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The Most Influential Topics of 2011

December 22nd, 2011 by Megan Berry

In 2011, the world’s major events unfolded on social media. This is true across the board, from the Occupy Movement to the Netflix scandal to product launches. We took a look at the most influential companies, locations, people, music genres and tech products of 2011.

Instead of just looking at the volume of mentions, we focused on how much response and engagement these subjects get. When influencers shared content about these topics, the world listened and responded.

Companies: For some companies, making the top list reflects their beloved product and people (see: Apple and Steve Jobs), for others, it reflects scandal (see: Netflix). We’d also like to call out SoundCloud for making the list; we suspect their star investor, Ashton, might be one of the reasons people were talking about them.

Locations: Contrary to the idea that “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,” influencers loved sharing about Las Vegas and it took the top spot for location of the year. This likely has has to do with the amount of top conferences and events held there every year and, let’s be honest, probably with some serious partying there as well.

People: The top people list reveals how much music is an essential and engaging part of the social media landscape, the top four spots are music artists, even beating out Barack Obama for the most engaging topics of the year.

Music Genres:, SoundCloud, and Spotify all contributed to Dubstep gaining the number two spot in music genres, coming out ahead of everything but Hip Hop.

Tech Products: When we turn to tech gadgets, it’ll come as no surprise that Apple owns this list, taking over the top four spots. The iPhone won the coveted top smartphone spot, with Android (we grouped the individual models together), Palm Pre, and then Blackberry (they would have been number 12 so they’re not on the graphic below) following behind.

What were your favorite companies, locations, people, music genres, tech products of 2011?

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