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Klout Gets Romantic! Is Using Klout Scores to Find You an Intriguing Match!

April 16th, 2012 by E. Jean Carroll

What if there were a magic number which could predict who you’ll fall in love with? What if there were a number which could forecast who you will not find appealing? What if that number is right in front of everyone’s eyes—-and nobody realizes it reveals the mystery of attraction?

We think we’ve found the magic number. It’s your Klout Score.

We’re Tawkify—-the first matchmaking company to use Klout Scores as a measurement of allure and as a prediction of falling in love.

In a series of blind experiments (the thirty couples we matched were not told we were using their Klout Scores), we’ve found that Klout Scores will predict the brilliance or dullness of match—-and how quickly people will click.

Amorous fireworks caused by throwing two people together with similar Klout Scores can’t be predicted with perfect accuracy, of course, and a Klout Score will never replace our match-making instincts——-and sometimes, yes, a lawyer with the Klout Score of 50 will get on the phone with a beautiful graphic designer and speak for seven straight stupid minutes about himself and the beautiful graphic designer will call us afterward and shout “Never match me with a moron like that again!”

But we’ve found that Klout Scores are an authentic measurement of sophistication, wit, cultural savvy, and appeal—-a much truer and more trustworthy measurement than the typical on-line dating site bull-hockey-factors of height, weight, and income. And we think we know why. On dating sites 81% people fib about their weight, height and how much money they make. (See Stephanie Rosenbloom’s New York Times article, “Love and Lies”). You can’t lie about your Klout Score. Any Score over 19 indicates that other people find you attractive, sophisticated, and beguiling enough to be influenced by you—-and we’re proving your Score can be used to predict if a person we match you with will fall for you.

On, you answer 11 questions, upload your photo and Kenneth Shaw and I will personally match you and set you up on the phone. See this New York Times article about it. And when we put two people together with high Klout Scores——WATCH OUT! It’s like a meeting of the gods.

E. Jean Carroll
Elle Magazine Advice Columnist
Co-CEO with Kenneth Shaw of

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