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A More Accurate, Transparent Klout Score

October 26th, 2011 by Ash Rust

Today we’re releasing a new scoring model with insights to help you understand changes in your influence. This project represents the biggest step forward in accuracy, transparency and our technology in Klout’s history. Joe shared the full vision behind these changes in his post last week.

Influence is the ability to drive action and is based on quality, not quantity. When someone engages with your content, we assess that action in the context of the person’s own activity. These principles form the basis of our PeopleRank algorithm which determines your Score based on:

  • how many people you influence,
  • how much you influence them and
  • how influential they are.

We analyze 2.7 billion pieces of content and connections daily. Reaching this scale, we’ve introduced significant upgrades to our platform, allowing us to handle this explosive growth. Now, we can add more networks and other sources of your influence much, much faster.

Insights help you understand why your Score changed. Each day, you can see which subscore and people in your network caused that change. You can also view insights on your friends’ profiles.

These changes are a significant milestone in the Klout Score’s evolution and you can continue to expect more improvements in the future. As always, your opinion is very important to us and we’d love to hear your feedback.

How will this affect my Score?

A majority of users will see their Scores stay the same or go up but some users will see a drop. In fact, some of our Scores here at the Klout HQ will drop — our goal is accuracy above all else. We believe our users will be pleased with the improvements we’ve made. Below is a distribution of the Score changes. You’ll note large decreases in Score are rare.

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  • Stephanie

    Mine dropped because of facebook.

    Is there any way you’re going to take into account non-wordpress-hosted blogs?  Because I feel that my Klout would be higher if that was taken into account.

  • Dolf Muccillo

    Is it now in effect??? Or will it launch later today? 

  • Timothy Whalin

    Very unhappy with this change. My score went from 73 down to 53. 20 point drop. I’ve been working for months to increase my Klout score. Please fix this.

  • Anonymous

    Where can we go to learn more information about your algorithm?

  • Alejandro Abarca R

    Can’t see the change but looks great!

  • Guest85

    Fine and dandy, but going from a 41 to a 26 is not fun. :/

  • Matthew Smith

    My score took a brutal hit! 38 down to 25!! Back to almost where I was before I started using Klout. Makes me feel that all my hard work was for naught. Very discouraging.

  • Jacob Croston

    I like it. 

    Knowing where you are losing/gaining influence is a huge thing.

    Also like the new dashboard layout. 


  • Klout

    It is now in effect! 

  • Anonymous

    Everybody in my lists had gone down at least 10 points…

  • Anonymous

    Everybody in my lists has gone down at least 10 points

  • @MimiBakerMN

    Going from 74 to 59 sucks big time and that’s a huge difference. Others went up? Wonder who that would be in comparison to those of us with higher scores who dropped down.

  • Lancelot


  • Paul Shipman

    Whoa, my score rocketed in the last two days to 64 and then plunged today to 52. It’s hard to get a sense of how my activity has been affecting my very erratic score in the last week or so. I hope the new analysis will stop the rollercoaster. Would still love to see the ability to include both my personal Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as the other Facebook and Twitter pages I manage for work.

  • Klout

    Hey Mat, 

    The majority of users saw their Score go up or stay the same, but yes, some users do experience drops. If you take a look at your Score in the context of your network, we think you’ll like what you see. 

  • Emma Dahl

    I am not pleased with this change. Similar to Timothy I have been feverishly working at increasing the Klout score for my company, as it is part of my MBO’s. Now, with a sudden 12 point drop, it will reflect poorly (and inaccurately) upon my efforts. 

  • @MimiBakerMN

    Same here 74 to 59. I’ve tried to be extremely consistent to keep my score at 74 and to drop like this? Sooo not happy today.

  • MdotSites

    klout is like ratings you don’t know why its go up or down:)

  • Anonymous

    I agree. Also multiple blogs as I run several personal blogs with different audiences…

  • Albert Qian

    For both of you: You could always unlink your blogs. Klout score could go up.

  • Anonymous

    Right there with Stephanie on this one. I have three blogs using, and I would love to connect at least one.

    Maybe using a Klout plugin?

  • Alicia Taylor

    Yes, my blog is not wordpress hosted either, but my score would be higher if you could take into account other traffic sources.

  • Ruxtbl

    I think I’m done with this…once you figure something out one way- it’s changed…when you have something good that’s working don’t change it…My score went down from 70s to 50s too…but I’ve seen firsthand the strength of my network in non-profit work I’m involved in…i don’t need Klout to tell me what works and what doesn’t…I won’t share your stuff anymore, klout….let me know when you have it together for good…

  • Albert Qian

    Went from 71 to 56 here. Time to get back to work.

  • Alexandra Williams

    Thanks for putting this out, but I’m still utterly confused. It says a majority will stay the same, but I checked a whole bunch of profiles and we’ve all dropped. Could you please do a post explaining why that occurred? I can understand if we’ve all dropped together, but your explanations are not quite “full” enough for me to understand the purpose or reason. thanks.

  • KMM @ ArchitectureWeek

    My concern is that I had 10 +Ks a few days ago, when I first found Klout.  Since then I have seen two more come in, with specific details. The first additional one never changed the total from 10, and now following a second one, my +K total is listed as 6.

    I’m having a hard time following the arithmetic.

    And I’ve love to have a more transparent place at Klout to discuss such curiosities.

  • Anonymous

    Boom! My score took a big hit, but the new layout and functionality it’s definitively an improvement. Great job, guys!

  • Morsi Chaari

    You think it’s normal my score dropped from 59 to 42 !? 

  • Ken Mueller

    Emma, the problem is none of us should be working feverishly to increase a rather dubious metric. Anyone who makes decisions based on Klout scores isn’t worth working with.

  • Dave M

    I dropped 10 points. Along with everyone else here, I would like to know why. This is disappointing to say the least given how hard we work at this!

  • Karl Ditschun ♔

    Looking forward to seeing the change.

  • Jason Phelps

    The statement that the majority of users will so no change or an increase was a false statement made to keep the outcry low until reality sunk in and there was nothing that could be done. What I want to see, and Klout you have a huge opportunity here, is for each profile to have an assessment of the change in score relative to the network you are linked to. It might be nice to see if in relative terms nothing has changed because the score was just pushed downwards on the curve for everyone. Unless that is done this change comes with a huge suspicion of inherent flaws. Misinformation spread by the owner of the program won’t help. 


  • Emily Casey

    Does this mean the glitches that keep me from adding Blogger and G+ are fixed?

  • Chris Wood

    Perhaps if you could fix the Google+ account connection problem I’m suffering, I wouldn’t be so P’d at the plummeting of my score

  • Andrew Giles

    Interesting, in the past ten days I’d gone from a 42 to 52 and now am back to a 46.  This up and down (more specifically the levelling back to 46) doesn’t help Klout’s brand equity.  Additionally, there are so many ‘social’ factors involved Klout doesn’t take (appropriately) into consideration that these metrics are becoming irrelevant.  For example, if I regulate over 25 Facebook pages (with a few pages with over 100,000 fans) but Klout only measures my ‘personal’ Facebook (profile) account (used to administer said Facebook pages) – what relevance is Klout!?  Seriously, I’m regulating over a half-million fans on pages.  Can I really be a ’46’?  

  • ★ Ad Chickadee ★

    what ever the hell you did – is TOTALLY wrong – there’s no way my score would DROP form a 65 to a 51.  I can go back and see MANY RTs, dialogue w/influencers, etc. it would be much appreciated if you could look into it as something happened for the worse.  thanks!


    Mine went from 38 to 51. No big deal. I’m posting and sharing technology on my Twitter account and it finally showed the score!

  • Leendert de Voogd

    I think this is a good move… at least, it pleases my ego ;-)) +6 for me! Thks

  • Sean

    I’m seeing massive drops for just about everyone on my list.
    Which is fine, of course, if the new algorithm is better. But please lose the “oh gosh, some users will see a drop” routine. Don’t let your PR team spin your blog posts, please. Surely Netflix taught us all a lesson about trying to BS your way through an unpleasant change.
    If there’s going to be a huge across-the-board drop, then say so, and explain why. You’re claiming more transparency, so deliver it.

  • Anonymous

    Same here NOOOOOOOT Happy. People whos’ scores didn’t drop won’t even notice the change you made but will DEF notice our BIG drops…you are killing our blogs here!

  • Liz Pullen

    Ouch! : ( 

  • Theresa Wilkins

    Mine went down too. :(

  • Dolf Muccillo

    Disregard my last question… My *seven* point 1 day drop (55 to 48) confirms the new system is in place… Hmmm… Let’s see. HATE IT! ;)

  • Anonymous

    In theory, I agree with all of this but the validity of these scores was SMASHED for me this morning.  My only went down 1 point so understand this is not a statement out of anger.  My husband who is on FB about once a day (if that), has never even looked at Twitter, does not have a blog, and belongs to no other social media networks.  When he is on FB, it is with little to no activity, just reading to catch up on things.  So with all of this said, his Klout score is a 43 as of this morning.  He was actually removed from people I influence under this new and “improved” system so that is how I noticed it.  So whatever has been changed doesn’t appear to be working very accurately at all in my opinion.  How can someone with almost NO activity online have a Klout score of 43? 

  • Anonymous

    Agree, very disrespectful move from klout

  • Stacie B

    what do you mean when you say yours dropped due to facebook? mine took a precipitious drop too and i’m trying to figure out why.

  • David

    i had exactly the same Timothy! its a joke!

  • Will Strohl

    You said that many people’s scores will stay the same or go up. However, looking at twitter, and the influencers I personally know – this doesn’t appear to be the case. Everyone that I would consider an influencer has dropped in score. No likey. 

  • Anonymous

    Your new scoring is horrible. You have completely lost credibility with me…

  • Anonymous

    Well, my score went up about 5 points. I think because Facebook influence was taken into consideration, where I have a more highly engaged network. True Reach from 420 to over 1600.

    I like the new accuracy and transparency features. Nice!

  • Farhana Rahman

    I am beyond irritated over my 10 point drop, plus demotion in title! I work in Social Media Marketing, this point drop will hurt me in gaining clients! What the hell?!?

  • Emma Dahl

    I agree Ken, however it is a metric used to measure my job performance in the area of social media. My feverish attempts have been more towards increasing our total Twitter presence than increasing our number; the number increase was just a perk. 

  • Dustan Sept

    Went up 12 points!!! not too shabby!

  • md_1ab

    I won’t pretend to understand how your algorithm works but could someone at Klout please figure out why Influential Topics keep disappearing?  I’m missing out on some great Perks because of this.  Completely frustrating!

  • Anonymous

    As a matter of fact, I am going to be unlinking all my accounts. I do not trust having your organization maintain access to these very important platforms.

    Email me when you have your act together…

  • Glenn Burgess

    Mine dropped by 33%, but… it’s only my Klout score.

  • Ashlyn Brewer

    My score dropped a few points, but I’m still pleased with the updates.  A high score means nothing if the algorithm isn’t right. These updates will eventually make a high score more meaningful – which is worth it for anyone who cares about accurate measurement of real influence.

  • Daniel Swensen

    Disappointed by the big drop here as well.

  • Deb Lee

    Hmm…change and upgrades can be a good thing…in my case, not so much since my score dropped 7 points. 

  • NW7US

    Quantify “majority” and “some” – I’ve done a sampling and so far, the only one I’ve seen go up is @Klout.  All the heavy hitters, to the average players, went downward.  I’m not necessarily complaining (yet); I am still assessing the new scale.  I do concur with others that it would be very helpful to have more detail on different networks and their specific influence on the scoring.  How am I doing on Twitter?  How am I doing on Facebook?  That is valuable to me.  I understand that to you, your interest is to the advertising agency that wants to drive perks and use our Klout to their advantage.  But you need to feed us with something that drives us to continue with passion toward your success.  An artificial narcissistic carrot won’t last long.  Today’s reaction is a good flag toward that sentiment.

  • Richard Mackney

    I can handle a score change but you should then also update the history statistics as anyone viewing my graphs see a massive plummet with no explanation why it’s gone down hill so fast. If I was searching for a job in Social Media right now I’d be concerned. 

  • Karla Campos

    Mine went from 64 to 60, but if you say that your metric is now more accurate I am all for it!

  • Anonymous

    I went from 60 to 58 (not huge but unwarranted I believe).  My husband (with no online activity other than a 4 or 5 time a week visit on FB), now has a score of 43.  I’m beginning to think putting so much stock in this number (and WASTING so much time) is frivolous at best :)  Don’t fret!

  • Anonymous

    Dear Klout (if that is your real name), could you please address some of these issues for us?  How are some people going down to almost nothing while someone like my husband (as I’ve stated twice above who is on FB ONLY 3-5 times a week) now has a score of 43?  How is that accurate? 

  • Graham Phillips

    Mine had gone from 46 down to 40 before today (in the space of 2 days) but with the changes it is now back up to 47. It seems like change for the good and a better way to see exactly what elements are causing fluctuations in scores. 

  • Ardtiffany

    At this point,  i don’t care about my score.  But i would love for someone to go and fix the problem of why i can’t give +K, where is my list, and i can’t get into perks.  Half of buttons or tabs are missing.  Please fix my page!!!

  • danohart

    I went down…..but from what I can tell so far….this is definitely more accurate. Keep up the good work.

    And for those who went WAYY down…have you ever thought that you are just not as influential over your audience as you thought you were?

    I really hope this change gives more weight to Google+ posts also. Lots of great engagement going on over there.

  • Lucky Nugroho

    This in un-cool. Totally.

  • Polish Mama on the Prairie

    Everyone I know has had their score drop.  I hope potential advertisers understand this with our blogs, etc.

  • Zo Nicholas

    Even if I don’t understand how this new algorithm works, I’m not dissapointed as my score went up, at last.

  • Kate Hutchinson

    Know why your scores are dropping? Because Klout is one big game and they want you all to keep playing.

  • Chuck Huntting

    Ten or more point drop for many of us just marginalized your relevance.

  • Glenda Embree

    I don’t consider a 25 point drop in score overnight to be beneficial or accurate.  In the last 30 days, my sight traffic has quadrupled and my activity on Twitter and interaction with readers has increased, so I don’t know where your “true reach” stats are coming from, but it can’t possibly be from the actual activity on my blog or social media accounts.  I am in here everyday, too – giving +K, sharing and tweeting.  I can see now, that this is just a gimmick to get more traffic to you.  I’m done considering Klout as any kind of accurate measure of reality.  My personal contact with people whose scores plummeted in a matter of hours, while others remained unchanged, seems to indicate that this “change” was not across the board and just another random error on Klout’s part.  There have been far too many of those the last few months.

  • Anthonie Bol

    Don’t get mad or dissapointed that your score dropped. be happy you have a more accurate representation of your social score.

  • Joseba Cortazar

    Very unhappy too. My score went from 59 to 47! This is really annoying! What kind of changes have you done?

  • Dolf Muccillo

    This could be a blunder on a Netflixian scale… 

  • Jamie Rippy

    Crash and burn this morning.  Drop of 11.  Ouch.

  • Lauryn Doll

    63 and Broadcasting to like…. 56 and Specializing? REALLY?! 

    SMH !

  • Dolf Muccillo

    I feel bad for people in Social Media / Branding who rely on their Klout score (to some extent) for their livelihoods! I’m sure most of them saw big drops. 

  • Sebastian Gorgon

    Mine went down 10! not as much as yours but still! 

  • Ryan Miller

    I took about a ten-point hit as well.

  • John Quinn

    Did anybody’s actually go up? All I’ve seen is down.

  • Kyle Wegner

    Look, if you’re working on increasing your score you’re focusing on the wrong thing. Focus on actually BEING influential and you’ll weather any algorithm change that happens now and in the future.

  • ☆Amy Abascal☆

    Ten point drop overnight. Ouch!  

  • Ruxtbl

    It seems I am not the only one displeased by your changes…You’d think a company based on social media would take that into consideration…I’ve seen several influential people drop Klout today…beware when you insult your core…good luck and adios!

  • Keith MacIntyre

    Mine went up 10 points…

  • Tonia Sanders

    Why such a drastic change? 

  • Anonymous

    55 to 48. Not cool. Not to mention I had a huge drop already this month. 60 to 55.

  • karllong

    it would be great if there was a way to give +K to accounts based on what I think they’re influential in. Most of the categories that 43things had as topics were irrelevant.

  • John Shepard

    Yep Mine got destroyed also.

  • Alicia Taylor

    I must be t one of the few people commenting here who has a score that actually went up – it was minimal – but it did go up.  I also see that more of my Facebook friends are included in my network.  I see some good ideas in these comments, however, that could improve Klout.  I like the suggestion to link more than one fan page (or twitter account).  I would also like to see the ability to link non-wordpress hosted blogs.  I have wordpress blog, but it’s not hosted on WordPress – it’s on my own dedicated server with several hundred thousand hits a month.  I understand that incorporating these changes would take a while, but it would be awesome to eventually see them.

  • Anonymous

    Now that it is effect I have disconnected all my accounts. I suggest everyone else do the same.

  • courtneyj

    Why should you get the score for a popular brand?

  • ★ Ad Chickadee ★

    but when you can actually go back and SEE the numerous RTs you have, the dialogue u hv – it’s clearly obvious their new scoring system is flawed.

  • jamie storrs

    I love the new changes. Sorry about so many people whining below. Grow up!

  • Shay

    My score went from 32 to 48. Very happy.

  • Kasey Skala

    What are you doing in life that makes your Klout score “very important?”

  • Shellsjewels67

    Mine is no longer seeing my 27k twitter followers and only 560 on facebook. so i dropped from 52 to 45?

  • Anonymous

    Provide some real data on “majority of users saw their Score go up or stay the same” ~ seems transparency may not be what your really shooting for?

  • Marc

    I don’t buy it. I suggest we avoid spinning this as to something good. I have not seen anyone in my network, or beyond go up!

  • Black Suit Thinking

    Personally, I find it hard to get upset about a score that I didn’t even know existed a short while back. Them’s the breaks.

  • ★ Ad Chickadee ★

    As is evident by the comments below – clearly a LOT of folks have seen their scores drop and NOT stay the same as noted above because of this new scoring system.  Wonder if Klout work with brands to adjust how they monitor doling out Klout Perks?? There can’t be THAT many of us doing it wrong – especially when I can see the many RTs and dialogue I hv – to have a score drop 14 points in 1 day says there’s a flaw in this new scoring system…

  • Anonymous

    “You’ll note large decreases in Score are rare.”
    Cool I am an exception  : from 71 to 52 –> -19 !

    Can you make a new achievement : “exceptionnal fall” ?
    Thank You.

  • vidyut

    80 to 64. Very funny. But I suppose not the end of the world.

  • Janet Aldrich

    Not according to my company.  THis is going to cost me big time.

  • Anonymous

    “If you take a look at your Score in the context of your network, we think you’ll like what you see.”
    Except that fully 1/3 of my network (G+, specifically) isn’t even tracked by Klout. I haven’t liked what I’ve seen for some time now. 

    Don’t wave the “transparency” banner and expect us to march along like good little soldiers so you can glad-hand with your ad agencies. At this point, having +K on topics or discovering my “true reach” means next to nothing because you have divulged nothing meaningful to us AND you persist in closing out crucial data from other social media like G+. 

    If you want to make your ad agencies happy, show them happy customers who will praise you (and them) to the skies. Start by dropping the spin. Were you even *watching* what happened to Netflix this past month?

  • Kasey Skala

    Do you really want clients who pick you based on your Klout score? How about focusing on delivering results instead. That will get you more business than a silly fictional score that means very little to most people.

  • Klout

    Hey Ruxtbl, 

    You can think of this change similar to how Google changes it’s PageRank to always ensure the highest level of accuracy. Their goal is to find the most valuable content for your search, and our goal is to accurately measure influence. If your goal is becoming more influential and not gaming the Score, you’ll do just fine. 

  • Anonymous

    Mine as well

  • Janet Aldrich

    Dropped from 55 to 43.  Say WHAT?

  • Denisedowntown

    This doesn’t really explain the new system as compared to the old system. Furthermore, you should have explained this ON THE format which delivers the new score. To go from 74 yesterday to 55 today with ZERO explanation from Klout is a problem. We shouldn’t have to search the fine print of your website to find this explanation. Your explanation is insufficient.

  • Above the fray

    It’s amazing the sence of entitlement people have over a free service klout provides…

  • Joyce Sullivan

    OK, I’m over the shock (sort of) of my score going from 65 to 48 overnight. However, I’m committed to true engagement measurement not just a high number. I like what Joe Fernandez and team are doing at Klout and trust their algorithm tweaking will ensure better accuracy in engagement measurement. It’s new ground for all and they’ve been the innovators

  • Kasey Skala

    Maybe you should find a job that doesn’t measure you based on a fictious score that means very little.

  • DarkUFO

    77 to 59 :(

  • Anonymous

    As someone who is searching for a job in SM, I AM concerned. 

  • Anonymous

    For today, Klout no longer has any value. Perhaps they will fix this and attempt to regain some authority, but I have better things to do than waste my time with trying to figure out their methods. I now need to change my slide deck for the upcoming presentation at a rather large healthcare conference to remove Klout as a recommendation…

  • Kalani Kirk Hausman

    Nice, Klout – was just presenting a lecture today on the value of social media efforts using monitors such as Klout and PeerIndex as a benchmark of impact, influence and effectiveness. Only, when I set it up this morning, I was at a 58 but when I opened that page, I’m now a 40. Not terribly helpful – the whole presentation went south.

  • Shellsjewels67

    well i would like it to see my 27k in followers on twitter again for some reasson now its only seeing 560 on facebook? and not linking to twitter even though I logged in to twitter and then klout through twitter, I deleted the connection to facebook too and its still seeing only facbook peeps

  • Tony Staley

    My score took a 3 point hit this morning, from 47 – 44.  Then in the last couple hours it went up 4 to 48.  I think they must still be working out some kinks. 

  • Bruce Sallan

    EXCUSE ME! My Klout plummeted yet EVERYTHING in my world is skyrocketing! EVERY dad I know has also seen their klout decreased by 25%-35%!!!!

  • @obrienb001

    Went from 41 to 30 but cant see why as have no access to my profile as website is extremely slow

  • Noahschutte

    All I hear is a bunch of adults crying about the fact they had a score they temporarily didn’t deserve. And if you have a large reach and your score sucks? Work on the value of your content. You’re obviously not as influential as you think you are.

  • Cory Ampe

    Hmmm… I logged in and got the message “Congrats! Your Klout Score has increased by +1 in the past 30 days.” But it actually dropped 11 in the last hour … after receiving a +K this morning. 

  • Angelo

    I dont see any transparency. Many of us noticed that you rebalanced Twitter / Facebook weight but you did not mention a Facebook influence score at all in your post. At the same time, why did you not choose to go live with Google+ scores as well?

    I really dont see this kind of measuring personal influence on the web as revolutionary, I think you’re leaving room to other players to build a better ranking algorithm for social influencers.

  • Anonymous

    Kasey, my Klout score is obviously not important to me since I have disconnected all of my linked accounts. 

  • Chris Dodds

    For those complaining: Maybe instead of working to increase your Klout score, you should work on making stuff that people care about.

  • @speedmarketer

    I wondered why mine had gone down.  I’ve been tweeting more, getting re-tweets and @replies but it’s gone down from 50 to 41.  Haven’t got any more time to spend tweeting more – do enough as it is.  Not happy at all and very demotivated to continue.

  • Anonymous

    Above, I have no sense of entitlement. Disconnecting all my accounts no longer gives them access to my data and I will no longer use their service nor recommend it to others. Simple enough…

  • @MimiBakerMN

    Today I ended up with a boat load of people from FB that I’ve never had in my Klout influencer list before. None of them are on social media in any other way than FB. Makes no sense to me.

  • Ben Lubbon

    You have lost all credibility. How does a score drop 15 points? Fix this or I’ll stop frequenting your Beta just got worse service.

  • Air 180

    lol, I also dropped 21 points. This sucks….

  • ittybittybomb

    Quality not quantity. Thank you! Love the improvements!

  • susan borst

    I’ll wait to see how my dashboard looks (it doesn’t look like the above, yet.) Seems scores of my Twitter friends have dropped approx. 10-15 points.  I lost 14.4 and that seems due to my Facebook friends who, I would guess, have an average Klout score of (now) 10 or less.  They are showing up as people I influence. (And I’d put money down that 99% don’t even know what Klout is.)  

    I know Klout is going to provide more transparency – can’t wait to see it.  I’m also wondering what would happen if I unconnected Facebook.  My reach would go down, but overall influencer level average should go up considerably.  I’ll test that in a few days when things settle down a little.

  • Gfr_pub

    Very unhappy with this change. My score went from 38 down to 23. 15 point drop. Is it a joke?
    This tool is a real rip-off!!!

    Bye Bye, klout.

  • Aniceris CS

    So what SocNet site is it focusing on? I see it shows my FB friends count but not my twitter. Does it also include the other sites youtube, etc…?

  • Bruce Sallan

    It’s a sad reality Kasey! I am very upset with this new metric – it has KILLED every score of everyone I know!

  • Bruce Sallan

    Well said Glenda! I’m done too unless they change. I actually FOOLISHLY looked at my score with pride!

  • Rich Reader

    Alongside of transparency, many of us are hoping for understandability.  How will we learn from the component measurements?

  • Paul Paliath

    If you’re shitting bricks at a diminished Klout score, you probably weren’t too influential anyways. :)

  • Anonymous

    Chris, +1 for this!

  • Gary Thomas

    Big drop on my Klout score. Fix it, or I’m out, period.

  • Will Strohl

    I cannot disagree with you more. I dropped from 60 to 50.  Someone in my network that does nothing more than retweet me on Twitter, and like me on Facebook has a 47?!  Cannot say that they are influential at all.  This looks like a major fail so far.

  • Bruce Sallan

    That’s my complaint. I’ve worked SO HARD to establish my SM cred. Honorably. I have REAL followers and REAL reach. Too much tinkering Klout – wayyyy too much!

  • Dan Hannigan

    Mine went up from 48 to 52… works for me!

  • Anonymous

    I’m not sure what they were doing with access to my Google+ account, but I certainly don’t want them having access to that rich data source…

  • Kalani Kirk Hausman

    Same here – went from 58 t0 40 and lost all my TOPICS. The problem is that major changes invalidate existing articles and references using the Klout score. This trashed a 6-month effort to get our organization to use Klout as a measure of social media marketing effectiveness. Back to square one, but this time I’ll have to use PeerIndex or something else more stable.

  • LumaQ

    very unhappy with this change to.. i went from 71 to 58! how is that logical??

  • Jatin Sapra

    We know what Panda Update did to bloggers. Your update is on same lines. Really bad times for bloggers. It is time we moved away from: free traffic from Google and Free publicity from Klout. 
    They change things the way they want to, no uniform system. Thumbs down

    P.S. My score went up but that doesn’t matter to me :)

  • Bruce Sallan

    Mimi, we took the same drop! Sucks! xoxo (I love YOU no matter WHAT your Klout is)…

  • Kalani Kirk Hausman

    Same here – and the change shot things to heck and back.

  • Farhana Rahman

    That’s exactly my case. I’m fuming with anger here.

  • Ben Lubbon

    OCCUPY KLOUT! You have many unhappy people! I’m starting Twitter’s Anonymous.

  • Anonymous

    You might like to check out Connect.Me…

  • Yousef

    You can achieve a high Klout Score in a matter of days, use this technique

  • jan p

    From 28 to 17! Thanks for nothing!

  • Ted Pavlic

    Wow. I was solidly in the mid-to-upper 30’s, and now I’m solidly in the mid-to-upper 40’s. What’s weird is that my sister (who never tweets and only posts a little social stuff on Facebook) is at a 41.

    A little confusing…

  • Bruce Sallan

    My real life evidence is QUITE contrary and the peeps I know are mainstream SM influencers!

  • Brian

    VERY unhappy with the change – My score went form 63 to 45 – almost 20 point drop. What is the reason behind this? I’ve lost confidence in Klout and will not be recommending it to my clients. You can’t keep changing the scoring methods – it destabilizes credibility. You are following in Netflix bad footsteps here and should expect similar repercussions. 

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  • Gary Thomas

    Looking at these comments, Klout just got a ‘klout’ in the teeth from these ridiculous changes. EXCELLENT time to jump ship to another similar service measuring influence in a consistent way. So long, thanks for nothing.

  • Jeremy Mills

    I’m up 20 points here.

  • Kalani Kirk Hausman

    Klout set itself up as an authoritative measure of influence, and many organizations have coupled economic functions and job-related selection to your scoring system. By making this change, you have negatively impacted the job market viability of many loyal supporters of Klout at a time the job market is in free-fall. You wanted your name recognized as an authority, then pulled the rug out from under those that have been actively supporting you. 

  • Cairnsoneday

    Today Klout has lost it’s Klout..Klout says “A More Accurate, Transparent Klout Score”…this is incorrect & misleading.My score has gone down by 7 in 5 hours! & the past events on the graphs etc are wrong,totally wrong, not only that K points given to me from other users have been stollen by Klout. Klout you can’t take away points given to uses from other uses because they liked,enjoyed & followed for months ,years….what the hell are you playing at,get this Klout even gave me points for visiting the Klout site and being interested,now these points have gone,taken away,stollen to…so you gave ‘k’s then took them away….no way! BS! And I did not authorize Klout to intergrate with facebook-

  • muchmor

    I’ve now revoke your access I’ve worked for ages to keep my score up and dropping by 14 is unacceptable 

  • Jürgen Haslauer

    my klout score dropped from around 59-60 to 46.
    my personal score/reach/amplification went constantly up since september – similar to my followers, the number of replies, mentions, tweets – just as i continued to work closer for and with my network.
    and now?
    the “corrected” and “more accurate” figures for the same time range are pointing constantly down?
    but you give me a true reach of 924 instead of 153?
    and you´re telling me, that my true reach raised up a 6 within the last DAY?

    a friend of mine has one facebook-account, has aprox. 1 posting per month with an average of 2-3 likes. and more or less the same amount of friend. that´s it.
    and he has got a 40? (in the “comparsion he is listed constantly with a 10…)

    two other people i know, stayed at their 62 / 59.
    another person dropped also from 58 to 47 – he is REALLY influencial
    one dropped a little from 62 to 60, but his influence network raised from 2k to 4k? without chaning connected networks??

    another twitter account:
    starting in may. since then 16(!) tweets. because of public interest, this account gained 890 followers. and is scored with a 43.
    but there is NO interacting with the followers, no tweets, no retweets right now.
    it looks like your giving the number of followers a greater value than actual networking. to sad.

    i could not find ANY change in the daily handling with social media networks for the given  examples.
    sorry – but even if i try to understand this: i can´t

  • Ken Mueller

    agreed. if people are measuring your job performance based on this, they clearly don’t understand social media.

  • Bruce Sallan

    Well said Crystal! I have to say the ONLY good thing from your change @Klout is reading the comments and meeting people that like me now feel discredited and may have to discredit you! Every negative comment has merit from VERY smart people! Listen and listen quickly or you’ll be replaced very quickly. MySpace was first, Facebook took over! Who wants to start a new influence measure? I’m in! I’ll chip in some funds!!!!

  • Adendyut

    Unaacceptable an 11 point drop in less than a day. I have worked daily at raising it and given klout as well daily. Not ok and reflects poorly to business contacts.

  • Kalani Kirk Hausman

    Agreed, Glenda. Unfortunately, I have been promoting Klout to clients as one of the various metrics to use in measuring the impact of social media campaigns. This change has already caused me to lose clients, and I have to start over using PeerIndex instead. Pity they hit us so hard after we helped make KLOUT influential.

  • Ruxtbl

    How do I disconnect Klout from my Twitter- I un-linked all the rest.

  • Michael Muldoon

    Down from 65 to 51 on the FIRST day I advertise my score. Seems to me from your comments that your chart is wrong, it’s skewed at the bottom end.

  • Anonymous

    You have to log into your Twitter account and remove it from the applications tab under settings…

  • Kalani Kirk Hausman

    I lost 18 points – down to 40.

  • karllong

    yep, maybe if someone would vouch for me, they don’t seem to provide any guidance on how to do that. 

  • Timothy Whalin

    I do work on being influential. I was at 74 implication and am now down to 9. I get over 100 RTs a day and about 500 mentions a week. I disconnected Facebook to see if that does anything.

  • Timothy Whalin

    Agreed, but Klout seems to have become a standard.

  • Anonymous


  • MikeSchinkel

    “BEING influential” is an ethereal concept. 

    Some of us have been using @klout:disqus  to help us measure when we are and when we are not influential. Having recently decided to try to use Klout to understand my influence and having recently taken action to change my online behavior based on that Klout is very disheartening to learn that the activities that I was being told by Klout were making me more influential now rate as activities that made me (in Klout’s eyes) less influential.  
    What this tells me is I can no longer trust Klout to be an aid in helping me become more influential so I think I’m just going to ignore it from now on.

  • Kalani Kirk Hausman

    Klout scoring has become influential in job searches and employment, so it may be very important to someone’s livlihood. Better they had created a new KloutTwo score for the new metric and left the old one alone.

  • Angie Ward

    71 to 59!  Guess I’m not as important as I thought I was!

  • Angie Ward

    71 to 59, guess not as important as once thought :)

  • Timothy Whalin

    More accurate my butt. I get over 100 RTs a day and my amplification dropped from 74+ to 9. That is not accuracy, that is a mistake.

  • Timothy Whalin

    I still have all my topics at least. Very bad PR for Klout.

  • Timothy Whalin

    I disconnected Facebook to see if that does anything.

  • Anonymous

    I went from a 44 to 31. Unbelievable. I’m kicking you to the curb, Klout. It’s over.

  • Tyler Murray

    Kyle, I know you in real life.  This system is obviously flawed :)

  • Anonymous

    You could also unlink all of your accounts like I have done… feels liberating! :-D

  • Dave Link

    Apparently I’m not alone here, but one would think that an increase in RTs, +K, and overall conversation on relevant topics with others would INCREASE ones score. Only had a 5 point drop, but still seems to be moving in a direction contrary to what my actual activity should warrant. 

  • Kalani Kirk Hausman

    Klout marketed itself as a measure of social media impact and influence, buisinesses accepted it as such, and many jobs and employment searches are now tied to it. Just as it gains acceptance, Klout rips down all of the efforts its supporters have made and damaged their employment viability in many cases. A total negative. They should have created a new score for the new metric.

  • Adendyut

    Thats bs you do not control what the media world looks at and klout was one of them so it was important. Thats mighty arrogant to think people would not want employment in our economy!

  • Marcy Massura

    How can we opt out of Klout? How can we not have our score shown AT ALL?

  • Anonymous

    I’m not too concerned about the drop, but it bothers me that historical data was converted, so that it’s as if the old scores never existed.

  • Kristi Hines

    I’d just like to see a change in the graph.  Dropping 1.5 points over the course of a month shouldn’t make it look like my Twitter account is tanking like it currently does.  Also, I don’t think you should have retroactively changed the scores based on your new system.  I might have wrote an article about having a Klout rank in the 70’s less than a month ago, and now people who go to my profile will think I am a liar because it says I was in the 50’s even though the big “change” just happened today.  

  • DaveB

    Klout would’ve been better served by being less disingenuous about the explanation of the changes.
    But to everyone who’s bitched about a ratings dive – if you’re happy for your score to go up – accept it when it goes down. And don’t whine about it being unfair. So’s life.
    And yes, mine went down too. By 1. Boo-hoo.

  • Leo the Yardie Chick

    My score was 36 before I went to bed last night, and now I’m at 46? O_O I’m more than a little confused.

  • Anonymous

    Remember that part in ‘Wizard of Oz’ when Toto pulled the curtain back on the Wizard? I don’t know what that has to do with today’s development.  I can see Klout spinning this to win it, though.

  • Kalani Kirk Hausman

    Doing the same now – Klout scoring was one of the metrics I recommended to my clients for measuring their social media efforts. Now, I have only PeerIndex and my credibility with my clients is shot. Thanks, Klout.

  • Deric Mongeon

    From what I can see and Also a few people in my office Klout is putting far to much weight on Facebook and not enough on other networks I influence many people on tumbler and I get no added Klout from it I also Interact wit people on Google + what I dont understand I can influence people by commenting on there posts I should receive Klout for it Hopefully things get Ironed out soon

  • Cairnsoneday


  • Dayngr

    Mine included

  • Owen Paun

    Mine went from 72 to 60!

    The Klout giveth, and the Klout taketh away …

  • Ruxtbl

    Thanks!  I will do…bye bye to Klout!  Not really needed anyway…and don’t have time to waste

  • Angelos Tzelepis

    Best. Comment. Thread. EVER!

    People, I was influential in “Diaper” because I made one David Vitter joke 8 months ago.

    How can you possibly take this that seriously?

  • Kalani Kirk Hausman

    Try PeerIndex – they use multiple metrics, which Klout should have done to introduce a new method of determination.

  • Adendyut

    Or you have no choice but to rely on it because you feed your family by work in social media. Very judgemental and arrogant to question people caring about livelihoods our depression style economy!

  • Matt Cherette

    The comments in this post are some of the most hilariously desperate and self-righteously indignant wastes of words I’ve ever read on the Internet. Some of y’all need to take a few thousand steps away from the computer. Like, immediately.

  • Jürgen Haslauer

    no, sorry. it´s ok, if my score is “corrected” and gets a new level (higher or lower doesn´t matter for me. it´s just a number). but what i really can´t understand, that it doesn´t look very continous over several accounts.
    it seems, that the REALLY important thing right now to get a higher klout is the number of followers. but – imho – this has nothing to do with influence. this is web 1.0 measurement…

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  • MikeSchinkel

    Sadly, expecting prospective clients to know how to hire someone based on their future delivery of results is not realistic. A score like Klout gives busy people a simple litmus test in advance. It’s the same reason people eat at McDonalds or AppleBees; the food is crap compared to the independent restaurant across the street but at McDonalds or AppleBees they know what they are going to get.

    Klout really did a disservice to people here. They should have phased this in gradually, not all at once.

  • Matt Cherette

    [Duplicate Comment Redacted]

  • Scott Miller

    Checking my Klout lists it appears that many of the people I follow dropped about 15 points. I don’t see any gains among any people I follow.

  • Klout

    Hey Jason, you can see the distribution of changes in our post above. The majority of users did, in fact, see no change or an increase. Thanks!

  • Klout

    Hey Sean, we do believe in transparency, please see the distribution of Score changes in our post above. Thank you!

  • Uncouthandlovingit

    seems like a way to kick a lot of people out of qualifying for perks IMO

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  • Klout

    Unlinking a network will never increase you Score.

  • William Goddard

    I find it crazy that I lost close to 11 points and a company I actually tweet for lost 0 and they have been on twitter for 3 months….without divulging the algorithm to show true transparency, is a joke. The fact that you back dated things is also disturbing. It now shows my score was 43 instead of 53 as of October 24…this is false data 

  • Klout

    Hey Glenda,

    Keep in mind it’s not the absolutely number that matters, but your Score in the context of your network and peers. Overall, we believe this to be a massive improvement in Klout and we hope you will agree when you have a chance to dig into it.

  • Klout

    Hey Will, you can see the distribution of change in Klout Scores in our post above. 

  • Klout

    Hey Daniel,

    You can see the distribution in change in Klout Scores in our post, above. Thanks!

  • pastapadre

    Definitely something wrong here. The drop from 74 to 58 was shocking sure. But when I look at my amplification going from 70 something to 10 (a steady 10 across the board w/no movement apparently in the past month?) it makes no sense. Frustrating!!!

