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What does Klout Measure?

December 2nd, 2011 by Joe Fernandez

This is part two of our Understanding the Klout Score series, today we’re taking a detailed look at what goes into the Klout Score.

Klout measures your influence online. We measure influence primarily as the ability to drive others to action. When you produce content online, we look at how your network responds to that content.

Klout takes in data from social networks and gives you an overall Score based on your online influence. We get this data from public networks (such as your Twitter profile) and any other networks you’ve connected to Klout (such as Facebook and Google+). We process about 3 billion pieces of content and connections daily to give you a new, accurate Score each morning.

We are only able to give you credit for the influence we can see, so if you have a private network that isn’t connected to Klout it will not be counted in your Score.

Currently, we actively measure five networks: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare and Google+. These are just some of the actions Klout uses when determining your Klout Score:

  • Twitter: Retweets and Mentions
  • Facebook: Comments, Wall-Posts, Likes
  • Google+: Comments, Reshares, +1
  • LinkedIn: Comments, Likes
  • Foursquare: Tips – Todo’s and Tips – Done

You can also connect Facebook pages, YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr, Blogger,, and Flickr accounts. These networks do not impact your overall Score yet. Before a network can be fully integrated into the public score it must be rigorously analyzed, normalized, and tested by our science team. Once that is ready and tested, we release it and the new network will count towards your Score. The Klout Score is also measured on a 90 day time decay so by adding these networks to you are able to benefit from a longer window of data when the score goes live.

What We Don’t Measure
Klout does not measure your offline influence. Your Score does not change if you are rich, famous or advising powerful individuals in an offline setting. When evaluating your own Klout Scores or others, you should see it as a reflection of their ability to drive action online, not as a final word on any offline power or influence they have.

In terms of offline influence, arguably no one is more influential than President Barack Obama. Yet his Klout score is currently only 87, while others, such as tech pundit Robert Scoble, have higher scores than President Obama.

The Klout Score doesn’t mean that Robert Scoble is more influential in the world than Obama. It currently means that Mr. Scoble is using social media more effectively to drive more actions from his networks. In addition to have a very strong Twitter presence, Scoble has taken to Google+, amassing 730k comments and 730k Reshares in the past 90 days. In the same period, Barack Obama only received 530k and 470k Retweets and Mentions. This is one of the great things about social media, a normal person can out engage the President of the United States and build the power to activate an incredibly powerful network.

If President Obama really put his mind to it, we’re sure he could improve his Klout Score, but he probably has other important things to think about. :)

The Future
As the Internet transforms from being page centric to people centric, understanding influence is going to be one of the most important and challenging problems of our generation. It’s very early in this process and we have a ton of work ahead of us but we couldn’t be more excited to take on this challenge. The Klout Score will continuously evolve to more accurately measure your influence, wherever it lies. Our pledge to you is to give you honest, real information about what we are (and are not) measuring when we create Klout Scores. We’d love to hear your thoughts on influence and the Klout Score.

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  • Tobias Kemper

    Klout Score vs Credit Score

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for sharing the methodology behind Klout! I think your operational definition of what influence is is a good one, and I also like how you’ve detailed some of the factors that go into determining your Klout score. Without having the full research methodology in front of me, it does appear that you’re looking at the right variables.

  • Aaron Lee

    Thank you for sharing this post Joe, I definitely have a much clearer explanation of Klout. Definitely see Klout being more accurate in the future. 

    For now its still an “activity measurement” in my opinion. No tweets for a couple of days etc = score falling. Higher number of tweets = higher score for some since they get “more” retweets etc. What do you think? 

  • Kalee

    I would love to see some kind of timeline for when you’re going to be able to integrate Instagram, WordPress, etc. into our Klout scores!

  • The Yummy Bits

    Thank you for sharing more information on the Klout score, I have been confused why my WordPress blog at did not influence my score… I now know. Thanks!

  • Glen Garvin

    From what I understand, and would like a confirmation one way or another the # of followers and # of people you are following on Twitter makes a difference.  And apparently, if you followers to followees is a good ratio that helps you.  If so, that metric is so severely flawed that you ought to immediately reconsider.

