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Terms of Service & Privacy Policy Updates

April 13th, 2012 by Joe Fernandez
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Every day, thousands of new users join Klout to learn more about their influence, and every day, we work on new ways to make Klout better for you. In the midst of this growth, it is important to us to maintain your trust, so we regularly review and update our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service (TOS).

Today we rolled out some updates to our policies with an eye toward more clarity and transparency, and toward ensuring that they fully encompass your use of Klout. These changes reflect principles we apply to our service every day, as well as comments we’ve received from users.

Here is a brief overview of some of the changes.

Terms of Service
Our goal with the TOS is to offer a roadmap to Klout, including how it works, our responsibilities and the responsibilities of Klout users. With this update, we have addressed the commonly asked question, “How does Klout create a score?” by providing additional details on our scoring algorithm. We’ve also made it more clear that users are responsible for the content they post or upload to Klout. In turn, if we believe any content violates our terms or rules, such as copyright-protected materials, it may be removed. While we’ve never had any interest in understanding the influence of children, our new language explicitly states that children under 13 are forbidden from using Klout, and requires children under 18 to obtain parental permission.

Privacy Policy
Our Privacy Policy is now worded more carefully to help you understand where we get the data that is used to create a Klout Score, and how we might share this data. In addition, we explain how our partners may use our API in combination with information they have about a user (a Twitter handle, for example) to see a user’s Klout Score, and have clarified that we may provide some publicly available information like Klout Scores and topics of influence to partners to help them determine if you qualify for perks. We also wanted to make it explicitly clear that cookies are only used on to collect data only when you are on our site to help us better understand and improve your experience.

We recommend that you take time to read through the full TOS and Privacy Policy, and we welcome your comments and questions.

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  • Museu2009

    Li a política de privacidade e parabéns pela apromoramento.

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    i’m blowing up

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    Did you “like” my FB Page? 

    Did I “like” your FB Page?  Send me your link

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    How do I make sure that Facebook has the proper permissions to connect with Klout?

    ‘Like” our facebook page at

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  • Klout

    Hi Gordon, sorry for the late reply. Send us an email at to look into for you.

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    give us an android app!!!

  • Christopher Walsh

    How about sending me my perk that I genuinely qualified for yet didn’t get it???

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    Hi, I’ve qualified for 2 perks since I joined the service… But still none was granted as of yet. Please, check on that.

  • Ryan H

    Thank you for having a summary of changes, and for the content of those changes!