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Appbackr Integrates Klout to Reward Mobile App Promoters

March 1st, 2012 by Tyler Singletary

Got a passion for apps? In the world of mobile, word-of-mouth promotion makes a huge difference in the success of an app. Enter Appbackr, which now integrates the Klout Score to recognize the best app “backers” and reward you for promoting an app. The more you promote apps, the more rewards you receive.

How? Well, Appbackr allows you to buy apps at wholesale price and profit as the apps are sold in retail stores. Incorporating Klout means that Appbackr can gauge your ability to amplify content and leverage your social network. Based on your Score, Appbackr will give you discounts on the wholesale purchase of apps, which means more profit for you!

The first campaign to enable Klout integration is The Untouchables, a partnership with Paramount. People with a Klout score of 40 or above will receive a discount of 10% to 30%. The developer has to elect to make discounting available, so you won’t see the Klout Discount on all, or even most, apps.  And unless you have a Klout score of at least 40, the discounting won’t be visible to you.

We’re really excited to see this project come to fruition; Appbackr’s founders have an innovative viewpoint, which won them the distinguished PayPal X Developer’s Challenge Award.

We’re seeing a really similar model of incentivized social sharing with a product called AddShoppers. AddShoppers’ concept is that if you’re influential with a strong network, and you’re promoting a product, you should receive a discount on that. The AddShoppers platform is embeddable into multiple eCommerce systems, and will offer a lot of interesting possibilities to reward influencers for what they’re already keen to do.

Interestingly, AddShoppers also registered a new verb for the Facebook Open Graph: “want.” Rather than “liking” a product, you can now like it, and maintain that list of desires.

Chrome, Firefox, Opera

What’s the easiest way to see Klout scores next to your Twitter feed? The Klout Chrome, Firefox, and Opera plugins!

Upcoming Events

3/3/2012 – 3/5/2012 – Klout is a huge sponsor of AngelHack. You hay have seen our recent perk with them. We’ll be offering a prize to the best startup that utilizes Klout. We’re really encouraging the power of Klout and curation. Some great stuff come out of it last September.

3/9/2012 – 3/12/2012 - Klout will be at SXSW. Come talk to our Developer Evangelist at Mashery’s Circus Mashimus.

3/15/2012 – Klout will have a booth and be presenting at Cloudstock. Join 3,000 developers at a 1-day cloud developer event on March 15 in San Francisco. Get hands-on with the latest platform and API innovations from and Heroku, and interact with experts from leading cloud service providers like Amazon, Spring, Box, GitHub, PhoneGap, and Twilio.

Past Events

MusicHackDay in San Francisco was on 2/10/2012. MusicHackDay curries developers interested in the music space together for a weekend to crank out new innovations in the curation, creation, distribution, and promotion of music. Some previous winners include the awesome Bohemian Rhapsichord, a sample instrument for making new music based on the classic song. In today’s social media driven world, musicians take a direct approach to their fan communities via Twitter and Facebook, and the efficiency of their communication can be measured and compared via Klout. Likewise, influential music bloggers could stand out via a directory based on their Klout and influential topics.

For MHD we made a Spotify app (Kloutrock) that finds the Twitter account for the artist you’re listening to, and provides some community information for them, including their Klout Score.

Where else would you like to see Klout used? Have an idea of your own? Hit the Klout Developer Portal.

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