  • Owen Paun

    I’m thinking it’s mostly people whose score dropped who are complaining on here … a selection bias. Mine went from 72 to 60. Not happy, but if the system is better, so be it.

  • Klout

    You can see the distribution of changes in our post above. Thanks!

  • Emily Schooley

    My score also dropped significantly – am not sure why, and I find it frustrating. I also changed from Broadcaster to Specialist – seems a big shift.

  • Anonymous

    HA! For some people being influential in diaper could be monetized :-D

  • Jürgen Haslauer

    “You’ll note large decreases in Score are rare”?
    while reading the comments here, the “normal” change is either: no reamarkable change or dropping down about 15 to 30 points. but the “level” of the score is one thing.
    but how can you explain, that yesterday you told me “everyhting your´re doing is fine, because youre values are constantly growing” and today you tell me, that within the same time period, my klout score “has seen better days”, and all scores are dropping down?

    i have “immediate influence” to a twitter account, that not even did a retweet /mention /reply to my account within the last 2 months?
    very strange. and very dissapointing

  • Klout

    Hey Denise, you’re right we can improve the way we explain this on your dashboard. We will work on this, thanks!

  • John Feskorn

    Went form 64 to 49.  My influenced / Influencers are all Face Book peeps.  I don’t do FB (too much), I tweet :) 

  • Luxury Pets

    This change is life threatening.  

     I was challenged by my boss to include the KLOUT score as part of my quarterly goals.  So, I did and have been working this so that I could get my bonus to pay for my Grandmas heart transplant.  This change will cost me dearly as well as poor Grandma. I guess she is going to slip back down to the bottom of the list much like my KLOUT Score.  It’s a FREE tool and I thought it was a good one. I could run twitter ads that read “FREE BEER/ASS/MONEY CLICK HERE” and see what that does for the ‘ol Klout Score.  I guess its time to look and see what other companies are in the social media scoring arena and beg my boss to please let me bonus for poor old Gran Grans ticker.

  • Anonymous

    I dropped by 10 like many of the people here. But after looking at my profile in depth I can see the changes and yeah, it seems more accurate to me.

    And that’s it. Klout doesn’t cost me anything. I’m not paying for the data it gives me. So I get what I pay for. If a company is serious about creating an influential social media presence they really should be looking at more than just a klout score.

  • Kalani Kirk Hausman

    Try PeerIndex, which has multiple axis of influence – the way Klout should have introduced this new measure.

  • Anonymous

    If you don’t like Klout unlink all your accounts. It’s your data you give them access too…

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  • Joe Johnson

    Maybe you should change your name to NetFlix. Ouch, Ive been in a downward spiral for a month and did not know it. I hope the people I reccomended don’t hate me for it.

  • Beer47

    I have 36,600 followers. In the previous 4 weeks, 1680 people clicked on links that I sent out. This is 84% of your 2K number. This doesn’t count any of the other interactions such as retweets or conversations.

    My true reach is 2k. Your algorithm is wrong.

    I have another account with less than 300 followers the Klout score is only 7 less than this account.

    Your “standard of influence” is wrong.

  • Anonymous

    You are paying by giving them access to all YOUR data. They provide an an analysis tool. I never much trusted their measures of influence, but it’s not really that important anyway…

  • Jürgen Haslauer

    afaik, a “+K” never influenced your klout-score

  • Kalani Kirk Hausman

    I lost 18, down to 40. Lots of people would earn that new achievement.

  • Atdesignco

    Not a very accurate measure if the score history doesnt reflect our “real score” history. My history says I am at my highest score of 28, which is inncorrect because this morning I was 36 and I have been tweeting my progress, so now if I tweet 28 it likes I havent been growing. Not accurate and not correct. We were using Klout to measure our growth, but now I feel it is an incorrect measure of our progress

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  • bcre8uv

    I’ve been riding the Klout score roller coaster from almost the beginning, so I’m planning to just throw my hands up in the air, knowing the downhill plummets are inevitable. I lost 6 points this time. I’ll gain them back & then lose them again next time, I’m sure. Meanwhile, I’ll just keep engaging & doing what I do. The actual connections mean more to me than the number. I suppose they have to readjust every so often, or we’d all catch up to Bieber! ;P

  • MaryBrigitte Hampton

    My score went down 16 points since yesterday! And I post and comment just as frequently as I have for months- Is it going to be the norm for dramatic daily changes or is this a one time dramatic change due to the change in scoring?

  • Steve Coulson

    So, you only recommended Klout to clients while it gave you a high Klout score?  There’s something wrong there, no?

  • Blogjetese

    lol but only the people who are pissed are going to be vocal about it. 

  • MikeSchinkel

    Thanks @Kalani, I definitely will.

  • Luxury Pets

    Reminds me of the NETFLIX blunder where they lost all those customers.  I guess KLOUTS biggest loss is data to help build their influence. Klout, if you could go back and change things would you or is this the best you can do for the world?  I mean poor Gran Gran is not going to be happy with these changes.  She was so excited to be sliced open at the end of this month and have a new ticker slid into her.  Oh boy.

  • Tasso Art

    I also so a major drop today. From a 70.22 down to a 59.20. At first I was VERY displeased with this, however I also did notice that I went from a true reach of 500 or so to 3K, which more accurately represents me.

    Putting ego aside (which is why I think many people are peeved here), it IS very important for the analytics to be precise. I’d rather be unhappy with the truth than happy with a lie.

    One thing I think Klout could improve on is topics. I am VERY influential in the graphic design and branding community, yet it’s only picking up my interest in Government since I have been posting about the #Occupy movement as of late. Hence, I am not eligible for perks which I feel I most definitely should be.

    As someone who will be offering perks of my own to Klout members very soon, this is of great interest to me. Hope it’s improved soon! :)

  • Anonymous

    That is the perfect attitude, but it does mean that you don’t think Klout scores are particularly valuable measures of influence…

  • Anonymous

    This has been a fun thread, but I need to get back to work :-)

  • Matt Cherette

    Except that all of those stupid RTs and @replies are nothing but glorified spam–but from actual people and therefore even more pathetic–spewed by a parasitic symbiosis circlejerk from hell.

  • Toastmasters D71

    My score dropped from 63 to 54 (-9) within a few hours. Not happy because people are making judgements by Klout score, but I will continue doing what I am doing. Business has never been better and ultimately that’s what counts.

  • Angelo

    People like Chris Brogan or Robert Scoble are very busy over there, by far more than on Facebook. They’re the so called influencers, not the “I fed my cat” status updates fanatics.

  • Atdeisgnco

    Klout–if you are running a business, you should consider your members who are also running businesses and depending on the consistency of your service. You should have limited the change in range. As many of us useD Klout to show progress in social media with our clients. Your explanation means nothing in my clients eyes, all my clients see is a 20 point drop. Thanks for making me leave Klout and choose a different more consistent measure of social media presence. One that doesnt change its formula whenever you feel.

  • tichaelmucker

    It’s called illusory superiority, and a lot of you folks have it [but it’s perfectly normal!].

    It means we can’t ALL be better than everybody else.

    Example: a famous study of auto drivers found that 93% of them considered themselves to be in the “top 50%” for driving skill. This is impossible of course. ( )

    My Klout score has been as high as 71, which was pretty awesome, but I also felt it couldn’t possibly be accurate. As of today, I’ve gone from 62 to 54, and you know what? That’s probably about right compared to the actually-influential people I follow!

    This Klout thing is really new, so bear with it. It’s one thing to take it seriously, but I feel really sad about the idea that any of you are actually being judged or valued by your Klout score, of all things.

    [suddenly] 54 and climbing…

  • David Moore

    I’m up 11 points.

  • Sam Whited

    Very nice. My score dropped a bit, but I’m very happy with the change overall. It seems to be more accurate, and provides a great deal more information.

    Thanks Klout team!

  • NW7US

    The graphic looks informative, at first glance.  Perhaps it will pacify.  However, let’s do some more data mining with some deeper intelligence: let’s see a break-down by strata.  How much movement “max score change” did those having a starting score of between 0 and 20 have?  And those from 21 to 30?  Then 31 to 40?  Then 41 to 50? Etc.  That might be more revealing.  There are possibly other ways to dice the data, too.  Other ways that might reveal other aspects of the trends and scoring algorithms.

    Here’s a scenario:  You have a network of 500 space scientists.  They use social networking (perhaps they are part of a circle on Google+) to discuss current research and interesting topics, as well as lunch ideas.  They “plus” each other’s posts, and occasionally share posts to insure that something gets viewed.  They tend to be a bit “trigger happy”.  According to the new algorithm, as I understand it, these scientists have very little Klout in that network.  Now, if some anti-social guy is part of that group, and once in a blue moon decides to “plus” a posting, and maybe share a post, all of the sudden, there’s Klout.  Am I understanding this?

    It would seem to me that interaction and participation is reward.  Not bad behavior.  But maybe I misread the change.

    I don’t think that you are describing well enough in a transparent way, the methodology of Klout.  Short and sweet blog entries don’t suffice.  I think we’re hungry for a bit more meat, here.  At least, in my humble opinion.

  • Amy

    Is this why my score went up again  today, but my “last 30 days” didn’t reflect that change? Are past Klout scores adjusting to the new system?

  • Linda Bernstein

    And this is transparency? @TeamFollowBack now has a score of 77. Klout, I am so over you. 

  • Genevieve Thursday

    Yeah, I’m not buying this “more accurate” thing you guys are claiming. Yesterday it was my score was 52. This morning 17? Now 46? True reach went from 183 to 763? I *really* doubt that my true reach is honestly 763. And if I really do am influential over 763 people, then why the heck would my score ever go down???

  • Kyle Wegner

    Just looked at your score and clearly you are being undervalued here. After doing some research it looks like Klout has highly devaluded Twitter and significantly increased the value of Facebook.

  • @Inkdup7

    i agree with Timothy… You add topics that I influence YET you drop my score by 14??? makes not sense at all… Not to mention I see people with higher scores that have 1/3 or less of a “network” There is a glitch in the matrix here guys!!! lol

  • Abel Pardo

    Thi is a radical change, it’s incredible.

  • mike

    my score went down 8 points in all of 4 hours. and my true reach went up from 150 to 2K. im a little confused.

  • NeuralCorrelate

    I saw a 10+ decrease in my Klout score (went from 63 to 49), but you know what? If this means more accuracy then I’m all for it. I’m trying to use Klout to measure progress, not give me some artificial sense of self-worth. Accuracy and honesty triumphs ego any day. 

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  • Jody Bossert

    How have you lost clients already? This change just happened. Did you call them to point out the drop and ask them if they want to fire you?  Not trying to sound like a jerk. Just seriously curious. There’s a lot of flaming going on here and I’m really trying to understand what’s truth and what is just a bunch of people who have taken big hits to their pride today. I dropped from 60-48, but I assume there’s a bigger picture here…a more robust platform that will be better in the long run. Of course, I’m also an eternal optimist so who knows. :-)

  • Catherine Novak

    My score went down, but I suspect it’s a lot more accurate, looking at my history.  Thanks for the improvements.

  • Beer47

    Have the top influencers with thousands of followers like me (who had a huge drop) considered a campaign to tell people to leave Klout? Letting Klout _really_ know how insignificant our “true reach” _is not_?

  • Andrew Rudmann

    Mamma’s don’t let your babies grow up to be social media consultants.

  • Alter

    Score went down from 47 to 39.5; I find it weird.. especially when the true influence rose from 28 to 306 people. Your algorithm doesn’t get me at all. I am not an influence on the topics of Charlie Sheen or Football, but what I talk about rarely gets on that list… I think its grossly inaccurate. But I will attempt to be humored by it, if it bores me, I go away. Not to seem a bitch or anything..

    I’d like to think I’m being a positive lab rat for you to test your software on. Have fun ;)

  • Anonymous

    I’m with Tim. I see how influential Klout really is #kloutfail

  • Anthony Domanico

    But it can get us away from using a flawed service ;)

  • Hans Chr. Faerden

    I have read more than half of the comments here. Can you please tell why it seems Twitter “disappeared” and Facebook is almost all I see? I dropped from 70 to 56, but that is OK if I see a system measuring real influence. And all can understand and accept it. But so far I see only confusion and anger (the latter was predictable and inavoidable, but I expect you guys to listen to the reasonable part of it). So please, what about Twitter??

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  • SnappyDesk

    I was disappointed with the huge drop, 43 to 25, a total change of style, etc. Perhaps I let the site become a distraction to doing what I know I need to do, provide value and build trust. I am done monitoring it. Something was wrong before anyway:
    1. I added over 1,000 contacts on LinkedIn in 4 days last week and the needle did not move.
    2. Prior to the change, the more I introduced Twitter techniques (lists, retweet influential, etc.), the slower my gains.
    3. A couple of the people that I retweet, get retweeted by, mention the most are just gone from my network.
    4. My network size crashed when in actuality it has exploded (added 200+ followers last month, added over 1K on LinkedIn, joined G+, etc.).
    Who am I to say that the score is not correct now, but the air has gone out of the bag and the trust is gone. So, thanks for the entertainment Klout. I have some business that needs my attention.

  • The Icon Concierge

    My Klout score dropped by almost 10 points. That is unacceptable. I am writing your HQ a letter. 

  • Kyle Wegner

    Here’s where I see it differently – I think what you were using it for was EXACTLY what Klout is supposed to be used for, in that you were comparing relative scores based on what you’ve done to help see what is actually working. That’s a super effective way to use a made up score like Klout to positively influence your overall influence. However, today’s score and yesterdays score are NOT relative to each other and therefore should not be compared. You can still use this tomorrow and the day after to do exactly what you’ve been doing.

  • Matt Cherette

    I’m sorry, is this supposed to be a coherent sentence? Because it’s not.

  • C. Michael Croston

    In the last month I have had all of my topics taken away. I’ve been given new ones twice. My number of followers on Twitter has been going up 1000 a week. I’ve been given over 100 +K’s in the last 2 months. I was told that other sites will not hurt your score, only help. Yet this says my influence on Facebook is lower. I am in the top 2% on Google plus. I spend time interacting with my followers. My score has dropped from 60 to 48. I’m done playing this silly game with my reputation.
    @twitter-14617967:disqus The system sets the rules. If you follow the rules you should be rewarded with results. I have done both. This is just ridiculous.

  • data_nerd

    I think this stinks! I have worked my ass off on my account (building it from 30 to 67 in 7 month, engaging, retweeting, spending hours trying to get others to take me seriously) only to knocked backwards for doing my best! You guys SUCK

  • Jack Durst

    The sad thing is that I’m not just down 5 points in a day, all my historical data has been replaced with what it would’ve been under the new algorythim so that I my subscores curves don’t look anything like they did the day before yesterday.  I’m beginning to wonder if the new algorythim is supposedly more accurate if the old score was measuring ANYTHING valueable at all.

  • Albert Qian

    To be honest, I think the Klout score re-adjustment is a great thing. Yeah, my Klout dropped 15 points from 71 to 56, but I think it makes people re-emphasize how they target individuals and punishes brands who don’t engage with other people.

    I wrote about it here on my blog:

    Feel free to read it, and anyone at Klout, feel free to provide your opinions.


  • Kalani Kirk Hausman


    You have set Klout up as the authoritative metric for measuring social media influence and impact. Many have supported you in this effort, providing success. Klout scores are now used for job searches, employment mandates and a number of similar functions.

    The change impacts the job viability and even the ability for people to apply for certain jobs which have minimum Klout scores based on the prior metrics. Similarly, you have retroactively altered the history of our Klout scores as if they had always been this way, which has created a number of financial and employment hardships already this morning.

    I have clients who used Klout as a metric of their social media advertising success, and you have now made all of those willing to try this look like fools in front of their Boards when they reported the Klout scores along with PeerIndex, Twitter Grader and other related metrics this morning.

    You should make the new scoring system a new axis of measure, retaining the old Klout score and adding a new “Klout+” score using the new measure. This protects the value investment in Klout by its many adopters and evangelists while also allowing participants the opportunity to expand their social influence along the new measures as well.

    By changing the entire scoring system for the basic Klout score, you have damaged many people’s employment viability and impacted their earning potential – particularly in the nascent field of Social Media roles.

    Please consider rolling back the original Klout system and adding instead a Klout+ or some other variant for the new mesure. 

  • Anthony Domanico

    Yeah, I’d like to see the whole algorithm so we can dissect it.

  • Anthony Domanico

    Yeah, my boss who is much more known than I am in the Android community saw a -10 drop, and is now lower than I am. Not exactly “liking” what I see there.

  • Kyle Wegner

    After looking at a lot of the details, it seems to me that Klout is putting a lot more stock in Facebook influence and far less in Twitter. This is going to radically change the way people were scored if they were using Twitter as their primary vehicle for impacting Klout score.

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  • L’araba Fenice Pub

    With Facebook account, can I put in my Klout the pages  That I manage ? or it are already counted in rank? thanks for the answer! sorry for my bad english

  • data_nerd

    Agreed, mine dropped from 67 to 47 (20 freaking points)!!!!

  • CamMi Pham

    Mine went from 76- to 56 :-s 

  • Andrew Pincock

    Love the new layout and transparency. 

  • data_nerd

    Agreed, for Klout to do this after all our hardwork, I no longer give a crap with Klout thinks. I will go to PeerIndex as well!

  • Erine

    My True Reach jumped up 104 points in one day! My overall score went from a 32 to a 48. Looks like all it did was add way more of my FB friends into my “immediate influence network.” I’d be way happier if they just fixed the simple issue of syncing in multiple twitter handles.

  • Anthony

    Similar to Timothy, mine went down from 70 this morning to 54 this afternoon. I think the point is, that in the past, as one’s score has steadily increased [with continual praise from Klout I may add], I was apparently focussing on the right thing. How in 24 hours can I suddenly be focussing on the wrong thing?

  • Anonymous

    What don’t you understand Matt? If you give Klout access to your accounts that is your choice (and the only real value the company has is from the access people willingly give to their private data). I decided to unlink my accounts since I don’t really care what score they give me and I don’t want them to have access to my private data. They can scrape the data from my public accounts and postings, but it is actually quite liberating to move away from their measure of influence and just go about my business…

  • Jürgen Haslauer

    great post.
    just thought the same, that adding an additional score (that for sure could replace the old one in some time) would be the best thing.

  • Terry Towles Canote

    My score went down only by 1. What bothers me is two things. First, I have friends on Facebook who are no longer counted as influencers, even though we are still friends and still interact. Second, I really think the topics need be fixed. Klout claims I am influential about Real Estate, yet I have never, ever posted even once about Real Estate! I hid it long ago, but it bothers me that Klout could be so inaccurate about a topic!

  • Anthony

    Why bother…they will change the goal posts in a few months

  • Timothy Whalin

    I read every article I tweet, look at every post I RT… not sure how you would think of that as spam.

  • Jon Rawlinson

    This is absolutely ridiculous. My score went from 65 to 51 in one day. Well done, you’ve just lost a fan.

  • Anthony

    Peer Index it is for me

  • Timothy Whalin

    Glad you can agree. I strongly believe it was my Facebook account. Klout once said that adding your profiles will only boost your score. Guess that’s wrong now.

  • Jody Bossert

    Is your husband friends with Justin Bieber?

  • Lewis

    Ouch! Mine went from 53 to 44 and I was unhappy! :/

  • Lewis

    Aww mine was 53 to 44…:(

  • Lewis

    ah ok, should have helped me? I use Facebook a lot more than Twitter, yet my score went down 9?

  • Anonymous

    16 pt drop? A company that rewards your hard work by lowering the score? I work so hard at what I do. This is sad.

  • Thomas Lapierre III

    my score only dropped a few points, but my friends, the ones that dont post very often. the ones that arent trying to build a little bit of a reputation on social media saw scores go from 8 or 10 to 50! i worked my ass off to get up into the 50s. and overnight half of my friends(who dont even know what klout is) have scores in the low 50s and high 40s. can someone explain to me how this is MORE accurate?

  • Cairnsoneday

    And now I’v just found Klout has intergated people into the score I’ve previously blocked out of my stream,this is dangerous and irresponsible

  • Anthony

    Ridiculous! It mattered yesterday, but not today according to you. Whitewash!

  • Whobetterthan Flanagan

    Yay FB.

  • Paul Paliath

    I don’t see why people would rely on a largely inaccurate score to rank one’s influence.

  • MikeSchinkel

    @twitter-14617967:disqus You reply without all the context.  

    I’m specifically referring to my graphs of activities which all show a continuous decline over the past 30 days, which means that whatever I’ve been doing has been “harmful.” 

    Before the change everything I was doing was making the score go up over the past month. So, what bothers me is Klout has guided me to take action to improve my score yet now they show others that my past actions mean I am steadily loosing “influence.” Had Klout changed the algorithm without recalculating all the past data and had changes only effected the future scores where everyone’s score had a big correction today it would be one thing, but now I want to make sure none of my clients see my Klout page because taken out of context it’s embarrassing. 

    And worse, I have no idea what Klout thinks I should be doing. The upshot?  I’m going to stop visiting Klout and put my attentions elsewhere.

  • Anonymous

    Kalani makes a great point…

  • Shelly Wallingford

    I definitely feel like there is a problem with the new Klout system.  The new system shows that I have True Reach of 544 which increased from 109 although I definitely don’t have that many people in my network.  In addition, my Klout score dropped from 55 to 43.  I am all from a more accurate depiction of my true influence, but this doesn’t appear to more accurate.  Just my 2 cents

  • DaveWares

    Extremely disappointed,  very close to disconnecting everything. -14 drop. Don’t use Facebook either, so probably being penalised for that too.

  • Loba Muito Cruel – Anny

    I don’t know why you’re crying so much. If the score dropped to everyone, all were leveled, stop crying!!!

  • Anonymous

    I’m the same. It was shocking to come back to. Very unhappy as well. But, it’s all relative. Everyone is going down at the same time. But I may not be vising Klout much. I’m tired of it filling my head anyway :) Have a great one regardless of KLOUT :)

  • Anonymous


  • Jody Bossert

    Ah okay. So in follow up to my previous reply to you, Kalani, it appears you may have lost some prospective new clients, not current clients.

  • NW7US

    Look for my comment, elsewhere, here, about a different way to data mine your change.  I am not so sure that your graphic truly uncovers the whole story.  There’s more complexity in this change than meets the eye in that simple graphic.

  • Michael

    Perhaps, but as someone who has never linked Facebook in the first place, now I am terrified to do so, seeing the reactions here.

    My question is: Can LINKING a new network ever drop your score? Or are new networks only additive?

  • data_nerd

    That’s why you DON”T seem to understand, if you are getting re-tweeted and mentions like crazy, your score should NOT have decreased (see Tim’s 20 decrease as well as my 20 point decrease) Everyone should switch to PeerIndex!

  • Anonymous

    LOL…hardly!  He has like 140-150 friends on FB.  He posts something every other week or so.  He rarely comments.  He just reads through.  Now that’s some hefty Klout right there!

  • Zach Billings

    My score went up because the algorithm is tracking quality content and real influence. You’ve probably effectively created an illusion of influence which the new algorithm sees through.

  • Albert Qian

    Got it.

  • Aaron Lintz

    From 52 to 38 overnight!
    True Reach

    decreased by
    That shows a smattering of people who do not follow me back, most of whom are brands or are new to twitter, or are from Fiji! 

    Clearly your new “Formula” now favors:
    + Larger networks over good ones
    + New people are greeted with ridiculously high scores
    + Brands over people

    Maybe you will get it right while people seem to care, but at this rate the window is closing for any IPO magic.

  • Melissa Rheinlander

    I am very upset that I dropped 16 points… I am very active online in both on twitter, FB, and the various others ways that I am connected with KLOUT!! A company that I am trying to work for asked me yesterday for my KLOUT score and now today not even 24 hours later they see almost a 20 point difference… makes me look like a LIAR!! NOT HAPPY AT ALL!! I think this change is definitely flawed… or the scores changes would not be so dramatic or inaccurate as EVERYONE feels!!!

  • Dustin W. Stout

    My score saw a 3 point drop. Not that much, but it didn’t seem accurate in the first place. When is Google+ going to ACTUALLY be weighed into Klout score? Because if it REALLY was being factored in, I would have seen a great boost in Klout.

  • Emma Dahl

    Thank you Kalani; I agree. I trust that Klout took much effort to make this a good improvement overall but in the short run it’s frustrating for current users.

  • Albert Qian

    Just because they claim to be the standard doesn’t mean they are the standard. When does a company proclaiming itself to be a leader in anything make it a leader? Industry analysts claim that, not companies – that’s terrible confirmation bias.

    That said, look at this as a challenge to make yourself better. I dropped from 71 to 56, and I think it’s one of the greatest things Klout could have ever done. It punishes people who don’t engage and brands who don’t talk to customers the way they should, and emphasizes engagement and thoughtful targeting. Changes the game? Absolutely!

  • BenBenCaro

    Seems as if it’s taking Facebook more into account. Before, Facebook seemed to have little impact on score.

  • Erica Diamond

    Terrible! I was a 73 AN HOUR AGO, and now I’m a 58? Doesn’t make any sense! Please fix this!

  • Everett

    I don’t know what all the whining is about. Previously, if people used Twitter 30x a day, they could get a Klout score of 45-50 easily. If they added Facebook and used that 10x a day, they could get to 60. Inflated self-worth was the problem. Do you really think you were in the top 40-50 percent of most influential people in social media on the planet? Please!!! What is Klout supposed to do when they add Blogger and WordPress? There are people who blog and have thousands or tens of thousands of readers, but don’t use Twitter at all. Those people are way more influential than most people on Twitter alone, so they have to “devalue” Twitter, in order to give more weight to the more important, long-term presences that people have online. The scores of 80 and up (A grades) need to be for people who have real societal influence. Whether they get there with just one tool (like Lady Gaga can do with Twitter) or a dozen (like a news media outlet might do…blog, Youtube, Twitter, FB, etc) the scores have to be comparable.

  • Emma Dahl

    There are several ways to measure social media success, Klout has been the one that we have been using for almost a year now. The purpose of Klout, as Kalani mentions below, is to measure social media impact and influence, and so that is what we were using it for. Therefore by my score dropping so significantly and suddenly, on paper it will reflect poorly. We all have to be measured and held accountable for our job responsibilities in one way or another; It has nothing to do with how well my company understands social media.

  • Max Stirner

    I’ve only been here a few months but was comfortable with the scoring and could understand score changes of 2% to 5% when I related these to my activity (or lack thereof), the number of retweets, and so on. With the changes you just implemented, my score dropped from 37 to 14 which leads me the conclusion that this was more than merely raising accuracy a bit: either the score was perfectly useless before … or it is so now. In either case: bye.

  • Everett

    Also, not sure about others, but Klout has applied their formula to me retroactively. My top score used to be 61, now it is 55. C’est la vie. If Google and Facebook have taught us anything, it’s to not get to attached to an algorithm, design feature, or anything else that’s free to use. We’re not the customers of social media, we’re the product they’re selling. We don’t have a say in how it’s done so deal with it and move on.

  • Charles J. Orlando

    Hey Kyle:

    Not too much stock in Facebook. My book’s Fan Page 550,000 Fans — and I’m the sole administrator — and it’s never been included in my score… despite the fact that I post four times per day with over 400+ Likes and 120+ comments per post. Klout for influence… not so sure… 

  • Laurence

    I have to say I’m gobsmacked at the change my score has dropped from 50 to 37 and my detailed analysis is completely different eg I’ve moved from the specialist space to socialiser. Que?? My true reach has gone from 2k to 190. I have to say this makes a complete mockery of any previous analysis. The whole things seams arbitrary. I’m off to peer index, at least they’re consistent

  • Adam Scislowicz

    Indeed, mine went up. However, I had put zero effort into gaming klout and have also been conscious not to tweet or facebook msg just to get RT’s or likes, for example I avoid tweeting an article unless I intend to add value to the conversation… Gaming klout is like making money a commodity, it causes inflation and moves focus from content creation to spam. I for one commend klout in lowering the value of spammy activity.

  • Aaron Lintz

    Says Matt C. who checks-in to McDonalds daily. 

  • Matthew Couto

    9 point drop in less than 24 hours?! What a waste.

  • Cairnsoneday

    Rubbish Klout

  • Pati Lara

    I went from a 52 to 43 overnight. Very disappointed.  I worked very hard to increase my score to where is was… and then wake up to this.  :| 

  • bkoppe


    Will these changes fix the circumstances where *adding* a network causes a *drop* in score?  I recently linked a bunch of services which I rarely use, figuring a little influence is better than none. After doing so, my Klout score dropped.  This is a flaw in the algorithm, because influence on one network does not depend on influence on another network.  Klout score should never drop from adding a network or go up from removing a network. Please fix this if you haven’t already!

  • Andy Post

    This klout update/change can’t be right!
    I’ve more than 35k Followers on Twitter, more than 1k on FB – my ‘true reach’ was at round about 13k butnow it is 883 (the score shows less than 1k at his best).
    ….this can’t be true if I count all messages/replies/likes/comments.

    …where is the DISLIKE button?

  • Pati Lara

    I went from a 52 to 43 overnight. Very disappointed.  I worked very hard to increase my score to where it was. This is very disappointing and disheartening. 

  • Marqmanner

    I dropped about ten points, but it actually put me where I always felt like I should be. Trust that I would love to have my score higher-but I do think this feels more accurate. 

  • Ken Mueller

    i just wouldn’t want to be measured by a dubious and arbitrarily manufactured metric that seems to hold no water. I would rather be measured by the results of my work, not some measurement like this. I could have amazing klout numbers and generate no business, and vice versa.

  • ConnieFoggles

    Since there has been such a big change (mine went from 70 to 56) perhaps showing what our Klout score was previous to this change would be in order. How can others (brands, PR people) know what my Klout score was just one day ago?

  • Place Darrell

    My score only change by a couple of points.  I post more to Facebook than Twitter. My Facebook contacts provide more business opportunities than my Twitter contacts.  I get way to much spam on Twitter.  Klout made the right call by increasing the value of Facebook contacts / posts etc.

  • Rodney Pike

    My network score dropped from the 90s to the 30s. It’s not right.

  • NW7US

    I concur with Kalani.  I’ve refrained from getting to rash with my comments, but Kalani strikes the nail squarely.

  • Big Paul

    Crazy!!!  And I got a boost after #rbchat where I was going to finally break 70 then…knocked down to 60.  Think it high time we change gears!  Thanks but NO THANKS.

  • Logan B.

    Look at that graph. It appears to me 50% of the people will have an INCREASE in their score. “You’ll note large decreases in Score are rare.”

    Well, I am seeing a large decrease as the NORM. There is something wrong here that needs to be addressed before Klout has another Netflix on their hands.

  • David Buen Abad

    mine ups 5 points !!

  • John Bunka

    My score took a huge dive today! Is there a Klout roadmap or schedule for upcoming updates, fixes etc? Just so I can see this coming?

  • Marcin

    Score dropped … oh well. Looking at a new method of influence anyways.

  • James F

    I have to say I’m not impressed – I’ve added several networks and worked hard to increase my score over the past couple months. Today I logged in and saw that I dropped from 57 to 38 – maybe it’s time to drop Klout…

  • Bonny

    Mine dropped too from 68 to 52, very unhappy about that!

  • Albert Qian

    TeamFollowBack is BS. Hate to break it to you but its not true social media. Its just a group of people gaming the system to try and get new followers. No conversation, nothing meaningful.

  • Big Paul

    Wow over 100 RT’s should make your aplification score steady or increase. My biggest change was my reach.  I went from 1.5 K to 6 K!!!  Wowzers

  • Lupa Dupa

    I happened to check my scores this morning before the change. My ‘true
    reach’ increased by a factor of 10, my network score dropped 15 points,
    and my klout score dropped 4 points. My profile page says my klout score went up by 1 point.

    As for the histogram above, I’m guessing they goofed by using a 24hr change in your score as calculated by the new algorithm.  Notice that the history of your score on your profile page has been revised.  

    To everyone commenting on their scores going down, tell us about the change in your network score (the influence of your true reach) and the change in your true reach.  I’m guessing your true reach went up, and network score went down. This represents hundreds to thousands of twitter users instead of just you. It’s stronger evidence that the distribution posted above just isn’t right, or the algorithm penalizes people for having a larger true reach.

  • John Quinn

    Interesting. If you went up, what was your score before?

    Also, I don’t think anyone is actually “gaming” Klout because nobody really knows how yet (in addition, it’s a waste of time). I’m also not sure what you mean by tweeting “just to get RT’s;” isn’t the point to share good content, which then leads to that kind of stuff?

  • Francisco Bouzas

    I totally agree with Kyle in this. Klout seems to have nearly neglected Twitter and assigned a greater importance to Facebook. Besides having my Klout score plunged by 11 points in an hour, the people I influence has changed dramatically, going from all Twitter users to all Facebook ones.
    I think the new score is really flawed, not because of my nose dive, but because my newly measured score’s evolution shows a persistent decline since October 4th while my Twitter mentions and RTs have grown.
    I use Twitter as a professional tool and Facebook for my personal social connections. Klout is a standard and recognized measure of social influence so people like me make efforts to improve our score based on how it calculates it. They can’t change it radically from one day to the other because you have to flush all your hard work.
    Maybe Kred finally is a better option and people will start giving it a try.
    Klout guys, please solve this problem you have created.

  • Natascha Ljubic

    Very unhappy with the drop from 73 to 56. Please fix this.

  • data_nerd

    Heading over to PeerIndex, Klout I hope you lose all your customers!

  • Big Paul

    Everything went down for me except my TRUE REACH.  I went from a 1.5K to a 6K in reach.  I am going to take it that was merely because of the BIGGEST Facebook change I have been more active in FB in the past couple of weeks!  Go figure!

  • Cairnsoneday

    Not so Klout,not so

  • NW7US

    Ah, that’s classy!  I guess we should all start using TeamFollowBack’s methodology.

  • Abel Pardo

    I went down from 67 to 52, I’m one of the selected people in the 1,9% that lost dramatically score xddddd

  • Anonymous

    I went from 70 to 58, from being an industry pundit (which I’m regarded as in my home country) to being a specialist. But most of all, all the K+ my friends and followers have added are suddenly gone, vanished, never been there…

  • data_nerd

    Bull crap!

  • Pati Lara

    I agree!!!

  • NW7US

    You have a valid point, if we were all measured in the same social network.  However, Klout ought to be measuring sub-networks, not the total pool.  I’ll never be in Charlie Sheen’s network.  Nor would I want to be.  However, in my sphere of influence, I might have more sway than another person who’s active in this same small pool.  And since there can be a very large number of unique pools, there can be many 71’s.

  • Cairnsoneday

    I see Klout is answering only the easy questions,what will they say to Kalani???Nothing

  • Big Paul

    Timothy, I think Facebook kept me afloat and increased my TRUE REACH.  I barely hae under 2K followers and my REACH went from 1.5K to 6K.  My biggest change in the past 4 weeks was I almost doubled my Facebook activity due to covering the RUGBY WORLD CUP pages!

  • Albert Qian

    People are going to #OccupyKlout now. You whiners…this is a challenge! Stop complaining and do something about it.

  • Stephanie (Sullivan) Rewis

    I use Facebook as a “friends only” service (high school, college and people I’ve met IRL). I rarely post to FB because I don’t trust their constant privacy changes and selling of my data. (I’ve disconnected nearly every app I ever gave permissions to.) 

    Twitter’s where I live and interact with people (constantly). And for that, I go from around 71 or 72 to 58—in a day. Great system Klout. Guess my Perks are over (which is what I personally use Klout for as it doesn’t really affect my job).

    Poorly done, Klout. Very poorly done.

  • Paul Paliath

    If you, your clients, business contacts and bosses actually use this service as anything more than a quick ego booster for laughs, you need to get a grip, stop dealing with whoever takes this seriously and actually use Twitter properly without worrying about some highly inaccurate service.

    I love it how all of you guys value this service so much as an accurate pinnacle of determining influence, yet you knock it for making improvements to its accuracy thus resulting in some lowered Klout scores.

    Folks that lose sleep over and center all of their social media use around their Klout score probably have plenty of tweets and followers but barely any significant influence or interaction. Perhaps instead of worrying about some irrelevant number, focus on building relationships and well, you know, actually being influential.

  • KloutSucks

    I don’t think most of us are gaming Klout we are just following how Klout said we should be engaging – sorry not everyone is as perfect as you my friend!

  • James F

    It’s possible, but my Facebook page went from a couple dozen fans last month to almost a hundred today – so why did my Klout drop 19 points? To top it off, I’ve added several other networks (Youtube, Linkedin, Blogger, WP, etc) and my score still dropped.

  • Daniel M. Clark

    Agreed. And if he has clients firing him over a change to Klout that he had nothing to do with, he (sorry) probably deserved it for convincing his clients that Klout was so freakin’ important.

    If you build your business on the back of a third party that you have no control over, you should be prepared to see your business suffer because it will, eventually.

  • Aaron Lintz

    Can you expand on this answer?  Why would the changing the denominator not have a long-term effect on network scores?

  • Daniel M. Clark

    Yeah, except nobody takes PageRank seriously anymore.

    So, there’s that.

  • Anonymous

    The thing with that is that the data is already out there. Klout has awarded people who AREN’T signed up with Scores. Allowing access is ultimately arbitrary.

  • Timothy Whalin

    I went from a reach of 4k to 3k.

  • Krystina Almaguer

    I happen to be on the side that saw an increase. Thanks Klout, for this distribution graph you keep pointing it. It’s lovely. But I do think a lot of us are curious as to what it is the new algorithm is taking into consideration that’s giving people not at all active in social media such high scores. These people are actively working on their influence and Frat Boy Mike that signs on to FB twice a week all of a sudden has a score of 60? I see al this you’re saying, but specifically- what’s being taken into consideration?

  • Daniel M. Clark

    I didn’t know that was a word, but now I can’t wait to use it!

  • Gobeo

    Honestly, i do not know why you give so much importance. It’s just a number.Everyone knows the work you do and influence. This type of measurementdoes not work as it is not really reliable. Friends, your work should be directedto grow your receiver, not a number that will grow the ego

  • retailgeek

    Yep… my score dropped 18 points.  I don’t actually care about my score that much, and I certainly would like to see Klout figure out the most reliable method of measuring influence that they can, so I don’t mind the change.

    But I note that a number of people are seeing drops greater than the “Max Score Change” distribution in this post would imply is possible.  That does feel like a potential credibility problem for Klout.

    My radar also goes off a bit at some of the spin being put on the change.  “A majority of users will see their Scores stay the same or go up” (emphasis added by Klout), while this statement is true (if you believe the distribution), it’s equally true that “A majority of users will see their score stay the same or GO DOWN.”  In fact from the distribution, it’s clear that a more scores will go down, than will go up.

    Again, I’m happy to see Klout do what they can to make their score as useful as possible, and obviously they feel like yesterdays system of calculating scores had some deficiencies, so I’m glad to see them addressed, but it probably needs to be communicated more clearly and with greater transparency.

    It’s useful to have a metric for social influence, and Klout has a lot of traction so I’m certainly a fan.  I just hate to some marketing decisions erode it’s credibility and usefulness.

  • Judah Richardson

    Again: when can we expect Posterous integration? Last blog post I was told it would be rolled out with the new scores, but no sign of it yet

    “A majority of users will see their Scores stay the same or go up”
    – My score as well as that of just about everyone else in my network has fallen by double digits or more. However, my True Reach is finally reflective of how many FB friends I have (approaching 2000). It seems the new model prioritizes Facebook interaction, and the fact that more people use FB than use Twitter is the source of the above “majority” conclusion.

