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Share How Your Mom Influenced You! Pin for Perks

May 7th, 2012 by Kameron Kitajima
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When it comes to influencers, moms are always #1. Mothers, grandmothers, stepmothers, godmothers, aunties, cousins, sisters, you name them, they’re always there for you. These highly influential women were there for you when you skinned your knee, walked you down the aisle at your wedding, or watched the kids while you had a night off.

Mother’s Day is the one day out of the year where it’s really all about appreciating moms for everything they do and the positive influence they have in our lives. This Mother’s Day, Klout wants to highlight these awesome women with our #KloutMom Pinterest contest. Share a photo of you and the mom that influences you most and tell us why. We’ll randomly select 1,500 of the qualifying submissions to get Perk’d by ONEHOPE Wine with $25 towards wine and gifts (Make sure you share a glass with your influential mom!).

And if that isn’t enough, ONEHOPE Wine donates a portion of each purchase to a charitable cause such as fighting breast cancer, autism and supporting children’s hospitals. So each purchase also helps out other moms everywhere!

After the contest, we’ll highlight some of these stories in a follow up blog post and share our #KloutMom Pinterest board. We hope you take part in honoring all the important Moms in your lives!

For complete details see the Official Rules

How as a mom in your life influenced you?

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Kameron Kitajima

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  • Dazehub

    NEED SOME #Mother’sDay #Klout #PINFORPERKS

  • SnyMed

    Love it, but would love to see your #KloutMom contest open to Canadians too.


  • Kameron K.

    Hi SnyMed — We’d love to as well but ONEHOPE wine only ships within the United States. We apologize for the inconvenience.

  • Angeline Stacy

    i went through the entire process yesterday, pinned … tweeted… etc, received a ton of comments on it and over 100 likes within an hour and today the entire pin is gone. i’m sick over it… everything from twitter goes to my facebook wall so it’s still there but the links are all broken :(

  • Kameron K.

    We’re sorry to here that Angeline. We’d suggest reaching out to Pinterest to see if they can recover the Pin or look into this for you.

  • Angel Poling

    My mom showed me that just because you are female does not mean you can’t fix cars, build things, KNOW the metric system, and not just for baking.  I love what a strong independent person my mom is, and because of that I’d like to be like her.

  • Kameron K.

    Hi Angel, thanks for sharing! If you’d like to participate in the contest, please make sure you post that on Pinterest! The contest details are in the post above.

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  • lexy wolze♥

    My mom influenced me to never touch drugs. When I was younger, she developed a drug problem, which ended with me and my siblings being taken away from her. I saw how that effected not only her life, but our family’s lives, and everyone around us and I decided that I never want to do that to myself, or to everyone I love. She’s clean now, and has been for several years. In a way I am grateful for everything that has happened, and I am especially grateful to have my mom back in my life again!

  • sailmehome

    My Mom taught me you are never too old to learn new things and to be open to the unique perspective of others. Mom knows that are all on our own journey and that it is important to share in love and compassion no matter where our individual roads meet or divide. Mom you are an amazing #KloutMom 

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  • annette figueroa

    my mom taught me to never give up and always fight for what i want in i had my first child at the age 16 she was alwas there to help me.she taught me everything i know know that is why i am such a great mom.she worked all crazy hours so that my sister  i always had food clothes and were able to participate in everything that children our age were doing.she was always there when we needed to talk or just joke friends always came to my mom for advice and even adopted her as their parent as well that is why my mom is the best

  • Rajesh Mohan My post dedicated to My Mom