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Moneyball: Klout, Cash and Baseball

September 26th, 2011 by Ash Rust

Hey there Sports fans! To celebrate the launch of Moneyball, aka the 1st movie about Brad Pitt and Statistics, we decided it might be swell to grab some hunks of data on whether this whole money isn’t speech wins thing holds true since everybody who can stomach sports writing now knows the secrets of Beane and Jonah Hill’s mad science.

Unfortunately, the Oakland A’s have not been able to succeed in games or with their Klout Score this season, despite being just 22 minutes from the epicenter of influence: Klout HQ. However, there is only one other team with more wins that spends less money on salary and those guys are from Canada – land of Polar Bears and free healthcare – so it’s not really a fair comparison.

Looking at the general trend leads to some mixed conclusions, on one hand it unfortunately seems like in baseball you can pay to win games; on the other, spending bags of cash is probably better than juicing your players. Focusing on Klout Scores, team performance is the best predictor of a high score, although the Yankees do register a 5 point lead over the Phillies despite being 3 games back; round here we call that the Jay-Z factor.

See a preview below and click for the full infographic.

Until next time… stay thirsty, my friends.

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  • Jeffrey Raab

    What, no Detroit Tigers?  

  • AJay Hubbard

    Awesome, I wish that was the case where I worked.

  • Dan Richey

    SUUUUPER COOL!!!! I love this inforgraphic!!!

  • Erik Hom

    Hmmm, should be an inforgraphic on Klout score against wins.

  • Arnoldjaime13

    Love the A’s and the book Moneyball was awesome!!!! I can’t wait to see the movie :)

  • @MimiBakerMN

    Nice to see the Mariners listed. I’m in MN now and am not surprised at ALL that the Twins aren’t on there. What a terrible year!

  • ResilientMichael

    Interesting. Thanks for sharing.

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