    I’m willing to bet that if you’re a heavier user of Facebook than Twitter, then your score will rise. If not, it will fall. The problem with this is: Klout focused on Twitter the most initially, and most of the people who pay attention to it are Twitter natives. Therefore, while most of the people Klout indexes – whether or not they pay attention to it – will see their score rise, the majority of those who do pay attention will see theirs drop.

    The good news is that if your score dropped, more than likely so did that of most others in your network, so *relative* standings are mostly unchanged.

  • Danielle

    I must be on the weird side, I dropped from 55 to 46, quite a little dock.

  • Glen Green

    Wow. This morning I had a score of 60, this afternoon, I refreshed at had a score of 47. I was using Klout as a means to measure my success rate but this really undermines my confidence in their system. Furthermore, I just got a peer to start using Klout. Even though she just started, she went from 10 points behind me to suddenly 10 points ahead. I’m going to investigate peerindex now and am open to suggestions on other social media metrics tools. I’m very disappointed after spending a good bit of time working and learning Klout.

  • Darrell Place

    Although my score only change by a couple of points, I understand your unhappiness with the way this change was instituted.  Adjustments should have been made gradually over a longer time frame so people didn’t get whacked scores.  The changes could have been explained as “What’s coming” and how the changes would effect the overall scores.

    Wishing you the best, Kalani.

  • Charles J. Orlando

    Moreover, Fan Pages are still not counted.

  • Adam Scislowicz

    Sounds like Klout has deemed you all part of a spam-network, could it be true? I see so many people now on facebook and twitter spamming the ____ out of everything claiming to know the secrets of how to be a social media celebrity in only X steps. I can only hope Klout is doing their best to stop this; the same as Google does when they rework their PageRank system. Sure it pisses a lot of people off, hopefully mostly spammers, not _content creators_.

  • Candidman

    Now it’s time we measure Klout, all this time has been a lie this application and its famous measurement, from today I will use as a reference as many of us and certainly the absence of business users and chopped step back and analyze your measurement algorithms.

  • Carla Gentry

    My phone is ringing off the hook, all the clients I advised to use Klout are pissed, I told them all to unlink they’re account and move to PeerIndex, thanks for making marketing companies look stupid @Klout!

  • Daniel M. Clark

    Or maybe since most functional adults can do more than one thing at a time, they can do both.

  • Maggie@SquarePennies

    I am not happy either.  I went from a 52 to a 37 even with several new +Ks.  This is very disappointing.  You do realize that Klout scores are being used as part of rankings for blogs?  It’s not really fair to change the basis for the scoring.  Some blogs get their revenue based on these rankings.   How can you call this fair?

  • Klout

    We measure influence equally on every network. We care about your influence over your audience — not the network you influence them in. 

  • Tara Bradford

    This still makes no sense and my “score” fell 14 points in one day!

  • NW7US

    Possibly because their employer has made that choice… 

  • Michael

    Indeed, I’ve never added most of my social media accounts outside of Twitter, where I am most active. Now I’m actually afraid to add any other social media accounts. If I’m highly active on Twitter and less active on Facebook, I fear that added Facebook will just drop my score, when in reality it’s simply that I choose to engage more via Twitter.

  • Pingback: Klout adds big improvements and tanks scores in the social media world - Simplex Studios()

  • Keith/K Dubb

    Klout is about to go Netflix with this no scoring system-to drop from 66 to 55 overnight is hard to justify-when Ive added 150 new FB personal friends and over 400 new followers on Twitter in the last 30 days…my RTs and mentions have skyrocketed on twitter in the last month but im losing influence? Sorry Klout…you guys just lost me….

  • bcre8uv

    I take my score with a pretty large grain of salt. When I see it rise or drop (unrelated to an algorithm change) I try to evaluate the cause and effect on my part. And sometimes it totally doesn’t make sense, btw. The value for me is more of a personal barometer than an overall score status.

  • Tim O’Loughlin

    Aw ….feel better, you’re married to a 23. I wonder if that qualifies as marrying ‘up’. JK I don’t take my Klout score (or myself) all that seriously

  • John Sealander

    I think you made a huge blunder. To me, this is a Netflix size blunder, or perhaps it is similar to the one Apple made when it thumbed its nose at the entire professional editing community with the introduction of Final Cut X. This new algorithm favors people who waste their day talking to personal friends on Facebook and seriously penalizes people who primarily use Twitter to promote books, blogs and products. There are lots of ways to interact with other people. You have arbitrarily chosen to favor one of them…

  • Michael

    Ok, except how do I view my Score in the context of my network and peers, when you don’t even have a Topic/category for my entire industry? :/

  • Kate

    So where exactly is the “transparency” here?  Please don’t pretend that posting a graph showing the distribution of score changes somehow makes your scoring system transparent.  

    You’re constantly touting the fact that employers are now looking at Klout scores to evaluate candidates, so, as a jobseeker whose score just dropped 16 points, please don’t insult me by saying this new scoring system has any semblance of transparency. 

  • Anonymous

    If Facebook is the key now, then Klout is useless for those of us who are trying to keep private and personal separate. Facebook is personal.. it’s how I keep up with extended family and old high school friends. My blog, LinkedIn, Twitter.. that’s where I market myself professionally.

  • Timothy Whalin

    I don’t influence on Facebook. Should I not have connected my Facebook account? My Facebook is for my personal friends. I connected it because Klout told me it wouldn’t hurt my score. Well, looks like you guys lied. I have disconnected my Facebook. Please recalculate my score.

  • Timothy Whalin

    A majority of people dislike what they see. This needs to be fixed.

  • Tristan Cordier

    If you think that your singular focus on one account on one social network merits a klout score over 60, you have failed to understand the size and scope of the internet. If you pinned your career aspirations on an unfinished product, then you don’t deserve to be successful in digital strategy. And if you’re actually upset about this or think it’s unfair, then you need a reality check.

  • Adam Scislowicz

    Don’t worry, your actual influence is still there, it’s just a number representing some aspect of it that has changed. The real value is in the system, not the quantifications of the system, which must continue to evolve else they will be gamed.

  • Camille Penny

    I feel for everyone who saw a big drop, but overall, I think the changes are for the best. From what I’ve seen, it’s people who were busy trying to boost their klout score rather than focusing on the actual interactions that see the bigger drops. I use klout to gauge how I’m doing on interactions, and let the score happen naturally. I saw an increase. Just saying.

  • Maggie@SquarePennies

    I don’t do FB, so I’m penalized big time? 

  • Michael

    It appears to be there’s been a HUGE reversion of scores towards the 40s and 50s.

    Virtually everyone I can find who reports 10-20 point DROPS were all people in the 60s and 70s.

    Virtually everyone I can find who reports 10-20 point INCREASES were all people in the 20s and 30s.

    The challenge, though, is that as I’m looking around at people with scores in the 40s and 50s, I’m seeing a RIDICULOUS range of social media use and engagement meriting substantively similar scores.

  • Ludovic Delaherche

    Well … 10 points loss … Ok …

    I have 4/5 incoming phone calls about my twitter, blog and activity about rugby and i have always the same 2 topics since the beginning … Consulting and Gaming ! (I am a very early user of Klout)

    Didn’t really understand

  • Anonymous


  • Michael

    It seems the majority of users who hardly engaged and had Klout scores in the 20s and 30s increased.

    However, the overwhelming majority of highly active users (of both Social Media and Klout) disproportionately experienced 10-20 point scores, from scores that were 55-75 down to scores that are 40-55.

  • couponsdealsand

    “You’ll note large decreases in Score are rare.”  haha!  Dropped 10 points overnight, and I doubt I am alone.

  • Ketaki Desai

    Same here .. dropped from 65 to 50 in the past few weeks … :-(

  • Anonymous

    Given the state of the economy, I would think anyone in a consulting business would want any clients they can get.

  • Lisanoel03


  • Edward EJ Row


  • Adam Scislowicz

    Mine went from 36 to 43. I am not a heavy user of SM at this point but I am growing into it. I didn’t mean to imply that all drops were due to gaming attempts, however from the traffic I see on twitter, facebook, and a google search there are countless guides on how to improve your klout score, and they mostly do NOT focus on content creation. There is a real possibility the new algo isn’t great, or maybe even it is a step backwards… I think at the same time a lot of peoples anger at a lower score or even a change at all is missing the big picture. Quantifiers need regular maintenance else systems go recursive and to entropy.

  • Michael

    Because businesses except accountability, and in a world with few metrics, any apparently substantive one can carry real world weight.

  • KMM @ ArchitectureWeek

    With the obviously broken scores shown widely yesterday, and the inexplicable scrambling of scores today, officially – the impression is that Klout may not currently be in command of its technology.

    If substantive transparency were actually delivered as part of the changes rolled out today, that might help address questions. However, I see no more transparency than before – just some minor tweaks to infographics.

    The sooner Klout comes out of the shell, and does something real about this mess… the better.

  • José Brieba Sánchez

    yesterday i have 58 aand today 42 ¿this is ok? @jbrieba:disqus this a great change not only a low distrubance

  • Danny Higgins

    My scored dropped from 49 to 13.  Not sure what that means?

  • Lisanoel03

    Except the BRANDS are paying attention to Klout, not PeerIndex

  • Lupa Dupa

    Shame the history charts on people’s profile don’t show the impact of the new algorithm.  I’d love to see the network score change for Bieber, Gaga, and others with networks > 1 mil. 

    Isn’t there some way to pull up an archive of those pages? Mostly, I’d love some better data from @klout, or even just a clear ‘methods’ statement re: the histogram above. What is the distribution in scores for active users (e.g. less than half of twitter accounts)? What, exactly, are you using as “the change”? What did your calculation tell you was the change in my score?

  • Paul Paliath

    That’s a good point. But as it appears, a lot of people who try to operate their presence for the sole purpose of increasing their Klout score actually end up using Twitter horribly. 

    It’s frustrating.

  • Carrie Patrick

    Well, I dropped from 57 to 50 and now I’m back up to 51, and all the people I supposedly influence are now people on Facebook that I rarely talk to there, and never talk to on Twitter. But what I take away from all this is that I am still talking and listening to the exact same people on Twitter, and we all still seem to be enjoying our interaction and getting value from it.

    If your salary is tied directly to your Klout score, I can see that being a problem. If not, focus on what you’re actually getting from Twitter, not on what your Klout number says you’re getting. If you’re on Twitter as a human being and not a fully automated, scheduled, finely tuned posting machine, you’ll know whether or not you are achieving anything worthwhile.

    I can usually tell when someone is more interested in increasing their score than in the people they’re talking to. Those types usually end up getting unfollowed because their content and engagement level is so calculated and impersonal that it just isn’t worthwhile anymore, and it certainly isn’t good enough to make up for feeling like they view me as a potential retweet instead of a person.

  • Alice Ackerman, MD,

    I guess its not really clear to me what “accuracy” is intended to mean. I agree with other comments here that Klout seems to have altered their focus from Twitter to Facebook. I use the two sites very differently, and keep FB typically for personal interactions that are relatively rare, and Twitter for business/niche social media conversations. My score had been slowly but rather steadily climbing over the past month, and this morning had made a small gain since yesterday. Usually I only check once in the morning. Today, seeing all the “twitter” chatter about the Klout scores I went back to check this afternoon–wow a drop of over 12 points!. Seems kind of extreme, and off in the small tail of the bell-shaped curve. A bit difficult to understand. Actually very difficult to understand. My tweets have risen, my followers have risen, the number of people with whom I actually interact has risen. My retweets have risen. I am having fun, people are seeking me out, and I feel I have a great community of tweeps. Yet my score has fallen, suggesting that my influence is less today than it was this morning?

  • Alessio

    I went from 38 to 19… Was the old algorithm t hat inaccurate?

  • WillRogersUSA


  • gamalfer

    From 70 to 56. I’ve been losing my time for months!

  • Angie

    This is ridiculous, I’d love to see anyone who’s score actually went up. All the people I am connected with have had huge drops, including me, mine dropped 12 points. And I am interactive, as well as my peers, we have RT’s and mentions all the time. I have seen very influential bloggers this morning with drastic drops too. It makes absolutely no sense at all.  I really wish I didn’t have to worry about this #, but PR people gauge us by it. You guys have to fix this, you killing people’s business.

  • Vaughn On Movies

    Mine tanked 23 points. Was in the 70s during the summer, now a 50. No point in trying to increase it when everything I do drops it.

  • Adam Scislowicz

    I didn’t mean to say I was perfect in my use, more to point out that things which are not content creation, reorganization, or targeted (re)distribution are likely spam. Sometimes it is not obvious, when you get deep into trying to optimize something it can effect behavior in a negative way. Just search google for “improving your klout score” and you will see what I mean…

  • Alyssa Pasek

    I think people who don’t use Klout have a large media impact because they’re not focused on how to increase a “score” from a company, they’re simply out there doing their own thing.  That’s what people have forgotten.  Do we really NEED someone to give us a score based on our performance using social media if we’re seeing an incline in traffic to our websites, or an incline in genuine interest in what we’re saying on Twitter?  We can see all of those things without Klout.

  • samuel a villegas

    1. Good my Friends @neurogerencia @paisa7 Only one “naive”question: Why today’s Klout’s @klout  Score Remains the same yesterdays 81?
    2. @neurogerencia @paisa7 In My new “model”(not a WEB-AI model) applied to @Klout, Today I Gave them a K58, instead K81.Fair enough? ;) Cheers.@sam1meta:disqus 

  • retailgeek

    PageRank is probably not the right analogy.  Google very specifically does not want anyone using PageRank as a KPI.  They say it’s one of thousands of signals they use, and the intentionally don’t make it possible to get timely and accurate pageranks, so that people WILL NOT use it as a key metric.

    That’s exactly opposite of Klout, where I perceive your whole business model is to make Klout Score a reliable and readily available metric.

  • Dr. Jason B. Whitman

    Score went from 74 with enormous influence to 56. I will now assume Klout belongs in the dustbin of history. Perhaps you should consider changing your name to Qwikster. 

  • Joe Johnson

    Me too. My graph turned upside down. I’m dazed and confused. Again I’ll wait a week or two for the dust to settle

  • Kathy Gori

    I rarely use Facebook, my site has a FB fanpage and I have a private FB account. I use Twitter for business..not FB..I rarely visit FB unless I want to see what private friends are up to..interestingly the people you said I  lost influence with, are people I talk to/tweet with  every day as they are close friends and colleagues. Definitely NOT happy

  • PW Creighton

    I can understand the drop if the metrics were right but I know two people that only have a few friends (less than 10) and comment once or twice a month and they have nearly the same score as I do when I have a full complement (30-50) people I chat with daily/over 1,000 followers. That is the irritation.

  • retailgeek

    Per your distribution table, it’s also true that “The majority of users did in fact see no change or a decrease.”

    Also per your distribution table, more scores went down than up. 

    How do you address the fact that numerous people are seeing greater swings than your table suggest is possible?  (it might lead some not to just your table)

  • Scott Campbell

    Feel like I’ve been ambushed. I was skeptical about Klout scores before, but with the huge swing amongst me and my peers, I basically don’t trust it at all now.

  • David Crandall

    What the Klout score ranges were for the majority that did not decrease? Were they low Klout scores to begin with?

    If the score is “more accurate” now, what was it before? How are you defining accuracy?

  • Sean Krausert

    If that is the case, shouldn’t the Influence score of my network have gone up?  The fact it went down tells me the average decreased.

  • Michelle Mangen

    I lost 15…guess I am one of those “rare” ones

  • Joe Johnson

    All my influencers are from Facebook now. I used facebook mostly for fun.

  • Paul Paliath

    If the company you spoke to doesn’t keep up with changes to the very service they trust as a metric of influence, perhaps you’re better off working somewhere else.

  • Freedomringsphilly

    Our Klout went down 11 points in a manner of seconds. How are we supposed to take Klout seriously if it changes for no reason.

  • Anonymous

    Chill out, people! Remember: Klout is still in Beta, and every improvement they make is very much welcome.

    Speaking for myself, I prefer a solid 50 where I know who I’m influencing, and how; than a meaninglessness 65 or 70.

  • Carl A. Sorvino

    This makes me feel like they have no idea whats going on. They are acting like Facebook. Let’s just change stuff!

  • Anonymous

    I agree with you! 

    I have about 4,5K followers on Twitter and since I do A LOT of public speeches and courses, I know that many follow me to try out Twitter and then don’t continue with it. Another part is the spammers which everybody who tweets a lot gets. Before the change my true reach vas 2K which I felt was about right. Now suddenly overnight it’s 4K, with a FALLING historical graph (how is that possible?) and my score have plummeted from 70 to 58. Also ALL my K+ that my followers have actually spent time adding, is gone and I have suddenly 0 zero zilch K+. Also, on Friday I’m supposed to host a lunch talking about the virtues of including social ranking (with Klout as the star) in customer relations, crisis communication and more. But it’s very hard being an evangelist for a service that so clearly have demonstrated that it is not trustworthy and consistent. Business people value trust and consistency over all other things. Like other commentators have said, it would have been better to extend the scale than to trash it completely.

  • Big Paul

    For all those with #KloutAche : “The key to change… is to let go of fear.” Rosanne Cash cc: @klout

    I sure hope this is for the better!!  

  • Tyler Murray

    I would disagree.  I’m seeing many people that are just casual on Facebook have 10+ rankings over those that are only on Twitter and have a very large and engaged audiences.  

    Explain why Timothy Whalin, a guy who has 10k followers and is listed 1500 times, has a lower score than most casual Facebook users.  The math just doesn’t make sense.  

    As an advertiser, I would much rather reach a guy like Timothy than a casual Facebook user who has high influence with his grandma.  

    If you say that casual Facebook users aren’t ranking higher, I’m happy to share examples that prove it.

  • PMPInsights

    ridiculous.  you can’t have people drop 20 pts for no reason.  from 48 to 32 in a day?  makes no sense and diminishes klouts perceived value.

  • Dr. Jason B. Whitman

    You are exactly right. Producers use this score all the time. Mine tanked 20 points. 

  • Shannon

    If Klout thinks we have more influence over our Facebook friends than twitter ones, they are wrong. At least in my case.  Almost every person I know saw a large drop.  I don’t try to influence my FB friends, because they are my friends in real life.  If I tried to sell them books, I will loose them as friends.  I influence people on twitter who follow me because they are purposely seeking out resources like myself. 

    I must not be the only one because even their Klout Star from yesterday dropped to a 65 from a 73! 

  • Granite Sentry

    Sounds like a Kleaning product.

  • pixelnated

    I still don’t really care. I find it interesting to see how people get graded and am a fan of analytics in general but will not be losing any sleep over it nor changing how I communicate with my friends.  eh.
    Do what you do :)    I do like the data presentations :P

  • Deric Mongeon

    Just a Comment Klout shouldn’t Just rank Twitter It suppose to rank all social influence 
    Tumbler, Google+,intagrams, Facebook, Twitter, Flicker, 

  • Big Paul

    #KloutAche ~ The sudden more accurate change to your @klout score based on a new system that is supposedly more accurate yet you feel #pain.

  • CoachCzes

    Wow. My 14 point drop took the wind right out of my Klout sails. Expected a bit of a drop, but not that severe. Why work at Klout when a change to the algorithm can have that big an effect at any time? I hear what some are saying about actually BEING influential to avoid algorithm changes affecting you, but this was disappointing.  

  • Erik Hom

    Without FB how much did your score change

  • Lisa Mills

    It always amazes me how a social media platform can be working and gaining influence (look at Digg, for instance), but never satisfied, the company does something stupid (a change in algorithm for instance).  And, suddenly, people are over it and move on.  Congratulations, Klout!

  • David Gaughran

    I dropped from 68 to 51.

    But I’m less concerned about that than what’s going on under the hood. Looking at my friends, it seems quite clear to me that the value of Facebook interactions in the algorithm has increased dramatically, and it seems that is at the expense of Twitter. My friends that are influential on Facebook have seen huge jumps, and those that focus their attentions on Twitter have seen massive drops.

    My score had increased by 5 over the last thirty days – all down to increased Twitter activity. Under the new system, my score has been steadily decreasing over the last thirty days.

    It seems clear: Facebook is worth a lot more than Twitter now. 

  • Anonymous

    HI Mike, You are absolutely RIGHT: I don’t TRUST #KLOUT anymore they have been lying to me and misguided me. My score went from 59 to 46 overnight ! They should
    have found a smarter way to make everybody happy and enthusiastic about New Klout with a boost by increasing the base line to 20 for everybody. Then the realtive influence would have been the same

  • mj

    Just that Klout can no longer be trusted because if the scores can change so drastically from yesterday to today no one knows what is accurate or not, either the current model or the previous model is clearly wildly inaccurate, or maybe both are totally off the mark.

  • Tristan Cordier

    I burst out laughing when I read this. All they did was add emphasis to other platforms besides twitter. If you’re not big outside of twitter, then you don’t deserve to have a strong score. 

    ‘Obviously’ broken? Please, let me catch my breath, you’re too funny.

  • Delfin Vassallo

    If, as Klout says, this is a major improvement on the way the calculate scores, that means the old scores were actually not as accurate as they said? Or even wrong? Misleading?

    My outcome from all this “influence buzz” is: No algorithm can really determine online influence, everything is still very relative and – as a result of this move from Klout –  very subjective.

    No matter what Klout, Peer Index, Kred and others say…. There’s no standard for influence, yet.

  • Brian Vellmure

    I hear and see quite a bit about “transparency”, but I see very little transparency about the inputs, weighting, and scientific justifications for the scoring algorithm. Would be good to see and learn more about Klout’s view on “influence”

  • Helen Rittersporn

    Great idea Marcy! The changing measurements reminds me of Facebook constantly changing their settings and my solution was to leave Facebook several weeks ago.  My Klout score only dropped 4 points from unlinking FB (doesn’t matter that they SAY) unlinking won’t affect.)  And yet today with no change in my activity my score dropped dramatically due to someone’s new set of analytics.

  • Amanda Klein

    I’m a PR student, and even I could come up with a better solution to handle this mess. Best of luck to you, Klout.

  • M__

    It’s simple.  Facebook activity now matters more.  Not sure how to say it any clearer than that.

    My friends who had scores in the low teens now have scores in the 30s and 40s.  None of the use Twitter, they just write lame Facebook posts about what they ate for lunch, etc.

    I think this is a big miscalculation by Klout on how its users use its service. 

  • mj

    me three… from 66 to 48. hmmm…. from 10K true reach to 2k true reach… In one day… somethings not right here, I probably won’t be using Klout any more, its clearly not reliable. 

  • Helen Rittersporn

    Bruce, You have Klout with or without this @klout analytics.  

  • Terrance

    @Newthing:disqus It was great for me, I hope the same for you…my neighbor’s step-aunt makes $81 an hour on the internet. She has been out of a job for 7 months but last month her pay was $7805 just working on the internet for a few hours. Read about it on this web site

  • Jason Morrow

    It’s all made up b.s. man, relax.

  • mj

    how can the true reach number lose 80% from the old model to the new model? 

  • Erik Hom

    Large distributions are rare? You basically went against those people who tweet a lot with other people who tweet a lot (basically those who follow klout and thought it was cool).  I only know one guy who told me his score went up and he has a couple hundred followers and tweets. I noted people who are conversationalists with people with low Klout scores are the ones who got penalized the most (drops over 10).  I do see that there are people who just use it as PR (sorry Timothy Whalin) who don’t seem to be too personal in your tweeting.  I agree that if you post a lot of links and not many people click on them, you might see a large drop.  I also noted people who give hundreds of thank you tweets and retweets also dropped in score more than most.

    It is interesting to not you used to discount my true reach down to only 900 people and then fixed it to over 2000 (bravo).  You’re just saying that reach of people is to a bunch of people with low Klout scores.

    My other peeve though is that your score wasn’t as big a problem, fix your darn Klout styles or get rid of it.  It never works or changes.  You are calling someone with almost 10,000 tweets a Dabbler compared to someone who has tweeted 260 times and is a “Networker”?  You guys are losing credibility there.

  • Tristan Cordier

    There is obviously sample bias here. People whose scores rose were likely on Facebook and not exposed to Klout, many may not even know the score exists. There are hundreds of thousands of people with over 1K friends on Facebook who now have Klout scores in the 40s just based on that fact alone. 

    The people whose scores dropped the most were early adopters through Twitter, who likely have a lot more experience with the tool but lake any serious Facebook presence, and a lot more riding on it. This is why you hear a lot of people whining and not too many people celebrating.

  • Anonymous

     Sure and you just made my post irrelevant and wasting my time :

  • PamMktgNut

    Interested to know why people shown as influencing me I haven’t been influenced by, spoke with on Twitter, Facebook or other networks for months? Are you sure this release is fully accurate? 

    Went from 79 to 60. Seems similar to the week I was retweeted by Alyssa Milano and had 900+ retweets in a few hours yet my score dropped??

    I could give a rip about my score but interested to know how you are measuring. 

  • Tristan Cordier

    How can they lose you? You’re connected to other Klout users which means they know who you are through Facebook Connect and Twitter API.

  • Anonymous

    This change is ridiculous. About a year or so ago I had a score of around 56, then just a week ago it dropped to around 43, now I’m somehow at 35 with this new change. Over that same course of time I’ve gained far more followers on Twitter who follow me for my opinions and insight on certain topics. How the heck could I have lost that many points when I’m actually doing things to warrant a gain (according to Klout’s own standards)?

  • PamMktgNut

    My current “influenced by list” includes this profile which seems to not even be a real profile? Who is this person? Has an image as avatar and no name???

  • Melissa Johnson Cleaver

    Definitely unhappy here too…I had a 75 and now I’m down to a 59.  All of my friends on Twitter are in the 50’s as well.  As a matter of fact, I no longer see anyone in the 70’s at all…seems like your accuracy is a real downgrade.

  • Jeff Harris

    Well . . . dang. I had a 58, now, it’s a 45? That’s crushing. Oh well. Been nice.

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  • Rebecca Sherman

    I have never seen so many crybabies in one place. Is there some reason those complaining cannot simply EXPLAIN in their lectures, meetings, and so on that there is a new rating system across the board? If the KLOUT score changed everyone, then you are all where you *should* be. 

  • Jneanrogers

    I appalled at the free service, that I am in no way obliged to use, keeps making changes that mildly inconveniences me..

  • Jordan Farr

    Klout is not about getting a higher klout, it is about meaning something to social world. 

  • Kathy Gori

    yes, not happy

  • Ken M Curtin

    Earlier today my klout score was 78 now down to 58 yet figures suggest it’s risen to this level, such a radical change in score suggests something was very, very wrong with your methodology before now or is something is very, very wrong now!

  • Timothy Whalin

    Thanks for the support, Tyler.

  • Klout

    Hey Mike, you can think of it as similar to when Google makes improvement to it’s PageRank algorithm. Their goal is always to surface the best content for your search. Our goal is always to measure influence as accurately as possible. Reaching this goal will involve a constant evolution and each step makes us a more accurate gauge. Thanks for taking the time to comment!

  • Ken Curtin

    Earlier today my klout score was 78 now down to 58 yet figures suggest it’s risen to this level, such a radical change in score suggests something was very, very wrong with your methodology before now or is something is very, very wrong now!

  • Jordan Farr

    Maybe I’m not disappointed with the changes because I am ACTUALLY influential, mine only went down 1 point

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  • Klout

    Hey Anne, our goal is always measuring influence as accurately as possible. Your Score of 46 is still very high, representing a much larger sphere of influence than average (average is around 20) and we think as you dig into the change you’ll appreciate the changes. 

  • Klout

    Adding a network will never decrease your Score. If you have no influence in that network you’ll simply see no change. 

  • Abbey

    I agree with this. I lost 5pts (10%) and stayed within the label “Specialist”. I’m a bit disappointed but feel it is still accurate.

  • PamMktgNut

    Agree Glenda. These numbers make no sense and haven’t for awhile.Not sure if it’s the latest Facebook changes & more focus on Facebook personal or if it’s just overall messed up.I personally split Facebook personal and biz. I do not accept friend requests from strangers and refuse to do so to raise a score of any kind.

    To me this has become completely useless and not even worth trying to analyze. They have added “influencers” who influence me who I “don’t know”, some I haven’t retweeted in MONTHS and one isn’t even a real profile and links to an error page. 

    A month or so ago I was retweeted by Alyssa Milano. I had over 900 retweets within a couple of hours and my score dropped. It has consistently dropped since them from an 82 to a 79. Now today drops from a 79 to a 60! ha

    I like you have all metrics going up, blog traffic is up, retweets are up, Facebook engagement is up, Followers up, yet score drops 19 points today. 

    We all have better things to do. Must just realize these numbers are in their infancy. There is no standard for influence measurement and we should all stop believing that there is.  

    Let’s take it for what it is and get back to real biz! 

    my 3.5 cent rant ;)

  • Shilpa Srivastava

    I have just one question, you are showing me list of people who are there in my FB list, come one where has Twitter influence gone? I don’t login to FB and so my score will keep on dipping. This is simply #fail. Algo should have been better.

  • Tristan Cordier

    Half of the commenters here have been riding the gravy train of having bogus or inactive accounts following them, thinking that bumping up their follower number would actually matter. There’s a reason they call it ‘True’ reach.

    Also, let’s be honest half of you get retweeted for the most inane tweets anyway. You really think that witty pun that your coworker felt obligated to retweet is a measure of influence?

  • Ramón Valdivia Palma

    Thank you very much for your explanation, I was really shocked by this sudden decrease on my score (from 60 this morning to 47 now…) in fact it is quite ‘unusual’ accordingly to the distributions you show, but is’s my case= minus 13 points. I am not very happy as you can easily guess mainly because the profile change from “BROADCASTER” to “SPECIALIST”.

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  • Timothy Whalin

    So why did my score go from 73 to 9 for amplification. I have over 10k followers and get hundreds of RTs a week.

  • Kyle Wegner

    That’s interesting. The profiles I had been checking that were impacted by Facebook had their personal profiles linked, not business profiles. I have yet to determine how business profile pages impact Klout scores, but from your comment (and a few others) it seems that Klout has yet to figure out how to attribute influence of Pages to individual Klout accounts.

  • Tristan Cordier

    Umm…you think that your lack of Facebook presence shouldn’t be held against you when Klout is measuring your internet presence? Do you see the disconnect here?

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  • Roberto Galoppini

    Mike is completely right. Moreover, it seems like if Klout changed our scores retroactively, something I could hardly call a sign of ‘transparency’.

  • Vaughn On Movies

    With my score tanking it over 20 points, here’s what I’ve learned: There is no accurate way to calculate online influence.

  • Teksquisite

    My score went down 18! I have to agree with —> RT @iScottD: In many ways #Klout is lk beanie babys, at 1 point U think its worth a ton of $$ but realistically it isn’t worth anything.

    Justin Beiber is still 100 = #OccupyKlout

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  • Zahid

    You guys might have just pulled a Netflix.

    FYI: In case you missed the memo, Facebook is for personal use and everything else is for Public use. Just because I linked Facebook to Klout doesn’t mean you tell me that I influence my wife.

    Needless to say, I unlinked Facebook.

  • Christopher Osburn

    Dear Klout:

    I am starting to think you are a wholly-owned subsidiary of the great Facebook conspiracy.  Your scores will mean nothing to me as long as you continue to favor Facebook at this level.

    Finish your Google+ integration to get my +1…I have no “like” to give.

  • Lorraine A

    Have to say I am surprised by how far my score has dropped, from 56 to 44. I don’t use FB but regularly engage with my followers on Twitter and am fairly active on LI. Klout are saying they are offering a more transparent score and yet I do not see that same transparency in the explanation for the (what are clearly) significant changes to the way scores are calculated.

    I am now at a loss as to what I could be doing differently to increase my influence (and hence Klout score) so some guidance would be helpful? However, I am not prepared to forego authenticity for the sake of a high Klout score so if whatever they suggest doesn’t work for me (on an ethical and authentic level) then bye-bye Klout.

  • Christina Trapolino

    I wonder how much more effective the measuring system would be if users were blind to their own scores.  Chasing a number doesn’t seem to be the way to increase influence in an objective sense.  It’s just a number.  Making an impact on people, not robots, is what we should focus on.

  • Raf Kiss

    I went from 65 to 47… only 18 points… looks like that graph in this post is wrong too.
    The scores of People like Paul Steele or Lain Mallory, some of the most influencial people of the travel community on twitter dropped big time too… Definitely something fishy going on here. I think that Klout just lost a lot of credibility with a lot of people…

  • John Quinn

    Wow, you’re absolutely right. I’d never seen stuff like this before, but this article is ridiculous ( ): “stay away from people who aren’t important” “get important people to talk about you” are awful suggestions. The real secret is just share relevant, helpful content, and the Klout score will come.

  • caroline mizumoto

    looks like according to the algos we just need to channel our inner bieber to raise our klout score :P

  • caroline mizumoto

    looks like according to the algos we just need to channel our inner bieber to raise our klout score :P

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  • gooma2

    that made me laugh.  it’s like the spouse saying that you do nothing around the house and when you do a lot of stuff, they say that you should have done more…

  • John Quinn

    Ah, then you and I are on the same page. Attempts to “game” Klout are stupid, especially because in the end, it doesn’t really mean anything. I do think it’s a better metric in terms of “understanding” social media than is follower count, and I think as the company continues to grow and change it’ll mean more, but the best way to improve your score is just to share cool stuff.

  • Crystal Jigsaw

    How can you say this is a massive improvement when so many people are unhappy about the changes that have been made? If the old scores were inaccurate, then Klout have made us all look like utter fools. Having also dropped by a substantial amount, it doesn’t bode well when one is trying to build up ones influence online. I suspect another change is imminent to put this one right.

  • Chris Windley

    Judging by the comments this

    How will this affect my Score?A majority of users will see their Scores stay the same or go up but some users will see a drop. In fact, some of our Scores here at the Klout HQ will drop — our goal is accuracy above all else. We believe our users will be pleased with the improvements we’ve made. Below is a distribution of the Score changes. You’ll note large decreases in Score are rare.was not really true was it !!Poor communication of the changes and inaccurate forecast of the effects !!

  • Perfectsliders

    Guess I shouldnt complain mine only went down 18, eh?

  • KMM @ ArchitectureWeek

    You may have missed it, but many scores were flatlined at 10 for a while yesterday morning.  No joke, joker.

  • Phyrra

    Yeah, i dropped from 61.5 to 48. Really not happy about this. I believe when I first joined Klout my score was around 50.

  • Daddacool

    I should count myself lucky to be in the select few who have seen their scores drop by 10 points then? Lucky me. Perhaps I should unfollow anyone who isn’t influential? 

  • Nick Halverson

    You should set up a separate Facebook account for your business. I manage several for different businesses that I’m involved with. Use a different e-mail account to set it up and then simply link that Facebook account to your Klout account. Then each account will have its own Klout score, but then they are separated. If you are using LinkedIn, FB, Twitter, etc for business then use that as your primary Klout score. 

  • Anthony Williams

    thank you

  • Bettina Bennett

    I don’t get it. This morning Klout congratulates me on improving my Klout score by yet another point to 58 – now I check and its 45. Bye, bye Klout :-(

  • Samuel Hermoso

    Something must be wrong with the new Klout score measuring system. I have more true reach 28k than followers, 17k. Network and  Amplification came down to the minimum. My Klout Score went from 81 to 66 today.

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  • Bettina Bennett

    And: it shows a constant downwards trend – instead of an upwards trend. Followers are not accurately displayed either???

  • PamMktgNut

    So true Kate! Why should our score or topic influence be positively impacted by giving or receiving K+’s by the people who know what Klout is and care! What a joke.

  • Simon

    Well, I for one will be moving over to peerindex. I have a feeling that this will blow up in Klout’s face a la Netflix. So disappointing from what used to be a fabulous startup like Klout. It’s not so much the point drop that bothers me, but the inconsistency in measuring one’s influence. Who is to say that Klout won’t be fooling around their algorithm in another few months ?

    Finally if Klout’s “scientists” were not smart enough to anticipate and get their algorithm right the first time, how can I keep on trusting them, while my social media work depends so much on their highly volatile mood ? I need consistency !!

  • Christina Trapolino

    The thing is, why would you have connected Facebook in the first place if you felt it was just for private interaction and shouldn’t be included in a measure of your public online influence?  

    Did you add it just because Klout always says you should?  I dislike that they do that, honestly, but it still didn’t make me think it would make more sense to link that network.

  • Perhectsliders

    I actually agree with this,  relative analysis can still be done… the only thing Klout and everything else will have to work through, is a very bad marketing move. If this has been a public stock it would have plummeted… In SME terms, lost a bit of good will

  • mj

    They totally netflixed it!  Completely lost a large percentage of users trust  :(

  • Sally K Witt

    My score dropped almost 20 points too.  It is really discouraging.  You had the nerve to give me a congratulations notice on it, too!

  • Christina Trapolino

    Well, it IS a measure of influence.  Just maybe not a kind of influence a brand should be interested in.  That said, “influence” is a murky enough concept as it is.  This idea that any one number would be a completely reliable measure is flawed from the beginning, but Klout seems willing to qualify that in most cases, when pressed.

  • Karolina Kluska


  • robbyb

    True, they blended graph over 30 days with old data, it appears, remving incremental gain losses for the month, I didn’t notice that until I read your post.. yghh

  • Raf Kiss

    YAY, so that means I finally passed you… or wait… No… I dropped from 65 to 47. Damn :-))

    Where are the times that something like a KLOUT score had no infuence on how we felt?

  • robbyb

    Same here, but 67 to 49

  • Puddleglum

    I just started really getting involved in Klout in the last few weeks. As a reward for my stronger participation my score dropped overnight by 6 points. Then you tell me that my true dropped by about 700 people again overnight .Your scoring system sounds ill-conditioned. Which would cause any mathematician to not trust it. Seems like there is no leader looking at the big picture here.

  • Karolina Kluska


  • Freedom for Belarus

    Klout killed it’s reputation with just a single strike. As of today, one can doubt that Klout’s own +85 score is a product of any algorithmhas any relevance. LOL

  • robbyb


  • PamMktgNut

    Any company who knows the first thing about social media and measurement should also be educated on the fact that the numbers are just that, numbers. There are lawsuits waiting to happen if employers continue to truly base hiring decisions on a score that represents something questionable and can not answer basic questions. 

    Why not also highlight your PeerIndex, Edelman, and soon to be Kred score? Start writing a blog with good content. Show proof that you can engage an audience on Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook. I own a social brand, digital marketing and reputation management agency. I would never base a hiring decision on any influence metric alone!

    Focus on real results that your employer can leverage vs just a score.

  • Katy

    That would make sense, and would explain why my score went down by 13 points. I don’t link Klout to facebook because I don’t want to link my personal facebook account with my anonymous blogging/tweeting life. I have a facebook page for my blog, but I don’t see any way to connect Klout to that page instead of my private personal profile.

  • Christina Trapolino

    Not necessarily.  The two algorithms seem different enough that people are outraged, but the outrage comes from having put stock in the idea of one number being able to measure something as amorphous as “online influence” in the first place.

    The Klout Score is useful to brands who understand what an influencer is and how they can be converted into largely unpaid brand evangelists.  But this is not refined, yet.  The Klout Score and any scores that try to measure what it claims to measure will likely change more than once, as the concept of “influence” changes because of new technology.

  • Raf Kiss

    Check out what the title of my profile page says: Hi Raf. Your Klout’s seen better days.