  • Jody Raines

    Strange – I am not sure why the score bounces so dramatically when I check it.  It doesn’t seem to be monitoring or measuring any behaviors that I can directly relate to.  I know I have increased followers and have great engagement, but the klout drops.  On weeks when I have taken a ‘vacation’, it jumps.  Why?  Seems kind of random. 

  • Klout

    Hey Glen, followers (or follower/following ratio) is not a good metric of influence; we focus on the ability to drive action (i.e. engagement) instead. 

  • Derrik Jacobson

    [Duplicated comment here… looking into how it happened and to how to delete it. Sorry!]

    I’m eager to see what additional data/influence might come through link tracking. I see that is queued up in future connections for Klout… and being able to assess comparatively how far down the river a link or story traveled might prove very interesting.

  • Derrik Jacobson

    I’m eager to see what additional data/influence might come through link tracking. I see that is queued up in future connections for Klout… and being able to assess comparatively how far down the river a link or story traveled might prove very interesting.

  • john burke

    DUH! Like we didn’t know any of this. WTF is up with you Klout? Do you think everyone is stupid?

  • Richard

    Why dont you measure blogging communities such as TUMBLR? This is a huge area where influencers speak to their network through common interests. Many people who act on content (IE sharing and commenting) through blogs do not actually know the individual who created or shared in the 1st place. 

    Blogs represent a persons influence within a vacuum.  You are causing someone to act without personally knowing them solely based on what you are sharing.

  • Gill Wallace Hope

    1) How do you add Topics?  i had 3 topics that were perfect and then after the changes last week ii now have 3 Topics that have NOTHING to do with my work!

    2) When we invite new people to Klout from our friends list how do we benefit? when we invite or when they join? how are we rewarded? how does this add to our score?

  • Jkyle

    Klout – I encourage you to keep going. You’re correct in saying that it’s still very early with all of this. Our biggest worry is that Klout score will be wrongly associated with off-line life. Which would be a real shame. Also, I can do more push-ups than Robert Scoble – just sayin’  JK

  • lyonsdigital

    So, can we assume that when Quora is added, that upvotes will be one of the metrics measured?

  • SD House Hunting

    I can testify to that, Glen. @sdhousehunting has lots of followers, and a great ratio, but poorly engages. As such, my Klout (47) is rather poor considering 34,000+ Followers.

  • Tommy

    Klout is a nice way to steal your informations

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  • Allen Gardner

    For Internet Marketers managing several accounts for different companies,  it is easy to know the klout of that brand you are manging, but difficult to understand your personal klout or the klout of your marketing company.  a lot of the companies i manage through my firm, inbound evolution, have “synergies” and inter-connections that add influence, reach, and impact to the brands as a group that under the current system you use, is not accounted for.   

    it would be nice to have an “accounts” feature that would be able to be linked so a marketing manager for several brands could see everything he/she has klout for and then in addition have an “account” klout  rank that would represent the single person or team managing the social presence/klout for the combined brands/companies under a single account.


  • Allen Gardner

    oh by the way – you guys are insane for taking on this project 

    I’m Excited to See you Succeed

    (the above is a compliment, in case my inflection was lost through text only)

  • Allen Gardner

    I think its a bit more advanced currently aaron, more tweets does not equate to higher score, but the response others provide is also part of the score.  i could tweet all day and only have score below 20, but when people respond and i influence them, it goes up.

  • Aaron Lee

    I agree Allen, but it was something I notice actually, saw people tweeting 5-7 tweets an hour, mostly RSS feeds of blogs, all linked to linkedin and facebook 24/7. Has a score of 60+.

    Surely some of those tweets will get retweeted or commented. Lets say 5×24= 120 tweets day. Gets an average of maybe 10 retweets from the 120 tweets. 

    Compared to an average user who post lets say 10 tweets a day, gets around 5 retweets from 10 tweets. 

    Who has more influence? The second possibly. 

