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Get More Gilt for Your Klout

March 5th, 2012 by Joe Fernandez
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At Klout, we remind ourselves every day that everyone has influence, and we work very hard to not only help people gain insights into their influence, but to benefit from it in ways that they never have before.

Today we’ve announced a major Klout Perk with Gilt Groupe that shows how incredibly valuable your influence can be in the real world. Starting tomorrow, you can use your influence to receive a percentage off of your purchase that corresponds with your Klout Score. So, if your Score is 81-100, you could receive up to 100 percent off of your purchase from This Perk starts on Tuesday, March 6, will roll out in increments to users and is valid for a limited amount of time while supplies last. You can access the Perk by going to

We’ve also worked with Gilt to select influencers from several categories, including fashion, interior design, social media, finance and parenting. These people have curated a special sale that will be featured across five of’s properties – Men, Women, Baby & Kids, Taste and Home. Curators include Loren Ridinger for Gilt Women’s business, Art Jonak for Gilt MAN, Ciaran Blumenfield for Gilt Baby and Kids, Erin Loechner for Gilt HOME and Pim Techmuanvivit for Gilt Taste. This sale starts on Wednesday, March 7 at 12:00 p.m. EST and lasts for 36 hours.

This is a first-of-its-kind partnership for Klout. Gilt Groupe has the foresight to see how important it is to connect to influencers at scale, and we get to help the Klout community unlock the value of their influence.

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  • Tufail Shahzad

    Good luck for you both let see how Klout can help increase their GLIT’s sales :) and how GLIT will encourage their customers to join Klout. (As a marketer may i know one thing that is it a paid partnership?)

  • Todd Campbell

    Question. So I read the deal.  It says there are limited availability and there is roll out dates.  What is the time of the day each group gains accesss?  Is it 12:00 A.M. EST?

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  • Hameedham

    nice wawoooo 

  • Greg Cannon

    Fantastic program/partnership! I am excited to see who the next partner will be! 

  • Anne S.

    Wow 100% off, now that’s a perk! I’m gonna ask @scobleizer:twitter to buy something for me! ;-p

  • Karen E. Lund

    Short of lying about my age, is there a way to opt out of perks?

  • clayton

    Hi Karen. If you’d like to opt out of Perks, you can send us an email at and we can help you do that. Please be sure to write in the subject line of the email that you would like to opt out and include a link to your Klout profile in the body of the email. Thanks!

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  • Psymar327

    can’t access the guilt perks- not very smooth!

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  • Maryam S.

    I tried to get my 60% today, but it just offers me a 20%. Gah! 

  • Mark Giannetti

    definitely got my 60% off yesterday — and my stuff has already been delivered — literally not even 24 hours have passed. Best.Perk.Ever.

  • Custom Website Design

    Klout rocks! Klout score is always matters a lot in many ways and by this score klot creates an influence.

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  • Guerilla Advertising

    Marketing is not a easy job.It needs your intellect and exposure and your special efforts.So let me tell you that always prepare your self ready to cope with any matter.

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