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Top 10 Most Influential Colleges

September 30th, 2011 by Lan Nguyen

Many students are in the midst of midterms right now, worrying about how their hastily scrawled exams will fare under the critical eyes of their professors. Well, we’ve decided to turn the tables (or desks) and make the schools sweat. Let’s see who set the curve in Klout’s list of the top ten influential schools.

Since the last time we ranked schools, there have been some big changes. Texas A&M, who wasn’t even on the list earlier this year, is now at the top of the class. Other rising stars include University of Wisconsin-Madison and University of Oklahoma. Both have steadily worked their way up the ranks to the number two and four spots respectively. Stanford, who previously held the highest honor of being the most influential university, is now in seventh place.

Check out the rest of our list to see what other schools made the top ten.

Did your college make the list?

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  • Jorge A. Mussuto

    Both have steadily worked their way up the ranks to the number two and four spots respectively.Harvard University:)

  • Teddy Huff

    As a Boilermaker, it saddens me to see IU at 6. We just fell off the list with 63 :(

  • Anonymous

    I imagine once we see more universities register their accounts with Klout, this could change. 

  • Jenn Pedde

    Man… cuse drops from 2 to 7??   That’s… sad.  They were killing it last year.  

  • Brian Scott

    Boiler Up for Klout!  I had the same thoughts as you.

  • Thomas Jonjak

    once again Bucky is right up near the top!  GO UW!

  • hust0058

    According to Klout, I’ve been as influential online as @Cal, @LSU & @MarquetteU. 

  • Dennis Weed

    Think it would be interesting if you did a list of ALL the colleges in the country.

  • Chimmy92

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Gig ‘em, Aggies!! A! A-A-A-A-AAA!!!

  • Todd Sanders

    Can we see a bigger list… Top 100? You know, for us schools that are smaller and less influential. I mean, we qualified for AXE hair gel, we should be listed. Just sayin.

  • Guest

    If Baylor made this list, they’d be printing t-shirts as we speak.

  • Jessica Rogers

    Gig em Aggies– WHOOP!

  • Jonathan Gabriel

    I’d like to see by region – e.g. Southeast, or all the schools in Florida, perhaps.

  • Anonymous

    Q_Q ~ NewYorkUniversity anyone? Me-yep count me in…

  • Jimmay321

    Baylor–what is a Baylor? Isn’t that a community college in California or some other country.

  • HHH 95

    Whoop!  But I have to ask… what is the methodology?

  • Anonymous

    Looks like you’re liking to the wrong TAMU identity. It probably should
    be!/TAMU not!/TAMUtalk.

    Still cool, tho.

  • TexAggie

    Whoop!! That’s awesome! Gig ‘Em Ags!!

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  • tyler malin

    Go Marquette

  • Gil Velasquez

    Naturally.  Farmers Fight!  Gig ‘Em Ags!  Guess we should add ‘Farmers Tweet’ to that.

  • rhino_gopher

    Do schools have to join Klout to rank?

  • Raphael Love

    I would also like to see a bigger list as well. I would provide for some very interesting discussions for the “Other” schools that did not make the list.

  • SECFan

    This is my problem with Klout. The methodology is suspect at best and as accurate an indicator as the judging at the Olympics. Texas A&M is top because it just announced it’s move to the SEC generating a ton of content and discussion. This list is obsolete as soon as the next news cycle, which is now.

  • Anonymous

    Baylor has a Klout of -4

  • Kay Howard

    Would love to see an article on the most influential homebuilders.

  • Amy Collins Tilson

    What type of influence are you measuring?  My alma mater is not on this list, but has one of the highest percentages of alumni in the Peace Corp.  Changing the world, now that’s klout!

  • Butlergs

    I just checked our Campus Recreation’s score which was 52…pretty good for campus recreation at Georgia Southern University.  Check us out at GSUCampusRec

  • Diane McDonald

    Howdy!  This is Diane McDonald from Texas A&M.  Thanks for ranking us as #1.  We noticed that you are linking to our old Twitter profile from this list.  Would you change the link to @TAMU or  Thanks and Gig ‘em!

  • Mickey Blue Eyes

    What the hell does it mean to be “influential?” Academically? Athletically? What?

  • resalern

    Go IU!

  • Tylefarmer


  • Anonymous

    What exactly constitutes influential?  I’m can’t understand how Marquette isn’t more influential than Yale, Princeton, Cornell, Duke etc., as well as Penn State, Ohio State and some of the other largest schools in the nation.

  • Sravika Nimmala

    Whoop!!! Yay!! 

  • Collin Gonzalez

    this will be the aggies new go to ranking now that their bcs one is out of the question…

  • My22cents

    it’s = it is. is this how the SEC edumacates?

