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Klout Perks Hits the UK! Treat Yourself with Airbnb

January 27th, 2012 by Lan Nguyen

We’re happy to announce that we’re helping Airbnb celebrate their UK launch with a Klout Perk! Airbnb is offering 20,000 influencers in the UK a chance to get away with £50 off. Stay at a studio in Spain for the weekend or relax at a villa in Tuscany for a week. With over 100,000 holiday rentals in over 19,000 cities, Airbnb has something for you.

Airbnb has seen incredible international growth and is rising to meet the global demand by opening several new offices in Europe. Even if you can’t get away, you can still join the celebration by attending the opening of Airbnb’s London office on February 2nd, 2012.

Klout Perks is making major strides on the international stage. We’re very excited about launching our first major UK Perk and we look forward to bringing more exclusive experiences and products to our Klout users around the world.

Where are you from? What Klout Perks would you like to see?

Update: If you are eligible for this Perk and see “You are not eligible,” please email us at [email protected] and put “Airbnb Perk” in the subject. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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  • Samwolfson

    This looks great but I’m in the UK with a score of 55. How comes I’m not eligible?

  • Franck Pauly


    Same as previous comment, I have a Klout score of 44, so should be eligible, but no luck!

  • Rachelle Thompson

    Me as well!

  • Chris Murphy

    I live in the UK and Ireland, my Klout profile has my location set as Ireland, how do I change this?

  • NicoleTravelBug

    I too am having problems claiming it though I meet the criteria.

  • Gulliveruk

    it’s saying i’m not eligible either even though i’m 45. 

  • Theodora

    I’m from the UK and it’s saying I’m not eligible.

  • Maxim Fernandez

    Same problem, over 40 score, updated location to GB. Still not eligible.

  • patrick bettington


  • Jacob Aldridge

    Annoying – since Klout exists to know a whole lot about me – that yet again I am emailed and told to benefit from a perk that the system knows I’m ineligble for (although in this case, I seem to be eligible, which makes it doubly annoying).

  • cdow

    same-sies…. off to Stockholm so this would come in very handy.

  • John

    Same here. located in the UK, score is over 40, and yet I’m not eligible. I even got the Email about the offer.

  • Udipta

    Been waiting for this for a long time now

  • Kameron K.
  • GeoffS

    same complaint! 


  • Bill Bateman

    Seems like a natural

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  • Hideyuki.Kanemitsu


  • Jelly Jim

    “Update: If you are eligible for this Perk and see “You are not eligible,” please email us at [email protected] and put “Airbnb Perk” in the subject. We apologize for the inconvenience.”
    How would we know if we were eligible if we don’t know what the eligibility criteria are?!

  • Rhys Thomas

    Same here, listed as living in the UK and score of 46, and I can’t even find the perk unless I click on the link in the email. Something is awry.

  • Anonymous

    Klout blows

  • The Single Filez

    I’ve emailed ‘[email protected]’ and put ‘Airbnb Perk’ in the subject header but not heard anything back. My Klout score is 40 and I’m in the UK, so I should be eligible. What a TERRIBLE way to launch Klout Perks in the UK!

  • Jelly Jim

    Waaaaait. Wait, wait, wait.

    Some of you had an email from Klout about this?

    I haven’t.

    What does the email say?

  • holiday rentals homeaway

     I am from USA and it is saying that I am not eligible my score is 50+.
    what the hell is this??

  • Airbnb Clone

    I was waiting for this celebration…but i missed it…

  • lsenthilganesh

    In india too airbnb is in great popularity. contact Jonathan

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  • Akaliza Keza Gara

    Are there any perks for people who don’t live in the UK or the USA – specifically, in Rwanda?

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