    Who will have a higher score? That i am curious though :D 

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  • BrandonCurtis

    love what you guys are doing. feel bad that you’re taking so much heat from people about a free service you’re offering. i think it’s very innovative, insightful and… fun. thank you for helping us understand the world of online influence. as you said, the web is changing from page centric to people centric. so what you’re doing is amazing, and i respect it.

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  • Nickida Stephens

    Thanks for trying to explain this better to us.  I am still lost and hopeful I can’t get my score to rise and not drop six days a week and just a slight increase on one day.

  • susan borst

    Glad to see more explanation of what Klout actually scores – a step in the right direction, for sure.  To be competitive with the likes of Kred and PeekAnalytics, transparency is, I believe, going to be an important distinguisher of influence reporting brand success or failure.

    Question regarding LinkedIn: I recall with the old version of Klout (pre the latest big changes) that you counted LinkedIn recommendations/references.  Do these not factor in to the LinkedIn scoring any more?  (If not, they should.)I still sometimes have to scratch my head at the scoring.  As a personal example, Social Chiefs told me I “climbed 46 places in the interaction chart” this week, but my Klout score does not reflect anything to this effect.  I also wish I knew the people who were in my supposed “influencer network” – as I see some names there I have never seen before in any capacity on any network.

    You make me crazy, but I’d like to see you succeed as trailblazers in this space. Keep opening up to us, Klout. I think your future depends on it.

    Thank you.

  • Jorge A. Mussuto

    Thank you my dear Klout Beta for your influence :)

  • Michael Michelini

    I just still am concerned about personal and business.  I love klout and social media…but my personal life is now completely connected to my business…whereas in the early 2000s I felt like I could better separate my personal and business life.

    i am embracing this, and trying to be ahead of the curve, but i just wonder if i can ever have a private life again! 

  • Anonymous

    I am sorry Klout you do not focus on engagement, you confirm that theory in your Post 1 on How Klout Works. If you would truly look into engagement then you should skip out the factor of how many RTs a user is doing in a day. Remember when Joe explain if person A retweeted you + additional 20 people and person B retweeted only you the person B is more influential then person A. But in case of looking as engagement factor person A is drives more engagement then person B. 

  • Kathy Gori

    One thing I don’t understand since your adjustment is that even though everything has gone up my network influence which you say is the number of influential people I interact with has gone from 65 to 23 to 19! Here’s my dilemma, I’m interacting with the very same people at the same rate or even more in some cases so I just don’t understand the insane drop in that one area. What happened?

  • Anonymous

    I agree with Aaron theory completely. Look at the scores of  spamming profiles, one of them is at score of 84 and all the user does is repeating same old tweet… “you want more followers retweet this” Of course account has 200K+ followers who are trying to artificially gain number of followers. So they do RT in order to get followed. That kind of behaviour is not real engagement and jet Klout takes as positive “ability to drive action”. Is wrong of course IMO as how could i be right when Klout has a science team.  
    I wonder which Scientific method so called Klout science team is using in order to be able to confirm their  hypotesis? Any Scientific experiments are public knowledge, but jet we did not see any of such published by Klout. In my world, a Scientists has data which they carefully record, trials are run and experiments are engaged to prove a hypothesis.  When a data supported and document experiment is found to support a hypothesis, the experiment must then be duplicatable or the results are deemed invalid.   No Scientist in the Science world would ever toss their hands in the air and say, “Sorry we have a glitch and we are in Beta, so just be patient with us!”

  • Primoled

    This is realy informative, thanks alot for your time explaing Klout, some of the previous posters have elaborated well on this subject.

  • Anonymous

    Klout is getting ridiculous. I haven’t gotten the Red Bull Perk yet, it’s taken several months for you guys to get back to me and all I got was a phony UPS tracking number (arrived in an e-mail that was a reply to one I sent in September 3 days ago). It takes more than 20 days to get a reply, and even though I doubt I’ll get the perk because you guys are already hinting that it already arrived or was lost in the mail, you could at least tell me that before 2012, or give me a real tracking number to make your lie look more truthful. Today I come online to find that the score has dropped 10 points overnight (Does it really surprise me or anybody?). You know, it’s really hard to defend your metrics and program when every facet doesn’t work as advertised. Right now the only people who have anything even neutral to say about Klout is the ‘Klout Squad’. For a company bent on measuring influence, you guys sure suck at it.