    No shit :-)

  • Visible Works Design

    People are funny and mis-trusting. I am disheartened too that my Klout score dropped from  51 to 36 overnight. I assume however that Klout is not to blame but my methodology. Being truly more influential is a little harder than I thought it was. The goal is to always try to improve one’s score with quality not marketing gimmicks. Maybe Klout has caught on to that. Marketing vs. Content. The  Klout brand seems to be about marketing with content.
    Back the keyboard we go

  • Will Rowan

    My Klout score stinks because I am usually taking part in activities on behalf of my company, as opposed to using my personal accounts to interact.

  • mj

    It’s not about that. Klout touts itself as a way to measure social impact, people were using Klout as the solid metric we thought it was, countless marketing dollars were spent based on that number, now we find it was incorrect, or something. Either way this is a total netflix

  • Julio Cesar Duarte

    Klout is compared to Google? You still have much to learn! One day they will get there! I did not like the new evaluation. There was a disregard for those who fight for the Klout better every day.

  • robbyb

    oh yea just noticed all my influenced have changed, hmm a bit akward, it is now following my personal space instead of my business, work related. Hmm guess its my fault using twitter for work and FB for personal. I will never use FB for business, or never use linked in for more than a resume holder… oh well, guess thats why my score went down so much

  • Mike Madden

    I stayed near the same but what I noticed is that my influence on Facebook users got an increase VS what my Twitter followers. This seems to be taking more things into account so I am pleased with the balance of the update. 

  • dumacornellucian

    My score was 60 an now is 46

  • David Schach

    Anne, how is changing the scoring “lying?” Klout changed what it did, and that changes the score, but on any given day, Klout has been TRUTHFUL to you related to how the score is calculated on that day. Please don’t throw words like trust and lying around so flippantly and inaccurately.
    Google changes its search ranking algorithm, and nobody accuses it of lying. Klout does the same thing and now you’re up in arms? Give me a break. 

  • Stop Drinking the Kool-Aid

    Mislead people still believe they are doing the right think, Klout will always be social media’s biggest scam.

  • Christina Trapolino

    But why would you ever consider something like this a “solid metric”?  Anyone who jumped on a bandwagon like that without considering what would happen if the algorithm suddenly changed was shortsighted to begin with.

    Brands want to increase profits and they will take shortcuts to do so.  Anyone hinging his or her success on one company’s measure of online influence is not using the technology in a way that makes sense.

    Klout might disagree with me here for the sake of maintaining the image of being objectively reliable, but come on — use the Klout Score as a rough but somewhat intelligent estimate, not a concrete number to bank on.  The Score is useful if you consider it in context.  It’s not sacrosanct and if you thought it was, you just learned something really important about technology.

  • KMM @ ArchitectureWeek

    Tristan, where do you get the basis for the various theories you’re asserting in this discussion? (Above and beyond being happy about your own score.)

    There seem to be a lot of assumptions and sweeping generalizations in your comments… not to mention plenty of free-range derision of probable-strangers… but perhaps you have some actual source(s) of information, as well?

  • OFErOne (Erwin Ocampo)

    @justinbieber is still 100 #occupyklout (seriously though….Klout is just a number, don’t let it ruin your day…unless you tied your salary/bonus to your Klout score but that would still be your fault)

  • Crystal Washington

    Not only have I used Klout to measure my score, but I’ve instructed my social media beginner consulting clients to use it too- as an easy way to market their progress as they begin Tweeting and using Facebook.  Thank you for making my job harder- now I have to explain why, with all of their hard work, some their scores went DOWN.  Remember, they are beginners.  Klout is not Google (who is, by the way, a client of mine).  Mind you, I am the last one to complain about changes with Twitter, Facebook, etc. but a matrix tool?  Bad move.  I sure hope you have not Netflixed yourselves.

  • Michael Rosen

    My Klout Score dropped 11 points under the new system. Before the new system was put in place, Klout touted the accuracy of its old scoring system. Now, Klout says that the NEW system is really accurate. In other words, Klout is now finally admitting that the old scoring system was, in fact, not accurate. So, why should we believe Klout now that they once again swear the system is accurate? If the old system was bogus, I’m guessing within 12 months Klout will come out with another update that points to the new, current system as being bogus. Can we trust Klout? No way! Klout is nothing more than a silly parlor game.

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  • Randy Thio

    Interesting how the majority of the comments here are from people who’s scores have dropped. Mine dropped from 63 to 51. The important thing for me is to not completely tie my online ‘worth’ solely to a score, whether it’s Klout or anything else.

  • Jeff Taylor

    Rip-off?? Last time I checked, Klout isn’t charging users anything for the service. In fact, they are giving things away to users via Klout perks. If you don’t like the free service, simply unlink your account. It’s not rocket science.

  • Kathy Gori

    absolutely,I agree.  I went from 64 to 52 in an hour, meanwhile Twitter follows, page views etc are up, I don’t get this .

  • mj

    Then the previous ‘true reach’ was incorrect – which means this one could be too.   Many red faces in metrics roi meetings across the country today.

  • Mark Lucas

    The changes to your scoring system seem to be disappointing a wide range of people (including me), who for the most part made you what you are today.  Pissing off your evangelists is a huge #Failure, no matter what your “expert” ranking algorithm engineers say in the emergency meeting you should be calling right about now to fix this.   

  • Chris

    Bad change.  My score went down from 68 to 53.

  • Chris

    Bad change.  My score went down from 68 to 53.

  • Carrie Patrick

    Yes, I know – I should have made my comment more general. Just replace “Twitter” with “social media” throughout my post and the point is still the same.

  • Erica Friedman

    I don’t care about my score – that was a random number. I do wonder why some of the folks I talk to most have been removed from my sphere of influence. That doesn’t make much sense…is Klout only tracking my interactions with people who have accounts?

  • pastapadre

    That’s what I noticed immediately. My amplification and network impact completely crashed. No way that can be right.

  • Chris

    This is a good change?  My score went from 68 to 53.

  • robbyb

    So does this infer we should remove networks from Klout we dont use very often? I know some of the networks I have only tried out but never returned to I hoined to klout just becuase I had an account. Would it be better to remove these?

  • mj

    ha ha, its because simple logic tells us that either the previous rating method, or the new method are incorrect, or both.

  • mj

    me too.

  • Emily Casey

    So far, I know of 3 people that had their score drop by more than 10. I know of no one whose score increased. Several went down by around 5.

  • Abdul Latheef

    Terrible! My score went from 65 to 49, which is a drop of 16! And the table above says max change is 15! I am now lower than many other people who were lower than me before the change!

  • tichaelmucker

    I think Topics are Klout’s “sub-networks”. Those Topics become the keywords they can shop to the advertisers. Ultimately, we aren’t Klout’s customers, but rather the products they sell to advertisers. How the score can benefit us individually remains to be seen, but the benefit to advertisers is obvious, and our egos are happy to drive our participation to increase that benefit.

    Sure, the number can seem arbitrary, but the fact is, with a million+ followers, a celebrity is “influential” about every single thing they open their mouths about.

    One way around that, which I’m sure they’ve discussed, would be to break the Klout score out to a “global relevance” as well as a “topical relevance”. That way I can be a 91 in my Poodles for the Legalization of Hash Biscuits club, but an 18 on a global level.

    Chances are, though, nobody will care about my 91. Pass the hash biscuits, please…

  • Emily Casey

    Yeah, it seems like their energy could have been better spent elsewhere.

  • Smartin

    Google is a client of yours? I find that hard to believe…

  • Lisa Grimm

    While I also have multiple accounts on FB for work projects, that’s not what ‘I’ use Facebook for – those would never be connected to my primary account; like many others, I keep my Twitter/LinkedIn/G+ separate for what may best be described as self-promotion – the other FB accounts (and other Twitter accounts) promote other things, not me.  If this is truly part of the scoring algorithm, it certainly explains the drop – and I concur with others that it’s not a great way to measure, since it is a very different platform.

  • Steve Overstreet

    While that is the intent of Facebook. Facebook as it applies to a business needed to have a different approach and if all you are using is your personal account then you have been missing out on the advantages that Facebook has to offer. Providing a separate business persona and utilizing it separate and apart from your personal one would’ve allowed for greater flexibiilty and reach overall. Since I have been attacking the social media platforms from this angle the changes that were made to Klout actually worked in my favor. I am of the mind that the use of social media can not be taken in small chunks but from a holistic approach across all platforms from Facebook to Youtube to Twitter and many more. I applaud Klout for their continuing efforts to make the score truly reflective of the entirety of a social network.

  • Kathy Gori

    Me too! I looked at my influencers on Klout and they are FB people I went to high school with or FB fans of my work who don’t even know what Klout is most likely..I’m on Twitter most of the time and rarely interact w/ FB which consists mainly of feeds from my blog but I think they’ve decided to weight FB heavily. Either way, before breakfast 64 after breakfast 52???

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  • Meredith Allison @RockTique

    I get your new concept here, really, but there are some major flaws. My score dropped over 20 points and all indications show it’s bc I don’t ignore my less influential users. That’s just wrong…if that’s what Klout is about, you can take it all back. No thank you!

  • Brian Moore

    So the max score downgrade on your chart is -15, yet I fell -16. Way to be dumb.


    I feel like someone is having fun of me. And I don´t like that. Go to hell, Klout.

  • April Books & Wine

    I had a 10 point decrease in my score. Way to go Klout :-(

  • Bruce Sallan

    You’re sweet, Helen, but it’s those that really depend (income) on @Klout that I’m really upset for!

  • Steve Overstreet

    Not truly productive.

  • Steve Overstreet

    That actually doesn’t seem to work out that way unfortunately. 

  • NW7US

    That is precisely Linda’s point, Albert.  Klout is ranking TeamFollowBack at 77 — now think about what you’ve stated.  Now look at your score.

  • Steve Overstreet

    I actually keep 4 different and separate networks for 4 separate clients. They each have separate and distinct networks so there is no overlap. It worked for me in my favor.

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  • Daniël W. Crompton (webhat)

    I see the negative comments to the changes in @klout:disqus . And understand some of the reactions and experiences as I had them when I went from 60+ to 45, and again when I removed many of the bots I had auto-followed and dropped by 10. Still I’m always amazed that people who are at the frontline of change and reinvention are skeptical of change.

    I for one welcome our new Klout overlords! ;)

  • Anonymous

    eff that.

  • Lisa Grassetti

    Not to happy considering I visit and participate everyday and get bumped 8 pts!

  • pastapadre

    Yeah, pretty sad if they’re penalizing influencers for engaging with people who may have low scores. 

  • NW7US

    However, based on my observation thus far, it has been about the Poodles all along.

  • Cm2007

    Klout just made a very Netflix like move. They also seem to have the same “they will get over it” approach to it. should be interning to see how this plays out., 

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  • Steve Overstreet

    influence can be judged in many ways and possibly the influence that you speak of is not the type that this algorithmic way can judge. Interaction and re-posts make a huge difference but not just that it is based also on the people that do that interaction and re-tweeting. Klout said (at least when I began months ago) that one major factor to your personal Klout score was the interaction that you receive from others with high scores as well. It could be inferred that simply getting people with the base 10 score to take action may not net you a higher rating then getting Beiber to take action then. To some degree that should rate you a very high score.

  • Guest

    I think, Klout don´t like content about Colombia! Racism :(

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  • Teksquisite

    Klout needs to explain “Transparency” and “accuracy” and why they are marginalizing heavy Twitter users… 

  • MattsMedia

    I connected additional networks which I’m not very active in and my score dropped 8 or 9 points too… Kout team, if you just give all social media junkies an 80 you’ll make everyone happy and have an accurate score :p

  • Joanna Kennedy

    I couldn’t have said it better myself!

  • Aaron Bulger

    So, it looks like the general opinion is that Klout should make you happy, not deliver accurate results. Cool.

  • Ones and Zeros

    I am influential about two topics which i haven’t ever talked about. Also does it mean that the previous system you had in place was with a hitch? How are you going to justify the difference between the new and the old? 

  • Anonymous

    This new scoring algorithm is worse than GENOCIDE!

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  • Aaron Bulger

    Yeah! Shame on Klout for trying to improve their service! They shouldn’t have offered it until it was demonstrably perfect!

  • Troy Morris

    My score, like the vast majority of folks’ scores didn’t change much, because people like us weren’t trying to game the system (one we elected to be part of).
    And before anyone wants to say “It’s not gaming the system, I’m trying to use it to gauge how influential I am and engage in behaviors that make me more influential.”– That’s gaming the system, and the system now got more accurate to what influence is. 

    Being upset about that suggests that you’re more interested in a number than influence– which is fine, just stop pretending it’s anything else.

  • MattsMedia

    I like how Klout’s response to everything is “You can see the distribution in change in Klout Scores in our post, above. Thanks!” lol…..

  • Christina Trapolino

    Your clients should know better and so should you.

    Anyone who relied on Klout this heavily at any time made a mistake and should learn from that mistake.  Metrics for social media impact are incredibly difficult to gather in a way that makes sense, much less holds water.  One number is never going to be the final number.  Influence is not as simple as retweets or mentions.  Social media is moving towards interaction instead of blast radius.  As that evolution occurs, all metrics are going to require re-engineering. 

  • Zahid

    This is what it says after I login to Klout in a small bubble:

    “Connect with Facebook for a more accurate Klout Score!”

    Accurate is what I was hoping for, mindless algorithm is what I got. You are right that I should have never linked FB to Klout. The problem is with how Klout weighs Facebook; Twitter and G+ should have the highest weight in my opinion.

  • Christina Trapolino

    I agree that pushing for your Facebook to be included is problematic, but not everyone uses Facebook for private communication only, and those who use it for public broadcasting/interaction probably DO see a more accurate score by including it in the algorithm.

  • Pingback: Klout's New Score Analysis |

  • Tony Bennett @Sociallygenius

    Unfortunately, I tend to agree with the angry masses that the algoriwhatever is very skewed towards facebook.

    Much of the drop, IMO,is due to the lack of influence of our FB `friends.

    So my question to Klout is twofold – Am I correct that you are measuring my influence based on how (non)influential my mom, sister, and grandmotherare? And if so, would my Klout score go up if I defriended my high school friends and family because they’re not influential nor know/care about klout?

    That would be ridiculous, but that’s how I’m interpreting the changes.

  • elaine ossipov

    I’m just the opposite, the facebook “fans” show up, but nothing on my twitter ‘fans” only those I follow.

    Perhaps there are still some bugs to be worked out.
    ~elaine ossipov  MINUS 20 POINTS OVER NIGHT

  • Troy Morris

    But to be fair to those who are frustrated, I do think something is less accurate about the algorithm and should be looked into.

    It says that I have lost direct influence with some of my best friends (out in the physical world), with whom I have many twitter and facebook conversations with regularly– especially the last three days. It specifically called out the reason my influence dropped was because I lost influence with those folks– strange. perhaps we just have random conversations– either way, that should probably be addressed.

  • Sarah Lloyd

    Yes! I am told it has gone up 16 in the last 30 days, no mention of ~10 point overnight drop. Changing history is a tricky thing – not good for Klout’s credibility.
    Then again, what credibility? I mentioned Rome in passing in a tweet once – Klout thought I was influential on the subject.

  • Clayton Hove

    A nine-point drop in one morning? Noooo! Say it isn’t so! 

    The graphs show an almost systematic, robotic decline for me that doesn’t seem to match my recent engagement and activity. 

    Can I buy your algorithm a drink or two to get it to like me again?

  • Worob

    I dropped from 69 to 49 – not sure how this is possible..

    PR at Sunrise  

  • Arie & Al

    Our score went down 20 points, from 71 to 51. That’s ridiculous. The reTweets, followers, mentions, and general influence we have on twitter is much equal or higher than many of the users we network with – usually on the level with sportswriters, athletes, and radio personalities. Our “Klout” was something we could use to market to small businesses for justification to post ads, now it’s on par with many “regular” users. Un. Happy.

  • KMM @ ArchitectureWeek

    “we do believe in transparency, please see the distribution of Score changes in our post above”


  • Acw345

    Dropped 8 points! Ouch.

  • Ignacio Chehade ✔

    This is an enormous mistake…. you dont undestand how hard has been to explain to clients how Klout works, and then making them feel confortable and knowledgeable about the scores… now you change it.

    U were the only meassurement way to make old fashion and offline clients understand what inflience is and now almost a year of job has been erased…

    Thanks klout…. 

  • Familyfoodie

    At 6am this morning I had a notice that my klout score was up 1 to 70 and I was a Pundit. By noon today, I am a 56 and a Specialist.  I have always been the one to defend Klout when others were putting it down but I have to say…how can my klout drop 14 points because you have redone your scores analysis to be  more accurate now. I can only believe that WOW were they inaccurate before! Is there anything that we can do to at least review an account with such drastic drop? I have tweeted Megan Berry but was just told that this is the way it is.

  • Katrina Stevens

    Same here–though not quite as much: 51 to 46. What’s weird is that my true reach went down 8 points, but the actual number is hundreds more than yesterday. Klout claims I lost 1 point with amplification, but it was 17 points lower. The explanation they’re giving isn’t very clear.  

  • KMM @ ArchitectureWeek

    Back at ya, buddy!

  • JMarkAfghans

    I was going to jump on the “Boo! Hiss!” bandwagon, as my Klout Score dropped a dramatic 14 points today – nearly had a coronary when I logged onto my blog. Even took some oft-repeated advice and checked out PeerIndex.

    My score at PI was about where it was on Klout, before the revision. So far, so good. But the topics at PI didn’t really make any sense to me and, after a tour of some of my favorite Tweeters’ profiles, noticed that most everyone I follow or retweet fared better on Klout – some, far better.

    So, I looked at their Twitter usage and habits and decided that, like it or not, it was up to me to improve my Klout – not to find another site that provided a ‘better’ number.

    But, that’s just me.

  • Guillaume Weill

    Hi Klout team ! I have no major problems with a change in the way the Klout core is calculated (decreasd my score by 2), but what I’m not comfortable with is that I see my trend totally reversed after the change. I was increasing regularly since 1 month, now I see a decrease for one month. Not understanding where it’s coming from…

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  • Guest

    Bye, bye…… I don’t trust Klout anymore…. :(

  • KMM @ ArchitectureWeek

    The apparent disconnect between the statement:Adding a network will never decrease your Score. If you have no influence in that network you’ll simply see no change. ”

    And various people’s direct experience, contributes to the perception that there may be some scrambling in the data and/or algorithm. A significant loss in confidence results.

  • Carrie Sagel Burns

    LOL, I went from 69 to 56, but just means I gotta work harder and influence the right people about the right topics!

  • A. Keough

    I am not too happy with the change either. Mine went from 59 to 44 in 1 day!! =-(

  • Terri Nakamura

    Whoa. 80 to 67…The drop is dizzying! :-D

  • Casey Cheshire

    The more Justin Bieber tweets, the lower my score goes. :-D

  • Citizen Rosebud

    My has been crashing recently yet my engagement with my peeps is active. At least I know why the sudden and horrible drop. All for accuracy.

  • Michael Bauser

    “Working for months to increase” your score might be what screwed you. It looks to me like the biggest change Klout made was to more accurately measure the size and influence of users’ networks. If you’ve been collected a lot of “junk followers” (people who never reply, retweet, comment, etc.) it’s going to drag down your Klout.

  • Mike Moore

    Active on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and 3 of my individual statistics on Klout went up in the last day while my score dropped from 70 to 53…Makes as much sense as Tony La Russa’s explanation of why he didn’t have the pitcher he wanted warming up in the Cardinal’s bullpen and ready to pitch in game 5 of the World Series…

    And no my score didn’t adjust comparable to my network, those I influence or that influence me…Even the one statistic that went down in the past day, amplification, is odd as I was equally RT, Shared, Liked, Commented and +1’d as usual???All that said I’ve been using Klout more to find other social network heavy users than to worry about my score. The best advice in life and business is to ‘Never compare yourself to others and never stop being the best you can be’. I work and live with that in mind everyday.That said…I don’t watch the scoreboard when playing a game and don’t watch the scoreboard when doing business…I give my best to each person I connect and communicate with and the numbers take care of themselves. It’s just disappointing they don’t seem to add up at this point, but I’ll wait and reserve final judgement.

  • Mrdizes

    So you’re only going to subscribe to Klout’s scoring system for as long as it serves your idea of how influential you are.  Sounds like a pretty uneducated and proud thing to do.  It’s just a way of measuring your activity among your peers.  Big whoop?!

  • Katrina Stevens

    Still not making sense to me–my wife, who never uses Twitter, and only posts social information on Facebook now has a score of 40, while my score went down to 46, despite regularly posting and interacting on my Facebook groups and on twitter. She has no influence in any particular category, while I’m listed as having influence in 6 categories. 

  • Anonymous

    My score went up, and so did many of my friends. I actually think it more accurately reflects my Facebook influence now. I was always more influential on Facebook than Twitter, however I always felt the Klout score favored my Twitter influence more than Facebook. I opened my Klout account with Twitter & latter added Facebook & my score didn’t really change.

    After todays update, I’m happier and feel that it more accurately reflects my influence across all neworks.

  • Kimberli Wieghat

    BOO ! I was almost 67..down to a 53!…REALLY???!!?? I may stop using Klout!

  • Lance and MJ Lubin

    My score dropped 28 points. Thanks Klout. Time to stop caring about what my Klout score is. Wasn’t doing anything for business anyhow, only my ego. 

  • Tony Bennett @Sociallygenius

    My sentiments exactly Merideth… Am I supposed to ignore or defriend my mom, sister, and high school friends because their not socially influential in order to “achieve” a higher Klout score? Umm, no thanks!

  • Colette Mason

    Does PeerIndex measure self-hosted blogs? That’s my main concern because for credibility reasons, I just don’t want to have a 3rd party blog…..

  • ★ Ad Chickadee ★

    Whatever the hell you did – sucks #$%^&.  I find it hard to believe
    that a gal in my office who is RARELY on social media now has a Klout
    score of 47 (from low 20s) yesterday and my 65 plummeted to 51 –
    especially when I’m a community manager online all day.  And it seems
    this is the common practice – folks who had a terrible score yesterday –
    saw increases of 20 points today while those with good scores saw their
    scores plummet…unless of course you’re a brand – those scores oddly
    didn’t seem to decrease.  And Shelly Kramer who Forbes lists as a power
    gal to follow on Twitter – saw her score plummet as well. 

    Riddle me this please…If can see ample Likes, RTs and dialogue with
    influencers on all of my social media outlets – how is it my score could
    decrease THAT much? You clearly were not doing something right in the
    first place if you would see MASSIVE swings like this.  So to say in
    today’s post that a dramatic decline is “rare” is complete bull^%&*
    when there are so many people complaining because their scores

    Furthermore – Klout is NOT Trans Union or any of the other credit
    reporting agencies – I’d like to opt out – I don’t grant you permission
    anymore to rank my social media dialogue – HOW do we do that?? 

    BTW My posting on BlogHer has had over 200 reads in just a few minutes

    Operators are standing by for an answer please…

  • Ignacio Chehade ✔

    I work with social media… had one of the 15 highest in my country and droped from 76 to 62… and now my girlfriend (who doesnt use social media at all) has a Klout of 59 just from their facebook chats with 20 friends…

    WTF?? How that can have an explanation?

  • Glen Green

    Oh, and the new person on Klout with the score of 54 that I mentioned? – She has no topics of influence. “We currently don’t have any topics for this influencer.” – While I have 12 topics. but a score that is now lower 7 points than hers. How does this make sense? 

  • Tammy Kahn Fennell

    Hey Timothy, I don’t think it’s something that is going to be fixed… In fact, the drop is kinda “fixing it.”  In the post last week and covered in a lot of other places ( Joe talked about a different weighting in the algorithm, so that the score is more accurate. I lost some Klout today too, but overall I think it’s going to be a more valuable metric.  

    It’s funny though, how protective we start to feel over such a new thing, really.  I guess it speaks to Klout’s success in breaking through as a standard for influence.  I’m sure your score will bounce back, and hoping mine will too :)

    -Tammy, CEO @MarketMeSuite:disqus 

  • JL

    Your new algorithm is disastrous. So radical a change either means you were radically wrong before – and for a very long period of time – or you are radically wrong now. How can people trust that you won’t make another radical change in the future?


    I’ve been with Klout from the very beginning and I’ve worked very hard
    to pull up my score. Maintain it to where it is is not easy as I am
    constantly plugged in feeding and sharing an engaged audience with
    quality information. It’s obvious that a lot of people aren’t very happy
    with their scores dropping (I myself went from 89 to 81), which is why
    I’d like to make a few suggestions that the Klout Team might consider
    taking note of as they continue to develop a solid Klout system:

    We know that Klout tries its best to accurately measure influence, but
    when your score reflects day-to-day activity, your graph looks a lot
    like an erratic heart meter about to go into cardiac arrest. Your score
    can go up and down over 3-5 times a month, and that’s just too much to
    keep up with. A lot of people wake up wondering what their score is, and
    that’s just too much stress.

    Why not develop a ‘Score Lock Feature’. The concept is simple: Daily
    analysis of daily activity will continue, but your score is locked for
    an entire 30-day cycle till the next one begins.


    1. During this time, users can see what they need to focus on to bring
    their scores up, without fearing their scores going down each day. The
    system will tell give users an overview of their daily/weekly activity,
    and give a projection of the next cycle’s score, with messages like:
    “Based on your current cycle’s activity, your score for the next cycle
    is 76, (-1) from your current score of 75″

    2. This will tremendously help people who are now using Klout to qualify
    as candidates for jobs, as well as people whose use Klout scores as
    part of company reports and data analysis. People will be given enough
    time to adjust. Today, you had marketing people attend boardroom
    meetings happy to announce score increases based on yesterday’s
    assessment, only to discover that today’s score has dropped 10 points.
    That doesn’t reflect well on the company, and it’s not their fault that
    clients don’t understand all these Klout system updates.

    3. Your goal is to make everyone who works hard at engaging an
    influencer. This Score Lock Feature creates more incentives for users to
    plan and analyze in terms of 30-day cycles and not stressful daily

    It would be helpful if Klout users could see a list the top 50
    influencers in their profile’s network page. This would be a list of 50
    people in your network who have the top highest Klout scores. This way
    Klout users get to know their network to help pull up their scores. For
    people like me who have over 100K followers on Twitter, this feature
    would help a lot, instead of having to go through every follower and
    checking each one’s Klout score manually.

    And finally

    I think it’s time to develop an official Klout App for mobile devices.
    As the Wall Street Journal story on Klout reported, some hotels in Vegas
    give customers with high Klout scores room upgrades. The more companies
    get involved with Klout, the more we’ll be using Klout to interact with
    them in the real world. A cool app that shows your Klout score would be
    helpful to show in public instead of having a clumsy looking print-out
    of your Klout profile page.

    Everyone who works hard sharing quality content deserves the right kind
    of tools to guide them to be top influencers. I believe these
    suggestions would help everyone attain this goal, and would get more
    people sign up for Klout instead of the vitriol Klout is currently
    getting from users who aren’t happy about the big score changes.

    –SN (@SKYENICOLAS on Twitter)

  • Sarah Barnes

    Netflixed? We don’t pay for Klout’s product. 

    Tell your clients to work harder and follow (read) credible blogs/articles related to social media (will improve understanding of this whole “influencer” thing) — easy. 

  • Charles J. Orlando

    @klout  What I think everyone here is upset at is not the actual change that took place this morning… but the *perception* of what that change means. And not only the perception to the actual Klout users (read: the people commenting below, who feel bigger number = better engagement), but mostly the perception of what a lower number means to others. It’s the perception of influence that’s been taken away from many… not actual influence. I know for a fact that my Klout score doesn’t *actually* reflect my influence, as you’ve never included Facebook Fan Pages as part of your measurement (and with 550,000 Fans—68% of which come back every single month—averaging 400+ Likes and 120+ comments per post, my Klout score would be MUCH higher than the 62 it is today).

    What’s needed is perception management. What the “old” scores mean in relation to the “new” scores is critical for those that are holding the Klout yardstick up and saying that their influence has “fallen”. You need to manage both sides of the perception — users and the market — to fix this issue. 

    Just MHO.

  • John Fischer

    Makes zero sense to me. My score dropped from 45-36 & similar people I interact with on a daily basis stayed the same or dropped a point or 2? Don’t get it, don’t like it, not using Klout anymore. Under the old method my score was going up consistently over the past 2 weeks. Now it shows it going down over that same period? Way to go, Quikster!

  • Michael

    Indeed, I have been hesitant to add social media platforms where I am less active, and your experience seems to confirm my fears.

    I hear what Klout is SAYING, but the apparent evidence seems to the contrary. I feel like I have zero incentive to add any social media platforms I am exploring/experimenting with now, as apparently if I’m not already robust and thriving there, the “light” interaction on one platform will drag down my score from where I am active and influencing.

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  • Charles J. Orlando

    @Kyle  Exactly. The Fan Page piece of the puzzle — although announced in August as “available” — has never worked. As a result, my Klout score of 62 (down from 73 with today’s changes) has never reflected it. 

  • Charles J. Orlando

    @Erik  My personal FB profile is still linked… but my score has never reflected my Fan Page.  Score change:  62 today, down from 73.

  • @projectpricelss

    It is completely unfair that a Klout score depends on how influential the people are the you influence. If a kid’s helpline has 15,000 followers that are teens with low Klout but they all RT, it shouldn’t count less than someone with 1000 followers who are big Klouters. I think you’re setting people up to stop following little tweeters and average Joe’s, which is counterproductive to everything social media stands for.

  • Jan

    In one day from 47 to 39. A small change? I don’t think so!

  • Fabio

    What!!! i lost 20 point :( … i don´t think tht this new Klout rappresent my influent..especially if i think that i´m “working” on the Italian MArket that it´s really not developed as the US one

  • Charles J. Orlando

    @Klout But not entirely. Fan Pages have never been included in your measurement… 

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  • Pingback: Your Klout Score Probably Just Dropped - Do You Care?()

  • TheAntiM

    Here’s something you can’t explain away via some magical algorithm: My Klout score gradually rose over the last month and reached 50 some time over the weekend (I’m guessing – I only check it now and then). Today, it dropped back to 42, and now says my 30-day high is 42. That’s just wrong. My 30-day high is at least 50. There are a lot of other issues I believe to be problematic, but that’s concrete.

  • Anonymous

    Klout scores don’t mean as much to me as most of the people here, but it’s apparent that there IS something wrong with their system, and I have this screenshot to prove it:
    Obviously, something is wrong, if this other person has a higher Klout score than me (when they had a lower one just yesterday before the changes), yet I beat them in all areas.  I blacked out the names in case Klout decided to “fix” the scores …

  • Anonymous

    David, My clients don’t read IT articles, have no idea about Klout algorithms and actually don’t care! They rely on me to help then choose the right tools to help them reach their goals, I just write an article about Klout with some recommendation on how to use it. In this article people saw I had a 59 score so now if they go check and see I have 46 what do you think they will interpret that ? They will laugh at it ! So yes I want to throw words like  “Lack of Credibility”, ” Not Trustworthy”, “Bad marketing” and “inaccuracy”.

  • retirebyforty

    I was trending up and now you’re saying I’ve been nose diving for the last month. It doesn’t make sense. I don’t mind the score decrease that much, but how come the trend is completely opposite than previously.

  • Richard Collins

    Whatever you did, you wrecked my score. Did it occur to you to test the changes before you rashly implemented them. Anyone could have foreseen the negative impact and the anger you raised with users. 

  • Brian Weatherley

    15 point drop here.  I have lost any confidence you had built in your number.  Which won’t mean anything the next time you decide to make another change in how you come up with your ranking.  A scoring system that changes arbitrarily has no weight at all.  It was a nice concept, but now it’s just a meaningless number that can change whenever you decide to come up with a new way of calculating.

  • Barry

    49 to 33. WTF?

  • Michael Bauser

    “Lying” is a stupid word to use here. Klout isn’t measuring a objective quality like your weight or age, it’s stating a algorithmically-derived opinion of your influence.  The opinion changed because they raised their standards. You might as well call somebody a liar for changing their mind about their favorite flavor of ice cream.

  • Catherine Morgan

    Seriously? My score drops 10 points? I think you guys have really shot yourselves in the foot. with these changes. I am underwhelmed. 

  • Kameis

    Me too. A ten point drop over night when my score was increasing steadily. Went from a Specialist to a Socializer. Sorry guys, this was not well handled. Too jarring a move for an organization that wants to be know as THE measure of online influence. Disappointed.

  • Anonymous

    See my response to David Above. The absolute number means nothing, already Klout had a bad rap and now you just proved I was wrong to support it . Please read my article too : and put my clients’ shoes!

  • Simon

    Oh they can lose you pretty easily. The first thing you can do is stop claiming Perks. If a high number of people stop claiming Perks, pretty soon advertisers will stop using Klout…

  • Anonymous

    What do you call a “large decrease?” I think 13 points is pretty significant. And where do I find out why my score dropped so much? Thanks for the warning, Klout.

  • Richard Collins

    Your comment makes no sense whatsoever. The aggregate score is supposed to represent your influence. Seeing it drop 20 or 30 points can  only represent a big drop in your influence. Score = influence. Bigger score = more influence, therefore more people will pay attention to what you post.

  • Sabrina Linman

    How do i get people or better yet clients, agents and other referral partners to go to klout and recommend me?

  • Richard Collins

    I hope you set a break point you can go back to until you rework your program.

  • Djtruuf

    guess i was in the rare category I dropped 30 points but I know my stock is on the rise 1st Quarter 2012 ill be legitimately one of the top DJ influencers in the World and dats da truuf 

  • Kathy Gori

    es, 64 to 52 for me and they’re claiming I’ve lost influential people in  my network..maybe cause they’re now counting my cousins’ 4 year old and his brother who FB me!

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  • BellaVida

    Does incorporating my Facebook account take into account the Facebook pages I have created?

  • Michael R. Stewart

    Dear Mr Fernandez:

    It is neither my habit nor inclination to complain, but this surprise has ruined my day.  

    I am not an Internet hobbiest, I am a professional with over 20 years of online experience.  I also spent many years as the Senior Vice President of a multibillion dollar company.  In short, I take my business, online and offline, very seriously.  And to the point, my Klout score is one of my marque distinguishing factors.

    Imagine my chagrin this morning, when my score dropped from 74 to 54 in one day, a 30% plummet.  It dropped so far as to reside completely off the Maximum Score Change graph above.

    As one of Klout’s most ardent and vocal admirers, if this is not an outright systems error that will be instantly corrected, it strikes me as a serious error in professional business judgement.

    The Netflix CEO made a similar choice when he arbitrarily changed the company’s approach to doing business without first checking with his real audience, the customers. The Netflix stock dropped like a rock.

    I’m sure that this change was made for the long-term benefit of everyone.   But for those who really care, this enormous shift seemed unwarranted and certainly unwelcome.

    Here are the details, just in case someone takes the time to look at my particular situation:

    I have 60K Twitter followers (@jerichotech) and I am re-tweeted by the dozens every day.  I do not encourage Facebook friends because my business model relies solely on Twitter.  My blog, (which is privately hosted, not on, for very intelligent reasons), apparently doesn’t count at all.  In addition, over the last 18 months I have tweeted over 20K times, with worthwhile articles that have been appreciated by my followers.  There are nearly 200 articles on my website that are also visited consistently.  These apparently are also irrelevant now.
    Normally I would be circumspect about such things, but this change is not only arbitrary but incomprehensible.  I can neither explain why it happened nor assist my clients for whom this is also a very unwelcome surprise.

    I spend many hours per day working toward an improved Klout score, doing everything I have been told to do directly by Klout and Klout experts.  I have a book being published in a few weeks that highlights Klout and explains in painstaking detail how to advance your score.   Not only is that now inappropriate, but my personal faith in Klout has been severely impacted.

    I hope to hear from you.  After thousands of hard hours taking your company’s advice I believe I deserve it.

    Michael R.H. Stewart
    Jericho Technology, Inc.

  • Bill Hibbler

    I’m pretty sure all of us involved in online marketing and social media are building our businesses on the backs of third parties we have no control over. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google, etc. 

  • Jeff Daly

    Kyle – the point is that the rules keep changing and they seem to favor Twitter over Facebook so their definition of “influential” is not only subjective, but elusive. Changes in algorithm should not negatively affect someone by 20 points in one day.

    I am with Timothy in thinking that this is not a good way to keep people interested in the usefulness of Klout.  Your opinion is different, but doesn’t negate the quality of divergent perspectives.

  • Eboni Ife’

    I still need to read up on this a little more, but if this is the case, I do hope Klout is taking steps to integrate with Facebook fan pages. Currently Klout is measuring my FB influence based on my personal FB page which I do not use in the same way as my fab page. I have intentionally kept my blog network separate from my personal FB page.  All of my blog posts and related discussions take place on my fan page exclusively.  Currently, Klout’s measure of my influence is drastically flawed because it is simply not looking at the right thing.

  • Skinny Cat

    So glad someone else noticed this…I thought I was losing my mind. I see my Fan page on Klout but it seems to have zero impact on my score. If it were truly connected my Klout score would sky rocket with the number of fans and the thousands of imprints I have htere a day.

  • Spyros Thalassinos

    So is anything else except twitter, actually calculated this time?

  • Taoist Thoughts

    KLOUT: Looks like Klout’s score it gave itself is up :)  Of course who knows how many people’s scores dropped 15+ points when you decided to change how you keep score.  Which ironically enough, you rate yourself as more influential after a move that has, in reality caused your true influence to plummet.  Why?  Maybe you should have a score for consistency or reliability.  Both of which you have little in many people’s eyes now.  Question?  Do you guys work for Netflix?  lol

  • Stephanie (Sullivan) Rewis

    This is actually comical now that I look at it. Who cares what my score is, I am now “influenced” by people I’ve spoken to once on FB—like friends of my son’s that I haven’t seen in years. In fact, every single influencer of me is from FB (except my husband, who refuses to join)—a service I use for personal, not business connections. 

    I also now influence my uncle—only on FB—who just chats constantly to family and ends every post/reply with love, Unc Dan (and has a Klout score of 30 now). Some engineer who knows nothing about real social media and social circles—and how they can be used differently—built this new algorithm. 

    Yup, Klout’s jumped the shark for sure.

  • Jeff Daly

    First there is no agreement on whether this is an “improvement” or not.  I still think the algorithm favors certain venues (Twitter) over others (Facebook).  I don’t think it takes into account that certain audiences don’t Retweet and Comment and Like, but that they VIEW the content anyway.  Klout doesn’t give audience growth enough…uh…clout and thus negates the effort put in to grow ones audience and the dissemination of content to said audience.

    I think to dismiss concerns by hiding behind the goal of accuracy and insinuating that our questions are contrary to that goal do the service a disservice.

  • Skinny Cat

    Exactly, Tyler! I have another FB profile linked to Klout that I touch maybe once a month. It has just 10 points less than my FB/Twitter pages that I touch and interact on ALL day EVERY day. Something is screwy.

  • Kberger888

    I stand by my opinion that Klout is a combination of Wizard of Oz smokescreen and fortune cookie platitudes. My number of followers (on twitter, FB, linked in) rises on a daily basis; Klout shows it going down. And now, I learn I am “no long influencing” some of my best friends. While people I have barely heard of are supposedly influencing me. It doesn’t include measurements of tons of ways I’m active on line.

    And scores that fly up and 10 or twenty points on a whim seem to only measure the most superficial latest activity — if I establish a rock solid long steady pattern of growth, it doesn’t compute, but my score can fly up because I posted a cute cat video that everyone shares?

