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Klout for iPhone: A Big Update

June 13th, 2012 by Stephen Hood

Just a few weeks ago we launched the first version of Klout for iPhone. Our app gives you instant updates about your online influence, no matter where you are. The response has been really positive and a huge number of our users are now interacting with Klout through their iPhone.

But we know that we’ve only scratched the surface. And we’ve heard from a number of you that there are features from our website that you really miss using on your iPhone.

So today we’re taking another step forward by releasing v1.5 of Klout for iPhone. It’s a big update that includes a number of things that users like you have requested, including:

  • Swipe to +K: You can now endorse anyone’s influence by swiping your finger across one of their Topics. It’s as easy as unlocking your iPhone.
  • Search: Enter any Twitter handle and quickly find that user’s Klout Score.
  • Switching between accounts: We’ve added a “Logout” button that makes it easier to switch between multiple Klout profiles (such as your personal and professional identities).

We have a lot more coming in the very near future, including the ability to connect more of your social networks to your Klout profile using your iPhone.

Please give this new version a try and let us know what you think – there’s a Feedback link right inside the app.

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  • DagTag

    How about Klout for the Android market as well……

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  • Kameron K.

    We’re looking into Android in the future, we thank you for your patience!

  • None

    How about showing Android users some Klout? 

  • Erik Coon

    App seems to be good; this update was very much needed. But I know you are all aware of this, you guys need to update your twitter graphics since they rebranded themselves. You use the old bubble text, the old bird and everything. Would not have done that in a new app update (but then again it was just announced like a week ago). 

  • Brucet

    How about a big website update too? There really is little to do on “Kout” and the site is full of bugs many of which should be very obvious to Kout if you did any amount of UAT. Bugs, bugs and more bugs.

  • Dennis Carpenter

    Android users have more Klout! :) (There are now more Android users than IPhone users)

  • Guest

    Hope to see Android App soon! ( Android user defiantly have more Klout! ) quote by Dennis Carpenter


    Android please! :-)

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  • Tom Gardiner

    You should be aiming for the majority market, Android, first.  For a site that deals with “Klout” you seem to be missing your own point with this one.

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  • Trisha Carson

    need for android..

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  • Anonymous

    You’re reply of “…looking into Android in the future…” doesn’t exactly leave me feeling all warm and fuzzy. Sounds like “…we haven’t really started looking into that yet…”.

    Could you at least do a HTML5-enabled version of the site? Kill 2 birds with one stone by making it iPad and android-browser friendly.

  • Online Shopping

    This is nice future for a internet user with i phone because it’s provide a very fast internet for i phone.

  • Klout

    Hi Brucet, we’re constantly making improvements to the site so keep your eyes out for when ever we make changes. We thank you for your patience and support!

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