  • Mark Estcourt

    Thanks for this post as its much clearer now what you are recording.  It also helps to understand what we need to do in order to increase our score.  I am still learning how to maximise my social media influence so anything helps!

  • Mayra

    This is crazy as too how much the score changes. I just dropped 25 points and I’ve been more active and have more friends/followers I interact with. There doesn’t seem to be any standard and it’s a pain that it ts changed all the time. This is the main reason I quit participating so long ago. I was having my friends join but I’ve given up on this and won’t be participating any longer.

  • Scobleizer

    you probably could do more pushups than me. But you’d have to catch me. I’m about to leave to go to Paris. :-)

  • Mick Say

    Hi Joe

    Thanks for keeping us appraised, I commend you and the team for striving to advance Klout and provide a free platform for measurement.

    From October 18 2011 to October 29th 2011 – My Klout score was demoted from a respectable 75 (Specialist) to 63 (Broadcaster) a dramatic -12 points drop. 
    Admittedly – my engagement dropped of during that period due to reasons beyond my control, so I accepted the demotion in score and rank. However – I am struggling to understand the numbers game and which bit of what is really important – as an example….Yesterday – I cleaned up my twitter account, I spent the day un-following 2809 twitter accounts who were A: Dormant B: Obviously Bots or Spammers C: Inactive D: Russian accounts with no profiles. E: Call Girls F: Porn Peddlers. 
    (Until recently I followed everyone back Automatically)In the greater scheme of things most of these accounts had a Klout score below 20. A few hundred had Klout scores of above 30 and 40 but were obviously Bots or Spammers.Over night my Klout Score was demoted by -15 points from 64 to 49, the only change was un-following those twitter accounts.My question I suppose is How & Why were 2809 non-influential twitter accounts able to decimate my Klout score? Thanks – Mick 

  • Wayne Moses

    …same thing just happened to me… I agree with you Mayra… there is no consistency in the way klout is calculating this stuff… I just went from 51 to 24 in less than 3 hours… while I was off-line!!!

  • Peter L Masters MCIM

    This is crazy and people are sick of it, no transparency and no credibility.

    Down from 72 to 56 and then up to 62 and down to 51, what’s up guys, have you lost the plot?

    Move over Klout, here come Kred.

    I used to really promote Klout, introduced lots of people, sent 100’s of K+’s, thought Klout was great, wrote some great Klout blog posts too! What a waste of my time!

    Looks like you need some help with PR, regards Peter, aka MarketingM8

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  • G. Thomas White

    Dropped 30 points

  • William Newman

    Something happened today with the algorithm, like a denominator was boosted or something.  People wtf-ing all over the place.  Don’t take it personally.  

  • Scott Krukowski

    One thing I have an issue with is there is no active benchmark.  I can look at the home page of Kout and analyze my score, amplification, and network, but with no benchmark figure, these are essentially meaningless.  

    If they could scrape and provide a benchmark figure both internally to my immediate network and externally to Klout users as a whole, it would be much more meaningful.  However, I guess the missing factor for the internal benchmarking is a limited community of Klout users.  Once the community of Klout users grow, better statistical benchmarking will be available. 

  • Anonymous

    Ok, I must withdraw my complaint. I checked my mail today, got  notice my cable company has gone digital and they were not picking up my box. Seems they sent it through USPS (YOu guys said UPS, but I found a stack of Klout boxes, a digital TV box and some christmas presents I ordered water logged beside an obscure entranceto my residence). So yeah, I got several Klout perks delivered, along with several other packages that weren’t delivered appropriately. SO it was the fault of the USPS, and not Klout. SOrry for my jump to conclusions, but this has taken nearly 3 months to figure out that the package was leaning against my house near a side entrance.

  • Dave Hogg

    You base online clout on Foursquare to-dos? You do realize that 99% of them are utterly pointless. When someone goes to Ford Field and posts “Cheer for the Lions” as a to-do, how have they created any influence – why else would people go to a Lions game?