    I really hope that Klout does not gain traction as any sort of reliable metric. In its current (even new and improved) incarnation, it can do a great deal of harm. It’s a perfect example of “garbage in garbage out.” And it’s an even worse example of ‘what have you done for me lately” — rewarding flash in the pan spikes without any concern for the underlying solidity of someone’s brand and reputation.

  • Steve

    For Klout to suddenly make such a radical change in how their site monitors influence is disheartening. Klout has gained a massive following and I really think that this will hurt them in the long run.. I certainly will not be using this site as much.

  • Skinny Cat

    Blog death. Exactly FashionStyleNY. Already had a call from a sponsor. That one call can potentially cost me a couple of K’s. Ouch.

  • Jeff Daly

    Who decides what is “credible” in the wild west of social media right now?  Heck, I can’t even look to Klout since they change the game every week.  Someone showed a 20 point drop.  So what they were doing before was following the model of a less credible source (Klout yesterday), but now that a new more credible source (Klout today) is in charge, he’s less “influential”.  Before lecturing please note that this is all SUBJECTIVE and if you change the criteria people are going to question.

    Not so easy.

  • Janis La Couvée

    mine too and my usage has NOT changed a bit! I’ve never done anything to “influence” my Klout, unlike others I know who have maintained low follow back numbers on Twitter for instance as this “apparently” boosts your Klout. 

  • Maxxmaxx

    I didn’t totally understand the first score so now more confused…

    Was this now that next will be>>>

  • Irene Koehler

    When I added my YouTube account, my score immediately decreased. I then deleted it and the score went back up. It seems adding a network *can* decrease the score.

  • Skinny Cat

    I hadn’t considered that scenario. Maybe that explains the adjustments. Thanks for that insite.

  • J. Adrián Peláez

    I dropped from 79 to 58 :(

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  • Kenda Morrison

    This is ridiculous! Not to mention my score is down 11 points and graphs are upside down – you now measure my influence against my Grandchildren from Facebook. Something is very wrong here!

    However – I won’t change a thing about what I am doing. Not for Klout, that’s for sure. I use content I believe my followers want, not what Klout thinks they want. I will let the dust settle before I decide to eliminate my use of Klout as a measurement tool.

  • jim holzmeyer

    Yea my score went up :) Still no good perks for me though :(

  • Skinny Cat

    OUCH but so true! Chickens in one basket comes to mind here. Mine dropped 33 pts…but has adjusted back within 3 points now (wipes sweat from brow).I had one sponsor a little wigged out but I just redirected them to my blog stats. It’s a whole picture thing, I think. Now that I am done having a shit attack over it. And maybe a bottle of wine.

  • Bill Hibbler

    The problem with what you’re saying is that you haven’t accomplished a higher level of accuracy. Not even close. 

    Klout was buggy before, things like seeing New England Patriots shows up a topic of influence for people in Texas that never even mentioned the team or Tamagotchi showing up in topic lists of people that don’t even know what that means. But now the people I influenced in business on Twitter have been replaced by people I casually interact with on Facebook. That’s lower accuracy, not higher. 

    And charts that don’t reflect a one-day dramatic drop in score, which most of us have seen today, are inaccurate as well. Instead, the charts appear like our scores have been relatively the same for 30 days. Inaccurate. 

    You’ve gotten many mentions on Twitter from me on a daily basis. They’re about to become less favorable.

  • Susanna King

    I’m a bit confused by why some people were marked as having been removed from my True Reach. They didn’t unfriend me on Facebook, and I know they read what I post because I know them in real life. If it were peripheral people I barely know, that makes sense, but a few of these folks have been my friends for years!

  • Brandy Luscalzo

    When as a user you see REALLY influential people drop severe points it’s hard to imagine that your criteria was off by that large of a margin, and when Klout’s Klout is only at 83, it begs to ask the question, what’s going on.

  • Carlos Gonzalez

    I like Klout and am ok with this change, even though I dropped 3 points with the change. However, I think Klout is missing key targets in identifying true social media mavens. In my example for instance, I grow and monitor the social audiences for over 75 different online brands and different types of business. When I curate these channels, I have to do it under different online profiles under the business names -so my social work is never recognized by sites such as Klout. When I tried to link my Facebook business page on Klout it replaced my personal FB link, why? A true grade of my social influence would allow for both, and actually would also grade my influence on the 75+ other Facebook business pages that I am an admin of -just sayin’.  :)

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  • Bill Hibbler

    He didn’t say whether he relied on it heavily but if one points it out to clients, who often skim the details on reports because they’re busy, then he’s going to catch some heat. Re-engineering is good when it works. So far, this hasn’t. Personally, I’m not as concerned about a drop in score as I am seeing how my profile now tells me that Twitter doesn’t matter and Facebook does. 

  • Jacocbyte By Name

    Sorry guys your “Improvements Suck” My Score has dropped 10 points fair enough but you then re-write history so the original score was never there… 


    mine went down from 68 to 53 . i think they dropped alot that missed their new algorithm automatically to 53. weak. 


    mine went from 68 to 53 . i have 40k followers on twitter too. and usually get 10-15 retweets per tweet. wth

  • digitalphotobuzz

    looks like something definitely is out of whack.  I checked 10 people that I follow a lot on twitter and they are all down over 10 points, based on the graph above it would seem unlikely that all ten people I tried were all down over ten points?  Oh well I’ll keep checking this the next few days and hope I pop back up a bit :)

  • The Basis Point

    Will you add ability to have FB Page AND FB Personal? This is critical for many professionals  (like me, a mortgage banker) who need to measure both. 

  • Will Strohl

    Here’s an easy stat for you stat wizards to look at… Compare the number of negative sentiments here and on twitter versus the number of “Likes” on Facebook.  It’s simple to see how “great’ your chances are – even at a glance.  Either you guys need to better message your “improvements” or the improvements quite frankly suck.  If your original algorithm sucked and was wrong, say so.  Own it.  But tell us how and why.  Are people gaming the system (yes), then say so and clearly message why.  Right now, you are looking like just another Netflix blunder.

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  • Christina Trapolino

    Understandable reply and fair points, although I’m not sure we have proof positive that Facebook is now more weighted in the Klout Score than Twitter (I have seen a lot of comments that indicate what you’re saying is right, I’m just noting that this isn’t a scientific approach at all).

    I was responding to the sentiment that “all [his] clients see is a 20 point drop” — which is a sentiment I’ve seen in a LOT of these comments.  Why is anyone only seeing a 20 point drop and not the wider context of this change?  If your clients can’t digest “Klout changed its algorithm,” then it is your job to be able to explain it to them.  If you set a premise where all your clients are going to see is the point drop, then you didn’t explain something important, which is that the Klout Score is just one score and that online impact is measured in all sorts of ways — none of them great on their own.

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  • J. Adrián Peláez

    Very unhappy with this change. My score went from 79 down to 58. 21 point drop. I’ve been working for months to increase my Klout score. Please fix this.

  • Lizz Sande

    I’m indifferent to the change but I dont think its accurate…Timothy Whalin’s numbers/charts should be WAY higher than mine and they aren’t….there’s lots of people on my list that I’m close to numbers wise and their’s should be WAY larger. That’s all.

  • Stacey Soleil ☀

    Meh. All of the changes in HOW we are notified, IF we even qualify for a perk, and the scoring in general have left me less than excited about even bothering to interact on the Klout website anymore. Personally I will just keep doing what I’ve always done regardless of what the Klout numbers indicate (high or low). I am starting to value my real life CLOUT way more than my KLOUT.  Truth be told, I am so much more than a number anyways. It was fun while it lasted. ;) 

  • Will Strohl

    We all see it. This doesn’t mean that it makes any sense to us.  Your organization either has a very difficult time communicating the “improvements” properly, or your improvements only make sense to you.

  • Bill Hibbler

    Curious if you think Klout is silly fiction, then why are you wasting time reading and commenting here? 

  • Remi Toron

     i went from a 40 to a 45 :)

  • CentralFLTop5

    Not really thrilled – mine dropped from 59 to 44. Oh well… Twitter is where my influence is, and based on interactions, I’m doing just fine in my focus – Central Florida. I don’t need a klout score to tell me my influence. 

  • Bill Hibbler

    “It punishes people who don’t engage and brands who don’t talk to customers the way they should, and emphasizes engagement and thoughtful targeting. Changes the game? Absolutely!”

    How do you reach that conclusion? From reviewing my own score and profile, Klout now seems to punish people who use Twitter and rewards those who use Facebook, even though their replies on this page say that’s not true. Today Klout essentially decided that everyone I interact with daily on Twitter is irrelevant and casual FB friends are now who’s important. 

  • Photo Business Blog

    Well, I wouldn’t really call this a positive change! My score fell from 64 to 45 overnight, which is a bit of a surprise to say the least. What I find interesting is that you’ve even changed the history of my score to reflect a lower number, so how can we even trust these numbers any more?

  • Todd Akira Morikawa

    bingo Steve

  • Lisa

    70 to 57 in a few days… very bummed and I have promoted your site with so many people, especially authors, looking to show publishers an idea of influence they have not net.

  • Greg

    This so called upgrade totally sucks. Has cost thousands of people lots of hard work. Makes Klout almost worthless as far as I’m concerned.

  • Anonymous

    Michael, you did not get what I was saying and did not read my blog : For my clients who never heard of KLOUT last week and saw on my blog I was a 59 and early today try Klout  for the first time and saw I was 46, they probably think I AM a LIAR @klout:disqus  takes no responsibility, That is not my definition of great #customerservice

  • Njaal Neckelmann

    Wow! Suddenly increased my Klout score by 30. And a 400+ increase in True Reach. The graph over time also shows a more stable score, used to be quite sporadic. I’m pleased, of course, but I’m slightly suspicious as well.. Can this be right?

  • Jonathon Hewitt

    Yeah mine dropped 16 points from a 63 to a 47, I have been on Twitter since mid 2008 and have been RT’d thousands of times by a lot of popular and influential people in the last 3 1/2 years and now that this recent Klout change has happened I have a lower score than a guy who just started tweeting a month ago and has almost no followers and very few RT’s compared to me. I don’t think @klout:disqus has completely figured out their algorithm yet.

  • Down8

    LOL Klout, the “Klout Star” you featured in your last blog post, Scott Kleinberg, had his score drop 8 points today.

  • techau

    Went from 67 to 58 overnight. I expected it may drop a couple of points, but 9 feels pretty dramatic.

  • Bill Hibbler

    I completely understand but the thing is these comments are taking place on a social media strategy blog. People are obviously upset about what Klout has done today. If my BMW roadster breaks and I complain about it on their website, having a lot of people saying ‘you should even be driving a car like that anyway, it isn’t practical’ is kind of besides the point. 

    I talk to my clients about Klout and I’m not going to lose any over it. But having pointed it out to them, I will have to explain to them why it’s now irrelevant or at least less relevant. They won’t be going anywhere but it’s time I could have used elsewhere. 

    I had a 35 point drop in total reach. Why? Because Klout decided my Twitter followers are irrelevant. Want proof positive? If you’re active on Twitter, review your profile under True Reach. In my case, there’s a line that says, “Your immediate influence network no longer includes” followed by the icons of some of my big supporters on Twitter. I’ve got 82k followers on Twitter. Naturally I realize that many of those followers aren’t clinging to my every tweet. But I’m not tweeting quotes 10x a day, I’m interacting, sharing blog posts, etc. Now Klout removed almost all of them. Of those that remain, their scores seemed to have been cut in half. They’ve been replaced almost entirely by Facebook friends, some of which I rarely interact with. 

    The question my clients are going to ask next is should they reduce their efforts on Twitter since Klout has decided Twitter is no longer important. 

  • Lisa

    I dropped 12 points but stayed as a specialist. I believe they favor Facebook much more over twitter, Google+ and blogs. 

  • Njaal Neckelmann

    Don’t see what the fuss is all about, by the way. If your Klout score dropped “dramatically” (EEEK! 8 points down!), you should still be happy you’ve got a more accurate score. Or do people use Klout only to boost their egos?

  • Sarah Barnes

    Lol, geez. 

    My comment was not a lecture, but an opinion. Numbers aren’t everything. Just because you have a high follow count doesn’t mean a consumer will buy your product or even notice your tweets. Look up “influence” and “engage” in the dictionary – those are what klout measures. Conversation is the awesome of social media, it’s what drives likes, retweets and oh hey! even influence. 

    You or a brand were the same before the score drop, so why let klout dictate your practices or make yourself make your work harder? Lighten up. Listen. No need to point fingers. Go enjoy happy hour and brainstorm how you can improve “scores” with original content or a cool campaign. 

  • Martilyo


  • Pedro Petti

    That’s unacceptable. We loose more than 10 points in hours. Does anyone know how this new klout’s metric works?

    It’s ridiculous!!!



  • Colette Mason

    I’ve decided *I* decide what’s credible – my accounts are now unlinked. I haven’t emailed to have my Klout login deleted yet – I might leave it dormant for [insert very long length of time here].

    I’ve always said it’s nigh on impossible to measure to the n-th degree how accurate your social media marketing efforts are – I should have stuck to my own teachings -think about value and conscience first and complicated analytics a distant second.

  • David

    So maybe a 10% drop isn’t that much. But a friend went from 10 to 50 overnight just from Facebook. He’s not even joined Klout, doesn’t Twitter. 

    The graph even updates retroactively, which some might like, but it would be better to see pre-update scores with drop on the timeline for context! (I still have the “achievement” badges that don’t jibe with my “new” graph).

    The jury was still out on Klout before the update, but it looks pretty bad now from what I’m hearing and seeing.

  • Mike Barrett

    Klout is now the shiny thing in the room. Doesn’t do any good to bother with it, one minute your score is high, the next you’re not. NEXT! I’d rather play with EmpireAvenue which also is a TIMEBANDIT

  • Ann Marie Dwyer

    Mine increased across the board by about 5%, except in true reach, which went up about 4%. I dislike the FB friends who show up as influenced (as in invite them to Klout) because they are FB’ers who have no influence. I watched their numbers all increase from 8-12 to 30-50. These people have no influence beyond their 50ish friends on FB.

    Whether the weight was redistributed is the core of this debate, which is moot. If Klout is measuring overall social influence, it should be weighted evenly across platforms. Heavy Twitter users are complaining because their eggs were all in one basket. 

    Ironically, as to the complaints over personal/business FB accounts, no where in Klout’s information do I see it claim to be a business-only influence model. In fact, its claims are overall “social” influence.

    Frankly, I influence far more people than those represented here, but I choose to keep that account from Klout. To me, the linked media would represent a duplication of effect. (I post the same on two different media to different users.) So, if anything, I could be accused of intentionally gaming the system to a lower influence number, which likely saved me from a larger fluctuation.

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  • Michael Bauser

    If you’re using Klout to represent your value to clients, it was your responsibility to educate them about what Klout was and wasn’t. Unfortunately, I don’t think you really understand what Klout is and isn’t.

    I didn’t read your blog because nothing you’ve said here convinced me you have a blog worth reading. You lack logic and insight. It’s a big Internet and I have a lot of it to read; You only get once chance to convince me you’re not clueless.

  • Jonathon Hewitt

    Notice @klout:disqus didn’t respond to your image? I think they are only worried about their own “klout”, and not the klout of others. Ha!

  • SocialLeslie

    My score went down 14 points where others that I know stayed the same or increased and they don’t even do much communication via social media – their scores are higher now than mine. It doesn’t make sense to me. I’m a very active social media user and was proud of my 62 klout score. :(

  • Juancbarsan

    Me parece que es un cambio a peor, y os habeis equivocado completamente. Ya nadie cree en el Klout, mejor lo quitais, una porqueria de cambio.

  • Vinformative

    My score fell 21 points today! That’s not even on your chart! Very unhappy right now. I hope you do pull a Netflix and do an immediate about face. You’ve destroyed all credibility with me.

  • pastapadre

    Clearly isn’t accurate though. Makes no sense that my amplification score went from 70 something to 10. And that it shows as being stuck on 10 (not even fractions of a variance) for the last month despite thousands of replies/retweets over the last month. Something is wrong in the calculations. If everything was square I wouldn’t care that much about having dropped from 74 to 58 overnight. Just disappointing to view something as being representative of real influence and then lose that trust so quickly.

  • Guest

    My score dropped significantly too, not sure I really understand what’s driving this change.

  • Taylor Martin

    You sure this isn’t how the distribution was supposed to look?

  • Michael Bauser

    I think you’ve misinterpreted the changes. To me, it doesn’t look like they’ve favored Facebook, per se. Rather, they’ve expanded the “Network” scores in a way that disfavors people with lots of low-activity followers.

    Most people with decreased Klout scores are reporting that their “Network” score increased, while “Amplification” and “Network Impact” decreased. This suggests those people have a lot of low-activity followers — people who don’t respond to things (Amplification), and don’t post their own content (Network Impact).

    Since most people are more selective about Facebook friends than
    Twitter followers, people who were getting most of their Klout from
    Twitter have more to lose from such a revision. People who got most of their Klout from Facebook probably gained.

  • I_h8_Klout_now

    This sorta feels like a Netflix kind of situation all over again.  Bad decisions compounded by “PR Talk” from execs.

  • heykim

    yep… justin bieber got a cool 100 score :) im a belieber :-D 

  • Anonymous

    Stop being such a spammer then?

  • Eric White

    I’ve finally decided that Klout is stupid.  I’ve been trying it out for the last couple of weeks on the recommendation of a few friends so see what it was all about.  I gave out some klout. Made a few lists. Poked around the site looking as a bunch of stats.  I guess my number was rising…?  Then today they change the way they calculate the score? 


    So why don’t you change the way you calculate the score so we all have higher point values? Or change the score to give everyone who uses a certain social media product a lower score? 

    In any case its essentially just an arbitrary number that has no value.  Klout is just one more thing I online that I’m not going to waste my time with.
    Thanks anyway.

  • Vinformative

    Also forgot to mention that overnight, I went from being a Thought Leader to a Specialist! Really?

  • Jimmy Spencer

    I went from a 56 to 100! ;) OMG I’m so popular!!

  • Michael Bauser

    Yeah! Since when did marketing companies need help making themselves look stupid?

  • Erik Hom

    It’s definitely rewarding the people who speak softly and carry a big stick.  the Less is more crowd

  • Pingback: Hey Klout, Adding More Decimal Places Does Not Make Your Score More Accurate()

  • Kenda Morrison

    I disconnected Facebook, as I use it for personal connections only, and you still have all my FB friends pulled in and using it to calculate my score. I’ll see what happens overnight and if appropriate adjustments are made on your end.

     …Funny how a teenager on my FB page, who posts nothing but YouTube Videos, never comments, etc now has a Klout Score of 79. He may be influential with teenagers, but not with business and marketers. Two different beasts – will this be addressed?

  • Rori

    This update was a joke. I not only dropped by 10 points, but other people I KNOW are influential also saw large drops. Klout is telling me that friends, colleagues, and those I do business with almost daily – in many areas of social media as well as “the real world” – are no longer seeing me as influential. We’ll enjoy that laugh tonight and this weekend as we work, socialize, and spend time together on the Internet and in life. 
    What most upsets me is that so many people and businesses give these numbers credibility. I have helped promote Klout to my clients and associates for months, and after the last “changes” I was angered, but this time I can no longer in good faith, tell them to use this as a true measurement of anything.
    You talk about improvements, your own numbers changing, and transparency, yet you tell us in no way how you can TRULY know how much any of us are an influence or who we are reaching how. 
    Word-of-month marketing has ALWAYS been, by nature, impossible to truly measure and its only been a corporate need to prove something that has required such measurement modeling. 
    I’ve learned and this time I’m sticking with my discovery. I will continue to participate in Klout, but from a distance. I will no longer see Klout or any such measurement as anything more than what it is: self-declared importance by an online measuring company.
    I will continue a successful and important social media program and I will share that knowledge with others. But as I do I will advise others that “measurement” like Klout is pointless and that too many are turning to it. They should NEVER take it seriously. Pay attention for those who care, but stop caring yourself. It is by no means worth the time, energy, or headaches. 
    Oh, and if you at Klout do actually tell us how you’re measuring, how about telling us how you KNOW that someone who reads our posts is or is not going to that movie, travel destination or having a bottle of wine, let alone which one because of reading something we posted – or not. Why? Because I KNOW I influence people and others influence me every day, BUT UNLESS YOU’RE BIG BROTHER AND READING MY OR THEIR MINDS, YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW I OR ANYONE ELSE IS REALLY, TRULY INFLUENCED! Then again everyone – WE GIVE KLOUT & OTHERS LIKE IT POWER so that is on us – let’s stop doing that, shall we?! 

  • @warrenbobrow1

    I am also very upset with the new scoring. I engage every single day without fail. I dropped almost 25%.  Please fix this inaccuracy. 

  • rjhoughton

     I have to say, I was having a hard time dealing with a 5 point drop, until I saw all these posts about dropping 15-25 points. What bugs me is the “Network Impact” – which now includes all of my Facebook friends, most of whom could care less about Twitter or Klout.

  • Scott Weinberg

    Dropped from 81 to 66. I don’t think I know how this game works.

  • Johnny Phoeenix

    I am not sure what you guys are doing with scores but it seems to me your weighing Twitter more heavily than Google Plus, maybe your Google Plus calculations need some serious review.  In my opinion Google Plus allows for a more extensive interaction and connection and should carry greater emphasis in your formula.

  • BernoullisAttic

    My score has dropped 25 points…I was trying to use Klout to improve my networking influence.  I am veery disheartened at this unilateral change, which has not been explained.  WHY did the score go down?  I’m not saying it’s wrong, but asking what you’re looking at now that would say “I’ve been doing things wrong”, as my score is decreasing when yesterday  I was “doing things right” and my score was increasing.   Did the things you measure change? 

  • Sam Barnett-Cormack

    My true reach increased by about 800, but my overall score dropped by around 10 or so… amplification dropped massively. Of course, like so many others, those scores are now depicted as historically consistent, not showing the drop, but it’s not clear how much those old numbers are smoothed, or how much they are old data being processed with the new algorithm.

  • Belarus Freedom News

    It’s obvious in the Like-score that arguments of Klout does’nt reach consent evem of it’s most enthusiastic users. Klout guys, I use your stuff for some weeks and clearly see that your new score does’nt reflect what has happend in my networks during last 3 weeks. Why one should assume that your new score might reflect anything accurately for the next 3 weeks?

  • Resource

    And then Klout can change their weighting again and you can then use THAT weighting to determine the relative value of… and then Klout can change the score again and you can still use this tomorrow and the day after to do exactly what you’ve been doing… until Klout changes the weighting again

  • Burak

    Hello Klout,

    You are doing it wrong.

  • Michael Bauser

    Sounds like it was helpful to the audience.

  • Blus Australia

    WTF? Way to alienate people that have been with you from the start. Would have been nice to give them a leg up before shooting them in the foot.

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  • Pingback: OnlineMagazine » Blog Archive » Klout’s scoring changes incite a riot of complaints()

  • remy-matisse menu

    is realy good !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

  • Richard Townsend

    I figured out how to improve your klout scores using the profile of a recent commenter, the guy in the mask… who has 10,726 tweets 443 following 667 followers 42 listed. So the formular must (at least in part be) talk a lot to very few people, oh and of course never show your face :-). Seriously… his K score is 48 so it must now be a lot less about twitter.

  • Zahid Torres-Rahman

    Sounds like the biggest loser today was Klout…


    mine dropped 8.

  • Alexandra Williams

    Hi Klout person. I have a question. My Klout account is linked to my private FB account. A while ago I switched to my fan page (which has more followers and activity), yet my score went way down. It was quite a hassle to unlink and go back to my personal FB page. Now, with the new scoring (I went from 69 to 57) I wonder if my fan page would be better, but I’m afraid to try since it was so hard to get it back. What do you suggest? Thanks

  • Maurizio Battaghini

    Lol i’m increased from 56 to 60 … lovely … the truth!

  • Michael Bauser

    It’s probably those “don’t continue with it” followers and “spammers” that are hurting you. “Amplification” is a measure of your followers’ interaction with you, and “Network Impact” is a measure of how much influence your followers have. If you have tons of followers who don’t tweet themselves (and don’t interact with your tweets), it’s going to drag down 2 of your 3 Klout subscores.

    I think the issues here is that Klout’s revised algorithm looks at more of your entire network than the previous algorithm (which focused on your most influential followers). The users experiencing the greatest drop in Klout are the ones with the most “junk followers.”

  • James Dellinger

    When is Disqus activity going to be integrated? 

  • Matt Hale

    Netflix, Groupon……… Klout

  • Justin Germino

    I dropped from 67 to 54 myself.  

  • C. Michael Croston

    I’m not playing Foresquare, I’m running a financial business. You are playing games with legitimate people’s reputation. Who regulates this type of activity? FTC?

  • Matthew Tyler

    It’s amusing that all the people who are complaining are the ones who had a drop in Klout score. Maybe it’s the underlying negative frame of mind which is influencing their Klout score? :P

  • Michael Bauser

    When I followed that link, I end up at the Klout page of a PR guy named “Brett Smith.”

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  • Anonymous

    That’s possible, but how do you then explain that my true reach suddenly jumped up with 2000 people? I felt the previous true reach of 2 K reflected my audience. I get good action and conversation on almost anything I share in social media, but the new algoritm just doesn’t make sense. 

    And it’s not like I can get rid of inactive followers unless I start to block people which seems a little extreme. 

    I can live with my score going down, but I don’t feel I can recommend Klout anymore as a business metric or aid for social CRM when scores fluctuate so much. Especially since what I know of the old algoritm, that it ranked the influence in your own network, whereas now it’s apparently more a game of getting high-ranked people to interact with you, not the entire community. 

    Also, the new very compressed scale makes it’s hard for non-experts that want to use Klout for social CRM perks, to realise that where previously 15-20 points separated someone very influential, it’s now perhaps 4 points. 

    I also ponder if the new algoritm punishes bi-lingual people like me who converse in two languages and come from small countries, more than single language conversationalists from big countries, all else equal. 

  • Earl Bowser

    Klout, Facebook, twitter, et al. will ALWAYS continue to change. Some won’t like it, some will. If you own your own company, or even create one from scratch, you understand this. I noticed my score dipped this morning, but missed the posts of foreshadowing, but since I saw most of those I influence actually rose 20 pts (who don’t even use Klout), I knew something was up.

    Use someone else’s tools and you’ll always be at their mercy. Build a better mouse trap if you can. Or provide feedback and you grow together with the company that serves you. Klout can’t exist without people who like it, as any application or business, but you’re still at their mercy, as it should be; you’re not paying their bills.

    Everyone should understand that any ranking system will be in competition with those that try to manipulate the ranking. But even for us that try to use it legitimately, we still must realize that what seemed legitimate yesterday may not be so legitimate today upon closer look.

    Is YouTube 100 (%?) influential about video just because no one else is on the video upload and broadcast map? Is influential even the right term? I go where I can broadcast the best video (get the biggest bandwidth) for free. Is that influencing me?

    It is what it is. Klout is at least trying to cut through the mire and help you find your market and successfully use your market to your benefit, whether your market is changing the world, owning the world, or somewhere in between.

    Today it changed a bit. Learn the changes and move on. Beware, I guarantee it will change again.

  • Lupa Dupa

    This is clearly false, and a good example of how klout needs to look at the real data instead of models.  They may have designed a system that isn’t supposed to drop klout scores when networks are added, but it’s clearly not working. 

    Maybe that distribution above is also based on a model.  It just doesn’t pass the ‘smell’ test.  Every twitter account has a klout score.  There are more than 200,000,000 twitter accounts (there probably half that many users, but here we’re dealing with accounts). According to the distribution, around 9-10 million accounts saw their score increase by 15 or more, another 11 million by 12-15  (each line represents 5-6 % of the total).  That’s 20 million accounts increasing by more than 12 points.  Sure, people who lost points might be more likely to post, but seriously, where are all the people whose scores took a big bump?  If they are so influential, wouldn’t we have heard something from them?

    As for me, my score dropped by a little less than 4 points, but I’m much higher relative to my network, and my score is the same as it was 3-4 days ago. I suppose I ‘benefited’ from the change.  Regardless, I get really annoyed when the people who design metrics that are supposed to matter (and klout will tell you they matter) are either blatantly lying about how those metrics work, or just don’t have a clue.

  • PamMktgNut

    Weird. Earlier the link didn’t work. Okay so Brett doesn’t tweet. I have maybe tweeted with him 2 times past year. I shared one video of his on Facebook. So Klout thinks he influences me, seriously? Even though there are others who I share their content daily, some numerous posts a day??
    Makes no sense.

  • Goranapp

    And what about being socially influential by running a big Linkedin group with daily discussions? I don’t think it counts here.

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  • Alexandra Williams

    Hey @Smashfit, I saw your drop and really felt for you because I know how much you are retweeted and so on. I about choked when I dropped 12 points, but your drop really had me surprised, especially as you have massive engagement on both Twitter AND Facebook. What a disappointment to those of us working with brands on the basis that we have access to the markets they want to reach. sigh…..

  • Michael Bauser

    Scientists almost never “get their algorithm right first time.” Revising and improving algorithms is one of the things that makes them scientists!

  • Nicolas Liu

    I think you got everything wrong. With the ‘improvement’, I dropped over 20 points which is not reflected in the graph above. In fact, most of my tweet friends disappeared as influencers (both ways). When I look them up, they dropped 20 points on average.

    Now, here’s what happened. In the past, Klout favors Twitter – so called quantity. After the change, it turns 180 degrees to favor Facebook – so called quality. MY tweets still be mentioned and retweeted day after day. I just could not understand where all those influence goes.

  • Lorena Tablante E.

    Totally agreed, not only my score went down but my klout style changed from Broadcaster to Specialist I’ve been working for months to move up in that board, i want the old klout!

  • Michael Bauser

    No, that can totally be right, because “True Reach” isn’t just YOUR followers, it’s people you influence THROUGH your followers.

    On the other hand, “Network Impact” represents how much influence your network has, and “Amplification” represents how much that network interacts (replies, retweets, comments) your content. If your expanded “True Reach” is now including more people who don’t tweet much, it could theoretically drag down YOUR Klout score.

    I really think the issue for most people is that Klout is now looking at a wider cross-section of “audience” than previously. Users seeing the biggest declines are probably the ones with the most inactive followers.

  • Darren Graves

    who cares? online influence is akin to having influence over a mob.  a mob with no idea how to survive as individuals.  

  • PamMktgNut

    So now this gets even more interesting.

    Brett isn’t tweeting, doesn’t have Twitter integrated with Klout, only Facebook
    I have
    -Twitter at 64k+ followers, 100’s retweets, comments a day, actively engaged -google plus (in 5k+ circles)
    -linkedIn over 1500 connections, active on network
    -Facebook -700+ friends
    -YouTube 200+ subscribers, 19k channel views.
    -Foursquare 1k friends
    -top author & posts on Social Media Today

    Brett’s Klout = 57
    Mine = 60

    Sorry makes zero sense why my score dropped 19 points and how possibly these scores mean anything? Losing any trust at all in the Klout metric.
    Maybe I should just unplug everything except Twitter or Facebook?? Ha

  • Kathy Gori

    They’ve now included my cousins 4 year old kid among my influencers..and a bunch of high school FB friends who wouldn’t know Twitter if it bit them on the ass and who aren’t in business. My time is  spent on Twitter..that’s where content is..I dropped from 64 to 52!

  • Elyse ☮♥♫

    This SUCKS!! How are we supposed to like this? Did you guys collaborate with Netlflix on how to make people upset?? Ha. But really…what the!? 

  • Michael Bauser

    I like that Justin Bieber is listed as influential on the topic of “Justin Bieber.” I should create a “Michael Bauser” topic so I, too, can have something to be always influential about!

  • Will Strohl

    I just want to be clear… I am not trying to start trouble or stir the pot.  This just doesn’t make sense on a large scale (that we can see).  And if this was handled right (even if the new algorithm is the right one), then this thread wouldn’t have blown up, and I wouldn’t know exists.  :(

  • Anonymous

    Don’t worry about Klout.  Concentrate on your audience. Be active with them.  Post new content, watch your spellin,  get backlinks,  join a couple social networks.  It takes a long while, but as long as you put effort into it you should be fine.    

  • queenofswag4u

    I too am very Veryyyyy unhappy with this change. My score went from 67 down to 51. And I’ve been working hard to increase my Klout score for months. It should not have dropped this much. Please fix this!

  • Daniel Swensen

    Yup, just be ready to do the exact opposite of what you were doing at random intervals! Handy and totally useful in the long run! Bleh.

  • widiasmoro

    does anyone knows any other tools we can use instead of KLOUT…? this one not cool any more…

  • Daniel Swensen

    That’s a violation of Facebook’s TOS and people have had their accounts erased for doing that in the past.

  • Philsach

    I’m not a fan of this change. I am very active on social media and have a 50+ score while (appropriately) people who didn’t use their accounts as much were 30 to 40 points less. However, now these people are on par or above me. It doesn’t make any sense. Change back. 

  • Michael Bauser

    But how much response does she get on Facebook.

    You’re making the same mistake a lot of users are: Thinking Klout measures YOUR activity. It measures how other people interact WITH your activity. There are going to be cases where people who post less often, but have more involved networks, outrank people who post more often.

  • Rapav

    Not just unhappy w the sudden drop but THANKS for telling us in advance of an upcoming change.  While you may have improved the accuracy of people’s clout, your handling of the change was amateurish and risky: you could become the next Netflix if you don’t manage change more thoughtfully.

  • David

    “If you are a business consultant having a Klout score higher than 55
    means that you are able to help your clients by using the latest
    internet tools available to reach their goals …”

    Oh come on, just snap a new picture and change that to 40. Problem solved. I mean, you did just make up the number 55 right?

    Your Klout score went down, so what, your network is still there. Your followers, your ability to drive action, your content hasn’t changed. How can you possible complain about a more accurate scoring system.

  • Dylan LW Vanderbraak

    Very unhappy. Not only did today’s score change, but the entire graph changed #retrospect all the already #past data changed… How can this be #reliable. To me this seems like a #malfunctioning system.

  • Daniel M. Clark

    Of course – but Kalani said that he lost clients due to this. There is no reason for that to happen unless he was building his business specifically on the back of Klout, rather than the way these social media *tools* are supposed to be used. We all rely on other companies whether it’s a web hosting company or an email provider – but smart people make sure that their business will not succeed or fail based solely on the performance of a single other company – in this case, Klout.

    (Which isn’t to suggest that Kalani’s business is failing, but he did say he lost clients, so it is, at least, suffering.)

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s actually amazing how much personal value so many have placed on a score given them by a third party…Social networks aren’t about and never should be about numbers…They’ve always been about people…Connecting, communicating, serving, helping and learning…It’s always been about relationships.

    Oh and before anybody asks…My @MikeMoore_ score went down 17 points (70 to 53) but that doesn’t matter. Klout is still a great place to find people to connect and communicate with. 

    My network hasn’t changed, my influence hasn’t changed and the people in my network don’t influence me any less in the past 48hrs…Unless we stopped caring, sharing and learning from each other.

    I’ll still use and support Klout but never thought the score was the issue…Topics yes, overall score not really a big thing!

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s actually amazing how much personal value so many have placed on a score given them by a third party…Social networks aren’t about and never should be about numbers…They’ve always been about people…Connecting, communicating, serving, helping and learning…It’s always been about relationships.

    Oh and before anybody asks…My @MikeMoore_ score went down 17 points (70 to 53) but that doesn’t matter. Klout is still a great place to find people to connect and communicate with. 

    My network hasn’t changed, my influence hasn’t changed and the people in my network don’t influence me any less in the past 48hrs…Unless we stopped caring, sharing and learning from each other.

    I’ll still use and support Klout but never thought the score was the issue…Topics yes, overall score not really a big thing!

  • Earl Bowser

    I noticed that too Matthew. We never like to hear bad news, and is often times met with transference of blame.

  • Earl Bowser

    I noticed that too Matthew. We never like to hear bad news, and is often times met with transference of blame.

  • Eric Wheeler

    This is very interesting. My score dropped about 16 points overnight. If that’s because of a new algorithm, then fine. However, it does not make any sense whatsoever that my score now shows a steady decline in the past 30 days when it was showing a steady or improving score the past 30 days with the old scoring system. 

    A little disheartening too know I have worked very hard to tweet engaging, relevant content at least once per hour throughout the day and force myself to use Google+ and Facebook to improve my score. I can’t believe I bought in to this ridiculous measurement of “influence.” 

  • Eric Wheeler

    This is very interesting. My score dropped about 16 points overnight. If that’s because of a new algorithm, then fine. However, it does not make any sense whatsoever that my score now shows a steady decline in the past 30 days when it was showing a steady or improving score the past 30 days with the old scoring system. 

    A little disheartening too know I have worked very hard to tweet engaging, relevant content at least once per hour throughout the day and force myself to use Google+ and Facebook to improve my score. I can’t believe I bought in to this ridiculous measurement of “influence.” 

  • Anonymous

    If you did not read the blog of course you cannot say anything…I guess your Klout Score Jumped as a “self-proclaimed Internet Trouble Maker” with a broken link: ……server  temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. 

  • Teksquisite

    It gets worse…
    Not only has my score dropped by 18 points but the tech/security people that I previously “influenced” are no longer there. In their place are Facebook friends who I know in real life (who have nothing to do with the tech world or security) – they play Farmville.

    Two other additions to “who I influence” is my ex-hosting service and HBGARY (the laughing stock of the infosec world.) 

    – I am so utterly impressed over influencing “Farmville friends”, a failed “hosting service” and the “laughing stock of security companies.”

    You KLOUT people need to get your KRAP together and dump your marketing and PR firm…

  • Michael Bauser

    You’re making a tiny assumption here that may be wrong: That it’s just the quantity of retweets that matters. There may be non-obvious-to-us measures of “retweet quality” that have been adjusted.

    For example, maybe diversity is important, so that getting repeated retweets from the same group of people isn’t as helpful as getting retweeted by less cohesive group. Or, on the other hand, maybe a cohesive group of retweeters is better. No way for anybody outside Klout to really know that one.

    It’s a mistake to think Klout is directly correlated to obvious numbers like “followers” and “retweets.” There MUST be some quality judgements built into the algorithm somewhere!

  • Michael Goldman

    While I understand favoring Facebook over Twitter, since Facebook does have more eyes to look at a post, it’s not realistically a good measure of influence.  Facebook is about saying things that are popular with your immediate friends.  Who then “like” it based on liking you and wanting you to be happy.  Only a “share” on Facebook shows any message amplification.

    Twitter on the other hand is about impressing a group of strangers with your content and getting them to pass on a message (sometimes) in spite of the messenger.  A retweet on Twitter, while less people see it, is much more of a measure of influence.

    Not to be blunt, but you turned Klout from an accurate measurement of social media acumen into a popularity contest.  I’m very disappointed in this fact.

  • KMM @ ArchitectureWeek

    Same quixotic experience with big fan page making for lower Klout – certainly, no transparent explanation of the effect or lack thereof – really, not even a clear summary of which FB pages are actually linked up at any given time.

  • Lucretia M Pruitt

    “A majority of users will see their Scores stay the same or go up but some users will see a drop”
    Oh good… I’m in the *minority* – that makes me rare and special right?
    The thing that makes it particularly exasperating is that my score didn’t just plummet – you also “adjusted” it prior to the implementation – so my score that was a 69 last week shows as a high of 57.6 for the last month.
    Yeah… that’s accurate.  I see @JustinBieber:disqus  is still at 100.  Because those of us with discretionary income over the age of 30 just -totally- buy whatever he says! *eye roll*

    Seriously, it gets hard constantly defending you guys when you pull stunts like this.

