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Measuring Klout on 10 Networks

August 10th, 2011 by Ash Rust
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Today we take a big step forward in our goal to measure influence wherever it happens. We’re adding five new networks: Blogger, Tumblr, Flickr, Instagram and, allowing you to connect up to 10 networks with Klout.

Measuring influence wherever it happens means we have to go beyond a status update:

  • One of our most requested features is blog integration, so we’re excited to be adding both the largest blogging platform in Blogger and one of the fastest growing in Tumblr.
  • Online images continue to play a huge role in keeping us connected to family and friends while helping us understand what’s going on anywhere in the World; today we’re adding the Godfather of photo sharing, Flickr and the hugely popular mobile app Instagram.
  • Finally we’re adding, so we can assess the influence you have on your friends’ listening habits and music discovery.

Although we are still in the early stages of understanding influence, today’s launch brings us a lot closer to measuring influence everywhere. You can connect all your accounts today to be one of the first people scored on these new networks. Connecting an account wil never lower your Score, but it may increase it as we can give you credit for your influence in that network. As always, we’d love to hear your feedback.

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  • DevourerofBooks

    You need to add WordPress! Specifically self-hosted WordPress.

  • Mark Shannon

    Great stuff! Going to be linking these now.

  • Edward Green

    How about Disqus …

  • Jordan Munson

    Finally, been waiting for Tumblr/ I use those networks a ton!

  • Edward Green

    My only concern is that in supporting some blogging platforms but not others you disadvantage those of us who use different CMS platforms and our own domains and servers. 

  • Shanni Elcock

    Facebook page love is soooo necessary – when do we get this?

  • Equipoize

    I think Word Press and Webshots are significant sites, and I don’t want to change my alliegence just to up my Klout score. 

  • Christopher Neetz

    Well, my Klout score is going up now!

  • Alastair Goldfisher

    Since I’m a Blackberry user, some of this integration is not relevant for me.

  • Kaley

    This is super exciting!

  • Alastair Goldfisher

    Since I’m a Blackberry user, some of this integration is useless to me. But, hey, when are we gonna see Klout track G+ influences?

  • Nathaniel Wilson

    Awesome, when are you guys going to add Google+?

  • Jennifer L. Smith

    I blog on WordPress. And have been for years…will you be adding this page too?

  • Ryan Smith

    When will Google+ be included?

  • Whitney

    is there a way to add more than one account for say… Twitter? thanks.

  • Thomas Deneuville(.com)

    Great news! I also think that self hosted WP should be considered… What about SoundCloud? Lots of musicians connect through it. Thanks!

  • OFErOne (Erwin Ocampo)

    LOVE IT!

  • Megan Berry

    Hey Nathaniel, we definitely want to add Google+ soon. You can read more here:

    -Megan, Mkt Manager, Klout

  • OFErOne (Erwin Ocampo)

    I think they said they’re waiting for an API for G+ to open up

  • ™Andy Reeley

    cool, and about time too !!!

  • tSherrell

    Congrats Klout on this as well as so many well timed and perfectly executed successes. Competition in the Social Media influence and perks space must be trying to nip at your heels as you are the clear front-runner.

  • Chip Michael

    Wow, this is great… are you going to allow for personal websites/blogs to be tracked?   I know that’s difficult, but maybe adding some code to the header could allow this kind of stat tracking.

    And Sound Cloud (as Thomas Deneuville mentioned) would be great… 

    YOu’re doing great work…

  • Johannes Schunter

    When will you add Google+? This is what I need the most.

  • graylikethecolor

    how about Vimeo?

  • Peter Mullen

    Why not add Disqus and measure the number of ‘likes’?

  • TechFrog  Jim Alden

    Instagram is specifically iPhone, so it’s not a level playing field if you single out iPhone users

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  • John Joyce

    Very nice!

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  • Benjamin Kerensa

    Picasaweb next?

  •!/Agreb Aaron Grebner

    I hope this helps my Klout score! 

  • Henry

    Thanks. Just linked Blogger, tumblr, lastfm. Is adding friends, [from mentioned accounts], to klout to be included?
    Looking forward to G+ going forward…
    Cheers ; )

  • Lisa @ BaffledBooks

    WordPress and Google + are what I’m waiting for! Thanks for Tumblr though! :D 

  • Anonymous

    Will adding any of these affect our klout negatively?

  • Anonymous

    I guess when the API is available

  • Alexandra

    Definitely need Facebook Pages!

