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10 Most Influential Chefs

October 12th, 2011 by Lan Nguyen
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This week we take a look at the ten most influential chefs. As tastemakers within the food industry, these chefs influence everyone from expert restauranteurs to the casual cook at home.

There have been some changes in the rankings since we measured last springAndrew Zimmern remains the most influential chef but there are three newcomers. At number seven is Mark Bittman who often tweets his favorite recipes. Jay Terauchi, who blogs about his food adventures, comes close behind. Finally in ninth place, Mario Batali responds directly to his fans’ questions on how to pair ingredients or what restaurant to try.

So if you’re looking for a new burger joint or just want some tips to pump up your pesto, check out these top chefs.

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  • Anonymous

    Just because they have the loudest mouths or biggest onscreen personalities doesn’t mean that they are the most influential. Besides the list doesn’t seem to be complete without Julia Child or Wiley Dufresne. As for missing personalities, where’s Bobby Flay and Emeril?

  • Sdgates

    Half of these people are TV personalities who have never been in a professional kitchen and aren’t chefs…

  • Yorgo Nestoridis

    Wonder how they are cooking ….. not one of my preferred chefs amongst these tops.

  • Virginia Dean

    Well, I like Batali, Deen and De Laurentis. they influence me as I have cooked many of their recipes. 

  • Virginia Dean

    I am influenced by Paula Deen, Mario Batali and Giada DeLaurentis….I have tried their recipes and bought their cookbooks. 

  • Donna Young

    Love Anthony!!!

  • yugun

    they have to be active on any of the social networks to be considered influential by klout 

  • Mariat144k

    I like most of the chefs opinions that are on the list. I have cooked most of the tv personalities recipes one time or another. If I had to pick one for everyday home cooking would definitely be Giada, for special occasion Mario Batali and for entertainment Andrew. Overall they all have a place somewhere in my foodie life. I also agree Emeril and Julia Child should be on the list.

  • Michele Zhou

    i wonder where alton brown is. no doubt one of the most active food personalities on twitter, to my knowledge.

  • Anonymous

    I love watching the cooking shows on bravo – I’ve learned so much

  • Anonymous

    Do you want to see Klout circles of influence in live and crawl from people to people?
    Try #hypertout a new demo app to visualize your relations with others in klout…
    An example for Gordon Ramsay: fun!

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  • bobbbylavon

    Who says they are the best? I do give a nod to Chef Ramsey!

  • Joe Hayes

    It is interesting to see that, while there is a correlation between fame and Klout score, it appears that interactivity is a key reason for the ordering.

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  • Chi

    Better check again. This list is for chefs. All of them are tv personalities, true, but most, own their own restaurant/s.

  • Tropicalpenpals

    I have to admit I was disappointed with the list as it seems a bit biast and more importantly I don’t know most of the people on it!

    What research was done and safety nets to filter out fake accounts and robots?

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  • Missy

    Interesting that Rachel Ray doesn’t make the list.

  • Jonas M Luster

    A chef is NOT someone who “owns a restaurant” or “is on TV” or “wrote a book”. A chef is someone who commands a brigade in a kitchen. One of the members of this list, Tony Bourdain, would handily tell you so and has repeatedly by insisting that he is not a chef. Yet I’d put him at least into the lifetime honors for having shaped public perception about our job.

    Zimmern is a stuntman, Ramsay is a bad restaurateur whose restaurants are failing left and right, scraping on the bottom of the bankruptcy barrel, Bourdain says himself he’s not a chef, De Laurentiis is an insult to culinary arts and sciences and not a chef, Paula Deen is not a chef and needs to really stop going on TV, Bittman is a journalist, not a chef, and Colicchio is a restaurateur and showman whose mediocre Craft chain of restaurants would get much less love if he didn’t spit on anything that is good and well about our profession as a judge on Top Chef.

    Leaves Oliver who actually cooks for diners and whose Thirteen project is a ray of positive sunshine, and Jay who is a great guy, fun, and knows his shit.

  • gary garebear

    This is great, now we can find experts for answers to our questions. We can also get inspiration from these people.

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  • Stephen Allen

    Jamie Kennedy of Toronto deserves honourable mention.

  • Roslyne Buchanan

    Based on some of the comments, it may be better to rename the list 10 Most Influential Food Industry Personalities.  Either way they are out there on social media and getting the word out. Bravo one & all!

  • Kathyjacob

    Um, change the title to  10 MOST INFLUENTIAL CHEF-TV PERSONALITIES. So misleading.

  • Eileen

    Interesting list.  While at one point they may have used their culinary skills, now it is more about being a tv personality.  I’d also wager the bulk of their activity on social media platforms is handled by their TV networks.  But I love a story about chefs, regardless.  You got me to click, kudos.

  • Troll-killer

    You not knowing them doesn’t make the list wrong, it makes you an ignorant.

  • Uannoyme

    Juila Child is dead. These are LIVING influential people on the web. Are you foodies all idiots?

  • Tropicalpenpals

    God a troll sad individual with no life.. Doesn’t make me ignormant it makes most of them irrelevant to me as I am not an American TV watcher and I live out in Asia. Having lots of Americans on the list gives an idea of the quality of people involved as simply people who know food are well aware the best food is in Europe. But hey sit and watch cable TV all day and learn simplistic meals without any real culinary exploits, ignorant my ass.. the poll is biast and no doubt American done.


    Despite having 2 Brits in the list, it really should carry a “in the USA” sub-title. Mr Bourdain is the only other person on the list I have heard of !   

    Steve (Lyon, France)

  • Anonymous

    Whether or not most of these are real chefs or not, I definietly listen to what Mario Batali has to say! In fact, if he recommends a restaurant, I usually put it in my BlendAbout ( Wishlist.

  • Eric Gockel

    “half these people”? maybe a couple. 

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  • Webisodes Webseries

    I agree to yoyr site beacuse so very information i hope do not stop your work
    And There have been some changes in the rankings since we measured last spring.
    Thank you…

  • Mark Simons

    No Heston Blumenthal?

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