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Klout Squad: What’s Your Most Used Social Network?

May 31st, 2012 by Kameron Kitajima
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The Klout Squad is an invite-only group of individuals who are passionate about social media, technology and Klout. The Klout Squad brings a unique perspective of views from Mom bloggers to social media gurus. Read their expertise on specific issues and questions. Click on their images to check out their Klout profiles.

What is your most used social network and why?

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Kameron Kitajima

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  • Anonymous

    Been using Twitter and Facebook the most with the recent addition of WordPress.

  • Cameron Aziz

    Facebook is hands down the most used social network. It integrates with most blog sites and forums. Even this post is done with my Facebook account! Many small businesses are forgoing creating their own sites and simply creating a Facebook page. Pretty soon, I could see e-commerce happen over Facebook!

  • Akemi Mokoto

    Twitter! Here, I’ll prove it. 

  • James Hicks

    Thanks for including me in this post!

  • James Brooks

    It depends what for. I use Facebook a lot, but don’t post much, whereas I post a lot more to Twitter than I probably read.

  • kathleen blurock

    I love to discover a person, an idea, a concept on TWITTER, and to have them discover me. I’m early in the social game, but it fuels all my blogging, poetry and fiction writing. I am not just saying this because I’m on KLOUT, but I do love KLOUT. It’s just fun.

  • bradywestwater

    FACEBOOK has been the most valuable tool for me to find new people, new organizations and new businesses to bring to Downtown Los Angeles.  And of the 150 people and businesses I have recruited for Downtown LA – the 30 that I found or reconnected with through FACEBOOK have turned out to me many of the most important additions to our community 

    And now that I am working with a number of tech and entertainment start-ups, it has helped me develop connections in those worlds.  But I am finally realizing how useful TWITTER can be and am now using that more frequently.However, when I need to connect with someone – fast – I usually go to LINKEDIN.  But there I look for common friends who can make the introduction rather than publicly posting on the site.

  • Kamal Gaur

    Invite-only? How does one get in? :)

  • Cr411

    I use FACEBOOK  the most. It is user friendly , and helps me connect to others with similar interests by joining GROUPS. Also the option of turning certain updates On & OFF.

  • Michael Husband

    I use Twitter the most, but I’ve found my self lately with 10 tabs open to keep up.. Definitely need to throw in Empire Avenue  

  • Mayble73

    I believe I interact with FaceBook more.  I enjoy talking with companies whose products I am interested in and with my friends and family sharing updates, pictures and quotes, etc. 

  • Michael Q Todd

    Twitter because it is the only truly open, random and supportive network

  • Mauro Magnani

    Facebook, because now it’s the operating system of the Net.

  • Ann

    Facebook. I started dipping my toe into social media with Ryze about a decade ago. My contacts drifted from Ryze to Facebook so I followed the flow. I am trying to spend more time with Google + to build my business

  • Ed

    I like facebook a bit better than twitter since I can have longer messages.

  • Stephan

    Twitter is first and second comes github. 

  • Dewi Morgan

    Plurk is my main, I guess. Also various forums, blogs, journal sites, and so on – I’ve got twitter and G+ accounts but don’t use them, and FaceBook is just for keeping in touch with family.
    Measuring only three sources means Klout gets a very skewed view of influence networks.

  • M1958el

    I use Facebook the most and then Pinterest follows.  I am new at using twitter but for some reason it’s starting to grow on me…

  • Amber Taylor

    I use Facebook, Pinterest, Empire Avenue and Twitter – in that order.  Pinterest is really growing and I am just breaking in there.

  • Roseanna Cordeiro

    Pretty much use Facebook the most. Originally to connect with online classmates, family and friends. I have been able to reconnect with high school classmates. Events missed due to not knowing of them is a thing of the past…

  • Ed Teune

    Youtube, because it actually contains meaningful content. Other social networks either have no meaningful content or only point to meaningful content at blogs or photo or video networks, well, like Youtube. Unfortunately, although Klout lets me connect to my Youtube account, it does not use any information from my activity there in my Klout score. Klout still seems like an extension of Twitter, nothing more.

  • Joshua Lee

    I use because it makes
    every site you search for a social experience by not only allowing you
    to connect with others that have similar searching interests but who
    have also went to that site as well via MySearchNetwork

    Go ahead search for anything you want and click on one of the results and see what I am talking about!


    Currently I spend ample time actually on KLOUT itself viewing other top influencers how they function and act and then spread my influence through my other social networks Twitter, Google plus, Tumblr even Instagram. I leave no stone unturned.

  • Rortega

    Facebook and Pinterest

  • Ryan

    I’m  a big user of Twitter. Not a big user of Facebook though.

  • John Nash

    Unquestionably Google Plus is the new social networking center of the galaxy. FB is old and lacks engaging content. G+ has awesome participation and ties into email, calendar, and office apps. Fb is not even close. I have almost 6,000 followers on G+ in just a few months without needing to join games to gain exposure. FB works negatively against making new contacts allowing you to “Friend” only those you already know — G+ introduces you to thousands of new minds, some of whom you want to know better.

  • John Nash

    I suggest you Circle me on G+. I post links to interesting articles, true, but I also author much original content.

  • Lucy Raja

    FB is my most used social network. I can catch up with friends who are faraway and with whom I dont have the time to spend time. I get to know about their lives and I broadcast important events of my life to them.

  • Cherie Siebert

    Facebook. I’m a visual artist, designer & photographer and enjoy the social interaction and networking that Facebook provides. Facebook also allows me the platform to share my creative work. Twitter I find to be redundant and distracting, not really interesting or useful for my purposes at this time. Perhaps at a future date when I have more disposable time, I might reconsider, but right now with two little ones at home and various creative projects I’d rather stick to Facebook.

    BTW – I noticed that all the faces on the Klout Squad above are male. Please add a few women, we’re savvy too :-)

  • Stephanie Taugner

    I use Facebook the most. I think the reason for this is that I added my favorite friends at the very beginning when I first began using social media. Having close friends who knew me from childhood gave me a level of security that allowed more openness and intimacy therefore more fun in interacting with them! Later on Facebook I have added more people that work in areas that are interesting to me and yet somehow the level of intimacy has continued on Facebook without me feeling like I am losing myself out in cyberspace somewhere. Twitter is quick, fast, witty and yet for me a bit scary as it feels much less intimate, close and real. These feelings may change when I start using twitter more but for now Facebook is a world into other worlds of friends and interesting people that have fascinating ideas.

  • Rahul ROy

    Google+ because its way better than other social network. It is a central hub of all the services provided by Google so if you love Google you will be using Google+ in the future. 

  • Rosalee-rose

    I love facebook, but I’ve been leaning more towards pinterest lately. I love being able to just pin whatever and see how many people repin my stuff.