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Top Ten Football Players with Klout

August 12th, 2011 by Lan Nguyen
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Beer in one hand and TV remote in the other, football fans everywhere are breathing a sigh of relief as pre-season begins. At the same time, disinterested girlfriends (or boyfriends) are happy to see their Sundays freed up until next February. To celebrate the existence of this year’s NFL football season, we’ve put together a list of the most influential football players.

Topping the list is Chad Ochocinco who is famous for engaging with his fans directly through social media. In the past, Ochocinco has taken a Twitter fan to dinner and most recently, he tweeted that he would move-in with a Patriots fan until he found a permanent residence in Boston. The only condition: Must have internet and an Xbox.

So if you’re looking for a roommate or a fantasy-draft pick who just might respond to your stalkerish tweets, here are the most influential football players who are currently active in the NFL.

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  • Judah Richardson

    Yeah Tim Tebow! Go #Gators

  • Karen Abshear Wilson

    Love Tim Tebo :)

  • Karl Lawson

    When you said football I thought you meant real football

  • yugun

    you should provide a twitter list of all these folks along with the klout list. it shouldn’t be that hard. i know it doesn’t add any benefit to ‘klout’ but it helps us (users) a lot. 

  • Devin104

    Is it possible to use Klout to track activity on our Facebook Group?

    I see it is possible to use Klout for our individual Facebook accounts but being able to use it on our Facebook Groups would be great and it would be an indicator as to whether our Groups can be expanded into a formal Business.

    My Facebook Group is here:

    Thank you

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  • Michael D. Yoder

    How about showing the top NFL team influencers on @Klout:twitter I bet my Steelers would be pretty high on the list. Steeler Nation!

  • Crystal Kehoss

    Michael Vick? I thought you had to be liked to have Klout!!!!@***?

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  • Anonymous

    How do you play college fantasy football? does it an all new way

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  • Cheap Kitchen Doors

    I thought he meant real football too. I was expecting to see Roy Keane and Duncan Ferguson.

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  • John

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