  • W-simpson

    Baylor is asking who they have to sue to get ranked…

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  • Tim

    All you need in the Southwestern part of this country is Oklahoma University….Boomer Sooner!

  • howdy


  • Barteescox


  • aggie_alumni

    I am an Aggie alumni and am happy to see this.
    But does anyone know how Klout computes this? If it is just on the basis of tweets then it means people tweeted more about A&M than anything else, and who can be those people — well isn’t the answer obvious – A&M students, faculty or alumni…Do we really trust this score as the most influential colleges? And more important is the question – Influential in what way?

  • Dennis

     Texas A&M?  I guess animal husbandry is big these days, huh?

  • Skytrooper12

    And Texas A&M University has one of the highest percentages of alumni in the armed forces and the intelligence community.

  • Skytrooper12

    And Texas A&M University has one of the highest percentages of alumni in the armed forces and the intelligence community.

  • Loretta

    This would be taken more seriously with actual data and an explanation of the process behind determining these numbers….but I surprisingly agree with a lot of these. My roommate from undergrad went onto graduate school at Marquette, and when she was interning in London, her boss knew a lot about the school and it’s reputation, which I thought was surprising. Some of these schools are more well-known than most would expect, it seems. A rundown of how you came to this specific top 10 would be nice, though.

  • Albert Espinoza

    Gig’em Aggies!!!!

  • Wcbaritone10


    Thanks and gig ‘em

  • 9graese

    we are taught proper grammar here at marquette…..”i’m can’t” seem to understand your post

  • Barteescox

    OU is so graw-some

  • Jk

    Which trailer park did they take the survey?

  • Andrew Gallegos

    Where is the University of Utah?  AG

  • Sportsfanjets65

    It doesn’t appear you know the difference between a college and a university.  At least seven of the “colleges” on your list are universities.

  • JoeNaegele

    This list is a bad joke.  #1 school is on the list for a political reason.  Only one university with a religious affiliation, Marquette?  

    A meaningless Blog and a wast of time. 


  • aa

    aggies – the sec doesnt want you

  • Clembarry

    New York University! count me in..

  • Clembarry

    Texas A&M has taken the top spot because a lot of farmers and political fans of the top GOP front runner for president sent in their tweets. This is a not a scientific pole. It is a  trailer-park pole.

  • Clembarry

    AOL, this is not a scientific pole. This is a trailer park pole.

  • EZLZ1


  • EZLZ1


  • EZLZ1


  • Anne S.

    Yay! Glad to see Berkeley there. Go Bears! ;)

  • EZLZ1


  • EZLZ1

    WHO WHAT IS KLOUT?????????????????????

  • Russedmunds


  • Suzanne

    Hmmm…Where is the scientific researdh data behind this unfounded list of “influential colleges?”  Besides his “attendance” as many well-respected schools, what are Mr. Lightman’s degrees?  Who ealse was on the research team?  What was the time period analyzed and how larege was the sample size?  Oh, and what target audience is he referencing when he refers to “influence.”   This is a stunning example of ‘Junk Science.” 

  • IJM

    Congratulations all……Big hand for Syracuse U.  
    Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary;   2008 11th addition;   INFLUENCE;  To affect or alter by indirect or intangible means.  To have an effect on condition or development.
    Ok you cry babies!

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  • Jwalther_11

    Is that why it was a unanimous decision by all 12 presidents to invite A&M to join the SEC?

  • Guest

    Actually all 10 of the top 10 are universities.  I believe they’re using the layman’s term.

  • I Can Read!

    The text says, “Stanford, who previously held the highest honor of being the most influential university, is now in seventh place.”  However, the graphic clearly shows Stanford in fifth place.  Talk about left hand not talking to the right hand!

  • Guest

    It’s based on Twitter.

  • Guest

    This is based on Twitter influence.

  • Guest

    This list measures Twitter influence.

  • Guest

    This list measures Twitter influence.

  • Guest

    This list measures Twitter influence.

  • Guest

    This list measures Twitter influence.

  • Guest

    This list measures Twitter influence.

  • kwame zulu shabazz


  • Guest

    This list measures influence on Twitter.

  • Atp0701

    Pole? Try poll!!! Gig ‘em Ags!!!!

  • Greg Rohloff

    What is the criteria?

  • Matthew Clark Iden

    I would have thought the University of Tennessee Knoxville would have made the list. Our Journalism and Electronic Media department is exceedingly influential and knowledgeable.

  • Clark Taylor

    Come on!  Rank ‘em all…not just the top 10!

  • justin james

    what about Glaven University?!?! GO GLAVEN

  • Ostheimer

    As an outsider I would have expected Harvard or Stanford at the top…

  • WebSavvyMom

    –>Virginia Tech will be there soon.

