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Use Your Klout for Good

November 30th, 2011 by Megan Berry
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You have Klout; your friends and connections value and take action based on your recommendations. Today, we’ve come together with (RED) and ONE and we’d like to ask you to use that Klout for good. One thousand babies are born with HIV every day and by 2015 that number could be near zero.

The (2015)QUILT represents the voices and pledges of everyone who is fighting for an AIDS Free Generation by 2015. December 1st is World AIDS day, when the (2015)QUILT officially launches, but if you’ve got Klout, (RED) and ONE want you to be one of the first to add your panel. Join us and let your voice be heard.

We’re excited to be a part of this! We know that if influencers come together, they can change the world. Please let us know what you think and how else you use your Klout for good!

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  • Nickida Stephens

    Great idea

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    As from the beginning, social networks have the power to change some positive things in the life of other people and also the power to change the direction of the country in the positive way. But as social networks have spoil the youngster in many ways. But yet it depends on the person how to use it positively or negatively and in which direction they want to take their career and also the future of the country!


    Extremely cool- a very important and worthy cause, and I am glad to see Klout taking a lead on this!  =)

  • Jorge A. Mussuto

    This is an excellent idea Klout:)

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  • Chrisgreten

    thanks for this great suggestion!

  • Graham Loosley (KPI SEO)

    What a refreshing change to see social influence being used for a good cause! More power to you.

  • AtlasBrandingAgncies

    Rock on!

  • Lainy SMBSLT

    hmm not sure what I am meant to be doing but I must be doing something right



  • Cory Tyler

    Giving some +K’s to peeps that are improving quality of life on the planet.

  • Stephanie

    Thanks for your views & suggestion.Keep in touch with us.

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    #theU :)

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