  • Mark J Daniels

    Brilliant; now all we need is Google to actually get on with updating Blogger to coincide with the launch of Plus, as they promised months ago…!

  • Rolando Gomez

    I think Klout should stick with KIS, keep it simple. You guys are going to dilute the value of Klout scores as you’re being too selective and too diluted at the same time. I’ve got two very popular blogs, on my own servers, not blogger. One listed in AllTop, not going to move it for the sake of my Klout score. Focus on Facebook fan pages too, as my personal Facebook is more private. Klout should not penalize anyone for not being on everything you measure, and focus on the top five social networking tools. Sometimes expanding too much is self-destruction and I foresee people are going to give up on Klout because it measures too many things colelctively–perhaps measuring things like flickr, tumblr, blogger on their own merit individually–like demographics, or data mining for advertisers is better than collectively.

  • BradyDale

    Cool. I added you guys on Tumblr and Flickr and YouTube. I felt a little odd about Tumblr and Flickr, tho. I use those services, but I’m not really trying to be influential on either of them. I mostly have Tumblr and Flickr just to interact with folks on there but I’m not really trying to be a content creator on there. Is there any disincentive to adding accounts you aren’t really trying to be a mover and shaker on?

    Also, the permissions seemed awfully extreme. On Tumblr it is “read and write” access and on Flickr it is “read, write and replace.” that seemed like a lot. You’re not going to use your permissions to do anything but assess and evaluate, right? 

  • BradyDale

    It says coming soon, but, yeah…. G+ is still so new. I’m a fan, tho. I’d like to have it there. 

  • DarkUFO

    Great idea

  • thelonetraveler

    Awesome! Though again with the multiple twitter accounts, I have more then one tumblr blog. One for personal and one more professional.

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  • Cotton Rohrscheib

    Do you think you will be adding Picasa (Google Photos) and Gowalla (geosocial) anytime soon?

  • Pablo Talamanca

    Hi! I add almost everything but YouTube seems to be a problem. Is this for everyone or just me?

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  • Michael Vandervort

    Where’s wordpress? :)

  • Damian Davila

    Self-hosted WordPress and Facebook Pages FTW!

  • Beverly Hill

    I started to add Flickr to my account until I read the permissions. There’s not a reason in the world you need to add, edit or replace my photos, much less access my private content. WTH Klout?!

  • Megan Berry

    Hey Jacki, adding a new network won’t decrease your Score. If you do have influence on that network it will likely increase it. Hope that helps!

    -Megan, Mkt Manager, Klout

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  • Lionel Faleiro

    Damn great news especially for people who use Tumblr, Instagram and Flickr together for Image distribution.

  • Richard Townsend

    If I have a self hosted WordPress blog will Klout be able to take it into account in its scoring (as it does now with blogger) at some time in the future? Ric @rictownsend:twitter

  • Jessica Land

    Blogger has more users than WordPress, and I’d venture the metrics are easier to analyze due to built-in interaction on that platform.

  • Anonymous

    I am curious as to WHAT exactly Klout will be looking at on Blogger?  The comments interaction?  I am not using the native comments, but instead have Intense Debates installed. Is it going to pick up on that, or merely think I have zero comments?

  • Anonymous

    I feel much the same about Facebook, and would VERY MUCH like to see them measuring my Facebook Fan page rather then my personal (and private) account.

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  • Nawawi B

    Yay for Tumblr! Hopefully you guys can add Google+ and Disqus eventually

  • Peter L Masters MCIM

    I agree. Why not WordPress and StumbleUpon??

    Love to see you guys growing though! 

    How about some Klout perks in the UK??

    Best regards, Peter

  • Impbsb

    Please ADD the facebook page as an option ! Most of us interact on their pages, this should count also !


  • Impbsb

    Yes, but pertinent and professional bloggers are at !  …

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  • Beth Sheldon-Badore

    Typepad?  Facebook?

  • James T. Nixon III

    SoundCloud’s offers analytics to paid users. I wonder if that will make things difficult for Klout. 

  • Sarah-Jane Morris

    What about the original vehicle for online content spread, email? I may be biased, but connecting with an email API like could make that happen! 

