food instead ;)

  • R & H Consulting

    Ok- I am ready for delivery!

  • Jennifer

    I qualify for this perk, but I keep getting an error when I fill out the form!  :(((

  • Lyonsdigital

    I’d love to compare that Volt to my Prius.

  • Thom

    Sure only in Chicago

  • sandra sorbello


  • Steve Overstreet

    There are a couple on the road here in Los Angeles and they are definitely impressive to see and hear! 

  • Jai Roberts

    I drive a Prius really great on gas but you would have to fly it to Kauai to let me try it!

  • Lucretia M Pruitt

    Because it has a gas ‘reserve’ – so you won’t run out of juice in the middle of nowhere.  That’s the appeal of it.

  • MarketingXD

    Re: “call it your own for three days!”
    Just about long enough to sell it on e-bay!

  • Txgaldaisy

    Go for it Chicago :)

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  • Solas propeller

    Nice posted

  • Auto Locksmiths in London

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  • L Benning

    This is pretty cool!