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Google+ Now Has Klout

September 20th, 2011 by Ash Rust
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Today we’re excited to announce Google+ is now integrated into Klout. As the fastest growing social media destination of all time, Google+ quickly became a highly requested feature. With it’s intuitive handling of privacy and sharing – bridging the public/private divide – it’s captured our attention from the start.

Google+’s unique social controls allow for unique engagement and amplification:

  • Users can tailor their content to a specific audience or open it up to the public.
  • The scale of in-line discussions Google+ makes possible is unprecedented and a powerful way to influence others.
  • As the market leader in search, Google has also integrated public posts into their search results, expanding the audience of content creators and their potential influence.

We’ve seen people using the service as a blog replacement, a user feedback system and, of course, to post pictures of their cats. In all of these cases, we’re interested in measuring your ability to drive action: getting added to circles won’t increase your Klout score but getting comments and +1’s on your posts from influential users certainly will.

You can connect your Google+ account from the dashboard right now and you’ll be among the first to have it integrated into your Score.

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