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New & Improved Matchup in Klout Labs!

March 30th, 2012 by Lan Nguyen

We’re excited to launch a new and improved MatchUp tool in our Klout Labs! We are constantly working to improve Klout and we’d like to hear from you, our users. We’ve made the feedback process fun and easy. It goes like this: We’ll put a pair of users you know head-to-head and you simply let us know who you think is more influential. Bam! We’ll take that feedback to optimize Klout Scores.

Right now, this first Klout Lab feature is available to a limited number of users, but we will be rolling it out to everyone soon! Check your dashboard to see if you’ve got the new MatchUp tool.

What do you think of our new MatchUp?

Update: As of August 2012, we no longer offer this product. We apologize for the inconvenience

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  • Thiago Lima

    Like this way better

  • Sam Zimmerman

    @Klout:twitter’s new Matchup tool seems quite sweet. May the battle for influence continue to rage!

  • Sam A Muze

    this is awesome, another way for me to waste half an hour on my laptop!!

  • Anonymous

    April 1 is sunday. 

  • Bob LeDrew

    oooooh! All of the classy attitude of with none of the social benefits. 

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    Prefer the previous set up. Also find it annoying to have to compare people that I have never heard of, and who are not on my Influener or Influenced lists. (PS There are folks on my Influence list that don’t follow me, so they shouldn’t even be there.)

  • Dwfurlong

    I am not sure if this is the most objective or scientific approach to accurately measuring someones influence. However, if weighted with other means of gathering information to determine influence within ones owns circles, I can see how this would be an interesting tool to add to the mix.

  • sell used cell phones

    Great job!

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  • Robertogaston

  • Gina-schulz

    i dont will need this, why shoud i compare users with each other.

  • Datondra

    this is how i feel

  • Datondra

    i dont think it makes any sence to compare people i dont even know. i dont think it makes much sense to compare people at all!

  • Jean Lopez

    why can’t i access to matchup?


    Okay this worked well, but now I can’t access Matchup for about 7 days already. It keeps telling me, “thanks for your insight!”, and it tells me to come back tomorrow to do Matchup again. But when I check the other day it tells me the same thing.. BUG?

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