    Today, Klout scores are messed up because you are having issues with Facebook yet again. Why should anyone take this seriously, since you can’t go a week without scores fluctuating up and down for no apparent reason?
    When you changed the scores in October, you also went back and changed historical scores. When you fixed the Facebook problem, causing people’s scores to jump, you didn’t fix the historical scores. Today, there’s another problem … and we haven’t even addressed your privacy issues.

    And, of course, we’re still waiting for a acknowledgement that you lied to the New York Times when you told them that Klout takes 13 social networks into account. 

  • Jessica Land

    Data science and physical science are different things. I’ve worked in both data science and medical research. Medical research requires data scientists to reach their conclusion, but they’re independent fields.

  • Jessica Land

    Are you referring to something like users with scores over 50 are in the 95th percentile? They’ve said that much, and I expect we’ll be getting more data like that in the future.

  • Jessica Land

    They are taking authorizations for tumblr and WordPress currently. They will be factored into the score in the future, and I think we’d all prefer they test appropriately before they fully roll out such changes.

  • Porter Versfelt III

    Great explanation of Klout. The author or an editor may want to check the multiple spelling and grammar errors, however.

  • Abel Pardo

    Thank you for this kind of info. It’s really appreciated when you open a shine of light and people can undersatand better how Klout works.

  • Alia

    I am waiting for Kred and will use that as soon as it is released. Cannot wait. They are far more transparent and I hope that they are more reliable with the scoring. Based on the data I have read in the documentation I think it is a far better model and will be far more accurate. Hurry up Kred!

    Like all things, I get that this is a new realm, but anything has to be better than unreliable, unexplained score jumps and data that makes NO SENSE. The fact that so much emphasis has previously been placed on Klout and the way everything was handled made many lose respect. Me included.Can explain it till the cows come home, but whatever – the scoring basis and claims that are being made do not accurately reflect in the reality of the scores and jumps or losses we find. It is a load of baloney. And many I have spoken to agree.

  • Internet Marketing Company

    Yes in part – I , klout has revealed  for the continuous process to it as live all time to stay connected with it for the more score. And if not so then get the less in the score. But this is wrong for all time connected for the increased score!

  • Kathy Gori

    What I don’t understand is the idea of network influence..mine dropped..from 65 to 19 and still sinking, even though I am still interacting with the same people. Of course connecting my facebook account which consists of a lot of relatives and high school friends who  have never heard of Klout may account for it..but I do communicate frequently with high Klout scoring people who RT and mention me , I have more followers ect RT’ing my content, I don’t understand why my influence score still drops nearly every day

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  • Clifford

    The Klout score is flawed as it is because it doesn’t measure URL clicks posted by someone. As an example, suppose I posted a URL link to a special offer flyer and one thousand people clicked on it. Out of that, 100 took the offer. This should be interpreted as part of the influence score. 

  • Beer47

    I still contend there is a problem with your scoring. @beer47 has 38k followers, Klout score 49. @djensen47 has less than 300, Klout score 42. With @beer47 at any point in the day, with links, I can get between 50 and 120 clicks and 5-15 retweets or mentions. Broader mentions are 10-20 per day. With  @djensen47, on average zero retweets and maybe a mention once a day, total.

    Why are the scores so close? I would say that the response rate of @beer47 vs. @djensen47 is at least 10x but the scores are within 7 and @djensen47 keeps moving up while @beer47 does not.

    I thought I read somewhere that I should only talk to the “right” people on Twitter to make my Klout score go up? Is this true, if so, that seems VERY bad. “Don’t talk to your customers because their Klout score is too low.”

  • Beer47

    Oh, I get it. Since Klout doesn’t address _their_ customers on Twitter, Facebook, and here, they are encouraging their users to do the same. Just kidding of course.

  • Kymberlaine Banks

    this is going to help me do a much better job of explaining Klout, thanks!

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  • detroitmommy

    I love Klout and my score is great but there’s one person I know who has all their networks attached, but the only network they’re actually active on is Facebook. They had NO topics attached to their acct at all until topics could be suggested.. and their klout score is phenomenal.  yet all they do is play games. They have over 800 friends on their personal acct & they play farmville, pot farm, and in real life they .. oooh they have no real life.  

