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The 10 Most Influential Retailers

December 21st, 2011 by Lan Nguyen

‘Tis the season to be spending! There’s no easier way to spread the holiday cheer than to make it rain gadgets, gift cards, and galore. Still haven’t found the perfect gift for your loved ones? Check out one of these ten major retailers on your next trip to the mall or on the next browser window you open. From big-box stores to online shopping sites, our list of the most influential retailers has it all.

Amazon claims the top spot followed by JCPenney and Sports Authority in close third. Nearly all the retailers highlight products, announce sales or giveaways, and engage their customers with topical posts such as, “Who do you have left to buy for this holiday?” ThinkGeek is particularly great at quirky and personal interactions. Check out this tweet for example :

It’s also interesting to note the diverse approach to customer service. Some retailers like Macy’s respond to nearly all of their users individually. Other retailers answer support questions sparingly or separate customer service completely from their main social media channels. For example, BestBuy created an entirely new Twitter called Twelpforce to answer tech-related questions.

With consumers spending an increasing amount of time online, no doubt these brands will continue to expand their digital presence as well. With that, here are the top ten retailers.

Do any of these surprise you? Where is your favorite place to shop?

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  • Ksurana

    Surprising Apple isnt on the list. Quite a miss!?

  • SativaBella

    This doesn’t prove influence, especially in the etail world. So some of these brands have a lot of RT’s. What does that really mean? Did they run a contest that said ‘RT to enter’? And just because they are mentioned a lot, that does not mean it was a positive sentiment. 

  • glenn frese

    I think this is a function of size not so much influence.  To me this is a clear sign that the analysis is too linear in approach.

  • Jimbob

    Yep. What a total waste of time.

  • Bizmgr

    I like

  • Matt Thompson

    100% agree. I also don’t see a time period…is this since December?

  • Matt

    If I had to guess, it would be because Apple rarely offers discounts or specials – those sales promotions tend to get shared quite a bit through social networks.

  • Anti-Neckbeard

    I think people are completely missing the point by not actually reading the article and skipping straight to the infographic. This isn’t a measure of SIZE or MARKET STRENGTH – it’s a measure of how effectively they are leveraging social media in their communication strategies.

  • Callie

    I imagine much of the Amazon mentions in December were related to small business backlash for their price checking app and the campaign encouraging customers to shop in local stores then report prices to Amazon for discount. Do these Klout analyses accurately account for positive versus negative mentions?

  • Charleslim

    It says the 90 day period ending December 20th

  • Sillyrabbit

    There is nothing in the article that even describes what influence is or what is “leveraging social media in communication strategies”.  Are they measuring replies and mentions compared to the amount of followers they have?  Probably.  How is that influence, especially since they’ve only sent out 13 brand-led tweets (non-reply, non-RT) in the last 90 days?

  • Matt Thompson

     Just saw. My apologies. Minus 20 Klout points for me

  • Bobbybobley

    Klout is awesome. Stop hating cause you don’t know how to use twitter.

  • Danna Crawford

    WOW I cannot believe eBay was not on this list!

  • Anti-Neckbeard

    I’ll give it to you that influence in a broad sense is factored by many more things than social media which makes this comparison more than just a tad hyperbolic. I’m sure the author assumed the reader would understand that their definition of “Influence” is purely Klout-specific, which I think is a mistake. That being said, this comparison is purely anecdotal and to read too much into it is, to quote Jimbob, the REAL waste of time.

  • Sillyrabbit

    I think you’ll see Callie that a majority of Amazon mentions are product-specific affiliate tweets

  • naemerick

    Couldn’t agree with you more Monika!

  • Duncan Chapple

    How curious that these are all US brands. I’m surprised to see no international retailers, not even Alibaba. 

  • Quakerninja

    Duh, they are huge. I would much rather see Klout support indy brands. Hard working self do’er types. Like etsy, redbubble, storenvy, bigcartel, ect.

  • i am a cat

    Likewise curious about brands that were excluded. @Etsy, for ex., has a Klout score of 87 (five points above Amazon), 49K RTs (#2, after ThinkGeek), and 120K mentions (higher than any mentioned above)

  • Anonymous

    Another proof that Klout is completely biased and corrupted: it’s only Twitter focused.

    What about the first and most popular social influence indicator on the web: Likes ?

    Yeah that’s what I thought

  • Anonymous

    Let us see when enters in top 10 not in retailers but Realtor’s list. 

  • Guest x

    I wouldn’t be surprised if some foreign retailer not present in the US market and not communicating in English would have made it into this list.  What I don’t like about such lists: They are often not clarifying for which geography/country they are valid.

  • zigojacko

    No engagement from Klout then throughout these comments? So much for practicing what you preach.

    As others have said, there isn’t any great (worthwhile) takeaways from this article/infographic, still interesting to see which etail brands are leveraging Twitter as part of their business model.

  • T_Figlock

    Taken exactly as Klout presents this, it is still interesting to me. Each retailer listed has engaged people to retweet and discuss their brand and their promotions. I work for @HomeDepot in a store, but I see what is being done to weave online business and online presence. Wouldn’t be suprised if we were listed in a couple years. I don’t think @HomeDepot has figured out how to generate the online discussion like these companies yet.

  • zigojacko

    They’re welcome to get in touch with us to discuss social media strategies and campaigns if they wish. They have a great following on Twitter to kick start customer engagement already! :)

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  • SteveG

    Can Klout isolate influence across just mobile channels?  That’s what we care about more… see “A Merry Mobile Christmas”

  • Joelrubinson

    no Starbucks?

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  • Anonymous

    Cool list.  Though, I’d move ThinkGeek down due to their terrible customer service.

  • newsy1

    This maybe proves who has the biggest advertising budget, or the most employees that Tweet, not much more. 

  • Anonymous

    Companies spend millions of $$ driving consumers to their websites with the sole purpose of what?  Gaining more dollars!
    They are reporting impressive numbers of unique visits, receiving recognitions such as the 10 Most Influential Retailers, etc.
    What is their ROI on these huge technology savvy investments?
    My belief is; Technology has a short coming that has many companies scrambling to solve.

  • Raymond

    I’ve shopped at several of these and not once was it beacuse of any offer, sale, or coupon. I have some brand loyalty and I go where I know I will get quality and fair prices.

  • Matt Thompson

    Funny you mention no engagement by Klout. I reached out to two Klout employees on Twitter to discuss Klout Perks for the 45 or so clients I manage. We went back and forth on a time for the call and then they dropped off the face of the Earth. I have tweeted and emailed…nothing.

  • zigojacko

    Hmm. Maybe they broke up for Christmas at the beginning of December. Heh. From a company that’s introduced some form of algorithm that measures “influence” and encourages engagement with your customers and peers via social media to improve your score, you would expect better…

  • zigojacko

    I think that says it all, one of the first big brands that jumped on the ‘social media bandwagon’ and make excellent use of utilising social media and engaging with their customers – and it doesn’t even get a top ten mention in the top influencers…

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  • Alex
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  • Eric Layland

    Klout must be closed for the holidays because the discussion here is teed up for them to respond. Swing and a miss for Klout.

    I agree with the consensus here: this “article” has nothing to say about influence and only about retail footprint. One thing it does support is the difficulty in accurately measuring influence.

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  • Philip Schweizer

    How does Klout measure qualitative influence?

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  • Vikisanders

     Exactly. Influence is something else! And why are Victoria Secret coupons in the list?

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    Surprising Apple isnt on the list.

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  • monarch 1130 labels

    Yes I do agree this makes a lot of sense.

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