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May 3rd, 2012 by Tyler Singletary
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From the moment we started Klout, we had a vision that your influence would benefit users both on and off of Partners have pulled data from our API since 2008 to offer a wide range of services to influencers, be it room upgrades at the Palms Hotel , targeted match-making through Tawkify or cash back rewards from Capital One based on people’s Klout Scores. Platforms like Salesforce, CoTweet and Hootsuite allow professionals to see Klout Scores in the flow of social media content to offer better service to their customers.

Over time, demand for our influence data has dramatically increased. We now serve about one billion API calls per day – that is 80 times the amount of data we served this time last year! In just the last three months, API calls have risen from 10.5 billion to almost 30 billion per month. Our data-serving traffic has nearly tripled since the end of January, and we now serve over 6,000 partners – that’s up from 2,000 partners one year ago.

Indeed, the future is strong for Klout. But this demand requires a new approach to delivering on that influence graph, so we have bolstered our API to make it more extensible and reliable. In fact, our new Klout for iPhone app is built on the new API.
After a closed testing period, today we are ready to open our API for self-service developer registration. Version 2 of the Klout API offers a number of improvements over version 1:

  • Instead of being Twitter-focused, it’s now “Klout-focused;” we offer a service that translates identifiers from Twitter to Klout IDs to facilitate speed and to incorporate influence from other networks in the future.
  • The new API is faster, asynchronous and has a new caching system.
  • Because it’s based on our internal architecture, we’ll soon release new features to the API. More on this below.

The most significant change will be an oAuth2-based authentication system for Klout users. Among other advantages, this will allow Klout users to give +K to influencers across the Web, off of Reading a great music blog on Tumblr? Give them a +K in Music. Did a particular tweet from Steve Carell get you in stitches? +K him in Comedy. You get the picture. We expect this to be available soon.

You can follow our API’s Twitter account, @KloutAPI, the API blog, or just head over to to sign up for a key and play with our Interactive Documentation. All existing Klout Partners will be required to move to the new API by December 31st, 2012, when the V1 API will be shut down. All new partners must use the V2 API going forward. But fear not, our developer relations team is here to help. We will be posting helpful documentation, language wrappers, and other convenient tools to assist in the transition.

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