  • Steven_Cutbirth

    It is funny how many Aggies are commenting about Baylor. We love the attention and cant wait to beat y’all on Saturday. Sic Em! 

  • justin james


  • Drmike9151

    Gig ‘em and Boomer Sooner — BUT???VERITAS??? Who’d a thunk it?

  • Kristy C. Cartier

    Surprised that Virginia Tech didn’t make the list. I would love to see the Top 25 like the do the sports polls.

  • Sawyer R

    Even if it’s slightly lower, Go ‘Cuse for being that high up!

  • castlestorm

    Actually, Baylor’s Klout is 62. Considering their alumni, student and faculty count is a fraction of these universities, that’s pretty impressive to me. (Also, A&M fans, Klout doesn’t rank how well liked you are, they just measure how often your name comes up…) 

  • Anonymous

    What about FIU? Our Klout score is a steady 67. 

  • Ginablancarte

    I’d like to send this ranking to my alma mater, Santa Clara University. What determines the rankings since there are so many social media outlets at one university/college?

  • andrejs penikis

    These are all universities, not colleges.  Just sayin’.

  • Guest

    Look what one University of Michigan grad launched to score an interview for UM’s first Social Media Director position! She got an interview less than 12 hours after the site went live.

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  • Mick Say

    Interesting, but not surprising to see that the top 10 Schools are in the USA. Have you measured the world or just the USA. (I think the answer will be the former) but just thought I would check… Thanks Mick

  • Grant Carlile


  • Don Fitchett

    You realize Diane, old is better don’t you. the way klout ranks, your new account might not rank #1, or at all. Once a college or company creates an account or even a web page, they should never change the URL. (but you can add new, just keep the old too.:>)

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  • Ofbunk
  • Jiping

    Yeah, Marquette

  • Paul B Weaver

    yea IU! I KNEW we’d make the list. :)

  • Paul B Weaver

    Yea IU!! I KNEW we would make the most influential list! :)

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  • Yasmin Aslam

    Go Bears!

  • Jacie Hood

    Klout measures “influence” by seeing how well different people/organizations fare in engaging and influencing their audiences across different social networks. These include things such as facebook pages, twitter, instagram, wordpress blogs, google+, and more! The more people/organizations are both mentioned helps, but particularly when the person/group posts content and to which it is then responded or shared. The more this happens, the higher the klout!

  • Bandiscool2

    What about the University of Illinois?

  • Andrew Wells Douglass

    Well, if you want to pick, the post had pronoun problems: “Texas A&M, *who* wasn’t even on the list earlier this year, is now at the top of the class.” Texas A&M has come to life! I agree with SECFan, the method must be weak.

  • Anonymous

    Dear Klout, 
    you have a global user base and should at least pay lip service to that fact. This post is clearly written with the underlying assumption that readers are based in the US. 
    If these universities are the most influential in the world it would be an interesting fact that that the top 10 were all based in the United States. If not, you should at least acknowledge that you are looking at a very small subset of all the universities that are out there.

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  • Steven

    Is this list US only? I don’t understand why there are no universities from the rest of the world in this list.

  • Anonymous

    Utter insanity how fast things can change in the world of the web.

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  • GlaveHead


  • Stephen Chumley

    Gig ‘em! I wonder how much of the chatter about Texas A&M going to the SEC skewed the numbers…

  • brian

    cmon there’s no credibility in your research to the end user if you let the incredibly subjective idea of “influential” remain ambiguous.  What were your metrics?  How did you define “influential”? Etc.  Please insert a paragraph or even a couple sentences explaining these very simple yet mysteriously absent measurements.

  • Jax

    yeehaw!!! my alma mater 2004!

  • Melissa

    Funny that you say Stanford is number 7 on the list, but according to the images it’s in the 5th place. 

  • E!

    There isnt nothing better than listening and watching something fun while here:

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  • Nick McCammon

    go IU

  • Anonymous

    Can you add schools in other countries – or do it by country too??

  • Sfhsmanager11

    Boomer Sooner!

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  • cantubury

    two extremes: texas, hot and humid, Madison, cold and snowy. does this say something

  • Thunderbird

    Congratulations to the schools that were ranked! Thunderbird School of Global Management has worked pretty hard on our social media strategy in the last 18 months, and we have come a long way with our Klout score. Up until the new algorithm, we were in the high 60s. Hope to get back up there soon. 

  • Victoria Kanicka

    Will you 

  • Victoria Kanicka

    Will Klout re-rank the top 10 influential colleges with the new scoring model?

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  • Yellow Fluff


  • Yellow Fluff

    TEXAS A&M!!!!!!!!
    YES!!! WE ARE THE BEST!!!!
    GIG ‘EM!!!!!

  • Abillie

    Add TU to the list – Temple owl rules!!!

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    I think the top college rankings are biased.

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    Texas A&M rules

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