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  • Muskie

    What of WordPress or Disqus, you know the people that make the box I’m typing in or the blogging software you’re using say right now?  Seems kinda hypocritical supporting platforms that you yourself chose not to use presumably because they were inferior, yet expect the most influential people on the Internet to use these same inferior technologies…

  • John Williams

    Megan, I notice that there have been answers to other questions posed to Klout on here, but not to the flickr permissions. I use flickr a lot and consider myself to have influence on there, but there is NO WAY I will connect it to my Klout account while those permissions are in place.
    I await a response from Klout.

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  • Cnakwarin

    Happy that you add Instagram. Yep, would love to see Worldpress :-)

  • David Marriott, Jr.

    I second the comment about instagram – I would love to use their service, but I am an Android user – if they had a version for Android, this would a be a level measurement, but considering that instagram is iPhone only, this isn’t really a service that “everyone” uses.. maybe this will help instagram move in the Android direction…

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  • Kira Permunian

    Great job! I hope to see KLOUT integrated to popular networks such as G+ and FB! 

  • Paul Steinbrueck

    Adding my votes for self-hosted WordPress, Facebook Pages, and G+.  All much more important than Tumblr, Instagram, or, IMO.

  • MC Slim JB

    I don’t devote a lot of bandwidth to my Blogger blog; it’s more a place to collect links to my professional writings. I’m wondering if linking Klout to it will reduce rather than raise my Klout score.


    Google+, WordPress, and

  • Advicesisters

    I can’t get the new “connections” to work. When I click connect and “allow” it just goes back to my home page on Klout.

  • ☛Frederik Proß☚

    I recognize the succes of instagram, but it’s iPhone-only. it’s kind of “unfair”. also i think there are lots of other services you could add like this. posterous, picplz, lightbox, and lots more. I would recommend to choose the services you add to klout not just by their succes, but by “reachability” oder something like that. i also support the wordpress-issue mentioned several times.

  • YR Critic


  • Robin

    Personally I think adding Facebook Fanpages would make more sense than most of these.

  • Cmahoney

    Add Plurk as well!

  • Minus Manhattan

    You didn’t read it right, it says it WILL NOT have access to add, edit, replace photos, etc.

  • Minus Manhattan

    This is great and something I’ve been waiting for, but it doesn’t seem like it’s live yet. I can connect my account, but my Klout score hasn’t changed (I have a presence on Tumblr that is much much more influential than any of my other networks). Could you clarify?

  • Nicciatchley


  • Martin Bailey

    It’s great to see you guys working hard to add functionality, but I agree with many below, that self hosted WordPress and Google+ are much needed. I jumped on your mail about this hoping to see at least G+, but was a little disappointed. Hopefully soon!

  • Enrique Blanco

    Selfhosted wordpress and other blogs, measuring the appearances of the site in social media. A meta similar to google verification site would do the job.

  • Abel Hernández


  • Sardar Mohkim Khan

    Blogger? Shouldn’t you be opting for WordPress instead?

  • John Williams

    Beverly did read it correctly. Klout / Flickr have now changed the permissions. Thank you!

  • Anonymous

    Most of these are services that are not relevant anymore…  people moved on…

  • Heather Turner

    still waiting for wordpress and FB fan pages!

  • Jklimczak

    I wish we could select which tumblr blog you are using to calculate my Klout. I don’t use the basic one but i am not sure how to link to my other one.

  • Matthew Wayne Selznick

    I agree with what most folks have written in this thread — self-hosted WordPress blogs, Facebook fan pages and Google+ are valuable sources of metrics that should be included as soon as technically possible.

  • thdpr

    Agreed with Paul. I would like to add my wordpress sites, FB pages too. Also, Posterious in addition to Tumblr. I appreciate Flickr and instagram.

    Who still uses blogger?

  • Jorge Tovar

    Add URL shorteners like bitly, this way you can measure my influence by how many people visit my posted links!

  • Goddess

    I joined both Klout and Empire Avenue. I have no clue what the value of either service is, other than to get e-mails about my services.

  • Beth Bond

    How about adding BlogTalkRadio? Number one online radio show for bloggers? But congrats on continued growth.

  • Beth Bond

    How about adding BlogTalkRadio? There are a lot of us skipping the typing and going straight to the talking. Otherwise, congrats on the growth!

  • OFErOne (Erwin Ocampo)

    The one other service I forgot to add (that Klout should use) is Disqus…..people liking and replying to your comments on blogs (which is what makes some sites so interesting) are areas of influence no?

  • Mark Lipsy

    How about Yammer – use it all the time at my company.

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  • Kat Simpson

    I keep gettingn 
    FORBIDDEN error when I try to connect any of the new sites ???