  • Guest

    I will be deleting my account, there’s no reason that my score can drop from a 71 to a 53. I will not believe that. You all are trying to do too much and will find your company in the gutter, just like Netflix. Consumers are not keen to negative change.

  • Tom v. O

    I’m new to the SocialMedia world, however I do feel -with all respect- that these scores should be taken with a grain of salt. It gives you pointers on what works and what doesn’t, be happy that it evolves at least this way you can improve. Like I said I’m new to Klout so I have no customers I need to show my data yet. 

    @klout:disqus That said; perhaps to mitigate the issue for Klout users with regards to their clients: enable users to compare old&new methods in their graphs. How: tickboxes for each algorythm of choice ‘old’ or ‘new’. This way users can still have consistent reporting + rebasing both scores option could make comparison easier of both scores or create more consistency between scales.
    Furthermore, more information on the specific changes and their implications in the algorythm can help clarify things for users & clients. 

    @mikeschinkel:disqus and others; could something like that be useful to you? I understand that comparing both scores could lead to negative correlation between the two data sets. Therefore to explain that one should compare the data with other stats and have more knowledge about the implications of the changes in the algorythm. Cheers, Tom

  • Kathy Gori

    me too!

  • Lucretia M Pruitt

    So – Justin Bieber is now exponentially more influential than Glenda? Because his Klout score is still at 100 – but I’m far more likely to take Glenda’s recommendation over his any day, just as I suspect most people over the age of 30 would be.

  • MikeSchinkel

    A known-to-be wise man once said “If you can not measure it, you can not improve it”:

    Seems he was a wiser man than some of the commenters here…

  • Eduardo

    I was 69 and now I’m 55. Let me be clear: either it was absurd before, or it’s absurd now.

  • Kathy Pledger

    The entire time Klout was down my scores dropped like a rock.  I’m not impressed.  It reminds me of fb and Zuckerberg, trying to “make things better”… for himself, not the user.   I just started using it and it made since given my background and my overall aim.  I was VERY, and mean VERY hesitant to tie my twitter account into fb, because I’m not cool with fb and my information being given to another party.   Point proven ONCE again, follow my intuition.  WHY attempt to “fix” something since the inception of this in 2007 or 2008 now.???  How was it SO “broken” that others that churn non-sense out with NO DISCERNMENT start jacking with me.???  I made a category to make comparisons before the “changes” took place.  THIS is PATHETIC….. take it from someone not only educated in Marketing, but worked in analyzing markets, then went on to get an MA in Psychology. 

  • MikeSchinkel

    @Klout – I’m not trying to be adversarial, but your response is just PR spin.  I think most people understand that your algorithms needed to change. What is very bothersome is that you changed your HISTORICAL ratings. Improve your algorithms, yes!  Change my score, Yes!  

    But if you care about continued support, at least from me, do not change HISTORICAL numbers, especially if they change the trend for you users. IMO, that is just wrong. 

    I’m disconnecting all my networks except Twitter, and may disconnect it as well.

  • Michael Bauser

    I’m guessing you have too many “connections” that don’t pay much attention to you. Anybody in social media with 64k+ followers is probably being followed by a lot of people who follow a lot of people. You can’t REALLY be influencing a person that much if you’re just one voice in the hundreds or thousands they listen to every day.

    In a nutshell, I think the new Klout is, in some respects, emphasizing the quality of attention over the quantity of attention. You lost 19 points because Klout realized that most of the 64k people aren’t paying much real attention to you. Brett’s Facebook network is quantitatively smaller than your networks but probably more involved with him because he was more selective in who he let in.

  • Tom Dougherty

    Progress is not always easy and I applaud your ongoing
    effort to make Klout more accurate and relevant but I have to wonder what’s
    going on when my score drops 13 points instantly, you tout on an annoying popup
    that I should invite someone I influence to join Klout yet you list that same
    person as someone I no longer influence. I think it’s time to get the debugger
    running. Thanks!

  • MikeSchinkel

    @twitter-40935299:disqus We DO pay for Klout, with our time.  And that is a payment I will be making a lot less in the future.

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  • David Pinto

    Yeah, most of you are only complaining because your scores went down. You don’t really care for transparency or reliability or you’d be asking questions and trying to see the other way around too (like how and why did it went up for other folks) – but you just point fingers and tell them to “fix it” (“please fix my ego”, maybe that’s what you should be saying).

    I’d love to see if your scores skyrocketed to 90 if you’d complain then; “wow, klout is so reliable now; it finally understood how important I am” ‘ i’m sure you’d say.

    Well, if you don’t like the change, don’t look into your score. Klout does really need you that much. Go and count your twitter ghost followers instead – now that’s crazy reliable.Grow up, people. Itz da internetz. U MAD?

  • MikeSchinkel

    @ebd52a2971f361c077e0a57b629f5ef7:disqus  Thanks for the thoughtful discussion.  Me personally I’d be happy if they just did not change the HISTORICAL data. Change my score today, use the new algorithm today, just don’t make it look like everything I did in the past month caused my rating to decline. (BTW, I’ve only been pro-active on Klout about 6 weeks.)

  • Randy Gage

    Thanks, I appreciate what you’re trying to do here.  A Klout score is only useful and meaningful if it really is an accurate barometer of true influence.  Two issues are hampering that:

    1) Facebook fan pages.  You seem to have some serious glitches on getting them hooked up.  For people with large influence like myself, we use a fan page instead of a personal one, because the personal ones are limited to 5,000 connections.  But every time I hook up my fan page, it deletes both my personal page and fan page, and my score drops 7 points instantly.  People with large followings that really interact on FB have to do it with fan pages, so for Klout to be relevant it has to address this.

    2) Customer service.  I’ve been  dealing with this FB fan page issue for more than three weeks.  I waited 7 to 10 days for a reply, which did nothing to help.  I explained the situation again, and now I’ve waited two weeks with no answer.

    Any help you could give on this would be greatly appreciated.


  • Robin Adkins Vosler

    Uh, my score dropped 11 points. Definitely going to look into all of the changes they have made.

  • Michael Bauser

    What, you went clicking on every link of an old website looking for dirt on me? You’re a bit of psycho, aren’t you Anne?

  • PamMktgNut

    Sorry I don’t buy it. My story is only one of many that I have seen today.
    So are you putting more weight into a few friends on Facebook than thousands of engaged twitter followers a week raving about content they like, sharing with friends?
    So what you are stating is that a high number if followers will reduce your score? How do you calculate what is good? It seems to be the folks with large number if Twitter followers got hit. Still makes no sense.
    Now I wonder if this is why some of the heavy hitters all dumped their twitter followers? Did they have a heads up in changes. I would hope they wouldn’t do such to game a Klout score.
    I don’t care about the score, honestly. It’s the accuracy Klout seems to state. The score is only a baseline at best.
    Seriously considering disconnecting every network if we can’t get real transparency as touted and explanation.

  • Captain Jack

    Klout data is very inaccurate. Case and point. Im a ship captain so I know much about nautical things and many people re-tweet my posts. Whirlpools, Mj, Kansas, Shakespeare, family, earthquakes, and Reuters are topics I have not talked or talked little about. Whereas I talk much about the sea, oceans, boats, ships, coast guard, etc.
    My score dropped from 62 down to 39, so be it. I just wish they have a better logarithm for what Im influential  about.  In my opinion, Klout data should not be trusted to be accurate. 

  • Jenileewhisler

    Holy smokes! I must be one of the *few* that had a big change, from 70 to 59. NOT very cool.. huge drop for me. Pretty sad, honestly.

  • MikeSchinkel

    @google-2d094f22d5a692cb890e3fb17bb8ea6a:disqus Ah, you must be one of those people whose employer did not tie your bonus to improving your Klout score.  Nor one of those people who has worked on their score because prospective clients use it as a simple litmus test.

    I’m not either, but I can empathize. Maybe it would be a decent thing to do to once in a while respect other’s situations that do not affect you?  Just sayin…

  • MikeSchinkel

    @mmoore213:disqus “I think it’s actually amazing how much personal value so many have placed on a score given them by a third party”
    Yeah, that damn 3rd party FICO score is such a waste of people’s attention…

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  • Chris Thomas

    A cynical interpretation could be that too many individuals were climbing up the Klout scores, so a realignment was required to give a greater range to grow into again

  • Anonymous

    You are right David and you advises are wise. As I said ” Don’ be obsessed by you score:” -) Thank you. Have a good one

    >De : Disqus <>
    >À : [email protected]
    >Envoyé le : Mercredi 26 Octobre 2011 19h38
    >Objet : [klout] Re: A More Accurate, Transparent Klout Score
    >Disqus generic email template
    > David (unregistered) wrote, in response to AnneEgros: >"If you are a business consultant having a Klout score higher than 55 >means that you are able to help your clients by using the latest >internet tools available to reach their goals …"
    >Oh come on, just snap a new picture and change that to 40. Problem solved. I mean, you did just make up the number 55 right? >
    >Your Klout score went down, so what, your network is still there. Your followers, your ability to drive action, your content hasn't changed. How can you possible complain about a more accurate scoring system. >Link to comment

  • Michael Q Todd

    ROFL some of you people really take this seriously!! It is a fun thing. Enjoy the tools for networking, recommending and connecting others 

  • Gérard Foucher

    Down To 55 from 69…

  • Jeffrey Tobin

    Klout has improved its free system.
    They’ve changed the algorithm to make it more accurate. The changes are actually very helpful. Here’s why:

    Imagine you are running a footrace. The organizers have switched from measuring distance and speed from kilometers – using a watch – to miles per hour – using a laser timer. Your numbers drop, but now they’re much more accurate. Just start from today’s numbers and work to grow them. Relax! The scale is all relative and you’re really in a race against yourself to get better.

  • Michael Q Todd

    Someone with a score of 40 is accepting money for teaching Social Media? That seems plain wrong sorry

  • Don Mitchell

    If Klout truly believe in “transparency” why don’t they get transparent with the fact that what they really are is not as much a “metric” as an ego driven marketing program using “influence” as a faux velvet rope? All their “perks” are designed to get the recipient to Twit about their awesomeness and mention the perk and Klout. One I received, but did not Twit about, was obviously using the perk as a way to build up their opt in email list as they started sending me daily spam emails until I unsubscribed. I have a hard time taking your topics seriously as some of the things they claim I’m “influential” in are some of the snarkiest, things I say on Twitter.

  • Michael Q Todd

    Nice one Zach

  • Mike Moore

    Really Mike Schinkel…

    You’re gonna give your Klout Score the same value as your FICO Score…

    Maybe it’s time for some perspective…

    Measuring whether you pay your bills vs. the abstract of how influential you are on social networks. Only the people in your network can really tell you how influential you are. 

    We live in a celebrity society where we elevate the court jester to king and I think that’s helped everyone lose perspective of what really matters.

  • Dave Chambers

    Sorry to say that your new algorithm sucks large.  The people that you show me influencing or not influencing make no sense.  

  • Jeffrey Tobin

    Geez, Michael, your social media skills and your qualifications as a financial guru are not related in any way. Just think of it as doing a conversion from dollars to pounds for buying a coffee pot. The numbers change but it’s still a coffee pot.

  • Michael Goldman

    The irony is that people with high Klout scores due to Facebook probably don’t even know what “evangelists” are in relation to the internet.

  • Mike Moore

    Really Mike Schinkel…You’re gonna give your Klout Score the same value as your FICO Score…Maybe it’s time for some perspective…Measuring whether you pay your bills vs. the abstract of how influential you are on social networks. Only the people in your network can really tell you how influential you are. We live in a celebrity society where we elevate the court jester to king and I think that’s helped everyone lose perspective of what really matters.

  • David Connor

    Something aint right in Kloutland.

    Either something was wrong with the methodology before or there is now. Either way, Klout has lost influence.

    I find Klout fascinating but without any real influence on my own social media interaction. What I do works well for me regardless of whatever anybody else scores it at.

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  • Lucy

    not a fan, my score dropped by 8 and I’m not really understanding why!

  • Michael Q Todd

    My score has been chopped from 82 to 73 but I hope you will still see me as influential enough to read this post about 9 ways to do better on Klout

  • Michael Q Todd

    EXACTLY Kyle! My score is 73 (down from 82) Hope this is useful Timothy 9 ways to do better on Klout

  • MikeSchinkel

    I was targeting your comment “I think it’s actually amazing how much personal value so many have placed on a score given them by a third party” so you could see that maybe scores by 3rd parties CAN be important. I used FICO because it OBVIOUSLY an important score.

    And no, my Klout score does not really matter to me, other than I just spent extra time the past month to see if I could improve it. Why? Because you can’t improve something you can’t measure and Klout was a measurement and I like to be able to measure results of my actions. I was also experimenting with it to learn about it; I’ve only paid attention for 6 weeks. (BTW, if you want to see if I am influential in an online community using a more directly measured score, look for me here:

    BUT, if you had read some of the other commenters are saying you’d have learned their employers are evaluating them based on Klout score, they are using it to market themselves to clients, recruiters are being told by clients to find people with high Klout scores, etc.  So YES, for THOSE people it IS like a FICO score. THAT is about paying the bills, and I’d say that’s certainly perspective enough.

    Rather that seeing the world as does a 3 month old, who is only aware of themselves being the center of the world, you might consider that some things affects other people in negative ways that you may not be aware of. Rather than dismiss things you don’t understand, why not accept that some things which are not important to you are important to other people.

  • LaTosha Johnson

    The most recent change demonstrates how subjective Klout is and why people should not take stock in a tool that is not transparent. I’m glad I don’t validate my success based on this tool otherwise I would be in trouble. However, there are others that do and based on your changes, I went from a 62 to 47. For brands that do not know any better and use this as a means to validate whether to use someone based on their Klout score, you totally messed that up for that up for them. It does NOT make any sense. I would love to know what kind of algorithm you are using, but it doesn’t matter. I hope you “fix” your changes otherwise you will end up like Netflix. 

  • Cmichaelcroston

    It isn’t a conversion. My profile says my Klout has seen better days. Even if all were equal, someone looking on wouldn’t know that. It is what people perceive which is what is important. I’ve heard nothing but excuses for this program and have even defended it myself. I’ve reached my limit.

  • Marguerite O’Connell

    I have no idea from looking at my profile and dashboard why my score dropped 14 pts and the posts that I’ve read about transparency do not explain how the same activities resulted in two such disparate scores. I guess what I’m asking is what were the changes? My profile and dash look the same other than the different numbers assigned……. *confused* *probably no longer utilizing on my twitter feed as makes no sense to me*

  • CaptureHits

    And now that we know that Klout is so unreliable and the numbers are virtually meaningless, we can all move to something that measures “the real stuff” that’s important like  Nice work Klout. should send you flowers for helping them build their business virtually overnight. 

  • Anonymous

    Michael, I maybe owe you apologies but I was not malicious, I just clicked on your picture and your name and that is the broken link I got. Like you I did not search or read your blog. Maybe it is something you can fix and nobody told you before, Take it as a positive feedback not an attack. At the end of the day what counts is learning from our mistakes and I did learn A LOT today and I thank you for that.

  • Meshin

    The score is what you make it… by activity, by connecting, by actualizing your social identity. Less a game, more a tool.

  • Marguerite O’Connell

    None of your explanations have made sense to me. My score dropped 14 points, my true reach increased by almost 1000??, my network and amplification graphs today show drops on the exact same days the graphs indicated increases last night…..? And the only thing that changed was your “algorithm.”  “Lucy, you have some ‘splaining to do.” 

    It appears you did not just change your algorithm, but you changed everything from the activities you took into account, to the weight you gave them.  Indeed the exact activities that caused my graph to show an increased score on October 12, 2011, today caused the graph to show a decrease. Does this mean you had it completely wrong yesterday and are now reliable? Or are you still in your experimental “beta” stage and will let us know at some point in the future if you got it right this time, or need to change it up again? How do we even trust that your scores are anything other than “your best guess.” Your PR people flubbed it big this time. Klout might want to look into hiring a social networking guru to help you pull out of the public relations nosedive into which this bonehead move sent you.  Just not sure you should rely on their Klout score to make the decision of who would be most helpful. 

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  • The Nerdy Nurse

    thanks to the “improvement” I dropped 8 points!

    The klout widget also totally crapped out my blog!

  • Michael Bauser

    If Klout was smart, they were never pitching the absolute score to advertisers for determining who to give perks to — it’s a fluctuating number on an exponential line, and that’s confusing!

    They probably pitch things to advertisers as giving perks to the “top X percent who meet criteria Y and Z.” That’s something easily explained to non-techies.

    Anyway, I doubt deleting those inactive followers would help. It’s probably NOT that they’re a net deduction from your score, it’s just that they don’t add as much to your score as they did in the old algorithm. Deleting them won’t bring back the old algorithm.

    “whereas now it’s apparently more a game of getting high-ranked people to interact with you, not the entire community.”

    You got that completely backwards. If your Amplification score dropped, its because you aren’t interacting with your entire community.

    I don’t see how being bilingual would affect your Klout one way or another.

  • Amberr Meadows

    In my opinion, and as always, Klout is a number.. If you’re connecting with people and nurturing those connections and people are still buying your product, service, or reading your books and blogs, why obsess about the number? It really takes the “social” aspect out of social media, and that sucks. Maybe some of these phony, arrogant “gurus” and “experts” will actually have to step up their game and learn to be social without being condescending. (this isn’t everyone, but there are too many too count).

    My Klout was 80, it’s now 62. Boo hoo. I’ll continue doing what I’ve done, enjoy it, and the scores may fall or rise as they wish. :-)

  • Jeff Button

    I love how much people are flipping out. 

  • Lon

    wow, i’m with everyone else here – my score totally tanked.  what’d i do wrong?

  • justinstoned

    Yeah Klout, WTF? 15+ Point drop? It seems you’ve made a tactical choice at the expense of your loyal users.

    So when are you scoring the 4+ additonal networks you had us plug in months ago.

    Sad but shows where your focus is. I almost forgot you were a marketing company who in the end serves your PAID Klout Perk Partners.

  • Mari Smith

    Amen, @amberrisme:disqus  – very well said, and my sentiments exactly. I’m sure the team behind Klout are good, well-intentioned peeps. However, I’m really not a fan of the whole “scoring systems” idea. My heart truly goes out to all those folks who measure their worth via these numbers, scores and leaderboards. When you focus on consistently adding value and building relationships, the scores – if they even matter – take care of themselves. 

  • Cmasdi

    Mine just reached 70 before dropping to 54. Total WTF

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  • Michael Bauser

    No, I’m stating that having a high number of followers doesn’t help you as much as it used to, especially if those followers aren’t interacting with you. (And honestly, it looks like your followers don’t interact with you nearly as much as they namecheck you. It appears to be the usual social media circle jerk, where social marketers mention each other a lot just so they’ll get thanked.)

    I’ve seen your story a lot today, too, and it’s always the same — “I have thousands of of followers, why did my score drop?” while those of us who don’t collect thousands of vapid followers didn’t fall. That should tell you something.

  • Beedie Savage

    “large decreases in score are rare” not from what I’m seeing. All across my social network there were large decreases…the scale showed I was increasing gradually as I was…and now the scale shows a ‘HUGE’ downward trend which does not reflect my engagement behavior. I think something is ‘amiss’ here. 

  • David Perlmutter

    Wow, what a dramatic change! Saw my score go up 15 points! Does this mean my online social content is more widely shared/dispersed but just among a smaller number of friends?

  • HealthyLoserGal

    Not only did my score drop 14 points overnight, I am unable to access the site successfully now. I’ve worked to keep my Klout score up by participating in Facebook and Google plus and Linkedin more (being that I’m usually only on Twitter) because I thought this site actually had merit.  In fact I was told investors, etc. would measure my worth in ways by my Klout score were I to monetize my blog and brand.  Now I feel ‘duped’ and discouraged by the off handed explantion above.

  • Jack M. Boardman

    My main timeline is filled the receiving and awarding of +K’s for the dumbest things…[Sigh]
    This morning I received this message from a friend: “…Your Klout Score is 49 (I’m a 67). Check out your (at)klout profile today!” I don’t have a Klout account.It’s a GAME, folks, meaningless game. 

  • PamMktgNut


    You are wrong. Don’t change my words. I never said “look at me, I have XX number of followers.” I used the Twitter reference in a list of platforms for which I am actively engaged in, including Google+, LinkedIn etc. Twitter was only one.
    The metric that makes the least sense and Klout needs to clarify is engagement, shares, mentions etc. My followers are engaged and your look at a tweet stream and expert analysis at 11:50 pm et is far from scientific. I’ll wait to hear an official response from Klout.
    And as for name dropping. I encourage you to do a double click on your analysis. You don’t know me, my following. For example I host a tweet chat every week. We have between 100-300+ engaged participants and usually hit impressions between 12-18 million in one hour. But you must be right those peeps and everyone else who engages with me is only name dropping. ;)
    I honestly don’t give a rip about the score. What I am interested in as is everyone else on this post is how is it being measured. It’s not about the score it’s about the method for a platform that claims to be the standard.
    Who are you anyway? Do you work for Klout? Work on the platform? Are you representing Klout?

  • Michael Hiles

    I was critical of Klout in the early stages because of how it was adopted and promoted – a status symbol. Then got on board after I started to use it as a tool to measure the effectiveness of my social engagement. But that’s been torched because any metrics I’ve attempted to correlate between engagement type and network effect is nebulous at best.

    Additionally, there no real provision for Klout to actually measure privately owned discussion forums in vertical niches with tens or hundreds of thousands of registered members. There’s no capacity to evaluate database mailing lists of newsletters and the surrounding KPIs of opens, click throughs, conversion ratios, etc…

    It’s a hip shot attempt at some approximation at best.

    I don’t know whether or not this adjustment will actually have any real bearing on anything outside of the Kloutsphere. In fact, I am starting to question whether or not there really is any meaningful basis to apply Klout in any fashion as a measurement tool beyond Klout’s own sales team trying to convince an advertiser to pay them for a promotion program to access what they’ve distilled to be “sneezers”. It’s pretty thin at this point.

  • Knightsbrg

    I was 60 as a Broadcaster one day and then my code went to 40.  Is this right

  • Bruce Sallan

    NO, it’s not!

  • Bruce Sallan

    We were ALL duped! Now we know. Someone will replace Klout and not be beholden to sponsor and advertisers for their “perks!”

  • Gary M. Sarli

    I understand that the old and new algorithms will have a different scale, so my 60 yesterday is a 49 today. I get that. (A change of that magnitude makes us wonder exactly which score is more full of it, however.)

    The problem is that this new algorithm seems AMAZINGLY unstable. Example:

    Oct 23: Klout 45.92 — reach 868, amplification 12, network 28.81
    Oct 24: Klout 48.88 — reach 1081, amplification 18, network 26.72

    What the hell could I have done in one day to make my reach & amplification skyrocket but that ALSO made my network take a nosedive? I’d been interacting the same way the whole time: getting lots of retweets, lots of mentions, carrying on lots of good conversations, gaining new followers every day. 

    Klout scores are always delayed as they process new data; it used to be a 2-day delay (i.e. a big round of retweets and mentions on Thursday seemed to show up in the score on Saturday), but it could be longer or shorter now. The only unusual event in the few days before Oct 24th was my birthday; therefore, it seems that having a whole bunch of people on Facebook (Klout 10, a lot of the time) wish me happy birthday is what caused this.

    It is absolutely ABSURD to call this “more stable” if mundane well-wishes on Facebook artificially inflate reach and amplification that much while simultaneously “washing out” your network score (apparently by making the average Klout score of those interacting with you so much lower all at once).

    Seriously, what kind of algorithm could you be using that would cause that kind of change? Scores should decay exponentially (i.e. a “half life” so they older events don’t disappear all at once but instead fade away slowly) and be based on events that use logarithmic weighting; having someone new with Klout 70 carry on a conversation should weigh a LOT more than having a few dozen people with Klout 10 posting a perfunctory “happy birthday” on your facebook wall.

    You guys need to re-evaluate your methodology immediately because this is laughably unstable, and it really makes you look like a bunch of amateurs.

  • Mecca Donna™

    My Klout score went from 60 to 44 in one day. I lost 60 points in my “true Reach” and 20 off the people I influence (who were engaging all day today). This new algorithm is completely unreliable. 24 hours ago, I showed a steady increase over the last month. This makes 0 sense. And I think I was right on point when I said to previous clients that it is nearly impossible to measure social media influence. Severely disappointed in Klout.

  • Bruce Sallan

    NOTHING! THAT is the point. Too many MAJOR SM players also saw MAJOR drops! It’s B.S. and their transparency is clear – all about advertisers and perks – not AT ALL about us! UNLESS they do a very quick fix! Or, will they be Netflix and wait until their stock drops – in this case before there even is ANY STOCK!

  • Anonymous

    Looks like I’m just going to have to step up my @klout addiction. Bet my followers will LOVE that!

  • Bruce Sallan

    There’s a reason we all love and respect you Mari!

  • James T. Brookins

    This is the right attitude to be in the community with quality input. It is also good to let your “influenced” know that you appreciate them. I’m new to klout and enjoy this unique  application.   

  • Beautiful the Beast™

    Wth, My score went from 60 to 49 overnight but shows my score as steadily declining over a period of time, this is BS. I guess yesterday’s Klout score was unreliable, so today’s and tomorrow’s will probably also be, unreliable. I will pay less attention to Klout now, I really don’t appreciate this at all.

  • Gary M. Sarli

    Sorry, I forgot one thing: For all the talk of transparency, there’s absolutely no new information available in the new algorithm. That’s why I have to try to piece together possible causes from a handful of clues.

    There is no excuse for volatility of this scale. Changes in behavior and interaction should gradually but steadily cause changes in Klout score. I had increased my score 6 points in 30 days before the algorithm change, consistently going up a point or two every week as I tried to become more consistent about my interactions. Now, my Klout score has gone up 3.90 points in 30 days — and almost ALL of that is a 2.96-point jump in one day (from Oct 23 to Oct 24, as outlined in my original post).

    In short, what Klout thought was worth 6 points before is worth only 0.94-point change now, and instead of slowly but steadily increasing, it just bounces around almost randomly without reflecting my actual activity and interaction with followers, etc.

    If scores can jump that much for no apparent reason, then I have to believe they will DROP for similarly bizarre reasons — and, worse, the scores no longer reflect the ACTUAL INTERACTIONS I’ve been doing, earning more RTs, mentions, and followers at a very good clip.

    Please fix this and quit acting like it’s working correctly. There is no WAY this is what you thought it would do.

  • Beautiful the Beast™

    Also, why do I see “Your immediate influence network no longer includes:” and then it lists a bunch of ppl. they haven’t unfollowed me, stop being my friend, etc. so what’s the deal with that?

  • Brian Regienczuk

    I know Klout is still in beta, so these corrections should be expected by all. However, how you set the expectation, prepare your users for change and communicate during and after the change is still incredibly important.

    A new brand, like Klout, must continue to earn the trust and
    admiration of its consumers/users. It must also understand the passion
    points of these stakeholders in its business. People may forgive you once, maybe twice, but if they feel burned… you’ve lost them.

    What I see in these comments are people starting to feel burned. If you have advocates for your site feeling this way and expressing themselves. You know there are tons of others out there who feel similarly but will quietly just walk away from your services.

    Wishing everyone’s Klout the best of luck for the future!

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  • Jason Jordan

    “Large decreases in score are rare”????

    I’ve dropped from 74 to 58. What the hell?

  • Gary Gottlieb

    I dislike this change. Not only did my score drop nine points, but the graph on my page makes it appear as if I never had a score over 50. You can call this accuracy, I call it unjust and inappropriate.

  • chrisabraham

    I think Klout just had a Netflix moment! :)

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  • Keith/K Dubb

    I REALLY dont like this new scoring ALL…Im searching for the ways this could be better…but so far I am unimpressed…get it together Klout…and I dont wanna hear anything about a drop from 66 to 55 is a good thing and im “still” above average…thats very patronizing in my opinion…and while you guys are at it…how bout some notifications to my email about available perks? Thats about the only think at this point that will hold my interest in Klout…very disappointed right now in my Klout experience…

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  • Ashok Lalla

    For everyone who’s running terrified at plunging Klout scores, a gentle reminder: Real clout continues to be spelled with a C.

  • Teksquisite

    I only have one request…

    Let’s do a fair exchange! I’ll return the Facebook real-life-friends that play “Farmville” that you new algorithm coerced me into “influencing” and you return the original tech/security people that I currently “influence” on every social network…

    Remove HBGary too – seriously, I do not influence him… 


  • B. Hamm

    I have to agree, mine went from 71 to 51 and like so many others I had honed what I did to shape what I wanted to accomplish. I will simply revoke klouts permissions and stop using it if I can’t depend on it to gage my effectiveness and I can’t with such a score change. Fix it klout or I have a feeling you are going to lose many of us…

  • Ku Tún

    So happy with this change. My score went up form 30 to 46, so impressed .

  • Melanie

    Mine dropped, but I think it’s largely in part of the fact I recently deleted my Facebook account. I use G+ a lot, but I don’t know how much G+ weighs in on this in comparison to Facebook.

  • achmad marendes

    dropped from 62 to 48. *it sucks*

  • Jason Jordan

    Let’s see how disconnecting every social media account apart from Twitter will help.

  • Jeannette Marshall

    Dropped from 64 to 42?  You say this is improvement? lol … In the past week I’ve actively been dishing out and receiving K+ as a way to learn.  This must not be the right activity then.  I find it confusing really.

  • Cindy H

     “You’ll note large decreases in Score are rare” REALLY??? Mine dropped 12 points…I’d say THAT is a large decrease.

  • B. Hamm

    that isn’t entirely true, Google gives you what they think you want rather than highest ranking content descending to lowest. This actually isn’t what any person who wants to do pure research on Google, but rather makes it more difficult to get at facts.

    If klout is so good how can a score drop 20 in a day? I just revoked access to all my social media except twitter which I use the most. I will see what comes of this adjustment I made, if their isn’t a big change I will revoke twitter and stop using klout as it will have become something I can no longer trust to gage my effectiveness, just like google can no longer be depended on to give you and I the same results for the same search from the same place in the same language…

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Alexandra. I appreciate that. Yup.  Makes no sense. I read a lot of people blaming the drop in false engagement when nothing can be farther from the truth.  I passionately engage and help people with their
    health and fitness. I have large networks on both Twitter and FB because
    they come to me, because I answer each and every person who writes me and because  I truly care about the content I put out. It’s
    disheartening because the score felt like a little pat on the back for a
    job well done, but my jaw hurts a little from the upper-cut I took today. lol. But it just reminds me -I
    tell people not let the numbers on the scale determine your self worth, ditto for klout.

  • Coco Loco

    Same thing happened to me, from 72 to 54.

  • B. Hamm

    “Credible”? How is this credibility decided? Please give us a break, we need far more information to trust someone who suddenly says excuse me I was 25 – 30% wrong yesterday, but today I have it figured out… Quite a leap of faith we’re being asked to buy here and sorry I judge on credibility and you can’t be right one day and change that much in one day and still be right…

  • Tangledskein200

    Wow, Sarah, I feel badly for the people you “influence”.  If you consider social media “work” and not robot-gaming games, then we’re certainly not part of your following; in fact, antagonists. This entire midstream change in Klout destroyed most users’ trust. It’s built to cater to celebrities who get high-RT and high-response tweets and to morons who waste their lives on social media (like yourself).  Just promo trash.

  • HashTracking

    wow not a great idea today sorry, maybe you might read about brand consistancy

  • Dave Allen

    Reading these comments only solidifies my position that people using social media crave recognition. The more insecure amongst those folks use tools such as Klout to “validate” themselves. Sad really, as about 99% of the human race doesn’t care what your Klout “score” is.

  • B. Hamm

    You keep saying that but some of us went off your chart… by 5 or even more in some cases I’ve read. A 20 point drop in one day is not reflected on your chart thank you.

  • Tim Altman

    mommy my klout score went down. boo hoo.

  • Amazing Women Rock

    What a load of rubbish Klout!

    I have three long-standing Twitter accounts with associated FB pages. Their Klout scores dropped to 41, 54 & 58 from 52, 75 & 70 respectively overnight – so much for “a majority of users will see their scores stay the same or go up.”I have checked the scores of some of the people who most influence me, and all of their scores have dropped – not a single one has gone up.Clearly there is no point in paying attention to evaluators who randomly change their methodology and move the goal posts at a whim.My take on the new “more accurate, transparent score?” #EPIC #SocMed #FAIL

  • Exador86

    I just dropped from a 73 to a 63, what the ?#€! No large drops my arse. I’ve maintained a steady score for quite sometime and now with this new model it reads as though I’ve been decreasing drastically for the past month rather than an steady score with a growth pattern. I’m over this and promoting the service.

  • Mike Street

    Hi Klout, you keep saying dig deeper into it but your not really answering peoples questions here. As a community manager you should see that people would like CLEAR explanations. So how do we dig deeper, what do we look for and where? Your answers are a bit to lite and people are obviously a bit frustrated. 

  • B. Hamm

    Please make an option for those of us who want to remove our online presence from your grand experiment. I don’t really think I want klout using my social media use any longer. I’ve scanned several users from my network looking at their scores and I think your new algorithm’s are more for marketing than for accuracy.

  • Sandra

    I’m “one of the rare” and saw my score go down by 9.  What is this attributed to?  I have been working on Klout as well and want this fixed ASAP

  • Mathias Covell

    I went from 61 to 39. I was gaining one point everyday. This is a little disheartening. 

  • ryan_hunt

    From what I understand, having multiple facebook accounts is against their terms of use. This is what the page feature is for. You can create a professional page that is supposed to keep your personal profile hidden. However, I don’t think that Klout is able to factor page activity into a profile score.

  • Taoist Thoughts

    Hmm, metrics which don’t match observed activity, scores that seem to fluctuate for no reason.  Trends that are going up one day and down the next.  Scores that existed in the past being changed to new numbers?  For these useless numbers I should connect all my social networks to you, giving you massive amounts of data to use for your “partners”?  Looking pretty fishy to me.  I’m just glad nobody I know actually puts any clout in Klout. :)

  • B. Hamm

    If you had actually read what is being said in many cases is; how can we trust a service that changes 20 pts in one day and some use social media for work, thus klout was/is a tool they use to aid them in knowing their effectiveness. This is far from seeking to caress their vanity…

    What is sad is when people judge others without taking into consideration why they are doing what they are.

  • Cindy H

    I don’t buy it, I have a huge following on Twitter and my score dropped below those who have less than half my numbers and hardly tweet at all! I am not big on Facebook, I interact on Twitter always have, it’s where I post about my blog, my Etsy Store and more. So the “numbers” are not making sense. Very frustrating…

  • Cindy H


  • ryan_hunt

    yeah, i don’t think they use pages. they would need to be linked separately since many people can mange a single page. for instance if you have a personal assistant. or a team managing your image, and their profiles should not impact the score of the person featured in the page.

  • Kathy Gori

    Yeah and i went from 64 to 52 because my 5 year old cousinon FB is not “influential” and he’s dragging down my score….I could have told them the kid isn’t influential

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  • Pingback: Remains of the Day: Microsoft and Mozilla Join Forces [For What It's Worth]()

  • Cindy H

    I in no way agree…if everyones scores would have dropped equally, evening the playing field, then maybe. But when people who were at leat 15-20 points lower than me, are now 15 points higher than me and in no way have more influence than I do, this shows a very flawed system.

  • Tavlesh

    “A majority of users will see their Scores stay the same or go up…. You’ll note large decreases in Score
    are rare.”


    I don’t know who makes up the data set above, but my Klout abruptly dropped from 60 to 39.  I only have Twitter, so I don’t know if my score is being hammered by lots of “oh ho ho you don’t even use Facebook? you FOOL!”  I have relatively small numbers of tweets per day, most of which provoke a number of responses via RT/MT/mentions. 

    It’s certainly not just me, not only from the comments here, but also many of those who haven’t been sliced out of my influenced/influenced by network looks to have lost at least 15 points (the higher-volume tweeters having lost less).

    As for those who might reply “you shouldn’t be working just to raise your *Klout score*, but your influence,” the thought has been that Klout MEASURES influence, and thus to raise Klout REFLECTS becoming more influential. 

    The point isn’t just that the score changes, but that it changes suddenly, drastically, and systematically across at least some networks of users — and the blog post announcing it then pretends that it’s not that big of a change.  It leaves some of us scratching our heads wondering what’s going on and if Klout knows what it’s doing when it apparently mischaracterizes its own change.

  • Will Strohl

    I just attended #KloutDevNight tonight. I had the pleasure of speaking to more than one of their engineers.  Keeping in mind that I am one of many that are unhappy with the change, I am much more happy with the changes that happened today.  Though, the changes could have still been communicated in a much better way.

  • Sehnaoui

    Klout score dropped 16 points overnight !! WTF !!

  • Ritu Raj

    Interesting. I like the basic idea of the change. And the way I read it, it makes it more gamified, good or bad… lets see how it pans out

  • Leah Kelley

    I was at 60 yesterday… 46 today…  Really?!!

  • B. Hamm

    In one day I go from a Pundit to a Specialist, from 71 to 51 & a total reach from 1K to 4K but I am still tweeting like I always do with lots of mentions, retweets and recommendations. All I can say is your algorithm has some problems! Fix the problems or give us a way to opt out of being used in your database!

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  • Jeff Cotrupe

    After slowing crawling up four points in a month, my score dropped 11 points in <18 hours. Stunned…until I saw friends of mine who are bona fide social media stars and whose scores plummeted 15-20 points. It's embarrassing…and these are people who should be in the 80s on Klout who are now in the 50s. Klout can cite all the billions of data points it wants, but the fact remains that until it connects about 200 networks like XeeMe does–and allows a user to connect more than one WordPress blog or Twitter page–it has massive blind spots. You can view a blog post written about Klout and XeeMe earlier in October that links to posts from world-class bloggers and their thoughts on Klout.

    I've asked Klout to delete my account immediately–direct email to someone I know there–so we'll see how long that takes.

  • B. Hamm

    you have to add your facebook pages… I can’t answer as to whether or not it will improve or hurt your stats, good luck

  • Herman Couwenbergh

    [quote]I’ve been working for months to increase my Klout score.[/quote] Would you have been working @ real engagement in stead of klout manipulation you probably wouldn’t have dropped so much ;-)

  • theComplex

    I still fail to see the transparency in this. Klout isn’t telling us anything other than “hey, you’re score probably gonna drop because we changed some things. Cool? No? Oh well.”

  • Abdul Latheef

    Why don’t you include clicks in the measure of influence rather than the Retweets and replies. Some links get clicked several hundred times even if they are not retweeted many times.

  • Onelinemoneymaker

    I don’t like klout anymore, my score dropped like crazy after the update, i won’t be paying attention to my klout score anymore. Thnx for the good time! byebye

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  • Mroneline

    A friend of mine has like 20 followers on twitter and a klout score of 40! i have like 500 followers and connected my other social media like facebook. I get a score of 24, this is rediculous, I’m never going to use klout again!

  • Annie

    Everybody is unhappy about your “precise” measurements. I think I won’t give +Ks anymore. Why don’t you say what they are for?

  • deprenyl


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  • Steveg

    I dropped from 62 to 50, and with over 24K followers on twitter i just don’t get it.  I used to have a reach of 8K and now I am 1K.  Im definitely at the left hand side of this graph! 

