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A Word from the Klout Perks Team!

December 19th, 2011 by Desa Fernandez

We would like to formally introduce our small team of three to our wonderful influencers! Please meet the account management Klout Perks team..
Perks Team

We are the elves behind Santa’s Klout Perk workshop!

When Klout partners with a company to run a Perk, we are the ones who create the user experience, monitor responses across social networks, coordinate Perk arrival, ensure your satisfaction, answer questions you may have and deliver updates to our clients. As our Perks program grows, so does our influencer base. We love our users and want you to have the best possible experience with Klout Perks. So here are a few quick Perk tips:

1. You have the power!

All Perks are optional. If you participate in a Perk, we do not require that you share or tweet about the experience. You can say you love it, hate it, or say nothing at all. You earned the reward for having influence – the rest is up to you.

We NEVER give away any of your private information to the companies we partner with. For more information check out our Klout and Your Data. Perks are not about giving outside companies our users’ data; they are about our users leveraging their influence to receive unique experiences or products.

2. Receiving Klout Perks

Perks are given out based on score, location and topical influence. As for our international users, Klout only has employees in NY and SF so it is currently hard for us to execute campaigns in other countries but we hope to grow our team out and implement many more international Perks in the near future! Just be sure to update your Klout profile, including your postal code and email address so that you can be eligible for Perks in your area.

You can now add your own topics to your Klout account. If you are missing out on a Perk you really feel is relevant to what you talk about most, you can add the topic to your page, earn enough +K’s from your friends, and then you can redeem the Perk!

We don’t measure your real life influence. For example, we applaud the fact that you volunteer at an animal shelter and have a rescued dog at home, but we have no way of knowing that. If we have a Perk offering a free puppy to pet influencers (which would be totally sweet, but impossible) we will only know your love of animals by what your audience is reacting to online. That is how topics are decided.

We hope these tips help give you a better idea about what Perks are all about. The Account Management team has the best job of all at Klout – sharing great products with amazing influencers! Thank you for your continued support as we make our Perks program even better. We are here to help, so if you ever have any questions or feedback about Perks please let us know by tweeting to us @KloutPerks or email [email protected] Now get out there and start influencing!

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  • Eric J Wilborn

    Thanks for all of your hard work! If you’re ever looking to expand the team…

  • So Cal Chillin’

    Yay… you guys ROCK…and Gals!! lol Happy Holidays!!

  • Ben Lang

    Keep crushing it!

  • Nickida Stephens

    Good stuff to know.  I love getting perked.  I want that Windows Phone perk so badly

  • Ed Palumbo

    Love you guys.

  • Erica Minton

    I love working with Desa and Ashley on my Perk for the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra!

  • Mike Mozart

    Dear Klout Team,
    I have a YouTube Channel with 400,000 Subscribers and 110,000,000 views. When will you add that to my score? Is it there already?
    I actually have 8 partner channels, can you add a capability to add nore than one twitter or youtube? This other YouTube channel of mine has 80K+ Subscribers.
    You could verify by having users add a link to their profile back to klout

  • Mike Mozart

    Oh, the Wahooly Perk was the most interesting perk ever. Very clever!

  • Pauldonna43

    Thanks for bringing us up yo speed.

  • Janettwokay

    I’d like to thank you folks for everything that you do. I’m sure your job is fun, but an awful lot of hard work too. :-)

  • Internet Marketing Company

    People going to enjoy this thing and lots of entertainment with this change. Such a nice updation by klout to attract the people more and also for the enjoyment of the people that presently connected. Thanks for sharing this information with us.

  • Desa Fernandez

    Thanks for supporting our team guys, we love all of our influencers! 

  • MomsThoughts

    WHY would our EMAIL ADDRESS have ANYTHING to do with perk eligibility?  

  • Momsthoughts

    You currently have a perk for CES VIP Event.  I see other people are eligible;  other people in my area, with lower klout scores, who come to me about tech stuff, music stuff – WTH?    Your perk eligibility some times makes as much sense as your score analysis.  :)   Why would klout say eligibility depends on klout score above 40 and location when this is CLEARLY not true? 

  • cutey

    How do we as a brand, give a perk to users?