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For every Klout point, get $1 worth of extra product from Little Black Bag

May 14th, 2012 by Don Hoang
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We’re excited to announce a partnership with Little Black Bag, a new online shopping experience that will allow you to use your social currency like never before. Take an interactive style quiz and Little Black Bag will create a personalized mystery bag of fashion and beauty products for you. Once you open your bag, you’ll have time to trade items with other shoppers, see what’s trending, and discover new brands. With this Perk, you’ll receive an additional $1 of product for every Klout Score point you have with the purchase of your first bag! Is your Klout Score 44? Get $44 worth of additional product in your bag at checkout!

At Klout, we’ll continue to find ways to reward you for what you’re already doing online. Creating a 1:1 social currency partnership is just the beginning of the evolution of Klout Perks. Try out the sweet new Klout integration with Little Black Bag here!

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