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Small Business Saturday®

November 22nd, 2011 by Ashley Jacober
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Do you have a favorite children’s boutique or bakery that you can’t stop telling your friends about? Or a farmers’ market that has the juiciest apples? We are pleased to announce our partnership with American Express in efforts to support our favorite small businesses on Small Business Saturday®, 11/26. We offered two thousand lucky Klout influencers a $25 American Express gift card to shop small!

American Express is the founding partner of Small Business Saturday—a day dedicated to supporting the small businesses that fuel local economies and invigorate our communities. ­With almost 2.5 million Facebook supporters, plus a coalition of small business advocacy groups and public officials, Small Business Saturday is a part of a growing initiative that’s helping millions of small businesses across the nation.

Joe shops small, do you? Get out there this Saturday and let’s help fuel our local communities! To learn more, visit the Small Business Saturday Facebook page and follow @ShopSmall on Twitter.

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  • Susan Leonhardt

    I will be shopping the small business at the shop of Del Mar Plaza 

  • Kathleen

    is this relevant world wide?

  • Yanis Azze

    Again, one must even more stupid to trust Klout with their businesses.

    The score is so irrelevant, biased, and there are even big glitches making it worse.

    For exemple, yesterday my Klout went from a 48 to a 24 because not only did it not take Google+ into account but it also unlinked my Facebook and I’m not even able to link back…

  • Anonymous


  • Angela Coles

    Klout told me to relink my facebook accounts today. It was previously linked to my main account AND to a facebook page I manage. I have succeeded in relinking the facebook page but CANNOT re-link up my personal facebook account 

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