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September 26th, 2011 by Derek Wollenstein

Here at Klout, we process terabytes of data every day to help you understand and leverage your influence. We have our own internal metrics to verify that every network is being processed correctly and scoring runs smoothly. We know that processing this data correctly is part of what makes people trust Klout.

This weekend we experienced a bug with our pipeline for processing data for LinkedIn, and this resulted in a score drop for about 0.001% of our scored population which lasted approximately eight hours on Sunday. We know that even though the number of affected users isn’t large, it’s a big deal to anyone who is relying on the score and we take it very seriously.

We’re working to ensure we keep you, our users, updated about any issues we experience and work to resolve them quickly. We’ve setup a dedicated @KloutStatus twitter account, so you can follow the updates as they happen

We’re always working to improve our processes and we have big improvements coming very soon. If you think you can help, we’re hiring.

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  • Caitlin Muir

    Thanks for being so transparent! 

    //We’re always working to improve our processes and we have big improvements coming very soon. If you think you can help, we’re hiring.//

    That’s awesome and makes me like you so much more as a company. :)

  • Anonymous

    Hi Klout Team, what should be more interesting is this : do you really take into account the networks other than Twitter ? Because each time I invest time on Twitter, my score raise… and I never saw the same with the other networks ???

  • Chris Wiegman

    Wow. I love the transparency! If only other services were so honest…

  • Christopher Neetz

    Transparency would mean that Network Influence and Amplification Probability metrics would be public so people like me who have had their @Klout score significantly drop even though their actual follows, retweets and shares have gone up, make more sense.  We (fellow Klout users) have been noticing this to be a trend with a lot of @Klout profiles who gain a lot of points at first with little engagement and overtime see their score wane, even though they are highly engaging the community.  It feels as the scores are ment to get people to join but then drop over time to encourage use of the site, rather than reflect actual engagement.

  • Mitesh Sanghvi

    Sorry to say… but I have faced 2 times BIG dips in my score. Why that so? I have my fingers crossed now.

  • Mitesh Sanghvi

    I have the same feeling as afkarweb : Do you count in anything else then Twitter?

  • Ben Langhinrichs

    In particular, my score dropped when I started spending more time and energy on Google+. I thought it would go up when I connected that network, but it made no difference at all, even though I have a fair number of people in my Circles and am very actively engaged.

  • Kyle Fall

    absolutely great, thanks klout!

  • Unchainedcc

    Really, a bug between Klout and LinkedIn caused my score to drop 10+ points in one fell swoop? Hmm, except that it happened either late Thursday or Friday, not on Sunday. The only thing I did different on Thursday was … tweet about a different social media valuation site that exists in the form of a game.

    Want me to believe it’s just a coincidence?

  • Masatoshi Takara

    I have a terrible twitter with less than 20 followers and followed by
    Mainly myscore is based on facebook, although It does not let me get a “category” like fashion or music through facebook. I think categories one is influential comes from tiwtter

  • Ankur Sharma


  • Yousef

    This is a step in the right direction, I am glad you have taken an initiative on transparency. 

  • Srfuller

    Probably right. Out of millions of users Klout targeted you because your direct influence could bring them down

  • Dwayne Brownstein

    Let’s find a way to blame Obama for this …  #fashionable

  • Alexandra Williams

    Um, do our scores already reflect our linkage of our Google+ accounts? I haven’t seen any kind of change in my score so was wondering. Thanks.

  • adam davies

    I agree. Even the logarithmic nature of the algorithm can’t account for some of the odd discrepancies!

  • Yousef

    Good point! I have some interesting results based on a 5000 sample. Nothing correlates properly – will be publishing the data if Klout fails to do so themselves. Watch

  • Anonymous

    The transparency thing is gonna be good because there´s too many dark holes in this system.

    By the way, could somebody or you explain me this ? You are making me not want to care about this !! Look at these drops, while I keep increasing my followers, retweets, it just does´t make sense, you tell me !

  • Norman Flecha

    Transparent, cool I only have one question :: Why does Klout have all my information before I even JOIN the site.. Like You guys reached out and grab all my content but I never like said You can.. Not only that but You gus also use Twitter auth as your privacy.. I much think different about Klout since I have learned this FACT..

  • Megan Berry

    Hey Christopher,

    We are working on a project that will give you more insight into why your Score goes up and down as we know that is very important to our users. That being said, I do want to clarify that we give no advantage to new users. 


  • Megan Berry

    You can connect to Google+ but we haven’t yet started scoring it. This is coming soon!

  • Richard Parsons

    Mmmm.  It is a complex thing.  That said, your theory (Chris) fits my experience as well.  Which could be just about the math and balance changing as other systems are included.  It seems impossible to know.

    If our purpose in using Klout is to use the metrics to assist us to take more and positive steps to more effective use and greater influence with social media (which is alleged, even commonly held to be its own reward), a lack of reflection of apparently positive steps in the metrics undermines that model pretty comprehensively.

