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Klout for Good: Donate your birthday to charity: water!

March 22nd, 2012 by Eric Jorgensen

Everyone has influence, and we believe influence comes with responsibility—the responsibility to help other people. We’re excited to launch a new Klout for Good site where you can connect with causes and non-profit organizations. We invite you to use Klout for Good as your springboard for driving positive social change.

We’re kicking off the new Klout for Good today with our partner charity: water in honor of World Water Day! This nonprofit’s mission is rooted in one number: 1,000,000,000. One billion—that’s the number of people in the world who do not have access to clean drinking water. It’s mind boggling, frustrating and tragic. A child dies every 19 seconds because they have no option but to drink dirty water, polluted with germs and bacteria.

We can help them, and it’s easy. Pledge your birthday to charity: water to contribute to the cause. Simply ask family members and friends to donate money to charity: water in your name for your birthday, and then the organization will use that money to build wells, water drills or water sanitation systems in areas desperate for clean drinking water. Twenty dollars gives one person access to clean water. What birthday gift could compete with that?

We can do this. We can make a substantial, life-saving impact on humanity. With your influence and ability to share information about this dire situation, we can improve life on earth. We encourage you to visit Klout for Good to learn how you can pledge your birthday to save a life.

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