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The Most Influential SOPA Voices

January 19th, 2012 by Lan Nguyen
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Yesterday, we witnessed the internet go on strike with companies like Google and Wikipedia blacking out their logos or entire websites in protest of the SOPA and PIPA bills in U.S. Congress. This coordinated effort resulted in a surge of engagement on SOPA-related content on Twitter. There were twice as many retweets about #sopa, #pipa, #blackoutsopa, #stopsopa, #blackout, and #factswithoutwikipedia yesterday than in the past 30 days combined.

Out of the clamor against SOPA, we found the most influential voices. Some you may recognize and some you won’t – others, you may find a bit surprising – but these ten influencers had the most reach and impact on Twitter.

Generated Using Data from Dec 1st, 2011 through 4pm PST Jan 18th 2012.

If you followed the Occupy Movement on Twitter you might have recognized groups such as @YourAnonNews and @TheNewDeal. Other familiar influencers in SOPA include Wikipedia and its co-founder Jimmy Wales. Wikipedia helped galvanize the anti-SOPA effort with a tweet heard round the world.

Retweeted 7,897 times

Jimmy Wales took a more humorous approach to announcing the Wikipedia blackout on his personal Twitter.

Retweeted 11,776 times

In the midst of SOPA protest, some new influencers emerged on the scene. David Shares had a Klout score spike, going from 34 yesterday to 63 today after he burned up Twitter with a warning:

Retweeted 16,669 times

And possibly the most surprising of them all is YouPorn, asking the Internet to save porn by stopping SOPA.

Retweeted 6,051 times

These ten influencers have had the most impact on the SOPA conversation recently and they are certainly ones to watch as the debate continues. Like many influencers in this movement, Klout believes in the power of free expression. #stopsopa

How have you been following the SOPA debate? Who has influenced you about SOPA and in what way?

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  • YouPorn Jude

    Can’t believe we made the list. Still in shock of the support not only YouPorn, but all SOPA protesters received yesterday. We’ve all worked hard to make a big impression and we’ve done it. Keep up the fight and here’s hoping we can muster enough support to kill SOPA and PIPA once and for all.

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  • Taran Rampersad

    Meanwhile, my ‘joke’ (“if porn sites joined #SOPAStrike, Congress might notice.”) didn’t get any love. :-) Clearly I’m not influential about porn.

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  • BitShare

    Thanks for mentioning me (@davidshares), I didn’t realize how many times my tweet was retweeted (I thought in the hundreds, now 16K!)

  • Adriana

    The power of the internet! The power of ppl! Never to be underestimated!

  • Jodi Mesrobian Soper

    The impact of this combined effort shows the power of digital voice. I wonder when we will see this again.

  • Sportyladylace

    I don’t agree with porn but, I don’t agree with Government having this much influence on our lives…don’t they have enough?

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