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SXSW: Community & Influence: How to not piss people off

August 26th, 2011 by Megan Berry

How should your influence shape a brand’s interaction with you? Historically, businesses have valued customers based on their lifetime purchase value, but increasingly they’re looking to other factors such as their engagement with the brand and influence level. Unsurprisingly, influence has become a hot topic and community managers disagree on what the best way to use this knowledge is. How do you reward your top influencers without making others feel left out?

At SXSW, I’d like to discuss this with Maria Ogneva, Director of Community at Yammer, Frank Eliason Senior Vice President of Social Media at Citibank, and Evan Hamilton, Community Manager at UserVoice. We’d love if you vote for our panel.

Thanks and hope to see you there!

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  • Ollie @ DJ

    Feel a bit short changed by this post…posing a question and not answering it is very annoying unless the question is a particularly philosophical. This one aint. I hope you do a follow up, cause its an interesting question :)

  • Jessica Land

    “How not to piss people off” is highly subjective.

  • Ed H

    How not to piss people off?
    Easy, don’t title a post with a provocative, gripping question and then not answer it .

  • Andy

    There is no question mark, it is not a question.

  • straightalk

    I also agree on the mix messages just like this one, the messages like this one which leads into a dead end cause the purpose & deliberate intentions where not to help but to distract readers to think there is any value around the post…

    Many simply read #thingy like this one just cause of the source but when We find it being distracting we tend not to actually listen any more.. You know You are crying wolf when there is none… My 2 pennies

  • Quang Cao So

    Thanks. It’s worthy to consider !

  • Danny Brown

    How about allowing people to opt out of your system, as opposed to telling them to make their social networks private if they don’t want you judging them? People are catching on to what you’re doing and it’s pissing them off. That’d be a good place to start…

  • Devin M Abraham

    I never get to go :(

  • Brian Driggs


    I shared my thoughts on the matter in the comments thread over on the SxSW voting page. It seems there’s one question Klout is neglecting to answer at their proposed panel in Texas…

  • Cayman Land


    Klout website seems to be crashing? 


  • Anonymous

    I have been exposed to Klout for less than 6 hours and it has pissed me off immensely.
    It demands a realworld name and then prevents you from deleting it or the link or the account. This is so bad I am beyond anger. Indeed FURIOUS.
    What little clout I have will be dedicated to exposing your vile organisation unless my A/C is immediately removed by the next working day.
    Failing this I will be consulting my solicitor.

  • Brian Driggs

    Far too many people these days use social media to bitch and moan about what is wrong than do to make things right. It is with great pleasure I share that I received an email from Megan @ Klout this morning advising my profile has been taken down. She asked I allow up to 90 days for things to work their way out of the wire and I can live with that.

    For anyone reading this comment at some point in the future, the profile in question is/was located at 90 days from this date will be approximately end of November.

    Credit where credit is due. Thank you, Megan, for doing the right thing. I hope this is a sign of a more human side to Klout moving forward.