    I don’t doubt its hard.  The evidence for the success of influence built in this manner seems thin.  The definitions for sensible metrics seem to be the subject of much musing, imagination and ongoing change (because of the uncertain nexus between one thing and another in the process of influence and the chain of value), and are proprietary and secret (the math being key to Klout’s differentiation).  With the black box operating, our judgement is left to be based on outcomes.  Inexplicable changes in scores is an unhelpful outcome.

    I guess we use or we do not, a game we choose to play, or choose not.

    It’s an interesting journey regardless.

    And to go back to the question of purpose, that might be OUR purpose.  Klout will have (and is entitled to) its own list of purposes, which may or may not coincide closely with ours – there has to be a viable business model in there ;-)

  • Nathan Ng

    I think there’s an interesting tension for Klout between transparency and maintaining their algorithm’s effectiveness. Similar to Google search results — if it were totally public then the score could be adversely gamed, which presumably the service would want to avoid in order to preserve the score’s integrity (and value). 

    On the one hand the score must be credible, and accurately reflect someone’s influence, but on the other hand it needs to be proprietary for them to differentiate.

    I look forward to seeing how Klout handles the challenge.

  • Eric H

    Pardon the intrusion, but I couldn’t help but notice that Klout uses Disqus, but does not count it in their Metric.

    Any chance of this being added?

  • Scott Ross

    My score has been steadily dropping by one point a day for more than a week even though I am having more engagement from my network than ever.  During this time, my “Network Influence” and “Amplification Probability” numbers have been rising each day.  It makes absolutely no sense.

  • Jorge A. Mussuto

    We’re working to ensure we keep you, our users, updated about any issues we experience and work to resolve them quickly. We’ve setup a dedicated @KloutStatus twitter account, so you can follow the updates as they happen:))))

  • ResilientMichael

    Very well said Nathan

  • Anonymous

    You’re right Eric, answering & posting comments is also a measure of influence, but when will they stop ? There’re so many possible metrics !!!

  • @MimiBakerMN

    Same here Scott. I’ve been watching my Klout numbers drop steadily even though I’ve been engaging and being engaged on FB and Twitter. I’m being RTed and responded to on both platforms and all I see is my score steadily decreasing. I’ve asked 4 a response to this on Twitter and from Klout Support but they said it was LinkedIn but that was only an 8hr issue where this has now been going on for over a week. I was at a steady 70-73 and all I’m doing is going down. Would like some sort of explanation.

  • Anonymous

    how do i deal with topics that are incorrect.  i’m listed as influencing on the topics of photography and hotels.  to my knowledge, i have NeVer done any articles or comments on hotels…ever.  i have removed that from being viewed by others, but how do i removed  those topics from klouts understanding of me.

    the topics i write about are grace, god’s grace, change, aging, relationships, oh, and did i mentions? the grace of GOD?  those are the categories and tags i use for the most part.  i’m obviously doing something wrong.  don’t know what.  

    also, i do have a less used email that is connected to some older sites…like fb.  it can be harder to access, that is why i use the gmail one now.  does that affect my score?

  • Gary M. Sarli

    I think the biggest issue with Klout’s scoring is that it has a fixed window (90 days?), and when old actions (RTs, @ replies, etc.) drop out of that window, your score drops. You’re getting new actions every day, but unless your new actions happen to be greater than the ones that are expiring, your score *will* go down.

    This would explain the suggested “new member bias” some have mentioned; when you first start out, your score will go up quite steadily because you don’t have actions expiring yet, but once you hit the edge of the window your new actions have to outweigh your expiring actions for you to see any bump in your Klout score.

    As such, here’s a suggestion for the Klout team: Make the weight of measured actions decrease *gradually* during the window. For a 100-day window, for example, you might decrease the weight of each old item by 1% each day; alternatively, you could use some kind of logarithmic or curvilinear fit.

    Something like this would keep scores from having such drastic day-to-day changes because the discounted value would decrease slowly as time passes rather than all at once. (You might already do something like this, but if so you’re definitely not making the decrease gradual enough!) 

  • Bradbechler

    Please address my technical support emails I’ve sent you. So far, there is no response why my score hit brakes. It’s stagnant, yet, I receive emails daily that it increased.

  • Mariaorr

    I can’t seem to register the fact that I have a blog ( into my profile here with Klout. What is wrong?
    Sincerely Maria Orr

  • Eric H

    You’re quite right, but Disqus seems like a good candidate, as it’s a single logon/service used across a wide variety of sites.  And again…  It’s even used here on Klout’s own blog!

  • Greensboro

    Trying to increase my @klout:twitter @greensboro_nc:twitter klout influence report

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think that Klout is actually measuring any other social media sites but twitter. No matter how much try to look for “friend” on Klout from Facebook, LinkedIn, and now Google plus, nothing ever shows up except Twitter. What’s going on with this?

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  • Fred Roc

    Hi Klout Team,
    I don’t understand why my Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn score is null. Twitter is Ok (numbers are not updated but at least are showing).

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