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Badgers Rule the Insanity World

March 20th, 2012 by Eric Jorgensen

The real-deal March Madness tournament truly started on Thursday (opening round/play-in games notwithstanding), but Klout employees felt the Madness itch a little early. So, we created Influencer Insanity, our own 64-team bracket, in which thousands of Klout users participated. We wanted to find what university you would deem the most influential about college basketball, and by the championship round, the contest wound up a little more intriguing than we predicted.

After receiving the most +K votes in every previous matchup, in-state rivals Marquette University and the University of Wisconsin-Madison clashed for the Influencer Insanity crown. Both schools’ fans rallied to the cause, but when the buzzer blared, the Badgers reigned the college basketball influence kingdom, 3,745 +Ks to the Golden Eagles’ 2,740 +Ks.

University of Wisconsin – Madison Tweets:

Marquette University Tweets:

Congratulations, Badgers!

Really, congratulations to all of Wisconsin. You guys engaged and influenced your fan bases and networks on a scale no one could match. Plus, both your teams are still alive in the real NCAA tournament!

So, until next year, the University of Wisconsin-Madison will wear the crown of most socially influential college basketball team. Until then, prep your +Ks for next March when Wisconsin will defend its throne.

Enjoy this year’s NCAA tournament and good luck on your brackets! May you swim in the cash of your office pool come April 2. You all picked Ohio U. to advance to the Sweet 16, right?

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