    I just find it really hard to believe that playing games on FB should qualify you for perks or give you a bigger score than anyone else I’ve known on klout since it came out!  How can this be? You know ppl playing those games always give “likes” when they get a free item from someone else in the game.

    It just to me seems like cheating..   

  • Carlos Schmidt Pravda

    When do you update Google + and begin to dump data from Facebook? I thinkshame is giving

  • Ian Huckabee

    What’s the link to Part One?

  • Ariën Kingma

    Most of my online influence comes out of my private en direct messages on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. That traffic is at least 300% and covers much deeper reaching topics with more influencual people. And I think that counts for a lot of users. If Klout does not measure that, what does that say about my Klout score?

  • GirlsDesignerDresses

    is it better to use your facebook profile or fan page? why after 3 months of asking does my blogger still not wish to ‘grant access’? can i see which G+ account is linked to my Klout?  

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  • Thos003

    Good explanation of what klout score is and what it measures. It still appears that Justin Bieber holds the perfect klout score. It also appears that a fake fan club, @justinbieber_:twitter has a very high klout score.

  • isomorphisms

    Obama v Scoble. Great example.

  • isomorphisms

    As the Internet transforms from being page centric to people centric, understanding influence is going to be one of the most important and challenging problems of our generation.

    OK, that just sounds like you’re full of yourselves. What you’re doing is interesting, but not earth-shattering. When Klout eradicates hookworm I’ll say it’s one of the most important problems of our generation.

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  • Dom

    I’m fed up of seeing sharp, drastic and sudden overnight drops in some of the elements of my Klout score when my usage remains consistent. For instance, my network impact has seen two sharp, overnight drops in recent weeks (equalling almost 17 points), despite nothing in my usage changing over that time, yet Klout offers no explanations. TRANSPARENT MY ARSE. At least Peer Index is consistent. 

  • Patsy Ferrer

    when is getglue going to be part of the list?

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  • Local Search SEO

    I am glad to read …”The Klout Score will continuously evolve to more accurately measure your influence, wherever it lies…” once Klout figures out a way to integrate G+ into its algo, THEN the masses might place value on a K-score. since Twitter seems to be overly populated with so much auto bot junk and little to no true SMM engagement.

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  • Scott Kimler

    Because blogging is a huge part of social networking and influencing others, I’m glad to see expansion into networks like WordPress, Blogger & Tumblr. For an even truer picture, you’re hopefully looking at RSS feeds (FeedBurner?) and individual CMS websites (like ours, which has been online since 2004?)

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  • Papi Chullo

    I don’t even bother to try and measure the influence on social media, it
    just seems too chaotic and random to me. Who tweets what, who likes
    what, it’s huge if you take it piece by piece. If Klout can help sort
    these out i might just have found my new obsession.

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  • online degree

    It looks like the nation’s even more enhanced previously aaron, alot more twitter posts fails to equal substantial history, nevertheless impulse many others offer you is in addition system of the history. we could twitter for hours in support of contain history less than 20, though once many people behave and even as i sway them all, the application rises.

  • Ken Gai

    hmm.. Linkedin Klout is based only on comments & likes..?!? It’s not farcebook or twatter.. surely ‘real authority’ there comes from number of connections (taking into account CxO would be an obvious metric) and recommendations. #fail

  • Ian Huckabee

    This post has changed a little since it first appeared – 2.7 billion pieces of content is now 3 billion, for instance. Also networks measured seems to have changed. Can you including a time stamp on updates? It would be useful. Thanks!

  • Online Associate Degrees

    In today’s world social networking is s common that people have forgotten to use other activities and are so much active on internet..! its good that we can measure it into calculations now 

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  • Online Associates Degree

    nice share. you have cleared up many mis conceptions about Klout


    Impressive thoughts, i am still thinking of it whetere i should be pro or against that. Thanks for sharing. Callgirls

  • cash for small business

    thanks for the detailing i am about to start by wordpress blog hope it also works well for me 

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  • Emgeemann

    Any idea when tumblr & youtube will be integrated into the Klout score? For me, they’re some of my most influential networks, whereas I lightly use Twitter and hardly ever touch Google Plus or LinkedIn, and I don’t even have a FourSquare. As such, I feel like a measurement of my “true online influence” that is essentially based only on my casual facebooking & tweeting (while my professional work goes to my Tumblr & Youtube) is a bit mis-representative. I look forward to seeing how these will be incorporated.