  • Shimworld

    When measuring Facebook Page, influence should be based on Impressions instead of Likes. Unlike Impressions, number of “Likes” can be user manipulated like how organizations run photography competition that makes people pimp their pictures to friends. This is artificial influence. 

  • spudart


  • style maniac

    I beg to differ.  What makes a blog pertinent or professional is the content, not the platform.  And there are plenty of popular and prominent must-read blogs that use Blogger.

  • Wendy Ager

    My Klout is skewed, – it should measure my Facebook fan pages only as I keep my personal page completely separate and what happens if I stick to using just Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and not these other sites – my blog is on  

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  • Blog Rehab

    They are doing this soon, supposedly. I’ve been waiting for that because I blog anonymously. 

  • dad blog

    how does it work linking to blogger? i have privacy concerns linking thrid parties to my blogger account…

  • Rolando Gomez

    So today, for the fun of it, I disconnected my LinkedIn account, my Klout score fell 4 points! Reconnected, the graph went back up to 67 but the profile for Klout now shows 63. 

    Hopefully these extra connections should not drop the score, as an example, I don’t use “Blogger” but I have two very popular blogs, one listed in Alltop, on my own server and have no reason to move them to Blogger. Do I get dinged for not using blogger or do I have to start another blog to inch my score up? I noticed Klout will soon add WordPress, if so, have it cancel out the need for Blogger, and also look at WordPress in two manners:

    1. Not everyone uses, which is hosted on their server.
    2. I use WordPress but on my server, so hopefully there will be a plug-in for self-hosted blogs.

    Thanks, rg.

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  • Lobo7922

    We are truly waiting for Google Plus, I no longer enter neithr Twitter nor facebook, Google Plus is my new network and I want to know my Klout there :)

    Also I’m trying to add my blogger profile, but isn’t working :(

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  • Jordan Elpern-Waxman

    I couldn’t add my Blogger profile from my main Klout page either ( Quite by accident I clicked on Settings (the gear icon) -> Connect Networks, and discovered that adding Blogger there worked fine.

  • Lobo7922

    I tryed that, but doesn’t works for me :(
    Perhaps because I have more than one blog?

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  • hdmi cable

    But most of the users avoid word press plug-in. because it didn’t compatible with friendly user interface.

  • Lokesh Das

    how to add self hosted wordpress ?

  • Jon

    Please, PLEASE, for the love of all things sacred, add a self-hosted WordPress plug-in!  I have over 50,000 active readers to my site (unique visitors).  I want a better Klout score :)  And so do the nearly 60% of the people who have commented below.

  • Fibonaccidesign

    Please add WordPress!

  • LoriB

    I agree about adding blogs! Is that going to happen?

  • Sylvester

    You are all stupid dumb ass because you don’t use “Private” Social Network for what they are made for: Keep Contact with your friends. And more than that, what if all of your most important friends aren’t on these networks ? I have some friends that have better to do than going on Facebook, tweeter or whatever you want to speak about, but they surely have some influence around them…. Don’t forget this: all you share on the web may be used at your advantage as at your disadvantage … Think also what if your potential boss sees somes pics of you at a private party almost drunk ? and that because the settings of the apps changes and you forget to secure the audience of your pics ? you ‘ll cry …

  • Wayne Rodrigues

    I think Google+ is available now for #klout

  • Wayne Rodrigues

    Are you guys also gonna add Disqus??

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    I like what you guys tend to be up too. Such clever work and coverage!

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  • Janemcdonald51

    When will you be adding

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    Maybe we should collectively ignore all these networks, they’re getting a bit too powerful imo …

  • JohnWburdin

    Can not connect to any other streams other thn twitter.  This thing doesn’t seem to work ?!?!?!

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    word press is the best suited platform and the comparability with plugins are also good 

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  • increase youtube views

    It is really nice for me to see you and your great hardwork .keep up the good work

  • Jason A. Howie

    I agree with the above, please add self-hosted wordpress, Disqus, and Pinterest.

  • Jason A. Howie

    Oh and can you add more reporting options for the sites, especially instagram and flickr?

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  • Zkxhm2012

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  • Anonymous

    what’s going on with Disqus?

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  • That’s IT! Creative Services

    I would have to say a self-hosted wordpress blog with RSS feed should be a factor.

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  • Matt Scherer

    I would like to see pinterest added to my klout score

  • Pingback: Do You Have Klout? | Classic Ink Creative