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  • Alex Butler

    I had begun to become more of an advocate of Klout, not based on my score (it was only 67 as I have a number of twitter presences ans a small private Facebook) but because although obviously flawed used in context it could be useful.

    Two things now are obvious to me. I know the specific area I work in well (digital healthcare and social media) and the influential people with around 10,000 followers (me included)  all have scores now in the low 50’s. This is just plainly wrong-simple as that.

    Secondly the ‘transparency’ Klout talk about is a nonsense, saying why they think my influence is waning in certain vague areas (influence network for instance) is not the same as explaining the algorithm to extent we understand why having large networks on G+ and twitter effects the score in comparison to your Facebook etc.

    Klout had it, they have just blown it. I can’t wait to watch them sink. Goodbye and good riddance.

  • Phil_Adams

    Hear hear. I’ve never logged onto Klout and that first comment is a reminder of why not. Was directed to this post via a tweet highlighting the comment thread, but I’m not going to read any further. (Shakes head).

  • Communicateasia

    Very frustrating.  I have students using Klout to benchmark their progress and the timing of this (at term’s end) is extremely unfortunate for our entire class. 

  • Anonymous

    Not happy with the change also I do not know anything about the Houston Texans, but I know a lot about Texas.  How did you ever come up with this.  Why is there no help button on the main Klout menu.

    I spent hours this last week trying to give out Klout K+ and had to move back and forth tho the Twitter Profile page.  Your site is less than user friendly.  I linked my blog from Google and have 84 confirmed followers and over 20,000 pageviews.  While I have a Facebook and Google+ Account, I rarely spend time there, find Google+ way too cumbersome and Facebook only for old friends. 

    My score dropped by 19 points.  Further I had tweeted my increases which I worked hard to get and now I look very foolish.  I held a 71 point average for a good while.  Folks who aren’t associated with Klout will wonder if I am an idiot now.  Further on my profile page you say my network decreased by 19 points as if your new algorithms are not to blame.

    Like others I worked hard to increase my Klout Score and tweeted my improvement. Something I will not be so foolish to do again.

    Not only did you changee my score but you changed me from pundit to specialist. 

    If you think that I am going to use Facebook more to increase my score you are wrong.

    A professional organization would have placed a banner note saying you were going to make changes.  I still have the same number of followers. Very bad planning on your part.
    Your list of Twitter users needs improvement.  I have tried repeatedly to invite real twitter users who follow me that I follow who have huge follower numbers and your data base says Twitter user does not exist. Very time consuming.

    Also you could have had an under maintenance notification.  At about 11 a.m. when I was once again trying to find folks to award K+’s to your site went bonkers.

    I agree with Timothy Whalin.

    I have been promoting Klout and inviting friends and followers.  At this point until I hear from you I will not be doing so.  I will continue to try to give K+’s. 

  • Simon

    Agreed, but then if they are not sure about their algorithm, they don’t go out copyrighting it, marketing it and selling it. They have the decency to work on it, and make sure they get it write, before selling it to the public. Exactly what Klout DID NOT DO.

  • Anonymous

    Darn, I just wrote a long complaint and selected my twitter handle and your system used my Disquis name.

    I am beginning to think your site is really cumbersome.

    Takes forever to tweet them also. 

  • Alex Butler

    why not spread the word to your 669 followers guru?

  • Simon

    That “distribution of the score changes” says nothing at all. The only certainty in that graph, is that you went through serious efforts to hide a simple fact : That graph accounts for ALL Klout scores, INCLUDING the Klout scores of people who have NOT joined Klout (but are nevertheless scored by Klout). In the end, the Klout score of those who were already members (basically those that should really count) have overwhelmingly decreased.

    That graph is dishonest, and testifies to the tactics Klout s willing to go through to make a few more bucks. And please don’t add insult to injury with your accuracy and transparency propaganda.

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  • Alex Butler

    How do we know how accurate your score is? Most of the evidence from my
    circle of people in Healthcare Social Media would suggest not very-even
    as a contextual tool. Self proclaimed accuracy is as impressive as self
    proclaimed transparency. Self praise is no praise. How can Clay Shirky
    be 56?

    You have become a joke and I hope you have angered enough people with
    high numbers of followers with ‘actual’ influence who will damage your
    reputation with clients and through their well followed social precences
    day in, day out.

    Something better than you will come along and as soon as it does you will be finished. I can’t wait.

    Comparing yourself to Google is just a joke, Dream on…

    P.S You should be able to opt out of your scoring system. Those of us
    who do not rate your algorithm should not have it publically inflicted
    upon us. This could even be public defamation of character as the
    algorithm is not disclosed.

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  • Mark

    I’ve dropped from a 55 to a 45 on a day when I got 8 +K’s. I’m not happy at all.

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  • Itchyboris

    Our score has dropped by 13 points from 54 to 41, but more annoyingly the stats no longer seem to reflect whats happening instantly, before the change, the more we posted,got retweeted, mentioned etc made a difference to our score each day, we went up two points yesterday on the old system before we changed, because we published a really popular story, now everything we’ve done over the past month has produced a flat line on the analysis and a 0.06 increase over the month, yet we’ve been retweeted, mentioned and gained followers so much more this month than ever before. Update looks pretty rubbish really and whereas Klout was one of my first points of reference each day to check how things were going, I don’t think I’ll bother checking now if the stats are not going to change what ever you do. Can we have a dislike button please?

  • Anonymous

    I agree with @twitter-153285489:disqus  Not happy my klout dropped 8 points overnight !

  • Christian Fictoor

    In fact when you really want to measure someones influence correctly maybe it should be possible to connect more then one account per network? I work on multiple accounts (also for our clients) and own more then one account myself ? 

  • Photonics_news

    A long time ago (3 months? that seems long for Klout changes) I valuated Klout because it gave me some understanding of basic social media parameters. It showed the number of retweets and retweeters. Then, this feature disappeared over night and so went my benefit from Klout.
    Now, Klout made a big change – and I lost any trust in this parameter. Scores go up and down by more than 30% of yesterday’s values. This change is not only intransparent, it also shows us, that yesterday’s calculations were completely misleading. Now, you Klout people, give me one reason why I should believe in your numbers today?!
    To all other people: Could you please promote alternatives to Klout, here and now?

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  • Anna Ellis

    You say large drops are rare, but I had a Klout score of 39 yesterday with an amplification of 13 and now I’ve got a Klout score of 23 with an amplification of 3! What the heck?

    Yesterday I was a networker, now I’m an explorer, but I’m reaching more people and engaging in more conversations than I was a week ago.

    I’m not impressed.

  • Alexandre Pereira

    My score didn’t drop or go up so much, but I see that the algorithm is really more accurate.
    Some twitter “flooders” with thousands of followers without posting anything interesting for a while saw their score going down. And at the opposite, I see that some interesting people are now up in the charts.Great job guys 

  • Zoltan Laszlo

    Your new metrics are extremely inaccurate:
    Since two months we retweet relevant tweets directly from the source, resulting in organic growth from 280 to 513 followers. Most of them from our region. Every time we add relevant followers, the Klout score drops. We don’t use any autofeeds or automatic follow/unfollow methods.

    Your new metrics: true reach dropped from 200 to 82. (In reality we see a constant increase from 280 to 513 local followers).One of our top-influencers dropped from 51 to 42 in his  Klout score in just one day.

    All previous scores are adjusted continuously, so we really can’t compare figures nor can we use Klout to see any progress. So, how could we ever use Klout as an accurate tool to measure Twitter effectivity?

  • marduk191

    This is the biggest load of crap I’ve ever seen. I gained like 20 points overnight, and people that were in the 8ish range are now 41’s. Others in the 80’s are in the 50-60 range LMAO. Horse shit. I actually know most of my followers and I can def say that the old model was WAY more accurate….not to say that it was perfect by any means though.

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  • Omar Todd


  • marduk191

    On second though, I have gone through a few histories of myself and friends, This is completely inaccurate now. It’s time to move away from this and set up your own statistics like we did in “the old days”. Goodbye Klout, it was fun before you sold out.

  • Firegarden

     “majority of users will see their Scores stay the same or go up” – a MAJORITY OF ALL PPL WENT DOWN!!!!!!   WHAT ARE YOU GUYS HIGH?  This new system is TOTALLY WRONG IMHO  and honestly it was even wrong before – NOW it’s worse – Klout has now proven even more so that they are NOT the authority they “thought” they were and the field is OPEN to a another Company to cease the day here and do it RIGHT….. YOU YOU HEARD ME… RIGHT…… COS YOU GUYS ARE DOING IT ALLLLLLLLLLL WRONG… My opinion and obviously MANY many others…… Take copious notes Klout aka you PLAYED yourselves.

  • Sai Prashanth Reddy

    wow my score increased by 15……m/

  • Keith/K Dubb

    So let me understand this…my twitter followers have increased by over 500 in the last 30 days with sizeable RTs/mentions daily…my FB has a steady measurable Like and Share ratio..yet my Network Influence has fallen from 70 to 38?….I have more RTs and mentions of my music on Twitter in the last 30 days then ever before but my amplification has fallen from 44 to 28? I have 3540 followers and 755 FB friends yet my True Reach is only 2k? So 50 pct plus of my followers are Bots? Really? Unless you are telling me “Less is More” on Klout now your algorithm is not working properly…

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  • VCubed

    What a mess. Klout claims I’m a TEAPARTY influencer? Really? 99% of RTs I get are #Occupy and #p2. And earlier version said I was influential on some topic called ACCORD – never did get answer to wth that was. It certainly wasn’t the car – don’t own one, never mentioned one. Bizarre. Adios, Klout!

  • Tad Chef

    LOL, I got a -10 and there is no visible reason I can see. That’s not the transparency I expected.

  • Anonymous

    The best way to show Klout how unprofessional and unethical are, is to send them CEASE & DESIST with demand that your profile is removed in 24h. Guess what without of users they can stick up their perks up their own Klout profile. As long as we feed them with our concerns they enjoy it as is free PR for them…  Who really has power here Klout or we, USERS… I think WE lets show Klout what we can do for them…   

  • Claire

    My score dropped by 1 point but apparently one of my influential topics is ‘shoes’ – how can this possibly be when I have never tweeted/posted or said anything at all about shoes?!

  • Anonymous

    This is miserable – I have gone from 40 to 30 – overnight!
    What is the purpose of using Klout if it fluctuates like this.
    I do not try to game Klout – I simply get on with my Blog and my social networking activity and i find this bewildering!
    Not a happy camper! 

  • Andrew Bolster

    Woo Hoo! Frankly I don’t care about the score change; whats useful is going back to giving actionable statements about your social activities, e.g ‘Your influence on Facebook has dropped recently'; that’s something I can work on and no just bitch about my score dropping/rising.

  • precious liberty

    Klout’s claim that ‘people will be pleased’ is misleading after reading these responses. After considering one aspect of the nitty gritty of Klout’s new algorithm (who’s actually an influencer or to what degree), I now understand why Klout scores drop: those in your network once considered ‘influencers’ are either no longer influencers or are less influential. Fair enough, easy math there. The solution is just follow the rules and improve your score!  HOWEVER, here’s the real question: what’s the criteria for being influential?  According to Klout’s bar graph above, large drops in score are supposed to be on the low end, as they even say: “You’ll note large decreases in Score are rare.” Hmm, really? Then my Klout score drop of 18 points overnight must be one of those rare occurrences.  But from what I’m reading in all these posts, it looks like Klout is not being honest.  I maintain a very politically conservative Twitter account, so it raises an eyebrow to see my Klout score to drop almost 20 points overnight.  Makes me wonder what little goodies Klout has written into their new algorithm that determines who is ‘influential’ and who isn’t.  This also brings to mind the fact of Obama being close to Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s largely liberal staff and Facebook’s recent ‘security breach’ of cookies tracking your every move AFTER you sign out of Facebook – little tracking favor for Obama courtesy of Zuckerberg?  (And whether the problem was fixed or not fixed, who cares, it’s suspicious.)  Listen, if that’s what’s going on with Facebook and now with Klout .. then you’re very unprofessional and it’s downright cowardice.  ‘Winning’ and ‘losing’ should be based on real merit, not manipulation.  As of today I’m looking for a more unbiased social media measuring tool.  If you can read Klout, ALMOST everyone disapproves of the new algorithm.

  • Liz Buddie

    As long as Klout fails at topics about which we’re influential, I fail to see how you’ll ever have credibility. My score fell nearly 20pts today. Okay, whatever. (I’m sure it had nothing to do with my recent criticism. Haha) But I’m unmoved by my score, either way, because neither I nor those in my network were ever influential about the NE Patriots. It’s hilarious that you guys haven’t fixed that, yet. For some reason, those who have conservative politics cause Klout to think people are influential about the Patriots. What a joke! To the extent I’m influential about anything, I am influential about politics, especially from libertarian point of view, but Klout is nearly oblivious. Despite Klout’s assertion, I’m not influential about ‘job search.’ I’ve never even discussed ‘job search,’ whatever Klout means by that. I may have engaged a few folks about the jobs bill, however, and what we should do about unemployment. On the other hand, folks often engage me about the Texas Rangers, but that topic is absent on my profile.

    While I’m not yet convinced you accurately measure influence, Klout could at least be a way to find other people interested in the same topics. But, right now, it’s hit or miss, at best.

    Get it together, y’all. Unless and until you get this issue worked out, you won’t be taken seriously.

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  • Ellen Christian

    Not happy. I went from a 71 to a 58. I’ve been diligently working on engagement and don’t feel this is an accurate reflection.

  • Anonymous_coward

    i think u fucked up 

  • City_Viewing

    My Klout score was 25 and has now dropped to 19, what have I done wrong????? Kit 

  • Phil

    Sorry to say that, but this new version is a mess for my accounts. My score falls from 60 to 49 down (not a problem if it is a system of reference). More trouble come whith the others indicators (True reach, amplification, Network impact).  They don’t tell the same things since yesterday. The tendancies change dramatically.
    For example : yesterday, my network impact was growing constantly since last 30 days (and it is in fact, as followers and fans of my accounts grows constantly, the same for interactions, etc.). With the new algorythm, this score is falling down constantly last thirty days.

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  • Jay

    I think this new method sucks – and that’s coming from The Etiquette Guy!

  • precious liberty

    Klout’s claim that ‘people will be pleased’ is misleading after reading the reams and reams of posts on this page.  After considering one aspect of the nitty gritty of Klout’s new algorithm: who’s actually an influencer or to what degree, I now understand why Klout scores drop: those in your network once considered ‘influencers’ are less influential (for some reason).  Fair enough, pretty easy math here, the solution being just follow the rules and improve your score!  I’m good at that and don’t mind putting in that work.  HOWEVER, here’s the real question: what’s the criteria for being influential?  Is it pure math or are there human-based biases involved?  According to Klout’s bar graph above, large drops in score are supposed to be on the low end, and they even say: “You’ll note large decreases in Score are rare.”  Hmm, really?  Then my Klout score drop of 18 points overnight must be one of those rare occurrences?  But from what I’m reading in all these posts in reaction to Klout’s new algorithm, it looks like Klout grossly underestimated it’s positive impact (or doesn’t care).  I maintain a very politically conservative Twitter account (preciousliberty), all about fiscal responsibility, smaller government and the fair vetting of political candidates, so it raises an eyebrow to see my Klout score drop almost 20 points overnight.  It makes me wonder what little goodies Klout has written into their new algorithm that determines who is ‘influential’ and who isn’t.  My mind wanders to another social media giant: Facebook.  It’s fact that President Obama is close to Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s staff is largely liberal and Facebook had a recent ‘security breach’ of cookies tracking your every web surfing move even AFTER you sign out of Facebook.  A  little tracking ‘favor’ for President Obama courtesy of Zuckerberg?  (And whether the problem was fixed or not fixed, who cares, it’s suspicious.)  Oh and I almost forgot, when Facebook started launching it’s new ‘Group’ format, LOTS of groups were not being given the option to upgrade but instead these groups were scheduled to be ‘archived’ which also meant ALL THEIR GROUP MEMBERS WOULD BE DELETED.  Yes you heard right – they had to start over again, from scratch.  The groups that Facebook determined were worthy of upgrade survived and their members were protected from deletion.  1 + 1 still equals 2, right?  In my mind that was a no-brainer manifestation of pure political bias .. it’s not even worthy debating over.  Listen, if that’s what’s gone on with Facebook and now possibly with Klout (and the same talk is floating around with Twitter too, their ‘Who To Follow’ page is supposedly populated with a high percentage of liberal-leaning people), then Klout has made a very unprofessional blunder, they’ve missed the mark and are in fact NOT world-class as they may think they are.  If Klout was a public stock they would have crashed and burned this week, no doubt about it.  Listen up Klout, if you’re actually trying to assist the liberal cause and President Obama (we’re not stupid, because the TIMING of the release of your new algorithm is classic, right before the 2012 election, just like Facebook’s upgrade of groups was earlier this year), then know that political ‘winning’ and ‘losing’ is actually based on merit – entering the arena and fighting a fair fight, defeating an opponent with virtue and truth, NOT cowardly manipulation behind the scenes.  And you are cowards if this is true.  As of today I’m looking for a more unbiased social media measuring tool.  If you can read Klout, ALMOST everyone disapproves of your new algorithm, and a lot of us aren’t taking you seriously anymore.

  • precious liberty

    Klout’s claim that ‘people will be pleased’ is misleading after reading the reams and reams of posts on this page.  After considering one aspect of the nitty gritty of Klout’s new algorithm: who’s actually an influencer or to what degree, I now understand why Klout scores drop: those in your network once considered ‘influencers’ are less influential (for some reason).  Fair enough, pretty easy math here, the solution being just follow the rules and improve your score!  I’m good at that and don’t mind putting in that work.  HOWEVER, here’s the real question: what’s the criteria for being influential?  Is it pure math or are there human-based biases involved?  According to Klout’s bar graph above, large drops in score are supposed to be on the low end, and they even say: “You’ll note large decreases in Score are rare.”  Hmm, really?  Then my Klout score drop of 18 points overnight must be one of those rare occurrences?  But from what I’m reading in all these posts in reaction to Klout’s new algorithm, it looks like Klout grossly underestimated it’s positive impact (or doesn’t care).  I maintain a very politically conservative Twitter account (preciousliberty), all about fiscal responsibility, smaller government and the fair vetting of political candidates, so it raises an eyebrow to see my Klout score drop almost 20 points overnight.  It makes me wonder what little goodies Klout has written into their new algorithm that determines who is ‘influential’ and who isn’t.  My mind wanders to another social media giant: Facebook.  It’s fact that President Obama is close to Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s staff is largely liberal and Facebook had a recent ‘security breach’ of cookies tracking your every web surfing move even AFTER you sign out of Facebook.  A  little tracking ‘favor’ for President Obama courtesy of Zuckerberg?  (And whether the problem was fixed or not fixed, who cares, it’s suspicious.)  Oh and I almost forgot, when Facebook started launching it’s new ‘Group’ format, LOTS of groups were not being given the option to upgrade but instead these groups were scheduled to be ‘archived’ which also meant ALL THEIR GROUP MEMBERS WOULD BE DELETED.  Yes you heard right – they had to start over again, from scratch.  The groups that Facebook determined were worthy of upgrade survived and their members were protected from deletion.  1 + 1 still equals 2, right?  In my mind that was a no-brainer manifestation of pure political bias .. it’s not even worthy debating over.  Listen, if that’s what’s gone on with Facebook and now possibly with Klout (and the same talk is floating around with Twitter too, their ‘Who To Follow’ page is supposedly populated with a high percentage of liberal-leaning people), then Klout has made a very unprofessional blunder, they’ve missed the mark and are in fact NOT world-class as they may think they are.  If Klout was a public stock they would have crashed and burned this week, no doubt about it.  Listen up Klout, if you’re actually trying to assist the liberal cause and President Obama (we’re not stupid, because the TIMING of the release of your new algorithm is classic, right before the 2012 election, just like Facebook’s upgrade of groups was earlier this year), then know that political ‘winning’ and ‘losing’ is actually based on merit – entering the arena and fighting a fair fight, defeating an opponent with virtue and truth, NOT cowardly manipulation behind the scenes.  And you are cowards if this is true.  As of today I’m looking for a more unbiased social media measuring tool.  If you can read Klout, ALMOST everyone disapproves of your new algorithm, and a lot of us aren’t taking you seriously anymore.

  • Dirk Tolken

    I can’t understand why people are complaining. They obviously haven’t played the SEO game with major algorithm updates (which has MUCH more effect on users, actual financial effect). It looks like @klout:twitter made a positive change. Give them time to calibrate and then start focussing on sharing and being of value. That’s what social’s about. With this positive change, Klout’s able to be more accurate. There will be more updates in future, just be warned in advance. Personally, I use it as a gauge of effectiveness, I don’t recommend dependence on it. Most people in Social Media discussed it and knew not to deem a first release product as a be all benchmark (after all it’s never been done before). See this like a ‘service pack’ release. They’ve fixed some bugs, and improved the overall product. Now go and do what you’re good at (making money) and give them time to settle…

  • precious liberty

     Haha they are high .. or, if they’re truly professional they’ll address the problem and fix it .. waiting!

  • Graham Poulter

    It’s similar to eHow filing a complaint about its drop in Google rankings.

    On the other hand, Klout did retroactively change the historical scores to the new scoring model.

  • DasErdbeer

    You should add Disqus to Klout. Don’t you think?

  • Anonymous

    :-( Unhappy

  • Ben Hwang

    Just going to point out… PageRank isn’t a defined algorithm, nor does it actually “show” up as publicly as Klout does.  Personally, it doesn’t really affect/effect me (in both mannerisms) but I did notice that the perks with limitations stayed the same whereas scores in general went down.

    That observation tells me that this is a filtering process and not necessarily a “more accurate” score since in general, I’ve seen a wind down of Klout overall.  That means that for the marketing aspect, Klout is trying to handpick more of the top line and more weeding for influencers.

    Case and point?  Look at the Technology perk for a free Windows Mobile phone.  You still have to be 55 ranked (which is the same as before).   This means that if perks are not also normalized to the standard, that I would assume my hypothesis would hold at least some water.

    I think there’s more than meets the eye here.   Might be some business related goals that pushed the changes.

  • Cory Perry

    Is language a barrier to what you are influential about?  For example if you tweet a specific non english word frequently and that word is retweeted and in replies to you will you in turn become influential about that word?

  • Captain Jack Harkness

    I’m only going to comment on one singular point you made, and that is… I get the feeling facebook is much more influential than twitter in regards to your Klout score. I am constantly retweeted or replied. I have a small, engaged group of followers.

    On facebook, in the past, I posted a singular status update and got seven responses and a dozen likes or so. My Klout went up almost a dozen points.

    Anyway, now for the NOT-A-REPLY: (to everyone else) with the new updated algorithm, I feel it IS more accurate, but people are upset because suddenly they’re not as awesome as they thought. I have been working my bottom off to get my Klout up and it was steadily dropping before the new algorithm. It raised my Klout 13 points overnight. I’ll take that, happily.

  • precious liberty

    The 2012 election is soon approaching, so I wonder if that has anything to do with Klout scores going crazy in the same way earlier this year Facebook changed their groups format, offering upgrade to some groups, while ‘archiving’ other groups (and deleting ALL their group members, forcing them to start from scratch).  I posted a longer version of political bias surfacing in social media giants as Klout, Facebook and Twitter on Klout’s blog .. HERE >

  • precious liberty

    Wow, nobody like the new algorithm AND Klout has the audiacity to lie saying a large drop is rare? Not true.  The 2012 election is soon approaching, so I wonder if that has anything to do with Klout scores going crazy in the same way earlier this year Facebook changed their groups format, offering upgrade to some groups, while ‘archiving’ other groups (and deleting ALL their group members, forcing them to start from scratch).  I posted a longer version of political bias surfacing in social media giants as Klout, Facebook and Twitter on Klout’s blog .. HERE >

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  • Morten Keilow

    If only Klout had put a small badge next to their logo, that read “beta”. Then nobody could complain about these changes..

    .. oh wait. They did!

  • Leigh James

    rare my arse…im seeing so many complaints from people whose scores have dropped. Mine has gone down 14 points !!!  And for gods sake…not everyone lives in AMERICA – SORT THE PERKS OUT !!!!!

  • Ray Radlein

    At least you know WHY you’re influential in “Diaper” (and, as an aside, what a GREAT topic! I don’t think I could personally resist saying “Klout says I’m a big man in ‘Diapers’!” to everyone I meet) ; I still have no idea why I’m influential in “Scotland.”

    Pretty much the only times I’ve ever mentioned “Scotland” on Twitter are tweets joking about how Klout thinks I’m influential in “Scotland.”

    Maybe it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.

  • Elle

    I would like to know exactly how the scores are measured. This explanation is inadequate.

  • Anonymous

    Michael I am sorry but you are wrong in your explanation to Pam. Number of followers has nothing to do with the final score. I checked today hundreds of users in my network and users with the higher followers then Pam has nothing or little change in their scores. In particular please have a look at and check out the spammers profile from (team follow back) with the Klout score of 77 and style of Thought Leader. Doesn’t make sense. Profile was captured  on WED morning. What i can tell you about new algorithm is next: if you share your work and engage with people on twitter your score will drop, but if you are going and spam people and share stupid pictures across the Social Media Platforms your score will increase. 

    I had an issue with score drop back in August and look at reply from Klout:

    AUG 25, 2011  |  11:38PM UTC
    Hey Jure,I took a look at your Score analysis and I’m seeing a fairly steady Score. Any raises or drops are generally less than a point. As for Network influence — it may be that you’re getting engagement on those days from less influential people than on other days. Thanks.
    Have a look at red sentence, clearly tells you that your score might drop if you engage with less influential people. I made this public and got the most lame excuse every from CEO of Klout. So there is something not right here Klout should become more clear and transparent if they want to keep their users. I know Pam well as I engage with her a lot on Twitter, i can tell you that she is one of the most engaged people in Social Media and is absurd that i have higher score then Pam. IF Klout is saying that current algorithm is right how off they were before with it. Hope the brands who paid Perks in past are smart enough to come back to them and ask for refund as clearly where blinded with facts IMO. Here is the proof that something is fishy guys have a look at pics attached, is profile from my post. SO KLOUT your Standard for Influence should be now named STANDARD FOR SPAM 


  • Brennan Sarich

    That was a total lecture and you know it.  And if a social media practioner has Google as her client, she probably knows what she’s doing.  Stop being acting like you’re a martyr.

    And her point isn’t about a paid service, if you were paying attention.  It was about Klout’s inability to write an algorithm that makes sense to the majority of its users. So, no, YOU learn what social media metrics are, please.  

  • David Gaughran

    A simple analysis leads to one conclusion: the new scoring algorithm places a lot more value on Facebook interaction than the old one (at the expense of Twitter).

    If this really was more transparent, Klout should come out and say that, and defend their choice. 

    Personally, I think the new system is flawed. The people it says influence me, really, really don’t. Ditto for who I influence. All the Twitter people are gone, replaced by FB peeps, who I only have irregular personal contact with. The people I interact with multiple times daily on Twitter have vanished.

    I can’t speak for everyone, but as I direct most of my efforts towards Twitter because I personally get a far, far better return there, Klout has now ceased to being a useful barometer for me of how influential those interactions are.

  • Mark Gillespie

    My score dropped 11 points overnight, and while I understand the need to make the system more accurate, it’s not helpful to make the change without a reasonable transition. If a potential client or business partner is looking at my Klout profile that I’d said before the change was at “X”, it’s going to show this change in “reputation” without any explanation. Would it have been possible to display scores under the old algorithm and the new algorithm for a reasonable amount of time with an explanation that the measurement model has changed?

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  • Aubrey

    I think the more accurate the better… even though some scores may drop at least its known that improvement is needed. Over time it will improve quality of content we see on social media.

  • Alexander Nikolov

    You ruined your own credibility. Congratulations. You are idiots. 

  • Uniquedresses

    my score seems to have dropped by 12 or more but i’m not doing anything different, that i can see and before it quickly rose up 20+ points , maybe that is the issue. Is it because I am not interacting with what Klout sees as ‘more influential’ people rather than people in my craft field, i would love to know because from where i sit it is NOT STRAIGHT FORWARD, help please

  • Harold Halewijn

    Well, if such a change leads to over 1000 comments in less than a day, it must have touched us. I also noticed that this is not the first drop I’ve seen. There has been one before, a couple of weeks before. And there will certainly come another ones. I don’t mind Klout to change their algorithm. But they should notify before. Now it’s even bad for their own reputation.

  • GirlsDesignerDresses

    my score seems to have dropped by 12 or more but i’m not doing anything different, that i can see and before it quickly rose up 20+ points , maybe that is the issue. Is it because I am not interacting with what Klout sees as ‘more influential’ people rather than people in my craft field, i would love to know because from where i sit it is NOT STRAIGHT FORWARD, help please     

  • GirlsDesignerDresses

    interesting, where are the people saying their score has increased and they fully understand why it has increased, Klout methinks you got this one wrong, especially if you believe you are influenced by your clientele

  • Evelopez21

    My score dropped from 60 to 52 :/ oh well.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not remotely bothered about ‘klout’ scores, but my mates who were on 5 or 6 are now above me on 45 and 50, while I’ve gone from 29 to 38. I’m far more vocal and connect with people who have hundreds of thousands of followers and massive ‘influence’, you’ve clearly cocked up and it’s no doubt you’re placing colossal precedence with facebook over twitter. 

  • Tuiterologo

     Just hated the new update, my klout was 77 and drop to 66 and I don’t get the reason of why this happened.

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  • Jeff Gibbard

    Instead of dong that, why not ask them for a referral for new business. Klout is a game, play one that matters instead.

  • Anthony D’Orazio

    Define “large decreases in scores.”  What will happen Day 2?  Why do my Klout trending lines look completely different than they did yesterday?  

    I’m concerned that a change was made in algorithm, but the changes are still not transparent, and we still don’t know accurately how to affect our scores.  

    Employers – hiring managers! – are using Klout to determine who they hire.  This is impacting that.

  • Marjorie Baxter

    Wait… you’d rather leave them faulty? If the best thing a client can say about you is you helped them increase their klout score from 30 to 60 (vs oh, I don’t know, helping to increase their profit margins by the same) then why would they buy their services?

    If your clients ask about it, just show them the overall trend–more than likely their score is still higher than it was when you first started helping them. And point to other measure of success, like more revenue, customers, and other positive feedback. Klout shouldn’t be the ONLY way your customers measure your influence on them.

  • Ivan Temelkov

    For the most part I’d have to state that I’m extremely disappointed with the recent Klout improvements.  How is it possible that my score drops from a broadcaster down by nearly 20 points?  About the only thing to do at this point is to get out there and prove myself again.

    It’s sad to see that after working so hard on my pre-existing score all that’s left is a drop due to an algorithmic change.

  • GirlsDesignerDresses

    very naughty i have just checked the 32 people you say i have stopped ‘influencing’ it appears to me that the only influence i have not achieved is INVITING THEM TO KLOUT Hmm that doesn’t appear to be very even handed, can I have a  response on this supposed BIAS by Klout, without it I’m afriad I will have to stop using it as it seems to be UNFAIR

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  • Hope for Remy

    Same thing happened to me.  My klout went down by 20 exactly and my true reach went from 30 to 126.

  • Chris Vanzo

    Good Job Klout.  I think it’s kinda cool.  My amplification and impact was stuck at 10 ever since I created my account.  With the update there is finally data!

  • ★ Ad Chickadee ★

    doesn’t matter – klout ranks you anyway – there is literally NO WAY to opt out.

  • Justin Horn

    I think it’s kind of creepy that Klout uses my Facebook profile to scan all my friends accounts to give them scores.

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  • Myra Abdallah

    Now it makes more sense.. i Know my influence among my network, my credibility as well, my klout used to be 22 which is not realistic.. now it’s 52.. we’re on the right track :)

  • Peter C Vetro

    Hello Klout,

    You did actually Netflix this.
    I am done unless you can quickly and efficiently explain and change this with a rational explanation.
    build a brand and now turning off some of your biggest promoters.
    I have been building my influence and growing my Klout for weeks now following YOUR model.
    Now you say YOUR model was incorrect and to follow YOUR NEW model.
    Why would I think that you won’t completely change this in a month?

    You were quickly making yourself the brand for this type of measurement and you are now shooting yourself in the foot.

    What are your DEFINITE METRICS for this and how can anyone effectively plan and measure.

    I have several coworkers who hardly Tweet, Facebook, blog or engage Linked in who all jumped 10 to 15 points today while I dropped 12 points though my reach actually grew per your new metrics.

    I’d like to hear a good answer how people who basically do nothing social media wise jumped and leaped past me, someone who reaches and interacts with people all day long.

    Peter Vetro

  • Bill Hibbler

    Daniel, he was giving a presentation yesterday which included Klout as a measurement tool. He pulled up his page during the presentation and his score had dropped considerably which caused some embarrassment and probably cost him potential clients. He explained this further down the page. 

    Several people are making the same point you are and I agree except that I think those complaining, myself included, aren’t depending solely on Klout in our businesses but are upset that we spent time talking, blogging and tweeting about Klout to help them grow and now they’ve radically changed their system so it favors Facebook use over Twitter and are spinning the change and not being very transparent. 

  • Matt Velic

    My score fell with this update, from 49 to 44. Which is fine, I’ve been in the 40s for the most part. But despite the new focus on “transparency,” I still feel like I have no idea how I’m supposed to make this go up. “Be influential.” I guess that’s much easier said than done.

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  • DaveB

    My my. So many noses put out of joint.
    C’mon folks – most of you have admitted working night and day and following perceived wisdom to enhance your Klout rating/Likes/Followers/whatever. And now you’ve been rumbled. As have all the self-appointed ‘experts’ whose advice you’ve followed and who are now crying ‘Foul’ louder than anyone.
    The rules of the game have changed. Instead of complaining ‘nobody told me’, try working out why.
    It’s actually not rocket science. Understand what social networking’s trying to achieve and accept that attempting to manipulate the process won’t in future be as easy as it has been.

  • RoofusKit

    You learned a valuable lesson here today Klout, your customers prefer inaccuracy over the truth.

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  • Marco A Aguirre

    mine decreased so much. I’m sad.

  • Michael Bauser

    Those people aren’t here because they have better things to do than chat with a bunch of freaked-out fake social media experts.

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  • Michael Bauser

    Well, there’s your mistake. Klout isn’t measuring your “reputation,” it’s measuring signal strength. If you were telling clients that it indicated trustworthiness or credibility, you screwed yourself.

  • ramodeboer

    This move makes klout less desirable and less trustworthy.
    For me klout is below zero. When can we expect the next shakeout?

  • Ian Fijolek

    I noticed the same thing… Before I was about 12 points higher than where I am now and my chart was basically a few steep increases and then plateaus. Now it’s increases followed by trailing off. I guess that’s intentional…

  • Eric

    I call BS on this.  I have yet to come across ANYONE who’s score went up.

  • Hans-Joachim Rosehr

    Sorry this not an improvement!

    Klout is playing………

    Yes we R Unhappy………
    Since my peerindex is steady

  • Around the Rings

    @KLOUT When I try to use the “Goodie” “Install Top Fans Tab”, after selecting my FB page a new tab opens up and comes up with an “Internal Service” error. Just an FYI as I’ve been having a hard time getting it to work. PS. I also had to unconnect and reconnect my FB as it didn’t recognize the FB Page when I first tried to install it.

  • Michael Bauser

    My Klout is 47. I have 90 Twitter followers and 155 Facebook friends.

    I think looking at the simple numbers is a dead end here, people.

  • f t edwards

    I think your algorithm needs some work.  When my birthday happened a couple days ago, I received 29 birthday greetings, and your algorithm boosted my score from 33 -> 51, and started listing people who I barely talk to on facebook (except for the Birthday greeting) as part of my active network.

  • Michael Bauser

    Dude, that’s like telling a college professor he’s only successful if all the students like the grades they receive in class.

  • Valerie Gouin

    If the only thing you worry about in life is your Klout score.. I have news for you: GET A LIFE! :)

  • John

    More score dropped, but now I have the challenge to get it back up.  It does appear to be a positive change though!

  • Augurae

    1. The Klout score is and has always been non-relevant bullshit and this update doesn’t make it even remotely better.

    2. YOU are stupid if you rely on such a tool for whatever business or online activity. Any smart people should’ve sensed since the begin that popularity scores on the Internet are not only not mature at all for now, but also a completely superficial way of assessing people.

    3. So even if the (now unlikely) day Klout gets a true relevant algorithms comes, no one should rely on such criteria for anything but CRM.

  • Sasha

    My Klout score dropped 11 point in one day… not happy with the change.

  • Melissa Jo Peltier

    Wow.  Klout went from 64 to 53…guess I’m not in touch with the “Right” influential people.  Now I have to figure that all out again from scratch, after months of behaving a certain way thinking I was finally understanding it.  Appreciate that your desire is accuracy, but it’s disheartening to have to go back to the drawing board.

  • jeffdossett

    A drop from 50 to 10? Huh?

  • Melissa Jo Peltier

    Good point, Mike.  The frustration is changing the past.  

  • eandtsmom

    I don’t think that’s true! My score also dropped 12 points overnight. Something I’m not happy about at all. I’ve been using Klout for the past month or so, specifically to monitor my engagement, and how influential my content is. Yet, if I look at the score history, it doesn’t reflect an overnight drop of 12 points. It says I was never as high as I was… So, the algorithm is being applied to past activities as well as on-going activities… Since I was trusting the accuracy of the information Klout was giving me, I now feel discouraged as to how to use Klout effectively. Not a happy camper!

  • Andrew Wilson

    Whoa! sounds of paranoia! It’s a maths algorithm. It doesn’t have a liberal bias. If they had coded the algorithm to, say, decrease conservative blog posts, then all conservative blog posts which hasn’t happened. Personally I prefer a more accurate low reading to a less accurate high one. Anyway, you should be blogging and tweeting where and when want to and about the subjects you want to and not using klout as some kind of bible as to how influential you are. Klout is and always has been, at most, a guide.

  • Kjgfvjghgh

    fak of

  • Mindy Yang

     Same here. Not sure how I’m influential about Dentistry & Puerto Rico. Would love a response from @klout on this one.

  • John Sealander

    My score dropped from 63 to 39 overnight.  Before the algorithm change my score showed slow, very steady incremental gains since the day I joined Klout. With the new algorithm, my score shows a steady drop since the day I joined.

    Something is very wrong here. Either the original algorithm was totally worthless, or Klout is just playing with us. Bloggers, authors and people who use Twitter to market their products suffered a double whammy with the new algorithm. If the people you influence also lost influence, your losses were much more pronounced than they would have been otherwise.

    I suspect the new algorithm is all about monetizing the platform. Klout would like to make their service more popular to the people who think it’s cool to get those weird Klout Perks like a case of free deodorant or a year’s supply of protein power. Ironically, people who have clout in the real world were probably penalized by the new algorithm. The new algorithm is not friendly to people who use automation tools like Tweetdeck and Tweetadder to efficiently talk with thousands of people.  The people who really benefited from the new algorithm are those who sit around all day talking to friends on Facebook.

  • Michael Bauser

    I often feel like “social media experts” are giving the same advice about Klout that “SEO experts” were giving about PageRank ten years ago. “Comment on their posts, so they comment on yours” is just the 2011 version of “Link to them and they’ll link to you.”

    Considering how many social media marketers got hit with Klout drops, I’m wondering if Klout’s new algorithm is discounting “comment circles” the way Google discounts “link farms” in PageRank.

  • Michael Bauser

    You should ask your doctor to adjust your medication.

