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October 20th, 2011 by Ben Ramirez

When we set out to give influencers Perks, we wanted an exclusive experience where the user felt like they were getting something special. It started with individual Perks landing pages, and some exploration of the platform. It has now evolved into a cleaner, more focused version of Perks, one that’s tightly integrated into the experience. Our design team is working hard, and as always, we are continually improving the design and usability of our site, so be on the lookout for updates and upgrades to the Perks system!

The improvements to Perks aren’t just limited to the website. We’ve also been focusing on the way people receive their Perks. We wanted the packaging to reflect the same exclusivity and excitement we strive for throughout the Perks experience. So along with our new Perks logo, we designed and developed stunning new Klout Perks boxes. Designed in the signature Klout Orange with a snazzy bright blue interior, they have some fun little notes on the inside too.

So keep your eyes peeled for the orange box, and next time you get a Perk let us know what you think!

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  • Sandy Adam

    Oh, cool box!

  • Nathanael Yellis

    I would like the Chevy Volt for a week in a small, stylish box.

  • Samuel Solomon

    One of my favorite things about receiving a perk was the Klout sticker that stated such. I was disappointed that there wasn’t anything to really keep or show off (It was just an envelope with a sticker on it after all*) but I love this – Something to set on the shelf and packaging to be proud of. Great Job! 

    *Not that it didn’t serve a purpose – it for sure did & succeeded too! But a klout sticker inside for me to post anywhere would of been icing on the cake. <— The new box is the whole cake, icing and all.

  • Tiffany Ard

    I received  my first big orange and blue box the other day! I was super excited!  I get just excited when i receive the little white envelopes as well!  Thanks for all the wonderful perks!  @tiffany053p

  • Betboo

    Always on the side of “Perks”

  • Tom Astley

    I would like a Chevy or a box!!

  • Gwen Fyfe

    Love the box. Reminds me of that geeky t-shirt… “Your skill in reading has increased by +1.”

  • Nancy Catherine

    I don’t understand the perks. I see that one is available for people with over 30 Klout so I try to click on it because I have 37 and it isn’t available to me. Don’t know why. I’ve never been able to claim one. 

  • Kelly

    Love the box!

  • Preed

    What a novel idea is the box!

  • Leah Salzyn

    bahaha!  I am loving the box!  I WANT 1!  How do I get 1?

  • Justin Freid

    My perks have come in regular packaging with a pretty nice Klout sticker on the outside. This is a good idea for the smaller stuff. Hopefully it’s 100% recyclable.

  • Bryan Chaney

    I don’t need my Chevy Volt in a box. The keys will fit just fine.

  • Diditdirect

    How Fun!

  • Liz Pullen

    Cool! They are nice little extras. Thanks!

  • Liz Pullen

    Cool! They are nice little extras. Thanks!

  • From Tracie

    I got that box with my Sharpie Perk (which was awesome!) and loved it. 

    My 8 year old daughter also loved the box (she thought it was cool and the message on the inside lid was funny) She immediately claimed it as her own, and every so often I find it sitting on my bed or chair with some sort of fun present in it. 
    Attention to details like that are a great thing!

  • Alexandra Williams

    I love the new box and even love the tiny packages. Why? Because I can use a lot of these great Perks as stocking stuffers for my kids. And just in case you’re wondering, please send me a nice hybrid for Christmas. You can fill it with as many boxes as you like. Thank you. OH, I especially love that we’re able to share some of our Perks (the calorie and weight loss ones in particular) because I have hundreds of fitness students and they think I have magic powers now!

  • Dayngr

    Love the boxes & the humor! The BOOM wasn’t well received by some around here but I got a kick out of the whole idea.

  • Dayngr

    Just keys won’t take you too far. ;)

  • Dayngr

    I did too! Can’t wait to dig in to it. Everyone was jealous.

  • Erin Patrickk

    I loved it when I got my perk.  I was so surprised not only at the value of the gifts but the packaging as well!

  • Roland Von Ciel

     Loved the box !  especially the blue inside . 

  • Shirna

     love the box and the improvement due to it…kids will surely love this..truly a clean one..

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  • betboo

    I agree with 
    Dayngr ”
    Just keys won’t take you too far”

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