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  • Anonymous

    I wish there was some sort of timeline available that would give us an idea when certain networks (such as WordPress and Blogger) will be calculated into our scores. 

  • McLicious

    I know I’m late to the party, but having just joined, I have to say I’m pretty impressed with all that Klout is able to do so far. That said, I wish you had some sort of suggestion box+timeline for other networks that should/will be added. Blogging’s obviously a big one, but on a more selfish note, I’d love to see my and Goodreads accounts counted, because that would have a big effect on my score. More generally, though, maybe looking into working with Disqus or OpenID accounts would be a good way of getting more information faster and more efficiently, since that has the potential to track people across lots of networks, news sources, etc.

  • Mark @ Make Them Click

    KLOUT DOES NOT MEASURE LINKEDIN ACTIVITY, so stop BS-ing everybody that you do.

    There’s not even a Linkedin section on the Score analysis dashboard.

    I’m incredibly active on Linkedin and there’s nothing showing at all in Klout.

    On top of that even the Google+ stats are wrong.

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  • Rtent

      I am connected to my Facebook account but it is not showing any comments, likes, or wall comments.  Is the Facebook connection not working?

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    Utilizing social media like twitter and facebook is an important thing that can be used to promote your website. In addition to be more effective, the discussion through social media is quite attractive by many.

  • RJ Legaspi

    I wish you could integrate YouTube sooner in the scoring. 

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  • Fran Hendrick

    I just learned about Klout today and connected it to Facebook.  However, what I am interested in is the impact of my Page, not of my Profile.  Can you tell me how that works in terms of Klout’s metrics?

  • Mark Bennet

    Why does Klout has to measure the online influence a user has? That is one of the primary thing that really confuses me. Chances are there that once you produce a content, the people in your network content will not always read it. Even if the content is interesting, they will only read it if they are in a mood to do so.

  • How Do I Get A Girl

    I’m sure it is a tad bit more state-of-the-art at this time aaron, far more twitting isn’t going to equal better ranking, even so the answer some others produce is additionally section of the ranking. i could truthfully twitter right through the day and only include ranking underneath 20, although as soon as persons act in response in addition to when i have an effect on these individuals, the item comes up.

  • energy auditor certification

    this is pretty cool–I dont think it is very accurate yet though, but it can be sometime in the future. But as more and more social platforms are added (reddit for example), are you going to keep updating Klout to include those as well?

  • Klout

    Hi Fran, Facebook pages are still being tested so they don’t contribute to the Klout score right now. Facebook profiles, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ personal profiles and foursquare are the only networks that contribute to the Score.

  • Klout

    Yep! We’re continuing to look into new networks to add in the future.

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    A fascinating system, particularly useful for businesses to measure their online presences! 

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    Someone who wants to works should have the expertise. They will be factored into the score in the future,and i thin we’d all prefer they test appropriately before they fully roll out such changes

  • Minibus Training

    Klout is a way of measuring digital influence through social networking platforms. I’ll admit that I was fully engrossed in checking my score compulsively when I first discovered it and was more elated than a kid on Christmas when my score broke a certain number. Granted, it’s still a modest score, but I feel good about it. Or I did until I really sat down and really thought about it.

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  • Katharine Johnson

    My Klout score dropped 31 [thirty-one] points in 1 [one] day. How is this possible? Is it because a new 90-day cycle started? Someone explain this. I’m seriously beginning to doubt the credibility of site I love. HELP!!

  • Klout
  • wordpress knowledge

    nice and best We are only able to give you credit for the influence we can see, so if you have a private network that isn’t connected to Klout it will not be counted in your Score.

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  • Infinite Prospects

    Does klout count non-public facebook posts in score calculations? Do they have the same weight as public posts?

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