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Forbes’ Most Powerful Women with Klout

October 21st, 2011 by Lan Nguyen

Forbes recently published a list of the 100 Most Powerful Women that includes leaders from the political, media, entertainment, non-profit, and business worlds. No doubt these women have a lot of clout in their respective industries, but how does that translate to online influence?

Well, Lady Gaga has both the highest (relative) Forbes ranking and the highest Klout score. Gaga’s digital influence comes as no surprise. Beginning with MySpace and then moving to Facebook, Twitter, and even Farmville, Gaga has embraced all forms of social media. She takes pride in personally connecting with her “little monsters” which encourages her fans to engage and respond online. That, however, seems to be where any correlation between Forbes ranking and Klout score ends.

The Forbes women are leading humanitarian efforts, developing game-changing products, and creating content that reach millions. We think it’s commendable that in addition to all their work, the top ten women on our Klout list spend time engaging with their community through social media. For that we’d like to give +K in shaping the world both off and online.

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  • Akilah Jackson

    What an interesting analysis….

  • Brian

    that is genuinely sad I highly doubt any of these women even tweet for themselves.

  • Leo

    What’s the Klout for Dilma Roussef, the President of Brazil?!/dilmabr
    She barely tweet, but was the 3rd most influencial woman in Forbes’s list.

  • Deborah Aiello

    How sad that a woman who doesn’t even know from day to day what realm she will be in can be deemed as the most influential woman of our time.

  • Deborah Aiello

    How sad it is when a woman who doesn’t even know from day to day what realm she will be in can be deemed as the most influential woman of our time.

  • Heather Martino

    Is Secretary of State Hillary Clinton really not on this list?

  • Diane Capri

    It’s never what you think it is, hmmmm?

  • Nancy Leahy

    What about Hillary Clinton or Debbie Wasserman Schultz they should be way up there in the clout world.

  • Edna Campos

    Es bueno saber que no ando tan mal en mi Klout score! LOL

  • Cristina Andersson

    People do not (perhaps yet?) think that online klout has something to do with “real life” clout? I have a twitter friend who makes me happy everytime I see his tweets. His disease has chained him into a wheelchair and he uses a breathing device. Thanks to twitter and other social platforms he also can have clout. About 20000 people visit his blog every week and that is a huge number in a small country like Finland! So bravo to clout and klout :) Hope that the real life powerwomen would find their way to this digiwolrd where so much is going on all the time!

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  • Bob Thomas

    Seriously? You think tweeting and engaging all day is comparable to humanitarian efforts and trying to make the world a better place? Oh dear…

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  • Reggie

    I love this move in social media to encourage people to extent their reach if they have something valuable to offer.  Let’s do it.

  • Reggie

    I love this move in social media to encourage people to extend their reach and influence.  Hopefully, it is for the good of society and world.  Let’s go!

  • Anonymous

    It’s kind of fun to know that I had klout as high as some of these women at one time, although currently my klout is 58.  At least at one time I was as influential…according to Klout!

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  • Bardoville

    My Klout Scrore is 29 :))

  • charlene allison

    My thoughts exactly…

  • Bardoville

    LOL… What a world, eh?…

  • Lois

    Great post!

  • samfiorella

    More proof that Klout is NOT a measure of “real” influence.

  • samfiorella

    They are influential women – in the real world.

  • Mollee Bauer

    I tweet for myself, have a klout score of 71 and I believe an influencer in the Parenting and Pregnancy space. It’s true many on this list don’t. However the algorithms are supposedly changing, so we’ll see how influential they are or not.

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  • Luca Longo

    Once upon a Trend: The reliability of Klout
    October 26, some italian users (digital natives) have decided to test the Klout system by running the #ktrain

  • Techniciablog

    Oprah wihfrey at 78 and Arianna Huffington at 80, poor klout algo!

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