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Klout Squad: When You Receive +K, How Do You Respond?

June 20th, 2012 by Kameron Kitajima

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How do you respond when you get a +K from someone?

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  • Jacob Risk

    I respond by saying thank you and passing on a + to them and others.

  • Jazzmine Louloutte

    I always give an extra thanks,or message in my tweet. For me +K’s Donation = +Kindness. And I always read the bio, so i can give what they want exactly!

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  • Chris Voss

    I love using the new iPhone Klout App where I can be immediately notified and send them a +K back on the fly.  

  • Anne Saulovich

    My favorite thing is receiving +K from someone I don’t know! I also personalize the tweet when I thank someone for giving me K, and I return the favor by giving them some +K. 

    I used to forget to give out +K on a regular basis, but now with the iPhone app doling out the K is part of my daily routine. =)

  • Guido Groeneweg

    I always send a Thank you and I give at least 2 +K’s back on the most rated topics!

  • Rob Sullivan

    I always return K to people that give to me. I do not typically thank people via the prefab tweet on the site, but i do always thank them. I will usually send a tweet at the end of the day that goes something like: Today’s #topinfluencers on @Klout. Thanks! @AmyLynnOrg:twitter @disimic:twitter etc. I send as many as I need to thank everyone

  • Tonya

    I just send thank you :)

  • Dominik

    What ist a Mom Blogger??

  • Eric

    When I rec a K+ from someone, I always return the favor with a K+ and always Tweet it out. I feel it is important to know, that if someone spends time, however little it may be, on giving you a K+ or some other type of ‘props’ then it is important to recognize that person, do the same if able & you have some K+ sitting around lol – it makes them feel Great to see there score go up & up :) Anyone reading this, who wants more K+ & is willing to give some out to me, please do: Thank You much :) 

  • Tammie Justice091

    With a K+ in return, they were kind enough to send me one..and was interested in my likes and topics we share. :)

  • Jennifer Wright

    Well, normally I give a +K right back but the past few days it’s been virtually impossible and extremely frustrating as I keep getting the message saying “Sorry, you can’t give +K to this user right now”. Sometimes after a few tries it’ll work, but it’s been a mess. I’m not the only one, seems most people are seeing the same thing! I also have tons of people saying they gave me +K in a certain topic and they aren’t showing up on my end. Lame.

  • Rahul Roy

    Thanks for +k

  • Rlbouch

    I ALWAYS tweet a thank you and give K back.

  • Anonymous

    I first thank the person on Twitter and/or Facebook. Then I return the favor.  

  • Dominik

    How many got a +K ??

  • Cristina

    I send thank you.