  • Michael Bauser

    I think sending them a C&D about data that’s publicly available through Twitter and Facebook APIs is just going to make you look clueless and unprofessional.

  • Daniel @warmth Delgado

    My score went to hell with this changes… -5! :S I can’t believe a friend of mine that doesn’t have Klout account got his Facebook account analyzed and has only one point less that mine having all my accounts connected with daily activity!

  • Michael Bauser

    It sorta makes sense that “joined members” got hit more than “unjoined members,” because joined members are the statistical outliers, who actually do things on purpose to manipulate the score. As the algorithm is tweaked to ignore deviant behavior, people at the extremes of the graph are more likely to be affected.

    Hah! It just hit me. All of you early-adopting social marketers have been feeding Klout data about score-manipulation! YOU’RE THE BETA TEST OF THE SPAM FILTERS!

  • Rhonda

    What about privacy? Why haven’t you addressed this yet? people don’t walk around with a card on their necks stating how much they weigh or what their credit score is!!! Why do we HAVE to show our Klout score? Why can’t we get rid of the damn thing if we don’t like it after trying it? You will be the reason a class action lawsuit will be filed FORCING people that create apps to disclose the basics to people BEFORE they try the product.  You should be REQUIRED to disclose that it is IMPOSSIBLE to NOT SHOW your Klout score if you try the product. That it is IMPOSSIBLE to turn off the app once you activate it… I think you’re treating the public unfairly and in an unethical manner. I would NEVER have tried Klout had I known.  I would never knowingly try anything your company ever makes in the future, nor would I recommend you to anyone I know.

  • Michael Bauser

    Those are glitches with Disqus, not (I’ve run into them on other sites.) If want to comment with Twitter, you need to log out of Disqus first.

  • Marc Scott

    Hello fail! I dropped from 67 to 55. “A majority of users will see their Scores stay the same or go up…” Yeah… I never liked to roll with the in crowd anyway.

    Ugh… why do I even bother with this?

  • Michael Bauser

    “Furthermore – Klout is NOT Trans Union or any of the other credit
    reporting agencies – I’d like to opt out – I don’t grant you permission
    anymore to rank my social media dialogue – HOW do we do that??”

    You’re delusional. Klout is essentially an opinion or review. You can’t opt out of someone having an opinion of you. It would be like a restaurant announcing that nobody is allowed to rate them on Yelp.

    Even if you disconnect all of your accounts, it will still be legal for Klout to evaluate publicly-accessible data about you, because they’re in a country where they’ve got a constitutional right to have opinions about strangers’ public antics.

  • DeFlanko

    I don’t know about you guys.. but i feel #Kloutflixed… regardless of the algorithms…

  • Rhonda

    You can’t ignore it… you’ can’t get rid of it. It’s made me very wary about trying new apps… I didn’t realise these people can do whatever they want…apparently there aren’t any laws in place to protect the public from practices that Klout is using to gain a higher visibility in the marketplace…they’re riding on the backs of everyone…every really really unhappy and unwilling members of the public.  

  • Robert Muldoon

    Unclear wether I’m a 10 or a 38. I went from “celebrity” to “observer”. I think accurately I should be somewhere in the middle. 

  • rd

    How about integrating with mailchimp?  Most of my influence travels through an email list and I suspect I’m not alone.

  • Zaur Amikishiyev

    From 34 to 10 and it’s still shows 33.7 in the graphs. I’m indeed very passive lately but why the graphs are with wrong values?

  • Mike Craig

    Attention All:  May I please direct your eyes to the top of the Klout page where it clearly says “beta.”  Beta means “use at your own risk.”  Beta means the software is currently being tested, debugged and re-compiled, and the owner makes no apologies for necessary changes.   I love when people use a free tool and then complain.  I hate when they complain about a beta product.  It’s a tool.  It’s a measure.  Use it to gauge your strengths and weaknesses and stop using to compete against others.  Your life will be a whole lot sweeter.  

  • jyv

    62 to 53 ! Sad :(

  • Brenden Wright

    Oh no! My score dropped by 11 points! How am I going to feed my family? Each point in Klout score is worth…. in real money….wait…um…nevermind.

  • Anonymous

    Klout scores are meaningless, because Klout can change algorithms at its sole discretion. Keep doing what is important to you and don’t depend on Klout for anything.

  • Michael Bauser

    Me? I’m just a guy with an anthropology degree, an interest in online social structures, a fondness for mysteries, and a dislike for bad logic. This situation is pushing all my buttons, but I have no skin in this game. (It is, however, telling that you think money is the only reason somebody would have to disagree with you. Silly capitalist! Some of us out here actually rate Truth above Profit, you know.)

    Anyhow, your blathering about tweetchats and how engaged your engaged participants does have me wondering/wandering down a new line of thought. It’s probably the same 100-300 participants every week, isn’t it? You probably have high engagement with a small group of like-minded marketing people, who have high levels of engagement with each other. It’s almost like the old-fashioned “link farms” or “link exchanges” that people used to use to manipulate PageRank… until Google started ignoring them.

    Maybe (and I emphasize MAYBE), Klout is factoring in diversity of engagement more than it used to, so that having influence over a tightly-knit circle doesn’t raise the overall Klout as much as it used to. If all those 100-300 people influence is each other, how much affect to they really have on the rest of the social net? Another mystery to ponder!

  • Rance Costa

    I’m in the same boat.  12 points down, trending downward instead of upward like before.  gg klout

  • Dirk Tolken

    But therein itself lies the problem, seeing Klout as a be all measure of influence. It would need to take a few iterations of ironing out algorithms before it starts to show its true potential. It’s just because there’s no major competing product that people are getting so hung up on it, and yes I understand the amount of time that people have put into it. I would be pissed off too if I have put so much time trying to game the system ;-)

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  • Rance Costa

    The trending is still a concern.  Why trending downward now instead of upward like before?  this makes no sense

  • Yossi Kudan

    my score jumped by 20 points

  • David Cobb

    Seems odd to still have achievements that seem to only relate to the *old* metrics. I have an achievement badge that says I made it up to a Klout score in the 70s — but not anymore.

    I’d suggest retroactively changing the achievements to reflect the new metrics somehow, or even delete the achievements system altogether — they could be perceived to some a negative impact on their profile when they don’t seem to reflect the new metrics, or match someone’s actual point history.

  • Jacob Taylor

    I lost a grand total of 3 points. I never stopped being myself.

  • Michael Bauser

    I think you totally didn’t understand what I said. The problem isn’t high numbers of followers, it’s high numbers of not-very-engaged or not-very-active followers. And probably some other things. If you’re looking for any one “magic bullet” that explains why one person has more Klout than another, you’re doing it wrong.

    And your complaints about spam accounts are a bit misguided. Klout isn’t measuring anybody’s expertise or value as a person, it’s measuring how “loud” they are on social networks, so that corporations know who to pay attention to. That spammy account is actually fairly loud — all of the tweets on its front page have 20 or more retweets. (Retweets from a more diverse groups than Pam seems to get, too.) They may be evil spammers, but they do have volume, and Klout’s REAL clients would probably take them just as seriously as they do you, me, or Pam.

  • Eric Vice

    Don’t care about transparency.  Don’t care about accuracy.  I care about the fact you shot my score out of the sky with greater precision than the US Navy shooting a Libyan bi-plane.

  • Mark Alan Dooley

    Klout just Klobbered itself. Now relegated to the dustbin of irrelevance. I dont see how my influence can go from 15k people to 5 overnight and maintain any credibility. Life goes on, without regards to Klout from this marketer. No big woop.

  • Roop Kumar Bhadury

    The reactions here really are legend!! To me Klout is a fun toy. Nothing more. I am sure the team works hard here to try and give us some reflection of whether people give a damn about what we have to say…but mostly, we know that intuitively, don’t we?

  • PamMktgNut

    Agree with you Mari 100%! I didn’t realize until I saw some of these comments how many professions are depending on these numbers. Makes no sense to me. I’d rather see proof and results such as communities built, engaged followers and fans, sharing of content, blog readership and engagement. 

    I have never gamed the system. Guess what, my score dropped 19 points yesterday.  It’s actually quite humorous as I was told it’s because I have a large following that isn’t engaged. Hopefully for Klout own success they will acknowledge and answer the basic questions people have. Otherwise I think they’ve lost any credibility with the majority. 

  • Karen SchulmanDupuis

    I don’t understand how my engagement and dialogue online has never been more active and my # drops so significantly. THAT does not make sense when my immediate network is MORE engaged in a dialogue… #thingsthatmakeyougohrrrmmmm…..

  • Andrys

    Why is everyone giving so much clout to Klout?  I don’t get it. 

    They just invented themselves from nowhere, decided on standards, contacted US to get us to come here to see if we could give them value (if enough of us came) and then people start believing any what they determine  means anything?  I dropped only 8 points and read that very few would drop though it doesn’t seem that way, but it takes MANY notifications from Klout to get me to even come here to see this or that which they keep saying I should come here to see.  But there’s so little time.  Things are good.   This place is just some place that keeps telling me I should take time to see them.  Does that sound familiar?

    We have folders for that.

      I don’t need a place like Klout to gauge my worth in communities I am interested in, though it’s interesting to see what they’re looking at.

      They get only the power you give them.  What self-puffery it all is.  Facebook?  Invasive as hell.  I use it only to stay in touch with what friends are up to.  Any business is done elsewhere.   Financially there’s no reason for me to go looking for more business as Facebook and Klout would want me to do.   Those who feel they need to — all power to them.  It’s a good way to do it if needed.

       Life is not about always looking for even more business or to “influence more people.”    Places like Klout work on people’s feelings of inadequacy and gets them to keep looking here for some indication of more self-worth.  It’s quite a smart thing  for Klout to do, but it’s essentially meaningless.

      Facebook is everywhere.  You ‘like’ something on a small site somewhere and wind up being broadcast on Facebook and everywhere as liking something.  Every app you sign up that has anything to with Facebook gives the app maker acces sto all your Facebook data (with defaults that Facebook makes public until you’re taught to change them, each time)  but WORSE it claims access to data of all your friends.  I signed up for one app, which was Facebook’s own and then never again.  I don’t give friends’ data away just to play a stupid game and I shouldn’t for any reason.  That’s theirs to do.

      That’s why I almost never go to Facebook.   But then Klout will see people like me as having ‘insufficient Klout.’   But that’s okay.  It’s their own measurement of their own worth.

       The saddest thing is that people buy into what they are selling here. 

        And the way that people who are happy with this write with no little scorn toward others who aren’t as happy with changes will tell you all you know about people like that

      Still, data gathered can be interesting.  Just don’t give them so much power over you.  It really doesn’t mean much at all except for what THEY value.

      Decide for yourself how you’re doing from what your own goals are and the values you have (which won’t be similar to Klout’s)


  • Anonymous

    LOL i am sorry but just doesn’t make sense. Then KLOT should claim “Standard for Loudness” and not influence. Follow4follow is not and ability to drive action not in the world of Social Media.

  • Anonymous

    With a slight difference that what is PUBLIC in USA is not really always public in Europe and many others countries. They had many of C/D on their FB and they did take them seriously as last they want is to be blocked in any country.

  • PamMktgNut

    Michael as I said earlier I will wait for an official response from Klout. Not buying your logic. Has nothing to do with money or anyone being a capitalist. I left a successful career in corporate to trade as an entrepreneur. You know little about me and your judgements are unprofessional and rude. 

    The only reason I asked if you worked for Klout is you seem to be arguing with many on this board, answering the questions as if you truly know the answer. I only responded to you in the first place as I thought you were an employee from Klout. My mistake. 

    I get thousands of unique engagers every month. Before you judge you should look deeper than a single twitter page. Base your answers on fact versus opinion that  seems to have one goal is to start fights with numerous people on this discussion thread. 

    I’ve had enough. I’m on to my real job & life. Enjoy the rest of your day. 

  • JamesGar1

    Much like much of the other feedback.  I’m disappointed seeing my Klout score go from 26 to 13.  As a relative new user, I was very please with my score growth, and now I’m just confused.

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  • Ted Pavlic

    No one interacts with her content. Most of it is just status updates about the kids, and those updates only reach her friends. Her friends might comment on it, but there’s no re-sharing. It’s just a small circle of friends conversing about local matters. That seems patently different than, say, the wide-spread of Robert Scoble’s posts.

  • Michael Bauser

    Seriously! I’ve got a 47, and I’m an amateur! I should be able to do whatever stupid job Kalani does and charge 17.5% more for it!

  • PamMktgNut

    Mari – check out this analysis Jure did. He and others have found that it seems it’s the amplification number is potentially wacking things out. The amplification appears to be a % probability. The algorithm must be that the higher the audience, the lower the probability of amplification and opposite for a smaller audience. Many have identified numerous spam accounts who’s scores went up. What a hoot!

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  • Kristen M. Pulido

    My score went up a little since the change. But I attribute it to my increase in focus on social media, and more carefully selecting what I want to write about and engage others in. I think like any other successful organization, #TeamKlout was on point in doing some fine tuning in order to achieve their goals. Accuracy is important–but at the end of the day, does any kind of “score” really define who you are? Don’t lose sleep. 

  • Anonymous

    Question for Klout… with your new apparent emphasis on FB, have you just traded the circle-jerk of retweets for the circle-jerk of FB Likes? In a non-scientific, purely casual review of my FB friends with high Klout scores and random others with high Klout scores, I’m seeing an awful lot of FB gamers (Farmville, Mafia Wars, etc.).

    These people all friend their gaming buddies in order to share achievements, so there is a constant stream of updates generated by the games along with the subsequent Likes. If that sort of thing affects the score, I see that as a problem. That’s not influence by any stretch of the imagination.

    FYI, my score only fell by 5 points and I don’t really care… I’m not using the Klout score for anything other than my own amusement.

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  • Guest

    My Score went from 50 to 40!!! How will I explain that to my client??

  • Anonymous

    The Klout score is nowhere near perfect.  You can’t even add a self-hosted blog to it!  Also, there are several ways to be influential that Klout cannot measure (social events where you meet people face-to-face!).

    As others have said, be influential.  Don’t obsess over the number, as it is like measuring one interior wall of your house to determine the size.  In some cases, it gets it close, in other cases, it is waaaaaay off!

  • Melissa

    VERY upset!! I dropped 16 points overnight- it doesnt even show that I was ever as high as I was. I have worked for a long time, growing my networks and increasing my score and then this. Very upsetting.

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  • Anonymous

    If a client asks you about your Klout score, then you could probably use better clients.  If I was hiring you for financial services, the last thing I’d care about is a Klout score.

    And that is ESPECIALLY because it is based in part on FourSquare, Twitter, Blogger, Tumblr, (NOT wordpress self-hosted).

    That being said, worry less.  It’s just a number, and it should be in no way related to your bank balance! :)

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  • Cf Dekker

    Well old sport, i dont enjoy the game anymore when you change the ules as e go along. I took an 11 pt drop. I’m gonna quit the game if it ain’t fixed

  • Daniel Bobke

    I am guessing that your prediction that a majority will see no change or an increase is proven bogus at this point.  Literally all of my Twitter followers had a decrease, some precipitous.  My score was not hugely affected, but it just shows you that no one – including the people at Klout – really knows how to measure social influence yet.

  • Sharon Vinderine

    Not liking this at all. My score has dropped significantly and I still can’t include my self hosted wordpress blog.

  • Anonymous

    Adding my two cents to this discussion, besides the fact that a lot of people seem very unhappy with the changes, there’s something that’s not completely clear to me: how Klout rates/considers a Klout membership for the person’s overall score. I see that Bill Maher, for example, appears bellow Andy Borowitz, just to mention two well known people that I respect. How can that be? Is it because Borowitz is a Klout member and Maher is not? Come on, Maher’s been in the public eye for almost 20 years now. He has a premium cable nationally syndicated world-class program. It just doesn’t add up that he’s situated after Andy, and I’m not speaking on behalf of either. 
    Also, Klout’s connection with some social network sites and not others turns it highly partial to Facebook, for example, which I’m not a subscriber, while pretty much ignoring Empire Avenue, which I am. Google? How does Klout’s relationship with these services affect its own rating system? 
    No one is being naive here, to believe that it’s possible for an emergent social network site such as Klout not to try to promote itself, but its connections to some places and not to others must be better explained. 
    I happen to agree with my low Klout score, for I just can’t place too much currency on being ‘popular,’ ‘influential’ and all that, without taking away my absolute need to be off from time to time, to do what I love and hardly need anyone to tell me it’s great or not. 

  • moment_um

    Very unhappy with this change my score went from 62.9 to 40-I started checking out what was going on& I’m sorry I ever got involved with Klout or ever invited anyone to Klout-I have revoked my access(although  from what I understand there is no way to cancel)-somehow u also have my real name which I cannot believe i would ever have given you Especially since You’ve plastered it all over my account!!Wisdom prevails with ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!’ U just broke it-I will not be having anything good to say about U to anybody& U people should wind up getting sued-to use someones information without their permission,including real names.I also hv read a lot of your return comments to the unhappy people posting here& I’d like to know what U R smoking or popping?Your attitude to crashing online reputations overnight is most certainly too aloof!! I’ve always worked hard on my twitter account & with Klout worked harder-Baloney!

  • Scott

    Had one of my busiest weeks ever on Twitter, loads of RT’s & replies, yet my score has fallen 8pts and apparently I’ve completely changed Klout Style, from ‘Broadcaster’ to ‘Specialist’ overnight…  Also, in score analysis, its telling lies -I was 61 on 25 Oct, not 51.  Not impressed at all.

  • C. Michael Croston

    You obviously know little about marketing and less about human nature. In this economic climate “ANY” client is an important thereby “good” client. This is true at any time really. People are programmed to be cynical. That is why businesses use attraction marketing i.e. developing an on-line persona that they can come to know and have confidence in prior to doing business with you. They don’t know what Klout is. It’s a score. “What is a score?” It’s a rating. “Why is your rating so low?” “What did you do to make it drop 21 points?” Ahhh, I’m not sure. Don’t worry about it. I don’t know what it is or how it works. They changed it. “You don’t care about your score? I do. How do I know you understand what you are doing?” This conversation shouldn’t need to happen. My browser shows everyone’s score next to their posts in a timeline. So someone go’s by that’s a 30. Human nature says what? That they are less than average. Maybe you don’t care about appearances, but people are putting Klout scores in their resume’s when they apply for a job in SocMed. I bet a lot of them wish they hadn’t today. I’m not worried in the least bit, ah, “rohneas”, because I’m going to remove my profile. People are upset about Facebook “ghost” profiles, what about one with a score? I’ve already removed my tethered accounts and recommend others do the same, at least until Klout shows they know what they are doing with the $20,000,000 they were just given as an investment.

  • Fabrizio

    What have you done with my score? remeasurement sucks

  • Nancy Catherine

    You can link pages but your limited to one page per Klout account. Check your settings as it’s a new feature. 

  • The Frugalette

    I’m done with klout, 10 points down overnight? For what because you all decided to change your grading? Really unhappy.

  • Sarah Baumann

    Bahahaha.  Boobz.

  • David Murray 

    My score hasn’t changed massively (I am maybe still ranked a little high) but I have noticed all of a sudden a great deal of my Facebook friends appearing in my influence network. Which would be great but their scores are ridiculous. There are people in there that I know for a fact barely even login to Facebook let alone post or tweet with scores above 30. This alone tells me that the new algo is a complete joke. 
    Honestly though even before the change the fluctuations in my score bore little resemblance to any actual activity on my accounts. 
    It must be difficult working this stuff out but if you haven’t cracked it yet (as Klout obviously hasn’t) just admit it! Folks will understand. I don’t see any formidable competitors coming up so you have an opportunity but if you continue to pretend its accurate (and un this iteration MORE accurate) then you are going to really hurt the brand. Come on guys be honest!

  • Heather DiPietro

    Wow do I feel like a fool. What this basically tells me is that Klout wanted us to think we were influential so we would sign up, promote them and get our followers to join.Then when they were satisfied with their quota they thought to make a more “accurate” system, which is more of a drop of reality that all along we were never influential just pawns in a game to get celebrities aka millionaires interested. Such bullshit. My score was a 61 in July and steadily declined once I got back to college and so I was a steady 56. I was fine with that as I can’t tweet in class, but then in a week I drop to 54 and then to 51 and probably tomorrow a 50. During that drop I increased my tweeting (about topics I was talking about in July), hoping that perhaps that was it, frequency, but no. One day I’m influential in 10 topics the next I’m influential in two. I talked up Klout to everyone I knew, but now it’s just a waste of time. I can’t believe I bought into this. What a gimmic.

  • Anonymous

    usuuse usI sent a long comment last night but apparently you did not listen.

    I understand that you changed your algorithims.  But my score did not drop 19 points by my doing but by yours.

    I also understand that you think that Facebook is more important than Twitter, but I do not, and while I have  linked-in account, I have not used it since I retired.

    However I will not send out the Tweet that proudly announces my Klout score dropped 19 points in the past 30 days.  At 9:00 a.m. yesterday my Klout score was 71.

    Apparently other than address my issues you chose to sent a reply about Disquis frustration that I had.

    While your team that changed the algorithims may be on the ball you have some serious deficiencies in the ease of operation of your site.  Your pop ups to send +K’s is slow and cumbersome. 

    Many of my Twitter followers who have Twittter Profiles for whom I tried to give a +K or an invite (some with very high following #’s I got an “they do not appear” message.

    Twitter drives readers to my blog.  Not Facebook. I started using Twitter to support my blog, (I have been a memeber of Twitter for about a year give or take a week) and only recently have  used Twitter to drive traffic to my blog in the last four months.  Since doing so, my page views and RTs and MTs about my blog have resulted in a dynamic increase in not only registered followers to my Google Blogger Account, but also in a tremendous increase in Pageviews, and I am now over 20,300+ pageviews.  While you track Google+ which I rarely use you do not track Google Blogger.  And it took weeks to get my blog linked to your site.

    Further I do not know anything about the New England Patriots.  When I get credit from my followers and +K’s for ‘being a Patriot’ is because of my love the this country, and not the football team.  On the same note I am not a fan of the Houston Texans.  I am a Texan and live in DFW, and I am a Cowboys fan.

    More so your crack team could have placed a banner on the main page template ahead of time.
    Since the change in my score is a change in your ratings based on Facebook and not Twitter in importance or even disquis feed back for my post when I go to sites that use Disquis to track comments even Disquis would be more important to me, although it has been months since I made any comments there.

    Like others who only rarely spend time with old friends and some online aqcquaintences I hold little value for my Facebook account. Your team can look at my new awards page to see how actively I used your cumbersome site to promote Klout and distribute my +K’s.

    I also spent a fair amount of time reading comments here last night, and having been in sales, marketing and advertising, I will say your rollout of yor new algorithims was a very poorly handled rollout.   You could have easily sent a notification warning  to your Klout users in advance.  Last night there were over 950 comments, most of them from very unhappy members.  Rarely will an unhappy member write a written complaint.

    Since my rating change is out of your range of the ‘average’ I request, 1) That you review my ‘anomally’ and 2) that you remove the verbage that my Klout score dropped 19 points in 30 days. That is a complete misrepresentation of facts. It did not it changed in one afternoon due to how you determined to change your algorithims.  And that is no different than a wrongly rated poll sampling for a product or a political campaign.

    I look forward to your feedback.

  • Kymberlaine Banks

    score dropped very slightly and I wasn’t really focusing on it so I’m very interested in seeing the impact on scores of those that really influence me… I have NEVER paid more attention to content from someone that I don’t know because of their KLOUT score

  • Colin Hicks

    Wow, big drop in my Klout score. Doesn’t suprise me somehow – I always thought they had a rosy view of me! Now hopefully I can rebuild on something more accurate.

  • Colin Hicks

    Wow, big drop in my Klout score. Doesn’t suprise me somehow – I always thought they had a rosy view of me! Now hopefully I can rebuild on something more accurate.

  • Anonymous

    Another question for Klout.

    My that’s a mighty fine bell curve you got there…. but how many users is that? And are they really registered users, or just people you have assigned Klout scores to that have not yet signed up?

  • Anonymous

    Another question for Klout.

    My that’s a mighty fine bell curve you got there…. but how many users is that? And are they really registered users, or just people you have assigned Klout scores to that have not yet signed up?

  • JB

    If one is judged by quality over quantity that’s just fair. What I mean is, if your Klout score is based upon having 2000 so called friends on Twitter and don’t interact with them in any way it would not be fair to people with a limited network where they put a lot of time, effort and money in. Quality over quantity anytime, IMHO

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  • Marc Brooks

    The graphs show trends in terms of the new algo… What they did (like I had to do on my St. Louis-specific index over at ) was to rerun the calculations over the historical “as-if” the new rules were in place and then swap in a whole new set of data. That’s why you see the steadily decreasing score not a sudden jump. This sort of retrograde recalculation is needed to ensure that the smoothing filters don’t get disturbed.

  • Marc Brooks

    The graphs show trends in terms of the new algo… What they did (like I had to do on my St. Louis-specific index over at ) was to rerun the calculations over the historical “as-if” the new rules were in place and then swap in a whole new set of data. That’s why you see the steadily decreasing score not a sudden jump. This sort of retrograde recalculation is needed to ensure that the smoothing filters don’t get disturbed.

  • Mike Bottreau

    Thanks Klout for a wonderful tool! Who cares if the score dropped, IT IS STILL A BETA VERSION PEOPLE. One Love.

  • Mike Bottreau

    Thanks Klout for a wonderful tool! Who cares if the score dropped, IT IS STILL A BETA VERSION PEOPLE. One Love.

  • Meredith Allison @RockTique

    Sorry Klout but that’s a load of crapola! Prior to the change, in your own words, FACEBOOK had not much to do with a Klout score and although we were encouraged to connect all accounts, TWITTER was what we were told, was the main ‘man’. Facebook was considered a tiny part of our Klout scores, now suddenly it’s the main part? I can’t help but wonder if a nice , decked out lunch meeting occurred between Facebook and Klout…

  • chillempress

    score shmore…. your algorithm still sucks.  you’re calling me an expert on Marriage, Cupcakes and Cocktails????


    With thousands of followers/friends and thousands of posts…. you’d think your program would pick up on topics I actually post, like etc….

    Klout blows in this Viral Guerrilla’s expert opinion.  I could care less about my score… I’m just annoyed you say I’m an expert on ish I never write anything about. 

  • Amanda Mork

    Anyone heard of Kred? 

  • Anonymous

    I was not logged into disqus when that happened. 

    So I made sure I was not logged into disqus and made my comments again and was certain I chose my Twitter app, and my new comment still appeared under Disqus.

  • Elizabeth Lovejoy

    I am extremely unhappy with this change.  I manage several brands social networks and I have been using Klout as a way to gauge the progress I was making.  This change has affected all of my accounts negatively and I now have to explain that to my clients.  I hope something is done to fix this soon!

  • kostasgeorgioy

    I have work very hard to increase my Clout. My score went from 52 to 35 (decrease 67%). I think as you note “You’ll note large decreases in Score are rare.” it is not accurate. @kostasgeorgioy. 

  • constructionlaw

    My score dropped 16 points, lets see how it recovers once the new algorithm is in place for a while

  • KRCraft

    Interesting that the change was launched *after* PivotCon… just saying…

  • Brian

    I am not happy that my score dropped by 10 points during a period when I have been more active than ever. In fact I have been very confused by what klout has been doing lately. I have not been able to rely on numbers for over two months now. This morning is just the crowning step.

  • Greg Arnold

    Erratic, undependable.  FAIL.

  • Jamericanspice

    Whatever. I’m not going to worry about one more thing that’s supposed to tell me if I’m good, better, best.

  • Þórhalla Guðmundsdóttir Beck

    Really? You are actually taking this stuff seriously? I’ve got, like, 13 points. Who cares? Nobody. Least of all me. I’ve got a life.

  • Thestrategist1

    Klout is full of it. By the looks of it, you’re tying influence to FACEBOOK, not Twitter. 90+ % of my time is spent on Twitter. So essentially, a boosted score means the user has to spend more time on FACEBOOK. The implications are obvious. I’ve just emailed and tweeted Klout asking for my profile to be removed. People on Twitter are saying they’ve tried to get their profiles removed without success. I expect that you will comply with my request to PURGE MY PROFILE FROM YOUR SYSTEM. ASAP It will not be in Klout’s interest to be non-responsive. Signed, @nihonmama

  • Tom Hillenbrand

    Don’t fret about your score. Remember P.J. O’Rourkes First Law of the Social Sciences instead:

    “The more precise the figure, the more general the lie.”

  • Therran Oliphant

    Mine only dropped 9 total points, but I have the same gripe about my score suddenly switching from “trending upward” to “dropping” at the speed of algorithmic calculation. Oh well, I’ll just try to understand it and continue talking about the things I like to talk about with more and more influential people. If that raises or lowers my score, I don’t much care. 

  • Lincoln Adams

    Thanks SO much Klout for completely destroying my score less than a week before BlogWorld.  Now instead of being able to impress the sponsors who will be there with a good score that took me months to develop and possibly get new sponsorships, I will be instead laughed out of there due to this piss poor change in the algorithms.  You couldn’t have waited until mid-November to do this?

  • Jd_1530

    My score dropped by almost 20 points. WTF?

  • Trey Dunn

    Get over yourself buddy. No one cares that much if you spout conservative lies or liberal truths. And besides this Klout score is based on the interactions you get through your social feeds. Just because you are a liberal blogger or a conservative one, doesn’t mean your followers are going to interact with you less. And like Andrew said I would rather have a lower accurate score than an inflated false one. But again, conservatives love a good conspiracy. We are all out to get you….. wooooooooBOO!

  • Anonymous

    “Revamped accuracy of the scoring model”  – increased scores for everyone! What a transparent attempt to flatter people into using Klout, as if the whole thing weren’t unalloyed b.s. anyway. No offence. 

  • Lincoln Adams

    For the stupid douche monkeys who are wondering what the big deal is, the big deal is having to deal with fortune 100 companies who think Klout is like the Nielsen ratings and thus manna from the heavens and the be all and end all metric to use when evaluating a blogger/influencer.  Try educating them on why Klout is a craphole metric to use to begin with, and they’ll just assume you’re only saying that because you have a low score.  You can’t win.  The only winners here are Justin Bieber and A-List Bloggers who are already successful.  Thanks again Klout!

  • the_doctor_213

    God these people are ridiculous.  Well done @klout:disqus!  I hope these people stop using your service, if people are going to complain about a free service that they are not obligated to use, then they aren’t worth having.  Keep running your company in the way you feel best.

  • Monica

    Interesting.. especially in reading recent comments about scores dropping. My score ~zoomed~ UP over 10pts!

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  • Lincoln Adams

    Seriously, how stupid are you?  I wouldn’t even care about Klout until potential sponsors started asking me what my Klout score was.  Get a fricking clue, jackass.

  • SeRiSoNy

    My tumblr activity is crazy, but for some reason doesn’t increase my score…why?

  • Micah Castro

    If the new results are more accurate then the a momentary shock of a lower score should be outweighed with confidence that you can now get a better reading of your influence. If I found out I was down ten points in the 4th quarter instead of being up like I thought then it would be time to change strategy.

  • Charles J. Orlando

    it doesn’t work. Otherwise my Fan Page — with 550,000 Fans, an 68% monthly return rate, and and average of 400+ Likes and 120+ comments per post — would count towards my score — which dropped from 73 to 62 yesterday.

  • K. Williams

    It’s disappointing to see that so many have had the problem of a lowered score and declining influence.  I’m in the same boat and this seems to be pretty far reaching.  It’s only in the last month that I’ve been working towards a better Klout score.  While I don’t believe I’ll abandon it anytime soon, I’ll probably reduce my emphasis until I feel that Klout can give a stable reference to my (and others) influence.  A this time, I don’t believe it’s a reliable indicator of anything.

  • Koreafornian

    It is clear that no one beleives your graph. When most people who are actively engaged in social media are reporting 20+ drops in Klout while people who rarely engage in social media are reporting 10-20+ increases in their Klout score, it’s pretty clear that your new algorithm is seriously off kilter, penalizing people who care about social media in favor of those who do not regularly engage in social media is a sure way to make your own Klout in the social media world irrelevant.

  • Jeanfreddy Gutiérrez

    Oh, i am the tiny portion of the -15 score. I want to read my lists right now. But, in the other hand, my reach changed for 1326 or so, to more than 4K :D now we are talking.

  • Teksquisite

    I disconnected my Facebook account and now I do not influence anyone! That works for me – at least I got rid of “influencing” all the farmville players…


  • Doreen Pendgracs

    Wow! I’m jumping into the conversation here, as I recognize both Amberr & Mari. Haven’t made my way down thru the rest of the respondents. 

    This discussion has sure resulted in a flurry of responses. Based on the conversation I’ve read so far, I have doubt that the assurance that “only a small percentage of users noticed a significant reduction in their Klout scores”!

    I went from nearly 59 to 44, I’m guessing, primarily b/c I’m not a huge FB user (only drop in there once or twice a day and mainly use use for personal interactions with friends) but I love Twitter. Unfortunate that doesn’t seem count as much anymore.   

    The Klout scores don’t ultimately matter much to me. But I’m not pleased with the way the rebranding was done.

  • Nyfinest128

    I’m a bit discouraged by the new changes because before them I had steady growth, then a  large increase in score, now my score is declining even though I can see that people are paying more attention to what I have to say on multiple platforms.

  • Nycest2010

    but hey, much like Netflix and Facebook, people are slow to adapt to new changes

  • Suz Prescott

    I’d find it helpful if you could provide a couple of case studies (real or madeup) which show more in detail what made a score up and what made a score go down.

    My score went up a bit and I take that as a good sign that I’m must be doing something right but I sure would like to see the actual contributions that counted and ones that just wasted time.  just my 2 cents

  • Loisgeller

    My score dropped over 17 points and somehow my assistant’s increased a greater number than that…though she’s rarely engaged in social media.
    It makes us all wonder about the credibility of Klout Scores, and wish the Klout folks would explain the algorithm to us.

  • Jan Hyatt

    So, after reading comments here and on several social media sites, Klout has decided that Facebook interaction should be weighed more heavily than other types of interaction. In my industry, my contacts, customers and peers use LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ almost exclusively – few use Facebook for anything professional. Klout’s algorithm for calculating influence is seriously flawed if it doesn’t take that into account.

    I’d love to hear a response from Klout that addressed this concern…

  • jurismorte

    I really don’t get the changes. My score went up but, per all the charts, my influence went down. And, how the heck high do you have to be to be eligible for perks? I am ineligible for virtually everything. If I don’t have access to “stuff”, I can’t recommend it and, thus, have no shot of being influential. Just saying.

  • Stan Tait

    Sorry, but you have not impressed me.  I went from a Klout score of 69 to 47 overnight while I have been working hard to improve my visibility and amplification.  In fact, since I tweet about angels, you don’t even have that as a topic so of course, how can it be rated. You have lost a supporter.  The comments below reflect from other dissatisfied users sums it up. This has turned into a popularity contest and nothing at all to do with influence.

  • Slickdeals

    I’m thinking our True Reach is wildly misrepresented – We have 66k+ Facebook fans and 112K+ Twitter Followers, yet our true reach is stated as 13K?

  • Jason Borg

    Mine went from 32 to 42, I don’t use any social media sites very much, but I suppose when I do the limited audience I have (mostly my closer friends) pay attention to what I say or post. My posts therefore have a lot of klout to those people, it make sense that they are giving more value to the impact your posts have and how people interact with them. 

  • Jason Borg

    From what I understand they don’t add in G+ very much yet, it will be interesting for me to see if my score goes up or down when it gets integrated more fully since it is the social media tool I use most often.

  • Randy

    If your score dropped you were about quantity over quality. Simple as that. This new Klout algorithm is much more accurate as it measures WOM impact of the content you distribute. It also means you were simply not as influential as you thought. I know many happy Klout users who’s scores increased 20+ points because they tweeted twice a week at most but each time it influenced action from their followers. 

  • Skip Cody

    Thanks for the service and the update. My score went down 14 points and although that made me a little peeved I support your change. I use Klout and my status to help guide my social road map and because of it I have continually changed the way that I interface with my social tribe.  One item that I did not like was that it was a bit of a mystery on what is being scored and why. I now have a better understanding and using that knowledge I will once again try new things to help magnify my influence. Great product and I am excited for the challenge. Keep up the good work. My Klout score a 47 I am proud of it.

  • Steph

    Really? They are saying this is more accurate. Are you more concerned just with a number, or actually with how influential you are?

  • The_Anomaly

    I agree with this.  I’ve been in the web business for ages and have had to learn every new technology and every new seo technique to keep abreast.  I’ve also seen many “learn the system” and manipulate results to their advantage.  If I had to tell my clients I had a seriously good klout score (I don’t yet) I think they’d laugh.  In real life things are different.  I would never base employment on a score calculated by people I have never met.  Klout has opened my eyes to aspects of influence I never realized I could tap into – thank you.  Let the great equalizing begin!

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  • Bronwyn Clee

    wo wo wo!!! I’m with Timothy Whalin & co below – I’ve worked hard to achieve my score and it’s dropped 15 points overnight! :(

  • Turnitin Admissions

    I lost 14 points. My followers are influential in higher education, which may not mean anything to Klout.  Quite a surprise.

  • DJ Blanco

    my score just decreased by
    59 what kind of transparency is that … oh that your service was a fraud to begin with and just a marketing tool for yourself with no real analytics or ways to track our scocial networks  you cant tell me that as a dj with 11k followers on twitter google+ facebook linkedin foursquare and others linked to your service that all of a sudden im just not that interesting …

  • Turnitin Admissions

    I lost 14 points. My followers my not be influential to the general population, but they are in the Higher Education Admissions world.

  • Early Ehlinger

    I likewise maintain a very conservative persona online, because I maintain a very conservative persona offline as well.  (Actually, more libertarian, since I could give a crap about who marries who, but have very strong views on the proper role of government.)

    Anyway, my score jumped significantly overnight, so I don’t think there’s reason to start worrying that Klout are shills for the new Obamao dictatorship just yet.

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  • Braden Lake

    I would love to know what the key differentiation is in the algorithms to interpret the Klout score, as my score dropped 23 points.  I was so excited to learn about this product and share it with friends.  

    I do not have a clue though how it works or what the key factors are since I am more influential in the ColdFusion world than I am in conferences, yet my topic of influence is conferences.  Very strange.

  • Insurance Life Term

    Ridiculous how they suddenly implemented the change without warning or explanation. Yes after the fact they did explain why they did each thing but now it feels as though they are just contradicting their old ideas

  • Tamer Kattan

    I dropped 12 points too. It seems like most people have dropped a fairly considerable number. If that drop is universal, then its really a non-issue, your klout score after all is only relevant when considered against your peers or competitors. It’s just a number. 

  • Massimo Cavazzini

    New Klout score, old question: what is influence? how do you define an influencer? Quality? Quantity? If you base your model on influence, the first step is define what influence is.

  • Calvin Robinson

    How exactly is this more transparent?

  • Carmelita Caruana

    really? very few show large decreases? I don’t think so!

  • Baer

    There is something very, very wrong with the implementation of the changes.

    ALL of my Topics have the same ‘score’- and I’ve rarely mentioned HALF of them. Before, they were accurate.

    My ‘Immediate Influence’ now includes a total of ONE person, but I’ve interacted just as much with at least TEN people.

    My True Reach jumped like crazy, too.

    You’ve really, really messed this up. I’m not angry (it’s just a number) but I am utterly, totally confused. This doesn’t make any sense.

  • Baer