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Can Steve Carell Keep It Up?

February 24th, 2012 by Lan Nguyen

We’d like to welcome to Steve Carell to the wonderful world of social media! Best known for his role on NBC’s The Office, Steve Carell joined Twitter yesterday and we have to say that his first five Tweets are pretty epic. True to form, or rather true to Michael Scott, his former character on The Office, Steve started off with a very #thatswhatshesaid joke:

Steve followed with a disclaimer that he would not continue with “That’s What she Said Jokes” but then proceeded to deliver more 4 more #thatswhatshesaid one-liners.

This case highlights how offline influence can translate to online influence. Within 24 hours after signing up and getting his account verified, Steve set off a torrent of Tweets and Retweets announcing his arrival on Twitter from other highly influential users:

Klout Score: 85

Klout Score: 82

And while Steve may protest, “I don’t think that I can keep this up,” we say you can do it, Steve! You’ve got Klout.

We’d like to give a shoutout to our friends at @SimplyMeasured who helped us whip up stats! Check out the sweet new influencer metrics they recently released at

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